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Staff House Accommodation by Shaoqun Chen
Staff House Accommodation
The design of Staff House is to bring a relax and comfortable living space to the people, to create a comfortable “home” for the LILANZ employees, enabling them to find a minimalist but uncommon way of life. In this space, the designers take an open stance to make the whole space more flexible and use white and gray-black tones to emphasize the sense of shock by the lines to the space.In addition, the unique artistic decorations are adopted to cr ⥅
Staff House
Wave Bench by John Cruz
Wave Bench
Created from simple framing dimensional lumber and plywood strips, Wave is a unique bench that evokes simplicity in construction and elegance in form with a sculptor's touch. Its seating contours and individual blocks provide ergonomic support and comfort. Wave is designed by John Cruz, a veteran computer graphics designer coming from the video game industry. John wanted to merge both the virtual world of computer graphics imagery (CGI) ⥅
GARAGARA Summer Festival  Main graphic, Poster, POP by Asuka Watanabe
GARAGARA Summer Festival Main graphic, Poster, POP
GARAGARA Summer Festival
SuiTable Multifunctional form by Sui Park
SuiTable Multifunctional form
The 'SuiTable' features a sustainable organic and dynamic form. I applied basketry patterns and techniques as units or modules to systematically construct the form. The application allows construction of a greater flexibility and curvature, in particular an organic form. The characteristics of transparency and lightness of 'SuiTable' reinterprets organic forms or images of nature.
Modern Courtyard Residential by Tai Kuan Huang
Modern Courtyard Residential
Four areas of spacious living room and dining room, 2 circular flows with entryway opening to kitchen, master bedroom and 2 bedrooms were divided based on everyday living, with corridor as axis, height of ceiling and terrace boundary. The designer integrated with concept of three entry courtyard of Chinese traditional buildings, which satisfied daily life needs of building through interior space. The design broke impression of a standard living r ⥅
Comic-Con: Nickelodeon SpongeBob Fan Activation/trade Show Experience by Rachel Rowland
Comic-Con: Nickelodeon SpongeBob Fan Activation/trade Show Experience
Nickelodeon, a division of Viacom, had a twofold goal of celebrating 20 years of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise while generating media buzz. Glow Studio celebrated SpongeBob SquarePants and attracted media coverage by engaging SpongeBob fans in a way not done before: working at the Krusty Krab. Using novel design approaches, Glow Studio created an immersive, beautifully crafted, fully working Krusty Krab environment. creating unparalleled en ⥅
Comic-Con: Nickelodeon SpongeBob
Mercer Design Shanghai Office by Zou Hongbo
Mercer Design Shanghai Office
Emphasizes the integration of contemporary art and nature, awakening people's worship and yearning for nature. Create a comfortable office space where nature and art coexist. Entering the deep door made of bronze steel plate, the entrance hall enclosed by the mysterious wooden partition shows different levels of light and shadow changes under the irradiation of natural light. It is called the light box, and the design space is comfortable an ⥅
Mercer Design Shanghai
Cube High Altitude Cleaning UAV Highrise Glass by Guangpeng Yue
Cube High Altitude Cleaning UAV Highrise Glass
The drone the team designed uses automated technology to solve the problem of high altitude glass cleaning, reducing the risk of manually cleaning glass. The design of the cleaning module allows the drone to carry multiple cleaning modules simultaneously, and in the simulation demonstration, it has been measured to improve the efficiency of high altitude cleaning and reduce the cost.
Cube High Altitude Cleaning UAV
Ionia E Bike Battery App by Vestel UX/UI Design Group
Ionia E Bike Battery App
Ionia is a mobile e bike application where e bike users can check current data from the battery and solve battery related problems remotely without going to the service which first main purpose. Apart from the service features, we have introduced Ionia as an e bike sports application which makes many functional features related to the battery accessible in daily life with a user friendly interface.
Vestel UX/UI Design Group
KINGBRIGHT OFFICE OFFICE by Philip Tang & Brian Ip Philip Tang & Brian Ip
The LED components business is given to Designer an new idea of design for the staffs and the owner. As a typical working environment in Hong Kong, office design is used to consider the business itself. To enhance the users’ experience in the office, Designer creates a gathering space for them, which is enlarging the scale of Idea Exchange Area. It is different with the most ordinary offices’ setting.
Philip Tang & Brian Ip Philip Tang & Brian Ip
One Casa Exhibition Hall by Lei Fang
One Casa Exhibition Hall
In the One Casa Exhibition Hall, the design team completed the exploration of and exchange with space and products by breaking the original square space layout. Under the design concept of people first and dynamic experience, all functional spaces are distributed there in a flowing way, shaping a rich situation as well as an organic, interactive and complete experience of living at home.
One Casa
DDS Exhibition by Mu He
DDS Exhibition
1 Vertical furniture frame is used in the forest space, with splints together form a semi-transparent dense forest space. You can explore the exhibition space hides behind the forest path. 2 The hill space is a multifunctional communication space constructed with symbolic chairs where you can negotiate, rest, selfie, meet people, hold activitiesand interact with the exhibition space of other exhibitors behind the surrounding arcades ⥅

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