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Poly Garden Center To promote apartment sales by David Chang Design Associates Intl
Poly Garden Center To promote apartment sales
Poly Garden Presentation Center is situated in Zhaoqing at the west Pearl River Delta, 110 km northwest of Guangzhou. This is where the old and the new coalesce to create a new urbanized metropolitan city. The design was inspired by local culture derived from the Song Dynasty mixed with Corinthian classic architectural elements embedded into the noble background of the Pearl River. This facility was created as the presentation and sales center fo ⥅
Poly Garden Center
David Chang Design Associates Intl
HOt office  by Viktoriia Shkliar
HOt office
The design of this space is loft style. The entire interior was made in one color design, which contributes to the integrity of the space. With the lighting project have paid more attention to the important details and textures. In the implementation of the interior, fairly simple materials were used. FORM bureau would like to emphasize the fact that when a client provides freedom of thought and action - this leads to unconventional, bold decisio ⥅
Viktoriia Shkliar
1921 Hot Pot Restaurant by HuaWei Dai
1921 Hot Pot Restaurant
Taking the culture of Chongqing's historical district as the main line, the origin of the hot pot is studied. The awakening design is based on the local street in Chongqing. It was extracted from the old shops of the Republic of China and restored the outdoor and indoor streetscape of an era. Due to the different professions, Chinese traditional crafts and interior lighting design is a difficult point.
1921 Hot Pot
Schalcon Sky Universale Plus  Contact Lenses Solution by Schalcon spa
Schalcon Sky Universale Plus Contact Lenses Solution
Thanks to its patented bottle design, Schalcon Sky Universale Plus is an all in one solution for the complete maintenance of contact lenses. It represents an innovative lifestyle benefit for the consumers, a lens case is inserted on the bottle and easily slides in and out of the holder: convenient, practical and easy to carry along with the product. This ingenious and forward-thinking patented design means: less pollution and waste, but also less ⥅
Schalcon Sky Universale Plus
Shenzhen Avic Ctiy Store by Denver Hsu
Shenzhen Avic Ctiy Store
The first thing to catch your sight is the store front design, which combines smoky wood grain and vintage brass, and with the warm and clear image of Ah Ma Hand made, it's really unforgettable. Plain raw materials, lush green leaves, as if coated with a layer of film under the illumination of lamplight, wrapping the image of the home yard. Through the shadow of the mottled leaves, you can see the light beige store front and dark furniture. ⥅
Shenzhen Avic Ctiy
You Live We Care EA Activity Report by Ragù Communication
You Live We Care EA Activity Report
Conceived as an editorial project intended for digital publication, the Activity Report is a 48-page booklet that measures 175x250 mm. It describes what Europ Assistance does in a typical year, using a fresh, modern graphic approach. As the first expression of the new brand identity of the group, it is characterized by a series of original illustrations produced in a way that suggests a dual metaphorical interpretation. The hardcopy version is ha ⥅
You Live We Care
Ragù Communication
Artem shared art app by Yifei Wu
Artem shared art app
Artists, especially freelancers and amateurs, suffer from volatile income as they rely on one-off payments from selling art, usually with high commission fees to galleries. At the same time, many art appreciators have low affordability to own artwork. Artem is a platform that shares idle art pieces from artists with appreciators - It allows art lovers to rent art pieces through an app. For artists, Artem brings continuous income, recognition, exp ⥅
Deft Converting tools excavator by Zhao Yan
Deft Converting tools excavator
In the actual project work, different working environments demand different tools to deal with. However, machines in current market can not meet the above requirements. This excavator can change tools itself automatically and conveniently, it can do the works like excavation, chisel, drilling, crawling in mud. This flexible, compact, versatile excavator is more suitable for urban construction and maintenance of local area. Innovative in structure ⥅
Lotus  Restaurant by wulicheng
Lotus Restaurant
Considering the oriental culture is relatively profound and heavy, it may depress people if not used properly. As for the space overall, it is the classical Chinese temperament that being used with some creative elements added. A unique technique is applied though reorganizing the traditional Chinese lattice on the screens beside the booth, making use of modern acrylic glass material. The space is sculpted through light and shadow like movie film ⥅
Flowering Street Charity Project Identity by Mingjun Jiang
Flowering Street Charity Project Identity
The shape of the logo was inspired by street signs in London. The main color of brand logo is extracted from Van Gogh's work Sunflower. Orange is the color of tulip flowers and sunlight, while the color of the brand is with reduced saturation, bearing the meanings that the long-term homeless life has added this bright orange a thin layer of gray. All of the above are made from recyclable natural materials, which can help to save money on pac ⥅
Flowering Street
eo Beauty & Health Identity and packaging by Studio 10 Design
eo Beauty & Health Identity and packaging
Studio 10 Design created the packaging of one of their client's signature product, the beauty soap. As their client's products contain no artificial colors and preservatives, Studio 10 decided to create a clean design that can showcase that. The main visual that is used is an irregular shape that symbolises soap dissolving in water. By using translucent paper in the packaging, consumers will be able to see the soap as it is, natural, un ⥅
eo Beauty & Health
Happy Aquarius  Workout Silicone Water Bottle by ChungSheng Chen
Happy Aquarius Workout Silicone Water Bottle
Happy Aquarius is a safe and good grip water bottle for all ages. It has a smooth smiling curvature shape designed and eye-catching double sided colors appearance, presenting a sense of young, energetic and fashionable. Made by 100 % recyclable food grade silicone, sustaining temperature range form 220 deg. C to -40 deg. C, no plasticizer leached out and is BPA free. The soft touch surface coating provides silky feel, nice in hold and grip. Sprin ⥅
Happy Aquarius

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