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Arrow Office Table Office table for chief by Taras Hooduskyy
Arrow Office Table Office table for chief
Arrow office table is an dynamic and technological product. He consist of 2 parts which seemed to hang in the air and creates a dynamic effect. Carbon fiber emphasizes high-tech and novelty. All construction is light and strong. Touch pad on surface will be very comfortable for users to make quick notes straight on the table. Glass shelves and metal chamfers gives subtlety and ease to the design. Table attached to the wall and all fastening is co ⥅
Arrow Office Table
BB Little Garden growing lamp by Martouzet François-Xavier
BB Little Garden growing lamp
This project proposes to support this new use that provide a fuller sensory cooking experience. BB Little garden is a radiant growing lamp, wanting to revisit the place of aromatic plants inside the kitchen. It is a volume with clear lines, as a true minimalist object. The sleek design has been especially studied to adapt to a variety of indoor environments and give a special note to the kitchen. BB Little garden is a framework for plants, its ⥅
BB Little Garden
Martouzet François-Xavier
Memory Transmitting House by Jianhe Wu
Memory Transmitting House
This house conveys the images of home by wood beams and the staggered stack of white bricks. The light goes from the spaces of white bricks around the house, creating a special atmosphere for the client. The designer use several methods to solve the limitations of this building for the air-conditioners and storage spaces. Also, blend the materials with the memory of client and present a warm and elegant aesthetic through the structure, connecting ⥅
Memory Transmitting
DA AN H HOUSE Residential House by Shu-Ching Tan
DA AN H HOUSE Residential House
It a customized residence based on users. The indoor's open space connect living room, dining room and study space via freedom traffic flow, and it also brings the green and light from balcony. The exclusive gate for pet can find in each family member’s room. Flat and unimpeded traffic flow is due to the doorsill-less design. The above designs emphasis is to be designed to meet user habits, ergonomic and creative combination of ideas. ⥅
Simulated Life Toys by Qiu Liwei
Simulated Life Toys
The way of bringing history alive allows children to experience history more intuitively. So team designs a toy. Through the toy, children are able to not only read history, but also enjoy it. The game course is designed according to the archaeological process. Players can play games with the things that excavated from sands.
Simulated Life
The River is Everywhere Placid Place by Kai-Hung Yang
The River is Everywhere Placid Place
Creating a journey on the river for the flow of space of the owners, Upon entering a 200-square-metre apartment, its living room’s the refined textures that first impress. The ceiling of entry was remodeled to create a sleek curved line, rhythm bores applied on partition walls in the living room were elegantly layered across the space to reflect the shadow of trees, like the scene from the river. The wooden private space, it seems like a boundary ⥅
The River is Everywhere
Sculpting in Motion Exhibition Design by Chite Sung
Sculpting in Motion Exhibition Design
Located in a corner of the Museum, Sculpting in Motion is inspired by the concept of “exhibit within exhibit.” By means of minimum materials for creation and using a simple, economical and unadorned deck as its structure and packaging tape as its fillings, a “spatial container” is enclosed for arts exhibition. It proffers a combination of driftwood and thread—two materials that contrast in texture and yet are complementary. Visitors are thus prov ⥅
Sculpting in Motion
Tenement H Modular Cabinet by Pimploy Sabchareon
Tenement H Modular Cabinet
Tenemnet H are experimental project exploring new possibilities of Bangkok through designs. It is a modular cubby storage system that reflects the exhibition's domestic theme. Inspired by the multifaceted facades of Bangkok shophouses, Tenement H features customizable barriers that range from scissor gates to accordion doors, shutters, and railings. Constructed from aluminum, Tenement H is modular and versatile by design, allowing access to ⥅
Tenement H
Pimploy Sabchareon
Affluent & Fluent Reception Center by Wen-Ho Tseng
Affluent & Fluent Reception Center
The whole design expresses one thing, " Simplicity, but marvel ", without other redundant designs. With the best presentation along with elegant color using in modern method, the spacious flow, Colorful jade wall and concise and well-utilized staircase which intertwines the penetration and extension of visual sight.
Affluent & Fluent
My Way Wireless Thermostatic Heads by Luca Di Giannatale
My Way Wireless Thermostatic Heads
The thermostatic heads My Head are wireless thermostatic heads compatible with any valve with thermostatic option, are easy to be used, do not need any electrical connections and have a long battery life. The thermostatic heads My Head are the most compact on the market, thanks to their minimal design and their exclusive technology. Using My Head and the central unit My Way, it is possible to control the domestic heating from anywhere and anytime ⥅
My Way
Luca Di Giannatale
Vectis Armchair by Eckhard Beger
Vectis Armchair
Vectis by Eckhard Beger for ArteNemus is an armchair based on a trapezoid and rhombus shaped wood structure with leather cushions. The v-shape and backwards inclination of the structure underlines the dynamic character of the creation. The whole structure is covered in maple veneer with an ebony marquetry while the cushions are made from full grain leather. The front perspective is enriched by a metaphoric and pictorial design on the cushions and ⥅
GanDan Bench by ChungSheng Chen
GanDan Bench
This is a handcrafted bench inspired by the nature of silkworm spinning and cocooning, and with reference to the traditional craftsmanship of Aomori Prefecture Japan, with which take shaped by enlacing the golden teak wood veneer through continuous wrapped in circles and layers, showing the beauty of veneer gradation, to form a perfect streamlining shape of bench. Looks hard as if wooden bench but is soft sitting feel instead. Without any waste ⥅

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