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Mohanii Brand Identity by Wei Sun
Mohanii Brand Identity
Mohanii is a fashion pioneer brand positioned at the core of the oriental spirit. The designer draws inspiration from oriental ink and wash, and endows the brand with a personality symbol of vitality and rhythm. The brand combines ink and wash to reinterpret black and white classics in the application, and uses post-modern abstract forms of expression on the basis of plane composition to form an avant-garde and artistic visual image, giving the b ⥅
Artsmuzeum Branding by Jessica Yang
Artsmuzeum Branding
ArtsMuzeum is an artistic modern online gift shop connects the past and present to share the same world. The brand is dedicated to preserving exquisite, historical moments in time, making arts more accessible through modern products, and exhibiting the deep-seated connection, people's lives have with art. When designing the logo, it wanted to capture classical stylings while pairing it with a more contemporary artistic approach to spark inte ⥅
BlackDrop Brand Identity by Aleks Brand
BlackDrop Brand Identity
This is a personal Brand Strategy and Identity Project. BlackDrop is a chain of stores and brand that sells and distributes coffee. BlackDrop is a personal project initially developed to set the tone and creative direction for personal freelance creative business. This Brand Identity has been created for the purpose of positioning Aleks as a trusted brand consultant in the startup community. BlackDrop stands for a slick, contemporary, transparent ⥅
Giossa Wine Packaging by Gentlebrand Design Team
Giossa Wine Packaging
Giossa is a premium glass bottle for Prosecco sparkling wine. With this design, Gentlebrand pays homage to its territory and the Valdobbiadene hills, part of Unesco. The inspiration comes directly from the vineyard, clearly represented on the bottle with engravings of leaves, branches and grapes that make the bottle unique. Every detail is carefully thought to ensure feasibility from an industrial and technical point of view, without compromising ⥅
Gentlebrand Design Team
Rockstar Spotlight Studios Brand Experience  by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Rockstar Spotlight Studios Brand Experience
As a part of The Big Game weekend, Rockstar unveiled a new brand experience, the Rockstar Spotlight Studios, and the Unplugged Mood Booth, to wow locals and fans visiting Venice Beach, CA, and introduce them to the new Rockstar Unplugged flavors. The Brand Experience Design Team collaborated with the PepsiCo Music and Culture Team to create a state of the art mobile recording studio, a place that spotlights hustlers, emerging artists, and gamers ⥅
Rockstar Spotlight Studios
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Dragonpass Brand Identity by Mtc Brand Consultancy
Dragonpass Brand Identity
This case is a reshaping of Dragonpass's brand system, with deepened transformation of the brand style, brand VI, and their applications. The addition of brand colors aligns with Dragonpass's strategic inclination for diversified development. By pairing it with visual symbols created based on the brand's original concepts and cultural values, the entire system gains cultural universality and high interactivity, contributing to the ⥅
Mtc Brand Consultancy
Heivy Liquid Collagen Rebranding by Jessica Yang
Heivy Liquid Collagen Rebranding
Heivy symbolizes vitality, health, and the everlasting well-being we all wish to maintain. Every color, element, and formatting choice made during the rebranding process visually expresses these cherished values. The design's purpose is not only to be recognizable but to take the physical form of what good health looks like. With careful composition and thoughtful execution, Heivy collagen rebranding project brings a whole new spirit and loo ⥅
Tgl Brand Identity by Wei Sun
Tgl Brand Identity
Tgl is a research and education platform for children. It adopts efficient communication and interesting teaching methods. The logo uses the hummingbird as the carrier of brand memory. It uses simple and pure visual symbols to create a rich and interesting brand image, while creating a differentiated brand IP, which endows the brand with humanized attributes, enabling more interaction with children and establishing emotional connections. The over ⥅
Branding Accademia of Perugia Brand System and Campaign by Paul Robb
Branding Accademia of Perugia Brand System and Campaign
The Accademia of Perugia, needed a new visual identity to reflect the institution's desire to move quickly into the future. S&P worked with ABA's staff and students to involve different departments and aspects of the Academy. Designers' challenge was to create a unified kinetic brand identity and architecture that also gave individuality to the single courses. They created an energetic, robust, and positive identity system that ⥅
Branding Accademia of Perugia
Theo Rebrand  Branding by Clarkmcdowall Inc
Theo Rebrand Branding
Theo Chocolate pioneered fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate. But when new players came along and fair trade was table stakes, it was time to differentiate. Consumers wanted their choice in chocolate to be simple. Designers needed to show the link between higher-standard chocolate and good taste. They clarified brand purpose, expanding their offerings through innovation. For design, designers prioritized elements that were central to this story and ⥅
Theo Rebrand
Clarkmcdowall Inc
Meet Rebrand Branding by Mengchao Wu
Meet Rebrand Branding
Meet is a Korean barbecue restaurant targeting young people. Client’s assignment for Mengchao, Hao and Sijia is to create an art direction and visual identity to express the vivid brand image and promote the various meats. The shapes of meats on the grill naturally present geometries. This idea leads them to the milestone of the concept, connecting different meats, seafood and vegetables with specified geometries. Various shape combinations and p ⥅
Meet Rebrand
Brand design s6 Foundry Brand System and Campaign by Paul Robb
Brand design s6 Foundry Brand System and Campaign
The S6 Foundry branding and its subsequent type specimen book were designed to create a joy of new typography, positioning the brand's visual language. A bright and cheerful palette of warm color and a distinctive and surprising form language captures the spirit, harking to traditional signwriting of the 1900 century fun fair. The designs were developed as a kaleidoscope of forms and elements to create the right visual consistency of the bra ⥅
Brand design s6 Foundry
Anlan Branding Brand Identity by Haiwen YANG
Anlan Branding Brand Identity
The design reshapes Anlan identity as a beauty brand, ensuring its recognizability in different scenarios. To convey the concept of modern femininity of rigidity and softness, the typeface corners are carefully rounded but overall kept simple and clean. A flower pattern iterated from the letter A blooms a new gesture to interpret the meaning of beauty. The purple color as branding main color is brave and bright. Designers hope new identities chan ⥅
Lenza Lenzy Branding Brand Design by Wallrus Design Studio
Lenza Lenzy Branding Brand Design
Lenza Lenzy brand design project is one of the hard and also lovely project. This is exactly like designing for a hospital but the difference is between consumers. Designer did a lot of search about how clinics work then used results in all design and brand core idea. Lenza Lenzy clothes clinic have a very unique and lovely visual identity.
Lenza Lenzy Branding
Wallrus Design Studio
Pentaheal Clinic Rebranding Brand Identity by Eidetic Marketing
Pentaheal Clinic Rebranding Brand Identity
The biggest motif of Pentaheal clinic design is extension. Functional medicine, a field that is not yet well known in Korea, is expressed as a medical symbol cross (+), an easy and simple visual language so that it can be recognized by global patients. The Symbol was balanced as branding in combination with P and H letters, which are the abbreviations of the hospital. The axis of the symbol is extended in both directions, to be used on various sh ⥅
Pentaheal Clinic Rebranding
Eidetic Marketing
Ancora  Brand Identity by Keiichiro Yanagi
Ancora Brand Identity
Ancora is a brand store that sells fountain pens and stationaries. Nowadays, digitalization and information and communication technology have been progressing rapidly. On the other hand, Ancora focuses on the revival of analog in-person communication. Ancora reconsiders these values in which their way of writing, drawing from the heart provides joy that also delivers a special experience such as customizable fountain pens that can be combined in ⥅
Yan Bottle Packaging by Backbone Branding
Yan Bottle Packaging
The design of the bottle was inspired by nature and the principles of bio mimicry specifically the form of a bitten apple. This was meant in order to show the organic quality of the product inside. This anatomy results in complementary shapes which when placed next to one another on shelves or during transportation allow to maximise the saving of space. The name of the brand is inscribed on the label with a stylised calligraphy. This calligraphy ⥅
Backbone Branding
Kum-Kum Water Packaging  by Backbone Branding
Kum-Kum Water Packaging
The bottle has symmetrical droplets on its four sides, two facing upward and two facing downward, which shape the form of water in its dynamic substantiation. As for the label and logo, Backbone Branding has created a combination of a label and a filled bottle, which shows the transparency and plasticity of the water in its dynamics. The blue tint of the back label blends harmoniously with the bottle and, thanks to the refraction of light through ⥅
Backbone Branding
Mirzam: Monsters Collection Chocolate Packaging by Backbone Branding
Mirzam: Monsters Collection Chocolate Packaging
Chocolate-makers from the UAE (Dubai) needed a branding for handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate. From the naming and identity to the product design and packaging, the team designed each element with a fascinating story around the whole concept. The brand based on journeys through the ancient Orient along long-forgotten ocean routes and pathways was created. A journey from one country to another, meeting monsters and mythical characters. The packagi ⥅
Mirzam: Monsters Collection
Backbone Branding
Buddy Brand Identity by Pilotfisch GmbH & Co. KG
Buddy Brand Identity
The new design of the Buddy Workwear Manufacture brand creates a fresh, clear appearance. The dark blue presents as the core color the products, letting the colors and photos work. The light blue is the accent and at the same time highlight color of the design. Both colors harmonies around the products, they complement each other like buddies. The new brand name is the core of the new identity: Buddy expresses the new attitude just by reading it. ⥅
Pilotfisch GmbH & Co. KG
Satine Pro Milk Packaging by L3branding
Satine Pro Milk Packaging
Satine as a representative brand of China's high-end milk, launched China's first ultrafiltration milk in 2021, with protein content as high as 6g/100mL. We created a new picture by deconstructing and recombining the protein content number "6", which is most memorable for consumers, and natural elements such as cows and plants. "6" has become a prominent visual center, with a complete cow looming and hidden in the pi ⥅
Satine Pro
Sogno Jewelry Design Brand Identity System by Named
Sogno Jewelry Design Brand Identity System
This project aimed to create Sogno's unique visual expression for customers to have a good experience and to evolve into a sustainable and more trusted brand in the long run. Sogno's circle symbolizes a ring, a medium that embodies the special connection between two people (lovers, friends, or family). This circle signifies the creation and development of relationships and building lasting values that connect to Sogno's philosophy ⥅
Sogno Jewelry Design
Pakka Coffee Shop Brand Image by Sersen(SZ)Brand consulting Co., Ltd
Pakka Coffee Shop Brand Image
This is a cafe brand logo designed based on the brand culture and style of Pakka, which creates a young and friendly brand image and renders the brand more recognizable, thereby promoting the development of Chinese local coffee culture, making it It is integrated into daily life of the public. It is also an abstract embodiment of an interactive communication space provided for like-minded users.
Pakka Coffee Shop
Sersen(SZ)Brand consulting Co., Ltd
Quix Branding by Anja Zambelli Colak
Quix Branding
Quix are self-service vending machines that provide drinks and snacks. Quix’s branding was created by choosing colors, textures, and forms from Italian culture paying homage to the golden age of Italian design and the giants that defined it. As the consumer approaches to purchase a cup of coffee, the branding creates a unique visual experience in the space transporting the consumer to a different time and place evoking Italian coffee culture. Cap ⥅
Anja Zambelli Colak
Flycat Brand Identity by Wei Sun
Flycat Brand Identity
Flycat is a brand focusing on oral medical technology. The new brand upgrade will break the original stereotype and break through the imagination of the future. The new logo presents a sense of modern technology with simple and clear lines, rebuilds the brand visual system with diversified extension forms, and reshapes the brand vitality. By building brand IP, effectively establish brand association and brand recognition, endow the brand with hum ⥅
Germain Robin California Brandy Branding and Redesign by Laurent Hainaut
Germain Robin California Brandy Branding and Redesign
Germain-Robin began in 1982 as the unlikely union of two creative minds: Ansley Cole, a professor and Hubert Germain-Robin, a Cognac distiller. The two partnered to create Germain-Robin, the first California brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. Asked to rebrand Germain-Robin, ForceMajeure stayed true to the ethos of the founders while providing quality and premium cues to make Germain-Robin the brandy of choice for connoisseurs. ⥅
Germain Robin California Brandy
Daikure Poster
The posters were part of the brand identity of Daikure, a world leading Japanese manufacturing company in heavy industry. With real employees as the model, the attitude of authenticity and craftsmanship, the breakthrough and boldness in the profession, the heritage were the concept delivered by the focus of facial expression, the eyes and the posture. The contrast and the light arrangement revealed the solid energy.
Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto
Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity
Better Bodies Hi is a workout studio. They needed to create an environment where users after office work could gradually prepare their body and mind towards exercise. Therefore, they designed a typeface that transforms in three stages. As users move from the reception to the workout area, the typeface of the sign gradually changes to a thicker and larger. The typeface gradually guides and encourages the user to work out. They used this typeface i ⥅
Better Bodies Hi
Woonwaard Rebranding by Ruud Winder
Woonwaard Rebranding
Woonwaard is one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands with a large number of social rental homes. Our DNA program showed that the new identity had to be modern, yet serious, and radiate peace and serenity. The identity also had to represent the diversity and inclusiveness of the tenants and the positive aspects of renting. The designers also wanted the organization's passion to shine. The result is a unique colorful identit ⥅
Longrui Corporate Identity by Hauns branding design & strategy
Longrui Corporate Identity
Longrui as one of the new brands of intelligent supercomputing data center (IDC) in China, from the perspective of the visual information recognition, They are not only express the brand definition and conceptual message of "taking quality as the core and diversification as the guidance" more clearly, but also endow the brand with a more unified visual system, thus helping Longrui to quickly establish brand awareness in the market. ⥅
Hauns branding design & strategy
Figura Branding and Packaging by Anja Zambelli Colak
Figura Branding and Packaging
Figura is a line of healthy products that are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle. Figura branding is designed around the fig icon stylized to create an air balloon. Figura packaging reflects the hues, tones, and textures of the Mediterranean adorned with a splash of gold, enhancing the premium quality of the products. Figura's founder traveled the world telling the story of her place of birth, this was the main inspiration for t ⥅
Anja Zambelli Colak
UltiSante Brand Identity
The design was created to deliver the hint of warmth, hope and an invitation to better life. The green color with the contract to deep gray inferred to new discovery and the light of life, which penetrated slightly from inside of the deep gray envelop, showing the component of hope brought to people.
ALEXX Black Snake innovative brandy by Krylia FMCG Branding
ALEXX Black Snake innovative brandy
AleXX is the first creative Ukrainian brandy in fusion style intended to change all previous stereotypes regarding brandy perception, consumption and serving! The fusion style consists in the production process: it is a blend of young French and mellow Tavriya brandy spirits aged in the Limousin oak casks from 4 to 30 years. Staying true to its creative status, every New Year AleXX presents its limited edition brandy in exclusive innovative packa ⥅
ALEXX Black Snake
Krylia FMCG Branding
SONY semiconductor branding Sales Promotion & Branding by Katsumi Tamura
SONY semiconductor branding Sales Promotion & Branding
This is the Sony branding project for semiconductor products for use in security camera applications. The designs for web sites and exhibitions, which are crucial touch points, were completely redone and new images constructed as part of efforts to strengthen customer relations. Full use was made of the functions of color and form, the essential elements of design, to develop graphic elements that express the distinctive features of the product. ⥅
SONY semiconductor branding
Guo Cui Wu Du Chinese Baijiu by XIONGBO DENG
Guo Cui Wu Du Chinese Baijiu
This white spirit product, named Guocui Wudu, is from Henan Province, China. The liquor is made from five traditional Chinese medicinal materials that are soaked and brewed. On the market, competitive products more or less contain some dregs left during the brewing process. By contrast, the biggest selling point of this product is that through multiple processes, the purity of the liquor approximates a zero-impurity state, which gives consumers a ⥅
Guo Cui Wu Du
Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package by Eisuke Tachikawa
Yamamotoyama Rebranded Tea Package
Yamamotoyama is one of the oldest and most established tea merchants in Japan. It has been the first to sell Green tea today. With the concept of Return to the origin of Edo, Nosigner have redesigned the packages to keep the traditional tea culture alive and pass it on to the future. To make them modern while retaining the charm of the long history brand, Nosigner referred to the traditional colors and structure of the scrolls with Yamamotoyama&# ⥅
Biblioteche di Roma Rebranding by Ragù Communication
Biblioteche di Roma Rebranding
A new brand and a new identity for Istituzione Sistema Biblioteche di Roma to reflect the open and accessible essence of Rome's public libraries network. In this new identity the book, already familiar from the historic logo represented by a closed book resting on its side, it is now an open book, a symbol of accessibility. The identity of Biblioteche, in all its applications, is linked to the presence of the institutional brand Roma Culture ⥅
Biblioteche di Roma
Ragù Communication
Jelly Fresh Seasoning Brand by RODRIGO CHIAPARINI
Jelly Fresh Seasoning Brand
The use of the newspaper boy's photograph in association with the typography, layout and graphic elements, attempts to create a connection with the consumer and also to present the brand in a fun and unique way. The design follows a modern and clean premise, in order to stand out from other brands packagings. Also, the project's color palette is an aspect that could highlight the packagings in the shelves or that could incite some curio ⥅
Jelly Fresh
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand by Richstudio
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand
The customer Zhenyuantang is a century-old traditional Chinese medicine brand. Bazhen Cake is a special pastry that has eight kinds of precious Chinese ingredients added. The product packaging is mainly in the shape of a crane, and the perfect combination of the outer box and the paper handle forms the shape of a crane, which is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. When the box is opened, the top forms a complete picture, and the combination ⥅
Precious Pastries
Animated Koopmans Logo System Corporate Identity by Ruud Winder
Animated Koopmans Logo System Corporate Identity
Koopmans asked Rebrandt to communicate the breadth of the range more clearly. The word "print shop" no longer represents what they do. This new ID is therefore not only an aesthetically appealing design language but also a strategic marketing instrument that communicates the wide range of products they can offer. Ruud Winder, head of design Rebrandt, wanted the dynamic working attitude of the organization to be reflected in the designs. ⥅
Animated Koopmans Logo System
Black Beans Branding by Deborah Avila
Black Beans Branding
When two award winning Marketing Agencies decided to merge into one, Black Beans was created to join forces in delivering the best digital marketing in Sao Paulo. The challenge was creating an identity matching a premium, elegant, modern logo that depicts its elevated position in the digital market. The logo approval came directly from the agency directors, putting the brand into use immediately.
Black Beans
To Beauty Skincare Brand by Yuta Takahashi
To Beauty Skincare Brand
To is a skincare brand inspired by the life and mystery of the cosmos and the meditative experiences of the spirit. A mystical color palette, organic symbology that expresses the pulse of life, even the inside the cap, which receives little attention, is beautifully designed in a crescent shape. The specially structured screw nozzle of the facial cleanser ejects an ideal dense foam with a single push, which maintains elasticity for a long time an ⥅
To Beauty
Evoluwe Branding Project by Jonathan Nacif de Andrade
Evoluwe Branding Project
Jonathan was inspired by the name and essence of the company Evoluwe to create the branding. In symbology, geometric shapes were used to create a minimalist symbol. The first element, a square, represents the moment when Evoluwe's consultancy understands its client's needs for process improvement. The second element shows a shape that has transformed compared to the first, with one corner already rounded, representing the beginning of t ⥅
Jonathan Nacif de Andrade
WineStax Stackable Wine Rack by BrandBase B.V.
WineStax Stackable Wine Rack
The wine rack that adapts to your room. Every WineStax is a single, independent unit with three bottle racks. The units can be easily extended with additional units thanks to the clipping mechanism. This system gives a lot of freedom to the users to fit the WineStax in their interior and create their exclusive wine rack. The hexagonal shapes give a subtle look to the product and make your wine shine.
87MM Brand Story Book Design by Sunghoon Kim
87MM Brand Story Book Design
87MM is a representative fashion brand in Korea that creates everyday culture through sense and wit. Since its launch in 2011, it has been designed to tell the story of the past decade to the 87MM-loving public through Moment by Moment, We Say No Concept But Good Sense, a brand with 10 years of records. This will serve to communicate more closely with the young Korean public who like 87MM and are enthusiastic about it through the story of two fou ⥅
87MM Brand Story
Loacker Rebrand Packaging by Marco Ventrice
Loacker Rebrand Packaging
New rebranding and pack design created for Loacker. The new logo integrates the Company's historical emblem and Mt. Sciliar which can be seen from their building windows. The goal was to communicate the brand essence: family, roots and nature. Loacker is not just a brand, is a family name. They established their first plant at 1000 mt to use the valley' spring water in their wafers. The new packaging has redefined the elements hierarchy ⥅
Loacker Rebrand
Sparrow Branding Corporate Identity by HIROSHI KURISAKI
Sparrow Branding Corporate Identity
The design features a sparrow, the origin of the company’s name, with a pine tree as a symbol tree. The idea comes from a story of a pine tree protecting a sparrow from all harm, which inspired the company’s founder. As a result of branding, it has succeeded in attracting younger and more talented employees, and has an office in Shibuya, where Japan's cutting-edge information gathers. A unique set using pine was very challenging. Also, it wa ⥅
Astra Make-up Company Re-branding by Paul Robb
Astra Make-up Company Re-branding
The power of the brand lies not only in its ability and vision, but also in communication. An easy to use catalogue filled with strong product photography; an consumer orientated and appealing website that provides on-line services and an overview of the brands products. We also developed a visual language in the representation of the brand sensation with a fashion style of photography and a line of fresh communication in social media, establish ⥅
Astra Make-up
Problue Poster
The concept of the posters related to Problue brand essence as diving and live. The transition process of clothes in style and diving suit on the same model emphasized the merge of diving and live. As the brand colors, gray blue was applied to gentlemen for elegance and the red was to the lady for charming. The camouflage fins emphasized the fact urban life was as full of movement as in nature. Different contrast were made on purpose to enhance v ⥅
Benin Branding by Anja Zambelli Colak
Benin Branding
Benin Company has been offering coffee services for over 30 years. A rebrand of the concept has been done in order to help turning their business into a franchise. The creation of Benin’s visual system was a result of an in-depth process that included the discovery of the client's business drivers and company culture. The symbolism of the Renaissance movement, as a starting point for Benin's concept design, illustrates the renaissance o ⥅
Anja Zambelli Colak
Wa Lana Waqfa brand political tv show by Rami Yaser Hosni
Wa Lana Waqfa brand political tv show
Wa Lana Waqfa (let us pause) is a daily political show that focuses on current affairs news. It shed the light on a news event and analyze it in depth. The design team did a full rebrand (opener, studio, in-show graphics, promo..) to really reflect the concept of the show, which revolves around “highlighting” and “stopping” at a certain subject. The first letter in the show’s name shed a light into the first letter of the second word, to convey t ⥅
Wa Lana Waqfa brand
Cooked Tree Meat Skewers Logo and Brand by chuanyu zhang
Cooked Tree Meat Skewers Logo and Brand
Help the brand communicate a more accurate restaurant concept, a healthy restaurant. The visual elements are simple and powerful. The power of life of the tree is the business philosophy of the restaurant. In order to express the keyword "health", designers chose to use the big tree of life symbol as a visual element to combine the color of the brand with the tree to form the concept of "string". It conforms to both the name a ⥅
Cooked Tree Meat Skewers
Redouble Fish Branding by Chen Cengrui, Huang Xudong
Redouble Fish Branding
Redouble Fish is the product of a new national fashion combining Chinese traditional art with contemporary cultural exchanges. Designers hope to show the synesthesia effect of eating through the brand. Meanwhile, consumers can experience tangible products and intangible culture to enjoy the concretization and abstraction.
Redouble Fish
Chen Cengrui, Huang Xudong
Terra Branding by Akihito Shimizu
Terra Branding
The curvilinear logo design with the theme of aroma drifting from the environment expresses a natural and high quality coffee experience. The individual labels are designed with a collage of local photographs that connect the producer's face with the place of origin, environment and consumers, and convey the individuality and charm of the unique coffee produced in each region.
Stamatakis Bakery  Rebranding by Antonia Skaraki
Stamatakis Bakery Rebranding
A lithograph of the authentic recipes and memories of a home. When the most beloved baked goods meet the tradition, the mystagogue of taste and the ritual of pleasure, what comes to mind is always a feminine figure. The authentic flavors of Eugenia, bringing emotional memories, the artisanal recipes of tradition! Eugenia is like a lithograph, never the same, never taken out of a mold. There are no molds for Eugenia because she is the resemblance ⥅
Stamatakis Bakery
Sejong Center Rebranding Identity Renewal by Sejong Center
Sejong Center Rebranding Identity Renewal
The Sejong Center for the Performing Arts is an old public institution that opened in Seoul in 1978. What is special about this identity design is that it tried to break away from the existing logo design of Korean public institutions. These attempts are a new combination of the old and the recent, and Hangul itself serves as a symbol. In particular, the use of Hangul as a logo is appealing to the younger generation as a new retro with boldness t ⥅
Sejong Center Rebranding
 Zhenjiu Zhencang Chinese Baijiu Packages With Display by Ying Song Brand Design(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd
Zhenjiu Zhencang Chinese Baijiu Packages With Display
Pearl represents a symbol of nobility and preciousness. The process of brewing and the formation of pearls are both the art of time. Therefore, pearls convey the brand culture of precious wines: precious, scarce, and high end. The combination of different materials is striking, which makes it topical and collectible. Wine bottles are displayed on a pearl shell-shaped tray, like the sculpture The Birth of Venus. The crystal base is carved with an ⥅
 Zhenjiu Zhencang Chinese Baijiu
Ying Song Brand Design(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd
Designers Brasileiros Brand Identity by Tiago de Albuquerque Sales e Kiemle
Designers Brasileiros Brand Identity
The brand of the website Designers Brasileiros consists of a panel in the shape of the letter D composed by geometric pieces that fit together and represent the design specialties. These pieces are shapes extracted from the Brazilian flag and also form the letter B and a toucan. The toucan was defined by the fact that it is one of the largest seed dispersers of Brazilian fauna and one of those responsible for the formation of tropical forests. Th ⥅
Designers Brasileiros
Tiago de Albuquerque Sales e Kiemle
Math Alive Brand Identity by VISANG
Math Alive Brand Identity
Dynamic graphic motifs enrich the learning effect of math in the blended learning environment. Parabolic graphs from mathematics inspired the logo design. Letter A and V are connected with a continuous line, demonstrating the interaction between an educator and a student. It conveys the message that Math Alive guides users to become whiz kids in math. The key visuals represent the transformation of abstract math concepts into three-dimensional gr ⥅
Math Alive
Mamba Chiliast Brand Identity by sxdesign
Mamba Chiliast Brand Identity
Mamba Chiliast (MC) is a basketball community for Kobe Bryant's fans who believe in the Mamba Mentality. It organizes fans through basketball activities and provide fans with a sense of belonging, pride and distinction. The eye in the logo, representing the Mamba, with the letters M and C combine to form the hexagonal shape, which stimulates deeper collective memories about religion, organization, and energy. This design helps the community ⥅
Mamba Chiliast
Sxdesign Brand Identity by sxdesign
Sxdesign Brand Identity
The designers of sxdesign decide to use the collective memories of human languages to convey the brand opinion. The graphics in the corner is reminiscent of quotation marks and gives imaginary meaning to the rectangles in the logo. This design not only makes the logo symmetrical, but also implies a citation, markup, or modification of human language and thoughts. So, it tells that the brand creates and values language and idea of client and user, ⥅
Archadia Brand Identity by Cristian Carrara
Archadia Brand Identity
The Archadia logo is designed to inspire stability and dynamism according to the mission of the brand. The letter A, here understood as the initial letter of the brand name, was designed starting from the elementary geometry of a triangle, the static form par excellence in architecture, but also recalls the main concepts of academy, architecture and also "abitare" (living in Italian). The chosen blue color finally defines the institutio ⥅
Q Shinsyu Apple Pie Lab Brand Identity by Nobuya Hayasaka
Q Shinsyu Apple Pie Lab Brand Identity
These are branding projects for Q, an apple pie specialty store. The typography of the store's name, Q, was created using the apple as a motif and symbol for the store. All brand tools, including the exterior, interior, lighting, stools, uniforms, and packaging, were designed using this simple symbol. In keeping with the product concept of utilizing materials as they are, the tools are also designed simply, utilizing the colors and textures ⥅
Q Shinsyu Apple Pie Lab
Dona Vitamina Branding by Ruis Vargas
Dona Vitamina Branding
The Dona Vitamina logotype is the representation of a timeless woman: a fun lady from the english Victorian era who allows herself total relaxation when drinking juice. She is owns her desires and her decisions, because "dona" is owner in portuguese. To enhance this characteristic of female empowerment in the brand, several other graphic representations of "dona" were created: girls and women of all ethnicities on communicatio ⥅
Dona Vitamina
CDU Hamburg Brand Identity by Harry Horstmann
CDU Hamburg Brand Identity
With a new brand identity, the design team prepared the CDU Hamburg better for the communication challenges of the future. The basis for the future work of the brand is the developed modular structure, which enables professional brand management for the evolving parties. At the same time, the design achieves design unity and flexibility, thus ensuring a unified brand appearance across different media and different target groups. The revised logo ⥅
Koch's Meerrettich Rebranding by Wolkendieb Design Agency
Koch's Meerrettich Rebranding
The motto "back to the roots" is currently conquering the food industry. Ancient root vegetables, which include horseradish, are currently very popular. To revive the brand in shelves, Wolkendieb relaunched the Koch's brand identity and packaging portfolio. The logo was modernised to become bolder and more visible. The new design focuses on depicting the unprocessed natural ingredients and the clean recipes without additives or con ⥅
Koch's Meerrettich
Wolkendieb Design Agency
Miga Brand Design by Li Xue - Today Design
Miga Brand Design
Miga is a brand offering better aesthetic value, fun, portability, intelligence, and affordability to smokers, with a view to bringing pleasure to users and enhancing their experience of life attitude. The updated version of the brand identity design optimizes the typeface design and makes the logo more unified, delivers an intuitive brand impression to the user, and refreshes and diversifies the perceived feelings. To stand out from the homogene ⥅
Li Xue - Today Design
Tea and Tea Branding by YongQing Liu
Tea and Tea Branding
Tea and Tea is a Chinese drink brand whose marketing strategy centers around Chinese tea latte. The logo consists of the lettering Tea and Tea and the Arabic numeral 2, which dominates the trademark and has a distinctive appearance due to the integration of a tea leaf. In combination with a clear, eye-catching color scheme and a straightforward stylistic idiom that informs, for instance, the packaging design and retail displays, Tea and Tea’s vis ⥅
Tea and Tea
The Zlin Region Brand and Visual Identity by Little Greta
The Zlin Region Brand and Visual Identity
The project started by examining Zlin's history and its visionaries. Among these, Tomas Bata, one of the world's biggest footwear manufacturers and retailers. Analysing his and others successes formed the basis for the brand essence of Live Creative Spirit. The design dispenses carefully crafted brand DNA and essence of Live Creative Spirit to reinterpret the phrase Outside The Box. This manifests through a complex square-based visual i ⥅
The Zlin Region
Shan Yi Brand Design by sxdesign
Shan Yi Brand Design
In order to create a unified brand image from the inside out, the logo is filled in a shield shape indicating protection of agriculture and supporting farmers. Lines inside logo form letter S and Y, which can be read as brand name. Furthermore, inside shield shape there are tracks left on the ground and ear of wheat growing in the field, making brand image and customers bond together. Usually a brand of agricultural machine in China tends to use ⥅
Shan Yi
Taichung Public Library Brand Identity by Yichun Lin
Taichung Public Library Brand Identity
As the first building in Taiwan to combine an art museum and a library, the creation of the branding system of Taichung Public Library focus on the fusion of nature and civilization. The design philosophy emphasizes the seamless integration of modern architecture with natural elements and aims to evoke a sense of freshness and inquisitiveness. The branding system fosters an atmosphere that encourages visitors to delve into the diverse cultural ex ⥅
Taichung Public Library
Waaron Kuu's Branding Design by Shawn Goh Chin Siang
Waaron Kuu's Branding Design
Waaron Kuu's is a restaurant that represents the six major ethnic cultures of Malaysia. To highlight the overall beauty of the brand, The team used deep purple to emphasize each cultural character and added traditional games and instruments. They also used various local elements to decorate the illustrations, placed in different corners of the restaurant and on bowls and packaging. The design not only presents the six major ethnic cultures o ⥅
Waaron Kuu's
Shawn Goh Chin Siang

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