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Convolo Swimming Pool by Taylor Cheng
Convolo Swimming Pool
The resort with tropical elegance seems to grow from the emerald mound. CONVOLO is more than a pool but an entirely new sector which coexists peacefully with the natural landscape. It is a vital place connecting with nature, human interaction and sustainable development. The concrete and lawn give the terrace a clean-cut parallel and bring up the concept of separation from CONVOLO. The surround landscape and material perpendicular structure which ⥅
Sanhua Wine Packaging by Sungoo Design
Sanhua Wine Packaging
Drinking can be pleasant and enjoyable. The design of Sanhua Wine aims to convey the concept of "Better Life" to users from the beginning of packaging. Intuitive expressions using original colors and hand-drawn illustrations are the characteristics of this product. Original hand-painted illustrations were taken from Guilin, China, and then "Lijiang Green", which was specially prepared through hundreds of comparisons, was used ⥅
Card On Guard Pool Antibacterial  by Darren Hickman
Card On Guard Pool Antibacterial
Card On Guard represents the next step in the evolution of photonics based technology...light weight, thin and requiring no electricity the solar card captures, stores and reemits UV and Infrared light to inhibit bacteria and fungi growth replacing 50% - 100% of traditional chemicals. The design provides the solar card with maximum combined contact with both water and light. Card On Guard floats upright exposing both sides to the sun and is prope ⥅
Card On Guard
Hola Espirito Bottled Cocktail Label by Antonia Skaraki
Hola Espirito Bottled Cocktail Label
A design that reflects the enthusiasm, happiness and good mood that Hola! Espirito represents. Vivid colours and a kaleidoscope effect are the features that describe each flavour and create a clear representation of the ingredients, therefore making it easy for the consumer to make his choice. A positive mood was in mind while creating the design, one that reflects the positive state of the consumers.
Hola Espirito
Linea Storage system by Alvaro Diaz Hernandez
Linea Storage system
Linea is a minimalist storage design proposal inspired in the line, based on the simplicity of the resources used and the use of space through structure and function. It is an extremely functional and decorative resistant piece of furniture which has been made from recicled materials. Therefore this piece is enviromentaly friendly. It is made entirely by iron rods creating a light rigid structure, easy to displace. This furniture can be placed un ⥅
Alvaro Diaz Hernandez
ORGO Case creating counter space by Diane L. Copek and Michael J. Byrne
ORGO Case creating counter space
ORGO is the only organizational case in the world that creates its own counter space. Unsnap and unzip to reveal three removable insert used to keep all items in plain view. Expand ORGO to reveal the expansion module that creates a rigid counter space that fits over any pedestal sink or small sink area. Everything ORGO creates "Smart Solutions for Small Space!"
Diane L. Copek and Michael J. Byrne
Blue Moon Films Office by Wenqiang Han
Blue Moon Films Office
The renovation maintained its original structure, and formed a contrasting boundary between old and new within the project. While highlighting relationship between indoor space and outdoor courtyards, the designer takes full use of the finely cut single sided connection to maximize the use of space, in this way, original structure of this old building has been fully retained. With open courtyard, plants, lighting and shadows, the design integrate ⥅
Blue Moon Films
Chez Claire Bakery Shop by WeWantMore
Chez Claire Bakery Shop
The brand identity expresses food luxury and a moment of escapism from modern life combined with a moment of indulgence. An angle that resulted in the use of a poppy harlequin motif, striking black and white patterns and an eclectic mix of high-end materials like gold and marble in the design of the interior of the bakery shop. Enriched with led lines, neon, curtains and a ceiling of mirrors the overall look of the shop comes across as very insta ⥅
Chez Claire
Green View Public facilities hall by Li-Jen Chang
Green View Public facilities hall
The case located on Chongde Road, Taichung. Rows of Madagascar almond, lush vegetation is staggered as poetic beauty of spring. It well drawn the most primitive life appearance. Based on the core thoughts of "A better life for people in the house", designer reserved the natural feedback by preserving and extending the surrounding landscape. And retreated nearly 660 square meters to exchange for tree-shaded buffer area. The thoughtful de ⥅
Green View
Dplus 0ffice Workspace by CHU CHIH-KANG + CHANG HO DESIGN
Dplus 0ffice Workspace
This office forms a unique symbol though the designers' bold space division and integration of volumes, arrays, and changeable designs The whole space is divided into three large areas, namely, public area, active area and quiet area, which reflect the diversity and integrity of working functions and give vitality to the space. The two big pillars from the original structure didn't create difficulty, but opportunities for the design. Th ⥅
Dplus 0ffice
The Unconventional Waltz Sales Center by Chao Yen Chen
The Unconventional Waltz Sales Center
It’s the interior design of the real estate sales center, which is the commercial space in a building. Given the long narrow site of the building that also has the structural beams, the indoor space is distinct from those regularly with large indoor environments. Normally, the long narrow indoor space makes people feel bored and oppressive that is of great challenge to create for the client a comfortable indoor environment. ⥅
The Unconventional Waltz
Galeries Lafayette Digital Lookbook Mobile Website by Koikreative
Galeries Lafayette Digital Lookbook Mobile Website
As a trend leader, Galeries Lafayette creates their remarkable digital look-book with the most recognizable fashion sense every year. The project theme of the new arrival look-book is: “Nouvelle Collection.” We design five lookbook of major popular trends—“Eye-catching stripe”, “Urban languid style”, “New romanticism”, “City adventure”, and “Dynamic sports” constituted the creative source. The entire project integrates various digital interactive ⥅
Galeries Lafayette Digital Lookbook

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