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E City Sales Center by Xiaoxi Chen
E City Sales Center
The concept of high-end "urban living room" is the most authentic expression of emotion and attitude towards lifestyle in current social life. Indoor thinking, should be based on the building, from the local culture, from the spiritual appeal of modern hearts, sales office is no longer sales office experience, art and humanities, give space more emotion.
E City
 Miniature Travel  House by TaWen Huang
Miniature Travel House
The design of classic elements and modern minimalist with simplicity of molding decorated on wall presents an atmosphere of neo-classical elegance, adds a kind of forthright characteristic for each space and rises the sense of depth in space. The floor of interlaced white stone pattern and copper strip in the entryway with classic England dark blue wall and dark green line of elegant cabinet shows the gradation of colors.
 Miniature Travel
Celtic Legacy Mens Watch by Martin Iglody
Celtic Legacy Mens Watch
The Celtic Legacy timepieces represent the culture and art of the Celtic era where graphical symbols has very strong meaning. For a years, humans are driven by exploration to discover new ideas, new concepts and new frontiers which is implemented in this collection. With precision engineering this mechanical watches are finely produced and they can last for generations. The dimensions and the design of Celtic Legacy provides the perfect blend of ⥅
Celtic Legacy
WS-51 Slipper stand by In-hwan, Hwang
WS-51 Slipper stand
The design started with an idea that slippers itself become a design rather than hidden-stored. With the inspiration from wave, pebble and island, slippers decorate the wave flow in the open condition. For the pursuit of easy and tidy way to store slippers, the method of hanging slippers on the rods was applied according to the research result. Due to separable design, it is easy to pack and store and people can participate in the design with ch ⥅
Tomson Riviera Penthouse by Ben Wu
Tomson Riviera Penthouse
From life in the mountains to a hidden place in the downtown, and from villas to penthouses, W. Design persists in paving a secret path of Chinese philosophy. As a thinker attuned to the times, W. Design is responsible for adding unique value to different projects. This time, in addition to considering the status of this luxurious penthouse and its target group, Shanghai has been crowned with the quiet power of the East. The penthouse features ex ⥅
Tomson Riviera
The Shattered Holiness Movie Theater by Botta Lai and C.R.Lin
The Shattered Holiness Movie Theater
The designers made an eye-catching creation at the gate to the hall of the cinema. once people have the creative monument in their view, they undoubtedly realize it means to ignite the passion for them to bravely destroy the unbearable and intolerable reality. All the broken pieces are deliberately arranged to mirror the beams of light lightening and splashing across the dead frozen black voidness just as an cosmos explosion is under way. The see ⥅
The Shattered Holiness
Botta Lai and C.R.Lin
15 degree Interaction Lamp by Chen Yizhou
15 degree Interaction Lamp
Playing with people’s inherent desire for order and balance are the types of human condition that 15° is trying to explore. The form moves away from a two-dimensional graphic to a sculptural, and pleasing form. My inspiration comes from asymmetry. The asymmetry is not just defined by its physical presence. Therefore the essence of asymmetry could be balanced. The balanced form also creates asymmetry. It is the condensation of stories of the encou ⥅
15 degree
Skyview Mansion Sales Center by F.G STUDIO
Skyview Mansion Sales Center
The Skyview Mansion Sales Center is located in Lumu, Suzhou. The designers identified simplicity, elegance and eternity as the theme, and took the local humanistic spirit as the design thread, thereby creating a dynamic space that integrates low-profile luxury, purity and artistry. The design inherits the techniques of traditional Chinese gardens to provide varying views at every step. The shadows of outside tree branches penetrate the window and ⥅
Skyview Mansion
Edna Frozen Vegetables  Frozen Vegetables Packaging Design Range by Ampro Design
Edna Frozen Vegetables Frozen Vegetables Packaging Design Range
After conducting a brand audit, we have realized that the name “Edna” has no meaning to the consumer and that the packaging is missing personality. The big idea was to create a character: Aunt Edna (starting from the woman name Edna); The brand identity is now centered on aunt Edna’s figure and the packaging design has a friendly and retro-chic look and feel; The product is well shown on more than 60% of the front of pack. ⥅
Edna Frozen Vegetables
The Colored Lock Bag Combination lock bag by jiwon, Shin.
The Colored Lock Bag Combination lock bag
'The Lock' is colored combination lock. People can open the bag with color matches, not just numbers. These fashion accessories are used for bags. Various exterior designs of bags can be made and people can identify these bag with colored combination lock signature. Users make their own color password themselves to customize individuals. To success this project, a lot of methods of making process were used like air-blushing, leather tre ⥅
The Colored Lock Bag
Professor Watermelon Mouthwash Packaging by Xin GaoWei
Professor Watermelon Mouthwash Packaging
This is a mouthwash package designed for young people. It adopts environmental friendly and degradable pet new materials. The outer cover with capacity scale is designed separately for large bottle mouthwash, which makes it more hygienic for consumers to pour into the outer cover when using. At the same time, a 100ml small bottle is developed, so that consumers can pour large bottle mouthwash into small bottle, which is convenient for business tr ⥅
Professor Watermelon
Blessing of Angels Residential by Mark Han
Blessing of Angels Residential
The superior spatial scale and the large-scale lighting advantage, in the design and planning, consider the meaning of the overall space to people, to create the greatest value of life. In addition to the sense of humanity, it also integrates the traffic flows and various possible living functions from the design point of view, weakens the beam-column restrictions of the original space, and allows the space users fully enjoy the broad panoramic v ⥅
Blessing of Angels

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