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Cuiwan Zhongcheng Demonstration Zone by Arch-Age-Design (AAD)
Cuiwan Zhongcheng Demonstration Zone
Cuiwan Zhongcheng is located at the junction of two plots, unfolding towards the city and showing future architecture, future traffic, future neighborhood and many other life scenes in future community. From the perspective of the city, the project introduces the concept Ring of Infinity Mobius, and fuses the infinite four dimensional form into the three dimensional space in an abstract manner, hence creating a continuous, and multidimensional op ⥅
Cuiwan Zhongcheng
Arch-Age-Design (AAD)
Longfor Origin Sales Center by Cindy Jin
Longfor Origin Sales Center
The dynamic spiral chandelier dances with the music and sparkles with lights and shadows, giving viewers an immersive experience. The social space is full of charm thanks to the spiral staircase with a curry and metallic texture that connects the two stories. The astrolabe design allows people to embrace their imaginations accompanied by a starry sky. In this context, the Longfor Origin is turned into a customized club space that integrates art, ⥅
Longfor Origin
Light Up the Love River Bay Art Exterior Lighting by Kaohsiung City Government
Light Up the Love River Bay Art Exterior Lighting
The Love River has a great history. At the same time, the development of Kaohsiung Port has brought Kaohsiung people's vision to the international level and brought the international gaze into Kaohsiung. The "Asia New Bay Area" links Kaohsiung Port and the riverside of the Love River, so that the Yancheng district can be successfully transformed and recreated with a glorious new look while preserving Kaohsiung's prosperous and ⥅
Light Up the Love River Bay
Kaohsiung City Government
Maitreya Dharma Hall on Abandoned Mine by Guanghai Cui
Maitreya Dharma Hall on Abandoned Mine
The project is inside the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, in Xikou Town, Fenghua District of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, with a planned land area of 144.997 square meters. The project site used to be an abandoned quarry with an open area in front of it, with complicated topology, where the height difference between the highest point and the bottom of the abandoned quarry is about 35 meters, and a North-Ring underground railway line passes throug ⥅
Maitreya Dharma
Alibaba Damo Nanhu Industry Park Research and Development by Aedas
Alibaba Damo Nanhu Industry Park Research and Development
Alibaba Damo Nanhu Industry Park is the first headquarters of Alibaba Damo Academy, this project integrates the most technologically advanced research laboratories, visitors and exhibition centers, and ancillary facilities, to build a world-class scientific research institute on the banks of Nanhu Lake in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. The resulting design appears like a Bodhi leaf floating on the surface of the Nanhu Lake, embodying the graceful éla ⥅
Alibaba Damo Nanhu Industry Park
Chengdu Hyperlane Park Retail Architecture by Aedas
Chengdu Hyperlane Park Retail Architecture
Hyperlane Park consists of 12 plots, spanned across the sky garden corridor, overlooking the city and project entrances. Designed as a 2.4 km continuous urban landscaped corridor, the sky walkway is a leisure space that cultivates a live-work dynamic. The project is proximal to a music conservatory. Inspired by syllabic rhythms and sounds, the design fosters this musical motif through six different groups of architectural forms. The fluid layout ⥅
Chengdu Hyperlane Park
Fushan Ecology Greenway Design by Tengyuan Design
Fushan Ecology Greenway Design
The design comes from the pinecone that can be seen everywhere on Fushan Mountain, which means rebirth and hope. Two paths to satisfy different people. The steps of the inner ring are suitable for a fast pass, and the ramps of the outer ring are suitable for strolling and sightseeing. The two paths converge on the viewing platform at the top, where people can enjoy a wonderful 360 degree visual experience. The project adopts renewable materials, ⥅
Fushan Ecology
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden Sales Department by GBD
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden Sales Department
Designers hope that the interior design of the project can be integrated with the urban character of Kunming, so think of the sales department as a floating future island, with a sea of dreamy flowers, forming a huge, dreamy organism. The interior modeling is full of enlarged flower elements, shaping many different blooming petals with curved surface shapes. The difficult part of the construction process is the curved surface modeling technology ⥅
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden
Shenzhen Zhongshuge Bookstore by Li Xiang
Shenzhen Zhongshuge Bookstore
Inspired by the rapid development and achievements of the project location, Shenzhen Zhongshuge is created to pay tribute to the countless pioneers in this immigrant city. The spiral bookshelf is used as a symbol to show the rapid development of history and arouse the thinking of visitors at the same time. The unconventional design approach to fuse commerce and art breaks the shackles of the monotonous attributes of a space bound to function, con ⥅
Shenzhen Zhongshuge
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal Architecture by Rafael Contreras
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal Architecture
The two-story pedestal base of 272 Hedges Avenue in Gold Coast, Australia, brings a human scale to the residential tower and creates a contextual connection with the surroundings. As urbanization grows, it separates humans from nature. The pedestal merges the built and natural environments, improving the area and community. Advanced design techniques and products were used by Contreras Earl Architecture to create a biologically informed and digit ⥅
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal
Deji Cultural Complex Museum by Masato Kure
Deji Cultural Complex Museum
Deji Cultural Complex provides a fusion of cultural arts and commercial facilities. It has six extensive facilities including an art museum, a museum, a bookstore, shops, and a café on its top 7300 m2 floor. The coexistence of these facilities allows customers to stop by at one they would not have otherwise visited. What makes The Triangle. JP's design innovation is that they entirely got rid of walls between spaces. By eliminating partition ⥅
Deji Cultural Complex
First Shiguangli Marketing Center by Shanhejinyuan
First Shiguangli Marketing Center
Trying to open up the river of time, interpretation of the history left behind the carrier of faith, linked to the region in space-time memory, in the context of cultural overlap resonated. Thinking from the dimension of urban living space, it reflects a book island located in the bustling city, showing people's wisdom, culture and spiritual power in a dynamic way.
First Shiguangli

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