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Li Beer Packaging
The package design of Li aims to celebrate the origin of Chinese beer brewing history found in Yangshao cultural site. Li adopts a traditional Chinese brewing recipe to convey traditional Chinese beer culture. The package in the form of Shuang-Er-Ni-Yu also the salamander fish, pattern pottery bottle instills the historical brewing recipe and the flavor to users. Elegant pictures and archaistic fonts enhance the essence and historical sense of Li ⥅
Li Beer
3D Embossed Book by Jesvin Yeo
3D Embossed Book
The book uses 3D embossing to document and highlight the intricate details of the works meticulously crafted by traditional Singaporean artisans, from paper dragon boats and Indian jewelry to Peranakan beaded shoes. The color pages symbolize the rise and fall of traditional crafts, as the industry begins its developmental period (dull) to its golden age (yellow) and gradually fades (white). A pastel chalk is attached for readers to shade the page ⥅
3D Embossed
Cactus Ring by Sergey Izmestiev
Cactus Ring
The Cactus Ring, from the Japanese Garden collection, is made of 18K gold with unique 12 ct. Cat's Eye effect Ural emerald, small emeralds and diamonds. The needles are located in the inner side of cactus petals and form a plane for the central emerald cast. The central emerald represents the cactus flower, and small emeralds are set up-culet.
Kaisa Yuebanshan Community Center by Shenzhen TIANHUA & Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Kaisa Yuebanshan Community Center
The Life Aesthetics Pavilion is inspired by the traditional ancient buildings of Lingnan, borrowing the height difference of the site to create a fenced house under the mountain. At the same time, the mountain view resources on the north and south sides are infiltrated, the building is integrated with the surrounding environment, and the mountain view penetrates from it, and the building becomes a part of the landscape as if it grows naturally. M ⥅
Kaisa Yuebanshan
Shenzhen TIANHUA & Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Bio One Office Chair by Vladimir Zagorac
Bio One Office Chair
Bio One office armchair fulfills essential functions of a chair intended for usage in small creative working environments such as studios and home offices. Calming organic outlines of the seat intend to create a safe and familiar workspace. The association to gradual growth and a firm general construct aim to bring confidence to the first time user. Asymmetrical silhouette accentuates fine details in the minimalistic form and expresses the dynami ⥅
Bio One
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging by Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging
Yuanshang Coffee is a new domestic coffee brand created for young consumers with the key features of ingenuity, quality, and fashion. To echo the brand theme, the packaging is mainly designed based on young and fashion images, incorporating a lot of popular elements of Chinese traditional culture. So its overall look and texture are unique and fashionable.
Freeze Dried
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Entry Building to Sberbank Entrance to Headquarters by Evolution Design
Entry Building to Sberbank Entrance to Headquarters
With the newly constructed building that encloses the exterior space between two existing high-rise towers the architects have created a representative entrance to the office towers that are part of Sberbank City, the new campus of the Russian bank. The hyperbolic paraboloid form delivers immense, daylight-flooded interiors, while minimizing sunlight obstruction to the offices in the towers. Both entrances are crowned in a series of triangulated ⥅
Entry Building to Sberbank
Dome Sales Center by Kris Lin
Dome Sales Center
The original space plan of the project is a square layout. The cosmology of orbicular sky and rectangular earth in the structure is in line with the philosophical thought of the harmony between man and nature. The designer simplified the shape of the circular caisson and abstracted artistic expression. Combined with the skylight design, the designer introduced natural light into the interior through the fifth facade of the building. It aims to in ⥅
MTN Dew Cake-Smash Beverage Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
MTN Dew Cake-Smash Beverage Packaging
Mtn Dew found a creative way to recapture some of the fun of our collective cake worthy celebrations, birthdays, weddings, graduations, or even life itself and created a cake flavored Dew. It was time for a Do-Over. Speaking directly to consumers' missed milestones, Mtn Dew delivered a product that captured the optimism and celebratory spirit that we all could use more of.
MTN Dew Cake-Smash
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Zulu Two Heir Mountain Bike for Kids by Prevelo Bikes
Zulu Two Heir Mountain Bike for Kids
The Prevelo Zulu Two Heir is a 16-inch hardtail mountain bike designed to help young cyclists ride on trails with confidence. The long wheelbase and slack geometry is forgiving to young riders that are still learning how to ride on trails. To help make the bike forgiving and easy to ride on trails, the design incorporates geometry with a low bottom bracket and slack headtube angle and features hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon and aluminum const ⥅
Zulu Two Heir
SAMSA Photography Artwork by Florian W. Mueller
SAMSA Photography Artwork
These artworks are part of the collection Neglect, photographed specimens of animals, most of which are extinct or critically endangered. The photographer wants to show a little bit of the sometimes bizarre beauty of the insects, so that the viewer might see them with different eyes. Because insect extinction is very real and not a made-up story. The series was produced with help and assistance of the Senckenberg German Entomological Institute. ⥅
Florian W. Mueller
Xi Jiu Hanmi Liquor Packaging  by Luo Heng
Xi Jiu Hanmi Liquor Packaging
Xi Jiu Hanmi bottle is based on oriental aesthetics to inherit the secret recipe of Han dynasty royal court. The design uses the graph implication to give people mental hint, such as the elements of Shuang Mao, four sacred animals in Han dynasty, Han dynasty palace tower, royal palace decoration, etc. to express the nobleness of Han dynasty. Combined with the dark red and luxurious gold color, it expresses the comprehension and explanation to the ⥅
Xi Jiu Hanmi
Cifi Ningbo Honored Palace Sales Gallery by S.U.N DESIGN INC.
Cifi Ningbo Honored Palace Sales Gallery
The cross-border cooperation with Zhong Shuge one of China's most beautiful bookstore is a composite experience that integrates modern life such as books, coffee, and records. Using books to name the space, the cute bear of Cifi Real-estate running through the whole space leaves a certain memory for buyers to our clients.
Cifi Ningbo Honored Palace
Freelight Luminaire by CENTRSVET
Freelight Luminaire
Cylindrical track luminaire for Infinity system. The luminaire produces light with its whole surface, 360 degrees beam angle. Flexible neon allows to make the luminaire in any shape you want and create unique lighting compositions and art objects. 1,6 or 5 m length. The luminaire is easy to install in the track. Patented Dali Click mechanical fixation adapter guarantees that the luminaire will not fall out. Low-voltage ensures complete electrical ⥅
M346 Homage Super Car by Robson Marques de Pontes
M346 Homage Super Car
Intended in two configurations, an all electric and a mid-engine V8, the M346 Homage is a bespoke track and road, 2-seater, super sportive car design project proposal that looks for inspiration in the Aermacchi M-346, the fastest Italian fighter aircraft ever built to date, to bring together lightweight composites and aerospace aluminum construction in addition to advanced aerodynamic concepts in an elegant silhouette with very sleek automotive p ⥅
M346 Homage
Robson Marques de Pontes
Nanhua Glimmer Public Landscape by Men-An Pan
Nanhua Glimmer Public Landscape
The site for Nanhua Glimmer locates in Pingtung, Taiwan. The school campus has transformed into the landscape park for the community and the elderly. The campus celebrates the regional nature features and translates them into geometric forms. The selected variety of plants within the campus presents an ecological education opportunity for the public. The mist and glimmer resemble the collective memory of the locals at nights, creating radiances a ⥅
Nanhua Glimmer
Ucon  Natural Mineral Water by Chi Forest
Ucon Natural Mineral Water
It is the first high-quality drinking water brand featuring soft mineral water in China. The overall design of the two parts shows harmony while having contrast.The upper part of the bottle body takes "stone" as the super symbol, and the lower part uses the special ore bottle body design based on the parametric design of triangular plane.
Dancing Crane Necklace  by Qingfeng Shanghai Qingfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Dancing Crane Necklace
Dancing Crane is a crane shaped jewelry necklace. The designer outlines the curved crane neck with simple lines, which contrasts with the complex lines of the crane's tail and wings. The crane's head is connected to the crane's tail in the design, as if the crane is looking back and combing its feathers. During wearing, the user can use the buckles and components hidden behind the collar to split and group the necklace. ⥅
Dancing Crane
Qingfeng Shanghai Qingfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging by Jun Li
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging
The packaging design uses Guizhou ecological tea gardens, frogs, big swallows, tea pickers, Chishui River and Zunyi red culture as creative elements, and draws a natural, organic and ecological humanistic illustration pattern creation. It embodies the characteristics of the product. Today, when the return to nature is advocated, it is easy to feel the breath of nature.
Shijian Chuxin
Argo Bar by Yolanda Liu
Argo Bar
This destination bar joins the hotel's line up of Michelin starred establishments with a vibrant, welcoming space day to night space that also serves breakfast and lunch in addition to serving as a lively evening hotspot. The design offers a place for guests to escape from the concrete jungle; a hidden gem in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world.
Before the Midnight Hour Furniture Illustrations by Martin Reznik
Before the Midnight Hour Furniture Illustrations
A series of black and white illustrations commissioned by Marc Krusin and featuring his most prominent furniture designs for Knoll and Desalto. Inspired by comics and noir cinema, the project breaks the conventions of furniture illustration by bringing narrative to the scenes, use of exaggerated perspective and a moody noir aesthetic. The lack of human presence and scattered objects add an element of mystery and suspense to the story, while the p ⥅
Before the Midnight Hour
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging
These cans were created with consumer engagement in mind, as well as to activate the brand beyond packaging. Complete with interactive functional features, consumers are encouraged to use their smartphone to scan QR codes on the cans that lead to promotions, including a chance to win limited edition hoodies and t-shirts that glow.
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Lineage de La Foliole Packaging by TIGER PAN
Lineage de La Foliole Packaging
Ancient Chinese used a leaf to perceive the world, like seeing a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower (Blake, W. 1968 Auguries of Innocence). Referencing from the process of extracting the treasure from big Pu'er tea leaves, they designed a tea leaf-shaped icon with granular texture, along with aesthetics, also explaining the product attributes. With minimal design elements, the product shall pop amongst the tea market’s o ⥅
Lineage de La Foliole
Paga Microroastery Coffee Bar by Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech
Paga Microroastery Coffee Bar
Paga Microroastery is inspired by The Mountain where coffee beans are cultivated, in order to pay tribute and advocate the long and fascinating process of micro lot coffee. The three story corner building in the heart of central business district is entirely constructed in white with simple solid dimensional facades, allowing the building to transform and create its natural scenes through the change of the surrounding and sunlight which radiates ⥅
Paga Microroastery
Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech
International Islands Tourism Conference Multifunctional Area by gad
International Islands Tourism Conference Multifunctional Area
For design, Maritime Silk Road is shown as the main clue from beginning to end. The spanning building form ties up the mountains with the sea in the west and in the east, The open landscape corridor is created for greening the city. The building form which derives from Tang and Song traditions adopts the classic ratio and pattern of the roof and wall in the Tang Dynasty which is solid and stable. The white stone at the bottom of the building and ⥅
International Islands Tourism Conference
Jiangnan No.1 Courtyard Exhibition Hall by gad
Jiangnan No.1 Courtyard Exhibition Hall
The building is located at XiaoshanInnovation Polis, and being adjacent to the lake in the place is the landscape advantage that has added the smart sense of the Jiangnan watery town. The herringbone sloping roofs and the minimalist white walls and black tiles elements give a vivid visual impression, forming an overall continuous and rhythmic picture. The herringbone undulating roof brings a rich state of space, and which seems to be a sign of th ⥅
Jiangnan No.1 Courtyard
Object Splash Proof Partition by Akira Nakagomi
Object Splash Proof Partition
Many of Covid-19's temporary splash-proof partitions are cheaply designed. So Akira Nakagomi designed a splash-proof partition to add color to life, rather than a cheap temporary one. It is a simple configuration of a circular acrylic supported by a bent brass rod, and the rod is fixed with a brass cylinder. Another set can also be connected and fixed around the brass weight. The Object is a product like an art piece that emphasizes both aes ⥅
Biblioteche di Roma Rebranding by Ragù Communication
Biblioteche di Roma Rebranding
A new brand and a new identity for Istituzione Sistema Biblioteche di Roma to reflect the open and accessible essence of Rome's public libraries network. In this new identity the book, already familiar from the historic logo represented by a closed book resting on its side, it is now an open book, a symbol of accessibility. The identity of Biblioteche, in all its applications, is linked to the presence of the institutional brand Roma Culture ⥅
Biblioteche di Roma
Ragù Communication
Xu Wei Art Museum
Hidden in the ancient city with a history of 2,500 years, the project is fused with ambient small-scale residences. The lighting design is low-key and introverted, without noise or disturbing people. It uses light in a restraining yet precise manner, to balance the relationship between lighting and building, landscape and people and highlight the charm of architecture, a sense of depth of distant and close views of Xu Wei's ink wash painting ⥅
Xu Wei
Lavazza Inovy Mini Coffee Machine by Florian Seidl
Lavazza Inovy Mini Coffee Machine
Inovy Mini is part of a a new range of espresso machines developed by Lavazza especially for the professional segment. It is the smallest of these machines and mainly intended for small offices and hotel rooms. The design is an evolution of Lavazza's form language in this business channel. It has a more serious, professional colour scheme but is still recognizably Italian in execution and finish. In some markets the product is also known as ⥅
Lavazza Inovy Mini
Taizhou Z Center Office Building by gad
Taizhou Z Center Office Building
Taizhou Z Center, the high-rise center and shopping center in diago-nal form a convenient pedestrian flow path across the base. With this hidden oblique axis, the L-shaped main building, the Nanyang Science and Technology Building on the west and the residential slabs of Yulan Plaza on the north nat-urally enclose to form a public and open city square. This symbol indicates the façade treatment method of the main building wrapped by folded plates ⥅
Taizhou Z Center
Tokit Omni Cook Kitchen Robot by CHUNG KIN WONG
Tokit Omni Cook Kitchen Robot
Tokit Omni Cook is a multi-functional kitchen robot, which can perform many different cooking functions and techniques. It can replace up to 21 traditional kitchen appliances in one digitally powered countertop equipment. It equips with powerful induction heating system which brings the cooking temp up to 180 degrees. A heat resistance shell outside its stainless-steel bowl protects you from accidental scald. Ergonomically designed handle provide ⥅
Tokit Omni Cook
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging by Ofen Hu
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging
This is a Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition gift. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival for family reunion in China. The key words are home, reunion and emotion. The design inspiration comes from the door and window in traditional Chinese architecture. The outer packaging design adopts double-door opening box, when the door is opened, They can see the home directly, expressing reunion and emotion. When ⥅
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition
Emirati One Luxury Car Showroom by Marwan Mrad
Emirati One Luxury Car Showroom
Emirati One is a car showroom and museum, located in Burj Vista tower, on the boulevard, facing Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project with a total of 997 square meters is a masterpiece that salutes fine craftsmanship and pays tribute to world heritage, an homage to intricate details that have defined automotive design throughout the years.
Emirati One
Crystal Opera House Art Installations by Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
Crystal Opera House Art Installations
The Crystal Opera House is the designer's tribute to classical architecture and art. The giant crystal hoisting device is a structural whole, using millions of crystal, re-engraving the visual features of the classical enclosed box with crystal, a very modern material. The device has tried many impossible shapes and arrangements, done a lot of research and development and 3D models, and explored more breakthroughs in the shape and limitation ⥅
Crystal Opera House
Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
 City Above The Clouds Multifunctional Office by gad
City Above The Clouds Multifunctional Office
The project adopts the conceptual planning system with the theme of "City Above The Clouds". The architects integrated the buildings with the natural environment, hence creating the ideal town for the future. Inspired by keywords such as ideal city and future community, the architects created a futuristic architectural firm that focuses on openness, cooperation, and sharing. From the combination of offices and commercials to the sharing ⥅
 City Above The Clouds
Skyboat Cafe and WalkOn Glass by XinY
Skyboat Cafe and WalkOn Glass
The structure cantilevers 36m over the 613m deep sinkhole. The top of the sinkhole is extremely narrow which can only accommodate a small passageway. Skyboat is proposed to span over the passageway and cantilever out to each side of the mountain ridge. Similar to the tumbler toys, it is proposed to lower the structure centre of gravity and utilize the minimum area (10metres by 30metres), in which way, the self-balance of the structure is therefor ⥅
Plant Doctor Skin Care Essence Packaging by TIGER PAN
Plant Doctor Skin Care Essence Packaging
Their design overall presentation of the packages and refine with more detailed feeling. Using the simplest color to strike into one's soul, with bright gold mountain shaped metal fittings. Through the light refraction of the material, it creates a hazy effect, presenting a dreamy blue and gold visual, the whole series gave a vivid and unified appearance.
Plant Doctor
Stream Office by Kris Lin
Stream Office
The project is located in the belly of the Greater Bay Area, which is a new business highland on the west bank of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The office occupies the whole floor of the office building, the visual field can reach 360 degrees with unique landscape vision and good lighting conditions. The designer continues to explore the limits of structure and modeling and breaks the vertical composition of space. On the basis ⥅
Nanning Tanjing Display Center by Quincy Li
Nanning Tanjing Display Center
The project illustrates the harmonious integration of architecture and nature, creating a highly vibrant space viewing experience; the unique facade design extends from the facade down the street to the interior lobby and multi-entrance courtyard, blurring the indoor and outdoor boundaries. Built with entrance square, ecological landscape steps, characteristic art corridor, semi-outdoor swimming pool, health technology clubhouse and other areas h ⥅
Nanning Tanjing
Science is O2 School Textbooks by VISANG
Science is O2 School Textbooks
O2 is a science textbook that has used its established brand identity to imprint a confident and consistent brand image on its consumers. With rising need for no-contact education, O2 has digitized their brand identity, beginning with an easily scannable QR code on the cover. The code is designed as a key, opening useful textbook promotions and information. In this way, digitalization leads a constant effort to change brand identity to surpass th ⥅
Science is O2
I Do Emergent Arts  Retail Space by Mo Zheng
I Do Emergent Arts Retail Space
The I Do artist store in Wuhan, China blends uniquely spatial and sculptural elements to create a highly expressive, enticing and inspiring user experience. At the center of the space, and protruding through the facade, a massive 9m steel sculpture rises from the first floor space and emerges on the second floor. Symbolically, the one to one scale elephant and figures represent the wisdom, strength and unity as a projection of the relationships w ⥅
I Do Emergent Arts
Fly Armchair by Pepê Lima
Fly Armchair
Fly was designed for indoor areas. It is a modern product that adds contemporaneity and the warmth of wood and leather to any space and room. More than a decoration object, the Fly is comfortable to sit and relax. The development of this armchair was a challenge in several ways. The product is focused on deconstructing ordinary compositions to create a final product with disconnected elements that yet deliver harmonic and continuous lines. Pepe L ⥅
Shenzhen Longgang Wanda Plaza Interior Design by Shenzhen Wuxi Design Consultan Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Longgang Wanda Plaza Interior Design
It is the latest city micro-trip destination unveiled by Wanda group. This work has been upgraded on three aspects, namely scene innovation, technology innovation and content innovation, and the design group has introduced multiple innovative commercial activities. It also focuses on three core themes: ecologic nature, fashion tech and humanistic art, among which the experiencing commercial activities account for 82 percent. It entails draconian ⥅
Shenzhen Longgang Wanda Plaza
Shenzhen Wuxi Design Consultan Co., Ltd
Huanggang Port New Development Transportation by Aedas
Huanggang Port New Development Transportation
New Huanggang Port will become an iconic gateway for Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area, and China. It is highly efficient, fully adaptable, green, and sustainable. The port sits in the privileged location of Lok Ma Chau Loop, and according to the urban planning, there will be 2 green axes connecting the new port to the existing Futian Port and Shenzhen-HK Cooperation Zone. 3 metro and 2 inter-city lines will have access to the site. ⥅
Huanggang Port New Development
EyeWris Reading Glasses by Kenzo Singer
EyeWris Reading Glasses
With one hand, one motion, and one second, EyeWris reading glasses transform into an eye-catching bracelet for unparalleled convenience. Always within reach, these stylish glasses eliminate the daily frustration of not having reading glasses when needed. EyeWris reading glasses are built to last, utilizing memory metal and proprietary lenses with anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and blue light blocking technology. EyeWris represents a meeting of timele ⥅
QC60 Platform Quick Charger Stations by Almadesign, Lda
QC60 Platform Quick Charger Stations
The QC platform is a 60-120Kw ultra-fast charger, capable of charging all electric vehicles. Reliable, robust and with flexible customization, the QC provides customers with several functionalities developed to keep up with the new technological and operational challenges of the energy infrastructure in the context of Industry 4.0. With a modern design, featuring soft curves and brand lighting signature, the charger is enhanced with digital conne ⥅
QC60 Platform
Haus am See Residential House by Carlos Zwick
Haus am See Residential House
Ancient trees, the water and nature preserved terraces determined the concept of architect Carlos Zwick. Today, this passive house with its sustainable building materials integrates respectfully into its surroundings. The wooden windows connect the living spaces with the lake. The loggia seems to float above the water and a large maple tree grows through the living room. The large crowns of the ancient oaks and chestnuts take the modern tree hous ⥅
Haus am See
Meraki MV2 Flex Camera by Nick Kawamoto
Meraki MV2 Flex Camera
The Meraki MV2 flex camera is exceptionally simple to deploy and configure due to its compact, versatile form-factor and cloud management. The lines that define MV2 simplify the appearance of a highly technical object fitting anywhere from the server room to the boutique coffee shop. The MV2 democratizes machine learning and AI with an API that provides insights for safer, more efficient outcomes. Opening the camera reveals a silver surface that ⥅
Meraki MV2
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging by INFINITY STUDIO
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging
The design of Gujing tribute wine combines the traditional dragon pattern with the digital style of science and technology, giving Chinese dragon new vitality. The outer packaging uses folding fan design combined with hollowed out to create a sense of mystery. Unfold the box layer by layer, and the bottle pattern and the box can be well integrated to show the spirit of the dragon. The design process uses the material of luminous ink, which makes ⥅
West Suburban Elegance Display Center by Quincy Li
West Suburban Elegance Display Center
The project is positioned at the root of Shanghai, Sijing Town, Sijing with a history of more than a thousand years. With a view to continue the local language and respect traditional Sijing culture, the design wholly adopts the settlement form to present rich space, leaving the surrounding environment and the building as a borrowed landscape from each other, meanwhile, with modern approaches to restore the traditional space, it gives visitors a ⥅
West Suburban Elegance
Container Music Albums by Lam Kam Kun
Container Music Albums
This is an electronic music album with the theme of human and philosophy, mind and body. As the theme of this design, the visual combines classical aesthetics, philosophy and modern electronic music. The various natural elements are combined into a chaotic image, the classical style is boldly used, and then the realistic images are matched to create the final scheme.
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration by U.P.Space Landscape Design
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration
Guomaofu not only has a cultural origin of imperial garden, but also has a modern concept of landscape. The core idea is to create a poetic and picturesque space, which injects oriental style into the design and spreads the context of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The design combines the new oriental garden landscape of water, stone, forest, pine, book, tea and music to form a unique landscape garden system. Creating a tourist, feasible, hopefu ⥅
Tangshan Guomaofu
U.P.Space Landscape Design
Jenga Box Commercial by Kris Lin
Jenga Box Commercial
The site of the project is tight and especially narrow in the north. Starting from site planning, the design integrates architecture, interior, landscape and lighting. The three-dimensional space of the building highlights the freedom of the space through the interpenetration and torsion of the block. South of the site is the main road of the city. Under the background of internal and external lights, the whole space is just like a shop window wi ⥅
Jenga Box
Obori Soma Ware Matsunaga Kiln Shop and Atelier by Naoya TOCHIO
Obori Soma Ware Matsunaga Kiln Shop and Atelier
Matsunaga Kiln was located in Fukushima, Japan, producing the designated traditional crafts with more than 300 years of history. One proprietary feature of Obori Soma Ware is its double-layered structure, which enables this daily-use ceramics to hold boiling water and prevents it from cooling down. Designers wanted to incorporate and express this feature in our architecture. Designers believe that the different scales of architecture and ceramics ⥅
Obori Soma Ware Matsunaga Kiln
Wandu Pt Wisdom Sales Center by Liu Jie
Wandu Pt Wisdom Sales Center
Paying the fullest respect to architecture art, AOD creatively conceptualized the project as a gallery like space filled with enjoyment. To liven up the daily settings with enjoyment, the designer works to create a pleasant vibe through the application of colors, light, and fun art, as well as the elegant visual experience provided by the image of clouds and artful arrangement of lines.
Wandu Pt Wisdom
Architecture Factory Cork Institute of Technology by Dr Marc O Riain
Architecture Factory Cork Institute of Technology
The Architecture Factory is a third level architectural education, learning and research space situated in a disused split-level warehouse in Cork, Ireland. The interior architectural intervention adapts used shipping containers into lecturer offices dividing the ground floor space into 7 open plan studios. These are divided from a new mezzanine structure by a wide boulevard which functions as a live lab, exhibition and making space. The mezzanin ⥅
Architecture Factory
NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar by E-graphics communications
NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar
Every year Nissan produces a calendar under the theme of its brand tagline “Excitement unlike any other”. The year 2013 version is filled with eye-opening and unique ideas and images as the result of collaboration with a dance-painting artist “ SAORI KANDA”. All the images in the calendar are the works of SAORI KANDA the dance-painting artist. She embodied her inspiration given by Nissan vehicle in her paintings which were directly drawn on a ho ⥅
NISSAN Calendar 2013
E-graphics communications
Bridal Veil The chandelier by Victor A. Syrnev
Bridal Veil The chandelier
This arts - art object with lights on. Spacious room with a ceiling of complex profile, like cumulus clouds. Chandelier fits in a space, smoothly flowing from the front wall to the ceiling. Crystal and white enamel leaves in conjunction with the elastic bending of thin tubes create the image of a flying veil over the world. The abundance of light and golden glow flying birds create a feeling of spaciousness and joy.
Bridal Veil
Breezer Be Bold Limited Edition Spirits by Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team
Breezer Be Bold Limited Edition Spirits
Interbrand was briefed to create Breezer's first-ever Limited Edition that screams internationality, sets its sights on the China market, and be irresistible to young females. The challenge was to keep the design uniquely true to the essence of each flavor, and yet still relevant to our female audience. The solution was a spontaneous physical interaction with each fruit’s appearance and texture, like squeeze a lime, so it is relevant to the ⥅
Breezer Be Bold
Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team
Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station by Yasumichi Morita
Randen Arashiyama Station Railway station
Randen Arashiyama Station is located in central of Arashiyama and in opposite of Tenryuji-temple. The elegant lighting forest has been created in the platform with approx. 600 poles rapped with Kyoto Yuzen kimono fabrics. This station is hoped to be a special place for various people and give them a dramatic moment, so it was designed wishing it would bring happiness and give an ever-fresh image to everyone along with beautiful Kyoto sceneries. ⥅
Randen Arashiyama Station
Only Right Here Knife holder by Alan Saga
Only Right Here Knife holder
Since the twelfth century the first bullfights were documented as an act or public spectacle. Today consciousness awakening of people is a symptom of an overall global assessment, being partakers of the divine nature, we are a whole. "Only Right Here" symbolizes a new era, where there will be an extinction of aggressive activities, being embodied in what once was a cultural feast, and the great evolutionary step on a humanistic level. ⥅
Only Right Here
LAXART museum Transmedia rebranding by Eunice Young Tak
LAXART museum Transmedia rebranding
LAXART is a museum that brings LA artists and artworks based on LA into one space. The new LAXART logo celebrates the life found beating throughout the city through its multiple colors and layers of X-shaped lines. The colors and X's build on each other to represent the diversity found in Los Angeles. The logo can also adapt to a variety of surfaces and mediums, subtly shifting from print, to web, and other interactive environments to accomm ⥅
LAXART museum
Calendar 2014 “Botanical Life” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
Calendar 2014 “Botanical Life” Calendar
Botanical Life is a calendar highlighting beautiful plant life in a single sheet. Open the sheet and set on the base to enjoy a variety of plant pop-ups. Quality designs have the power to modify space and transform the minds of its users. They offer comfort of seeing, holding and using. They are imbued with lightness and an element of surprise, enriching space. Our original products are designed using the concept of Life with Design. ⥅
Calendar 2014 “Botanical Life”
Illusion Website by Adriana de Barros
Illusion Website
Scene 360 magazine launches Illusion in 2008, and it quickly becomes its most successful project with over 40 million visits. The website is dedicated to featuring amazing creations in art, design, and film. From hyperrealist tattoos to stunning landscape photos, the selection of posts will often make readers say “WOW!”
Adriana de Barros
Paths of Light  Dvd Box by Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes
Paths of Light Dvd Box
The best way to hold the short animation Paths of Light by Zina Caramelo was to ensure that the DVD had a beautiful case to match. The packaging actually looks like it was plucked from the woods and moulded to form a CD. On the outside, various lines are visible, almost appearing as small trees growing up the side of the case. The wooden exterior also helps to give it an extremely naturalistic look. Paths of Light is an extreme update from the ca ⥅
Paths of Light
Francisco Elias & Nelson Fernandes
The Ring House & Atelier by Marwan Zgheib
The Ring House & Atelier
The proposed Ring House consists of a cylindrical volume embracing a rectangular one. The cylinder acts as a protective closed wall with a single narrow opening serving as the entrance, while the inside rectangle accommodates fluidly all the house functions necessary for the everyday life of the artist: a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and an atelier. The interior space interacts smoothly with the serene outdoor atrium, a large ter ⥅
The Ring
Jazz book by Robert Nippoldt
Jazz book
A bibliophile, fully-illustrated book about the early days of Jazz in New York. In a blend of illustrations, facts, anecdotes and an accompanying CD of original recordings this book presents 24 leading lights of New York’s jazz scene in the 1920s. Illustration, typography, design and the CD form a graphic unit.
Malopolska Garden of Arts Performing arts centre & mediatheque by Ingarden & Ewý Architects
Malopolska Garden of Arts Performing arts centre & mediatheque
The MGA is a culture venue with a performing arts centre and a mediatheque, located in 19th-century urban block in Kraków. The form is a contextual game of mimesis and abstraction. It draws inspiration from the context by making references to the roofing geometry and tissue of the nearby buildings, the ceramic elevation refers to their brick façades. The building fits in the scale of its environment by maintaining the roof lines and divisions of ⥅
Malopolska Garden of Arts
Ingarden & Ewý Architects
Blue Goose  Product Packaging by Sid Lee
Blue Goose Product Packaging
SID LEE Toronto developed the brand identity and packaging design for Blue Goose, a Canadian-based organic and natural food company that specializes in high quality beef, chicken and fish. Design inspiration came from visiting a Blue Goose farm in British Columbia; seeing the land, the environment, and how well the animals were being treated. The brand’s story is embedded in all aspects of its identity and packaging, with the use of hand-drawn il ⥅
Blue Goose
SATA | BIA - Blue Islands Açor Brand Identity by SATA Airlines
SATA | BIA - Blue Islands Açor Brand Identity
The BIA is a local-bird symbol of the Atlantic Sky, which flies over thoughts and dreams over countries, a pilot of nature which transports people, memories, business and companies. At SATA, BIA will always symbolize the union of the nine islands of the Archipelago in one atlantic challenge: take the name of the Azores to the World and bring the World to the Azores. The BIA – Blue Islands Azores – a reinvented açor bird, rectilinear, inspired i ⥅
SATA | BIA - Blue Islands Açor
Rising Moon Pavilion by Mr Siu Kwok Kin Stanley
Rising Moon Pavilion
Rising Moon is a temporary pavilion designed to serve as an anchor attraction during the 2013 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival. It re-interpret traditional paper lanterns with recycled plastic bottles on the same time creating a Synthetic Moon, thus promoting the message of environmental protection. Rising Moon offered strong visual impact with sound and lighting effects externally and internally. The design received the Gold Award at the Lantern Wo ⥅
Rising Moon
Mr Siu Kwok Kin Stanley

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