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JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Fengxian Hospitality by Bo Liu
JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Fengxian Hospitality
Located in Shanghai's seaside district Fengxian, this new urban oasis hotel 52000 m2 offers warm and welcoming luxury with enriching experiences for the body and mind in Hangzhou Bay. The hotel features 265 exquisite Guestrooms and suites, 1,800 m2 meeting space area, 900 m2 grand banquet hall with three distinctive restaurants and a bar JW Garden, All-day dining outlet JW Kitchen, Chinese restaurant Yan Xuan and specialty Shanghai Crab and ⥅
JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Fengxian
Astronef Double Tourbillon Watch by Les Ateliers Louis Moinet
Astronef Double Tourbillon Watch
Astronef is heir to both ancestral know-how and an unyielding desire to create the design of tomorrow. Its character combines adrenaline and contemporary art. It showcases recently introduced technology involving two tourbillons rotating in opposite directions at high speed. They cross paths 18 times per hour and are built on two different levels. This gives life to a captivating animation, which unfolds before the wondering gaze. In all, six dis ⥅
Les Ateliers Louis Moinet
Multifunction Mirror
According to people's living habits, based on the principle of less is more, the multifunctional mirror provides people with a one-stop solution, allowing people to easily cope with every day. The appearance is simple, the geometric shape of the hook and the mirror are used as a coat rack with a mirror, the middle is a storage tray, which is adjustable, and the bottom has a mirror that can double as a secondary mirror, and the mirror surface ⥅
National Gallery Athens Museum by Parmenidis-Longuepee-Mari
National Gallery Athens Museum
In the 1960's modern building of the National Gallery in Athens, the exhibition rooms are designed like a promenade in open space. The interior is designed as a sequence of wooden lined transitional areas for information, and of white exhibition rooms with specially designed suspended ceilings for each exhibition function. Controlling the directions of gaze, the depth of view in the rooms and towards the city, the general lighting in relevan ⥅
National Gallery Athens
Elite Headphones by Antonio Meze
Elite Headphones
Elite delivers accurate, authentic sound for music lovers, embodied into a lightweight, highly comfortable chassis. On closer look, the frame reveals a complex geometrical imprint accentuated through the silver finish of the CNC aluminum frame. A deep black grill with intricate carvings and a carbon fiber headband with real leather headrest were added, turning Elite into a futuristic take on personal audio design.
Beach Cabin on the Baltic Sea Hospitality by Peter Kuczia
Beach Cabin on the Baltic Sea Hospitality
This small diner on a Baltic Sea beach near Gdansk with its simple form fits naturally into the beach environment. The building offers two areas: an opaque part with windows and a fully glazed winter garden. The transparent glass house not only offers an unrestricted view of the sea and the beach but also uses solar energy in a passive way to improve indoor comfort in a relatively cool climate in northern Poland. The Solarlux system construction ⥅
Beach Cabin on the Baltic Sea
Capsule Lighting System by Sushant Vohra
Capsule Lighting System
The Capsule lighting system is a collection of home lighting elements. Capsule is a re-configurable and versatile lighting solution that focuses on three primary pillars of current needs: productivity, entertainment, and ambience. It employs a one of a kind pressure fit attachment feature that allows the primary lighting module to be reoriented and paired with various base modules to create unique archetypes. Capsule can be used as a desk lamp, a ⥅
An Villa Aesthetics Pavilion Private Club by Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
An Villa Aesthetics Pavilion Private Club
With spatial scenes extending Shaoxing's historical and cultural endowments and natural context, the project is expected to transform naturalistic oriental sentiments into contemporary life aesthetics through design and artistic expressions. The design weakens the commercial and marketing purposes of the project by creating inclusive spatial experience, which evokes strong emotional resonance of users in a warm and silent way. ⥅
An Villa Aesthetics Pavilion
Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing by Guillermo Dufranc
Blockazo Chocolate Bar for Sharing
Blockazo is a one of its kind 1kg chocolate bar specially designed for sharing and breaking it up into big chunks of chocolate resulting in an unforgettable consumer experience. The inspiration came from the construction industry and concrete since this huge chocolate bar is like a big building that needs to be demolished to be consumed. The bar is made of chocolate with peanuts and its packaging is made of a flexible mix of PP and PE. The result ⥅
Guillermo Dufranc
K Farm Urban Design by Vicky Chan
K Farm Urban Design
K Farm challenges urban farming under extreme conditions and turns farming into natural education that people can enjoy. Because of this coastal condition along Victoria Harbour, It has innovated three types of farming to suit this specific climate. One is Hydroponics to provide weatherproof farming for in all conditions, two is aquaponics to study how fish and plants can coexist, and three is organic with various height and species to serve as i ⥅
K Farm
Aphrodite Multifunctional Necklace by Frida Hultén
Aphrodite Multifunctional Necklace
Aphrodite is a necklace that can be worn in three different ways, three very different looks. The aim was to create a piece that covered the whole upper torso. A necklace that could stretch out over the shoulders, in a comfortable, wearable, interesting and attractive way. A necklace that could stretch out over the shoulders, in a comfortable, wearable, interesting and attractive way. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. ⥅
The Animal Backbone Retail Store by Eason Zhu
The Animal Backbone Retail Store
This once the first slaughterhouse in the Far East, where countless lives were got killed, it is fascinating but attracts a lot of tourists. Today, this building has become a famous cultural and creative industry center in Shanghai. Respecting the tens of thousands of animal souls, we are always looking for a way to have a commemorative architecture, trying to make an icy building to echo the concrete, and to arouse the painful memories and facts ⥅
The Animal Backbone
Cardona Cabin Timber Building by Abodo Wood
Cardona Cabin Timber Building
This building is a showcase of what can be achieved when thinking differently about the built environment. Cardrona Cabin has been designed to inspire others and is a chapel to craft inside and out with timbers sourced from rapidly renewable FSC certified New Zealand plantation timbers that help to mitigate climate change by absorbing vast amounts of carbon, instead of using slow grown, imported timbers usually used to build premium homes and str ⥅
Cardona Cabin
Times Mansion Residential Exhibition Area  by Hu Sun
Times Mansion Residential Exhibition Area
When the designers first arrived at the site, they were enchanted by the goldenrain tree and camphor preserved there. They planned to reconstruct the site on the basis of preserving the original ecology. The overall design, such as space layout and flow line, kept away from the original trees; highlighted their values and gave them new lives. They strived to intervene in the site in a "humble" way and adapt to local conditions. They use ⥅
Times Mansion
Changdao One Demonstration Area by JIALIAN Design
Changdao One Demonstration Area
The project is located on the lakeside, surrounded by gentle slopes, green areas and forests. However, the original site is long and narrow. After digging into the site characteristics and deeply discussing the situation, use the smooth curve to reverse the disadvantages of the space as an advantage, combined with the pure white wall to interpret the rich sensory experience under different turning spaces, and a dance journey into the depths of th ⥅
Changdao One
Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town Art and Cultural Space by Hu Sun
Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town Art and Cultural Space
The client proposed to bring a natural but artistic atmosphere to the site. The project respects the original natural mountain atmosphere and the essence of the courtyard. It features three elements: The design of a pure cherry courtyard, elevated in the sky. A base of emerging curved textured walls made from local granite boulders form a strong image and blur the boundary of vertical wall and horizontal path. Winding roads covered in cherry blos ⥅
Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town
Superstrata Bike and Ebike by Arevo
Superstrata Bike and Ebike
Superstrata is the world's first customized unibody bicycle frame 3D-printed from carbon fiber composite. The Superstrata bike frame touts a unibody construction that is free of joints and bolts, which improves not only the strength but also adds aesthetic to the bike. Each frame can also be custom 3D printed based on the owner's body measurements and riding preferences, meaning it is unique to each rider. The design is further accentua ⥅
Origin Dental Clinic by Lieh-Wei Liu
Origin Dental Clinic
Space is created like a nest, an egg shell, or a fruit kernel; It is like stable environments that can well cover and protect, like a mother's warm womb or like a plant's pod. All of them are endowed with the intention to place life in the safe and relaxing space to receive treatment. With regard to space planning, they have, on one hand, retained the important professional movement and function of medical equipment, while also trying t ⥅
Moels and Co 528 Watch by Betina Greca Menescal
Moels and Co 528 Watch
Moels and Co 528 is a mid modern century inspired wrist watch with a rectangular shaped case and an asymmetric dial which was sectioned according to the golden ratio. The dial is painted with a silver metallic base mixed with a pigment coating that provides a luminous finish and depending on the light circumstances the color of the dial changes creating an effect that is highly attractive. Without frills, complications or needless decorations thi ⥅
Moels and Co 528
Betina Greca Menescal
Kerloso Wine Packaging by Langcer Lee
Kerloso Wine Packaging
A red wine from Chile, Kerloso comes from the Spanish "mystery of the magical colossus". In the wine label of this wine, it depicts what the navigators saw when they first landed on the island. The wrapping paper of the bottle is made of natural imitation rice paper. The questions raised by the stone statue add a sense of mystery and antiquity. The top of the wrapping paper is formed by flame burning. Each burn mark is unique and symbol ⥅
Kerloso Wine
Vanke Violet Palace Sales Center by Dan Ling Chen
Vanke Violet Palace Sales Center
Vanke Violet Palace Sales Center is located in Changchun, China, with a spatial area of 825 square meters. The design team has introduced the oriental rhythm of between the mountains and the water and reconstructed the oriental Zen feeling with a contemporary texture. The choice of materials was made using wood veneer and rock slabs and inkstone, aiming to enhance the rustic atmosphere of the space. While the interior of the space is simplified b ⥅
Vanke Violet
Shjiazhuang Zhonghai Yunjin Sales Office by GBD
Shjiazhuang Zhonghai Yunjin Sales Office
People bring warmth to a particular space, while the space provides people with shelter and memories. Essentially, architecture supplies people with a foothold of existence. The space feels as if the architect had arranged a carrier inside a glass box to generate fluid forms and dynamic sculptures resembling the sinuous shapes of the Nanjing brocade or extensive sand dunes that transform time into organic musical patterns. ⥅
Shjiazhuang Zhonghai Yunjin
Houguan Lake Sales Department by Yifei Pang
Houguan Lake Sales Department
Combining the design of space with users, seeking the ultimate display of space characteristics, emphasizing the greatest possible function and beauty, and respecting the real needs of users. Life is not only a style, but each is different and exciting.A public leisure spot rich in natural flavor must have exquisite details to create a comfortable and pleasant quiet corner.The construction method exhibition area is also a visually open path, whic ⥅
Houguan Lake
Silk Clubhouse Hospitality by Yufeng Luo
Silk Clubhouse Hospitality
The main background for the welcome reception in the lobby is a custom lotus-themed artwork, reflecting the integrity and grace of Wuzhen people. The guest rest area is decorated with black brocade, and the center of the lobby, created with an end view, echoes the artistic lanterns on the top, thus enhancing the sense of ceremony. The lobby lounge is separated by a yard, forming a three in one multi level layout on the vertical axis, viewed from ⥅
Silk Clubhouse
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging by Kaoru Mizuno
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging
The package consists of individual packaging sleeve, gift bag of 3 cans, gift box of 6 cans, 9 cans and 12 cans. A Handle of gift bag uses a rope that resembles a fishing port. Gift boxes are made up of bright orange (representing the sun) and blue (representing the sea). Since fish illustrations are placed in both side of package sleeve, they can be connected the patterns endlessly by arranging them side by side so they can use as a store displa ⥅
Have a Nice Can
Lilanz Creative Park Landscape by Bing Dong
Lilanz Creative Park Landscape
The design of the entire project is connected with geometric planting ponds to achieve overall unity with their own characteristics. Through these designs and sculptures, the design expresses the theme of ribbon, creating a high-quality, interactive commercial space. The overall bright and concise design style caters to the concise but not simple corporate culture and creates extraordinary landscape effects.
Lilanz Creative Park
Royal Mansion Exhibition Center by QIDI DESIGN GROUP
Royal Mansion Exhibition Center
The project is located at the west of Suo River Park in Zhengzhou. The origin of Chinese ancient Poetry, consisting of enrich abundant ecological wet park. The landscape principle is to create beyond fantasy and romance landscape while echoes ancient romance of poetry traditional style. The journey begins with an initiatory of journey of woods exploration, followed by Bamboo plank road, terrazzo scenery wall, mirror installation. The rope platfor ⥅
Royal Mansion
Sky Expo Pavilion by Boris Micka
Sky Expo Pavilion
The Saudi Arabia Expo Pavilion is a bold inclined volume rising from the ground towards the sky, symbolizing Saudi Arabia as a country firmly rooted in its heritage but changing rapidly towards the future. Throughout the visitor's experience, state of the art technology generates immersive audiovisual environments, interactive installations, and scenographic recreations. The exhibition contents display Saudi nature, heritage, society, and vi ⥅
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building by Guowei Zhang
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building
As a leading enterprise in Guangzhou's entertainment industry. The design concept of GWP echoes and resonates with corporate culture of 37 Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group. The project design fully balances a series of technical implementation issues such as function, space comfort, ecological energy saving, and assembly construction. GWP proposes to create a future-oriented, people-oriented, lively and interesting space fo ⥅
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ
Yunyang in Huanan Exhibition Center by QIDI DESIGN GROUP
Yunyang in Huanan Exhibition Center
The water line has been turned on and shifts through the whole site plan, shifts the emphasis the water history culture of Dan yang from commercial to social connecting to the nature. The mirror water courtyard accessible public open space to variability of activities.The results to encourage visitors to have memorable through the enjoyment of the diverse community. Art sculptures light up the communal atmosphere. The experience of the integratio ⥅
Yunyang in Huanan
The Treasure of Zbojniks Label by Sasha Sharavarau
The Treasure of Zbojniks Label
Zbojnicka, in Slovak, means belonging to a Zbojnik. Zbojniks were robbers who participated in insurgencies against serfdom. People believed that they had hidden numerous treasures in the Slovak mountains. Zbojnicka distillates are the true treasure of Zbojniks - this became the main idea for the design creation. The combination of regional ornaments, crossed shepherd’s axes, and a shield symbolizing the warlike nature of Zbojniks, the Velky Roz ⥅
The Treasure of Zbojniks
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Office Space by Teodora Panayotova and Max Baklayan
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Office Space
Tavex's new corporate family home is a two-purpose space: a functional, convenient office environment during the day and a party venue in the evenings. The goal was making it accessible and welcoming for each employee regardless of where they usually work, a veritable heaven for everyone; creating the right environment for social interaction, one that encourages bonding and communication; creating a workspace that constantly feeds creativity ⥅
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Teodora Panayotova and Max Baklayan
The Taoscan Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo
The Taoscan Irish Whiskey Packaging
To stand out from the crowd you need to be extraordinary. And The Taoscan is no ordinary product: there is no whiskey on earth like it. Designed for the finest venues, stealing the limelight on the bar. The stand and accessories were designed to offer the perfect whiskey serve: its open, 360 degrees design allows it to be viewed from every angle, deploying envy from everyone else in the bar. The walnut stand, the detailed copper stems that lead u ⥅
The Taoscan
Audemars Piguet Musee Atelier by ATELIER BRUECKNER
Audemars Piguet Musee Atelier
At Audemars Piguet visitors are immersed in the cultural universe of the Swiss watch manufacture, Haute Horlogerie. The structurally very sophisticated glass spiral by BIG Architects extends the historic house where Audemars Piguet was founded in 1875. The museum's scenography offers visitors a paced composition with crescendos, climaxes and contemplative moments. Sculptures, automata and kinetic installations rhythm the exhibition, which is ⥅
Audemars Piguet
Bavvic Creative Building Blocks by Maciej Sokolnicki
Bavvic Creative Building Blocks
Bavvic are multifunctional, sensory, open-ended creative building blocks that help to engage children in a culture of learning through creative hands-on approach. Wooden building blocks with sensory silicon connectors are designed by architect. Bavvic carries attributes of a Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mat) toy and aids in developing interest in education, through geometrical shapes and abstract forms. Bavvic encourages deve ⥅
Maciej Sokolnicki
Poly Conghua Sales Center by 10 Degrees Design
Poly Conghua Sales Center
Litchi is the cultural and ecological feature of Conghua where the project is located. Taking litchi as the starting point, the designer combines modeling with humanities to display and display the overall space furnishings, hoping that the audience can feel the combination of traditional humanistic characteristics and modern decoration after entering them. The large-scale litchi art installation improves the atmosphere and memory points, elegant ⥅
Poly Conghua
10 Degrees Design
Pingyuan Mysterious Stone Art Museum by Tengyuan Design
Pingyuan Mysterious Stone Art Museum
Located in the historical district of Dehzou, the project lies in the quiet spot with the eastern side facing the Stone garden and the rest of the perimeter surrounded by plain. The design aimes to form a cultural tourism resource advantage featuring gem collection, art exchange, rare stone trading and auction. Combined with the cultural characteristics of Qilu and Longmen stone carvings in Pingyuan city, the project will become a huge mysterious ⥅
Pingyuan Mysterious Stone Art
Hilton Shenzhen World Exhibition Center Business Hotel by Yang Bangsheng
Hilton Shenzhen World Exhibition Center Business Hotel
Hilton Shenzhen World Exhibition Center
Infinity Interior Element by Cozí Studio
Infinity Interior Element
Wooden wall panels come alive and wander off around the interior space. Precise geometrical joints create a fluid continuous form out of numerous pieces of pressed bent wood. The entire element, made of only two different basic shapes attached together multiple times in several orientations, comes together to create an organic like natural fluid line. Suspended from the ceiling using 1 mm thin metal wires, the wooden surface floats as far as 10.5 ⥅
NamKwong Diehu Center Complex by Peng Architects Inc.
NamKwong Diehu Center Complex
Located in the CBD area of the city, the project is next to Diehu Lake, the main landscape of the central axis. Taking advantage of the natural landscape of Diehu Lake, the twin towers are inspired by the form of a butterfly. With the objective of the backyard of Shanghai and Qidong Citizens' Leisure Circle, as well as a great healthy ideal community, the complex will become a healthy community featuring ecological residences with fitness pa ⥅
NamKwong Diehu Center
Peng Architects Inc.
La Espresso Espresso Maker for Travel by YUN-YUN HUNG
La Espresso Espresso Maker for Travel
The brewing handle as the symbol of espresso coffee is integrated into the coffee-making to maintain a familiar feel. Combined with the brewing hand, the shape of the handle gives users the feel of making coffee. People could have the feeling of undertaking falling powder at home. The bowing handle becomes the point of o force for extraction, The exclusive coffee travel storage bag protects each coffee-making set. Whether you are traveling or mak ⥅
La Espresso
X World Clothing by 梅 潘
X World Clothing
This work combines the palace lantern craft of China's intangible cultural heritage, using rosewood pear as the bone and silk gauze and glass as the coat. The combination of iron wire skeleton and silk gauze is both light and flexible, and layers of exterior insect skeleton are constructed on the human body. It's beautiful and fragile, flimsy and tough, and it shows the X-ray world of life.
X World
Carefree Restaurant by Xiaobing Yao
Carefree Restaurant
The lobby is divided into three areas, that is, refreshment area, wine area and private room. According to the business hours and regional characteristics, the three areas have their own beautiful scenery. The wall decoration of the refreshment area is with Chinese carved fence, supplemented by dim light to highlight the deep and secluded feeling. The private room did not use splendid decorations, but designed the space into a container for peopl ⥅
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa by Robin, Wang
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu Villa
Humans evolved from the sea, live on the land, and can swim in the bosom of the sea. When we see birds flying high in the sky, we can't help asking: does human life stop between land and sea? Five hundred years ago, leonardo Da Vinci wrote the Manuscript of The Flight of Birds. He was the first person to design an aircraft in theoretical form, and it was also a great attempt to touch the sky.
Zhuhai Jiuzhou Poly Tianhe Jinghu
CIFI Nansha Yaoyue Bay Sales Center by 10 Degrees Design
CIFI Nansha Yaoyue Bay Sales Center
This work is located at the international finance island, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China. Here waves roll back and forth in flexible curves and fish leap out of the sea in an elegant arc. The designer extracted elements from these stunning sights around the island and transformed them into interior decorations and sculptures which are interspersed at every corner. It is hoped that guests can enjoy leisure time in the space where the atmo ⥅
CIFI Nansha Yaoyue Bay
10 Degrees Design
Cruise City Demonstration Area by JIALIAN Design
Cruise City Demonstration Area
Drawing inspiration from the architectural forms and interesting natural environments, with the sea as the foundation, the river as the body, the boat as the shape, and the waves as the pattern, the design has found the best way of expression between the macro and the micro. The design pays attention to the spirit of the site, and the regional elements are incorporated through the design techniques of borrowing and matching the scenery throughout ⥅
Cruise City
Heart Maze Art Installations by Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
Heart Maze Art Installations
This is an art installation in an art workshop, a maze installation related to heart. It ostensibly looks like an exhibition for a charity jewelry event, with a contrasting black and red design that takes full advantage of the visual impact of mirrored surfaces and colored transparent acrylic. But in reality, it was a carefully curated proposal. It means that love is like walking in a maze, looking for something, you need to find the right person ⥅
Heart Maze
Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
Dahua Park City Exhibition by Shanghai Puspace Architectural Design Co
Dahua Park City Exhibition
The visual experience of the building is closely related to the sight lines. How to hide and expose is the key that runs through the whole project. The narrow road that leads to the site is turned into a tranquil twisting path, which creates a varying experiences along the way. The building adopts complicated curved forms, which outline multi-level spaces. The interior circulation route creates a spatial sequence and embraces the lake view to pro ⥅
Dahua Park City
Shanghai Puspace Architectural Design Co
O3Connect Stool by ChungSheng Chen
O3Connect Stool
The stool with beautiful hollow bracing structure managed from the interlocking three circular curvature by laminated wood bending into shape, Using natural wood bending and multi-layer pressurized shaping technology, showing the elasticity and toughness of natural materials, covering with high quality of hand stitching leather. Warm and smooth visually and yet sturdy and strong to holds weight up to 140kg.
Fantasy Factory Retail Store by SIG Design
Fantasy Factory Retail Store
The fantasy factory with on-site baking as the core selling point, integrates tea, retail, IP gifts, and bar sectors to create a multi-functional factory store. The design concept FTY was extracted from Factory. F stands for Fair. For large flow of people and rich product categories, the space was planed in the way of a market. T stands for Time. The color of the shop is extracted from the color changes of the sky, implying time changes of a day. ⥅
Fantasy Factory
Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town by lu wen
Sunac Guangshen Longshan Commercial Town
Order is a necessary condition for a sense of ritual. The wooden ceiling is used as the design language throughout the whole project. The shape is full of changes, and the geometric shape mobilizes the atmosphere of the space. The circular arch elements are used to break the monotonous and long space at the end, giving the space a sense of extension and enhancing the limitation of the space.
Sunac Guangshen Longshan
Safety Pin Ring by Margarita Prykhodko
Safety Pin Ring
These fully functional safety pin ring that sits over three of the wearer's fingers and can double up as a brooch, pendant or bracelet.The design of the piece was combined with its technical side while maintaining it lightweight. First, a 3D model was created and grown by prototyping on a 3D printer. The cast was made in gold and polished. Then precious stones were fixed into the base product and the parts were connected.
Safety Pin
Margarita Prykhodko
Push Collection Armchair by Alessandro Morello
Push Collection Armchair
In the genesis of this project there is certainly a strong minimalist influence together with an attempt to support a conscious environment-friendly way of living. The armchair design has been reduced to a minimum in order to lay bare the essence of the elements. The materials chosen are aluminium for the frame (100 percent recyclable) and PET (obtained from plastic bottles) for the upholstery. Its purpose rests not in aesthetic intricacy, but us ⥅
Push Collection
Alessandro Morello
Olympic Sun Illustrated Book by Mostafa Abdelmawla
Olympic Sun Illustrated Book
A fully illustrated book about a trip to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. Where a young boy, and his mother, visit the arena and fall in love with the variety of sports it offers and is blown away by all the inspirational athletic performances. At the end of the event, he leaves with happy memories and lessons that will help guide him to a better future full of achievements and put him on the path to success. The book features some of the most me ⥅
Olympic Sun
Mostafa Abdelmawla
XinJiHao Puer Tea Packaging by Chen Yiwen
XinJiHao Puer Tea Packaging
In the process of taking out the ten-year-old tea cake stored in the internal dry warehouse, consumers open the tea box from the golden cross line, as if opening the golden age of ten years. The mountain pattern in the outer box and the three-dimensional mountain sculpture in the inner pot represent the mountain that the tea passed through in the process of transportation and the mountain that gave birth to the tea respectively, making the ancien ⥅
XinJiHao Puer
Nansha Kingboard Plaza Office by Aedas
Nansha Kingboard Plaza Office
The architecture is grandeur like an entrance gate at Jiaomen riverside, symbolising Nansha Free Trade Zone as a maritime gateway to the Belt and Road open to future opportunities and challenges. The building form goes well with morphology, allowing diversified silhouettes from different perspectives with the programmatically logical, weaved geometric blocks.
Nansha Kingboard Plaza
Niemeyer II Armchair by Joana Santos Barbosa
Niemeyer II Armchair
Designed by Joana Santos Barbosa, the rounded forms of the Niemeyer II armchair are influenced by the modernist House of Canoas of Oscar Niemeyer. Having a refined design with architectural details, this armchair is minimal and yet a statement piece. The upholstery work is meticulous, with seams reduced to essential, in order to reproduce the backward movement of flat roof when seen from an aerial view. Upholstered in a special woven bouclé, this ⥅
Niemeyer II
Joana Santos Barbosa
River Palace Club House by Kris Lin
River Palace Club House
The project faces the vast hinterland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the key words set sail came to designer's mind; therefore,combining with its historical background,yacht is applied as the design language in the project architecture to illustrate the understanding of urban characteristics and environmental characteristics. It has become a new gathering spot and offered a natural emotional experience field to the Pearl ⥅
River Palace
The Rhythm of Pure White: HHICC Plaza  Mix-Use Building by Allan Ting
The Rhythm of Pure White: HHICC Plaza Mix-Use Building
As one of the most important commercial complex development projects in recent years, HHICC Plaza and Hilton Hotel is a landmark building integrating global brand images, industry benchmark, ecological architecture and new vision of urban design. The project is a commercial complex integrating star hotels, offices, commerce, banquets and exhibitions. Cladded with pure white skin with futuristic taste, HHICC Plaza and Hilton Hotel will sure be pre ⥅
The Rhythm of Pure White: HHICC Plaza
Elemental Lounge Living Room and Bar by Erika Zielinski
Elemental Lounge Living Room and Bar
This project was created for Casacor Peru, the most important architecture and interior design exhibition of the Americas. The topic was Planeta Casa, meaning our planet is our home. The inspiration to design this space graphically divided into black and white was to represent day and night during the equinox, when day and night are 12 hours long. The challenge was to achieve harmony working with the most radical contrast in the color palette, do ⥅
Elemental Lounge
Taicang Readzone  Bookstore by Cheng Yu Hsieh
Taicang Readzone Bookstore
Taicang Readzone Bookstore, which located in Department Store, is in a circular theater form. With the use of circular theater design and towering mazy book walls, readers and books then become the main characters in this place, and through elastic functions among books on display, collect books and seats to fit with different usage scenarios. Book walls and multi-directional door frames, look like concentrated urban street scenes, inviting reade ⥅
Taicang Readzone
The U World Community Center by Kris Lin
The U World Community Center
The U World is located in Guangming District, Shenzhen City. In The north, it leans on a large mountain ecological park, with a natural environment, potential regional development, and convenient transportation. The project will become a city-shared living hall that integrates reading, coffee, family fitness, social activities, sightseeing, and other composite functions. Between the home and the city, Shared Space acts as an important transitiona ⥅
The U World
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging by Angela Spindler
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging
The agency was commissioned to create a visual identity system and packaging design, including a bespoke vessel for this luxury atelier. Where possible all materials were selected based on their environmental credentials, ranging from the use of post-consumer waste, FSC papers and soy-based inks. The packaging uses a colour palette of dark green and light pastel hues, high quality materials, structures and subtle print finishes to create a tangib ⥅
By Beth
Kolektif Employee Platform by Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels
Kolektif Employee Platform
Kolektif is a web application where employees can track their human resources work and socialize. In this application, they can create and customize their profile pages, follow announcements, and make updates. At the same time, employees can see their colleagues' profiles, like their posts, and view the company's stories. Employees can also thank their colleagues or other teams by using the appreciation page. The new database is created ⥅
Akbank Design Studio - Staff Channels
Hana Chair by Pablo Vidiella
Hana Chair
Hana Chair is an elegant piece of furniture inspired by plant nature. Like a flower, Hana blossoms into two petals as a structural and functional solution to the requirements of a chair, forming the backrest, the seat and embracing the body of the user. The material used could only be solid wood, enhancing its curves and natural beauty.
The Pompadour Packaging by Ivie China
The Pompadour Packaging
The Pompadour is the pocket companion for the discerning gentlemen who want to reflect for themselves. Launched as a luxurious classy fragrance it captures the camaraderie of the classic English barbershop. The Pompadour was created to remind its targeted consumers of the 18th and 19th century where the barbershop was not only a place for gentlemen to procure a haircut or shave but a space where fraternities were formed. A truly iconic design for ⥅
The Pompadour
Cloud Atlas Sales Office by Matrix Design
Cloud Atlas Sales Office
The plan layout of the space uses arc-shaped connections, and the indoor form is in the overall winding curve, using light colors as the main color, natural and clear, and embellished blue-green as a vibrant space atmosphere. At the same time, the design introduces the collision of commercial thinking and brand hotspots, continuously endows the space with new values and functions, and embarks on a new dream journey. It truly integrates regionalit ⥅
Cloud Atlas
Tiangang Art Center Gallery by Syn Architects
Tiangang Art Center Gallery
Taking the concrete structure of the original building as a base to be extended and augmented, SYN Architects has added a new steel structure, allowing the main facade to gradually twist and tilt outwards and upwards, transforming from walls to eaves. The original building's network of columns is not able to support the load requirements of the new architecture, so additional columns and a new structural system have been introduced. The desi ⥅
Tiangang Art Center
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island Office by Alex Chiang
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island Office
The project will be built into a creative office group combining game production and animation research and development. The main body, connects other sections, integrates animation, e-sports, technology and other industries upstream and downstream, combined with planning customer experience end, improve supporting space, with sharing, creativity, green, water curtain, lake view as the main axis of experience to do architectural planning. ⥅
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island
Peak Art Sales Center by Quincy Li
Peak Art Sales Center
Xushuguan has profound cultural and historical heritage and prosperity in the old days. However, in the development and construction of modern cities, the traces of the Xushuguan history and culture are gradually dissipating. Accordingly, the architect uses modern design techniques and materials to extend the cultural and historical lineage of Xushuguan and creates a modern architectural form available to interpret its traditional spatial context ⥅
Peak Art
Toumai Robot-Assisted Surgery by Zhonghua Hu
Toumai Robot-Assisted Surgery
Toumai has many technical merits such as realistic 3D surgical field, fine manipulation of micro-instruments, and high dexterity in narrow space. This is integral to surgical operations in complex laparoscopies, including separation and hemostasis, suturing and knotting, and functional reconstruction. At the same time, it avoids large surgical trauma, bleeding, and high complication rate associated with traditional open surgery, and enables surgi ⥅
Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab by Greentown China Holdings Limited
Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab
The Slab Hill is refining aesthetic values from the laws of nature based on the original intuition. It is simple – taking structural archetypes as the starting point and giving a new definition to naturally grown buildings that break away from the everyday practice of construction. Under the plural and freely growing umbrellas, a variety of businesses are also freely distributed and staggered, each of which is organized around an umbrella, with t ⥅
Slab Hill
Greentown China Holdings Limited

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