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Longrui Corporate Identity by Hauns branding design & strategy
Longrui Corporate Identity
Longrui as one of the new brands of intelligent supercomputing data center (IDC) in China, from the perspective of the visual information recognition, They are not only express the brand definition and conceptual message of "taking quality as the core and diversification as the guidance" more clearly, but also endow the brand with a more unified visual system, thus helping Longrui to quickly establish brand awareness in the market. ⥅
Hauns branding design & strategy
Welfare is Gold Harassment Prevention Strategy by Tekio
Welfare is Gold Harassment Prevention Strategy
A major cultural transformation strategy to prevent harassment in the workplace considers the integration of Welfare Commissions, an Attention Protocol, an intensive Communication Program, and a web app to deliver personalized protocols to serve and transform the lives of more than 19,000 employees.
Welfare is Gold
Royal Grandeur Palace Atrium by B5 Design
Royal Grandeur Palace Atrium
The design defines the interior design strategy of the full palace, the designer made sure to connect all floors by a total height of 12m. He made it the main circulation area between all of its spaces and it includes all elevators, staircases, and corridors. The concept they developed using highly carved patterns on the floor, walls, and ceiling all blended together in harmony with a warm neutral color scheme. The designer was inspired by the Ba ⥅
Royal Grandeur
Xiling Digital Human Platform by Baidu AI Cloud
Xiling Digital Human Platform
The user experience strategy building of the platform starts from the most basic attributes of the digital human service, such as form, color and material. The platform then helps assemble and constructs more visible and concrete digital human components, parts, templates, etc., until the final product is produced. The basic design principles of the digital human service content guide the experience and aesthetic standards for the development of ⥅
Winetime Seafood Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Winetime Seafood Packaging
The packaging design for the Winetime Seafood series should demonstrate the freshness and reliability of the product, should differ it favorably from competitors, be harmonious and understandable. The colors used (blue, white and orange) create a contrast, emphasize important elements and reflect brand positioning. The single unique concept developed distinguishes the series from other manufacturers. The strategy of visual information made it pos ⥅
Winetime Seafood
Fuzhou Marriott Riverside Hotel by Bo Liu
Fuzhou Marriott Riverside Hotel
The design brief is to design a contemporary Marriott branded hotel 4500m2 that can articulate Marriott's international brand strategy, philosophy and globally consistent image while incorporate Fuzhou 2500 years' history and its rich unique cultural heritage as the design inspiration. The hotel features 318 exquisite modern rooms, three restaurants Goji Kitchen and Bar, Jasmine Chinese Restaurant, The Bao Specialty Restaurant and 1800 ⥅
Fuzhou Marriott Riverside
Skylight Sales Center by Kris Lin
Skylight Sales Center
This is a sales center in a community in Yiwu, China. The biggest problem the project designer faced is that the interior space is relatively deep. Also, there is no large glass curtain wall on the exterior of the building, which blocks the natural light and leads to poor indoor lighting. The design strategy is to employ skylights and introduces natural light in through the fifth facade of the building, thereby solving the problem of insufficient ⥅
Dragon Bay Exhibition Center by QIDI DESIGN GROUP
Dragon Bay Exhibition Center
The Dragon Bay seeks the harmony between architecture and site. The principle is to focus on the potential of site transformation, seek the integration of artificial and natural transition. Pure and concise landscape techniques and the minimalism strategy, the perfect integration of nature. The creative of seven themes, including Initiatory journey, forest in the shuttle, canyon within exploration, green walk, mystery valley, star river, and play ⥅
Dragon Bay
Wanping Theater by Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Wanping Theater
Wanping Theater is a comprehensive and traditional professional opera theatre in Shanghai. The building concept is derived from the Folding Fan in Chinese opera, which could express an elegant appearance while showing the unique temperament of Chinese culture. The lighting design strategy is based on the concept, which has been proposed to express the shape and texture of the facade, meanwhile it also led the lighting principle to the interior. ⥅
Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Lijiang Taohuayuan Residential Architecture by gad
Lijiang Taohuayuan Residential Architecture
The project boasts world level landscape advantage. Therefore, in terms of design strategy, this project sets the street market space of Lijiang Ancient Town in the layout of the Town Center while considering the local customs and feature of Lijiang, digs the value of the plot itself to the maximum extent, and trys to build a leisure culture and tourism block hidden in the natural water and mountains.
Lijiang Taohuayuan
CR Hope Town Masterplan by Dongzhu Chu
CR Hope Town Masterplan
As one of the Chinese poverty alleviation programs, the project is a welfare exploration and practice which fulfills the social responsibility and rural revitalization strategy. The urban planning design includes the comprehensive upgrading of the village, reshaping the ancient village impression, continuing the red memory, and advocating the farming and reading culture. It aims to realize the reconstruction of rural management organization and l ⥅
CR Hope Town
Tea and Tea Branding by YongQing Liu
Tea and Tea Branding
Tea and Tea is a Chinese drink brand whose marketing strategy centers around Chinese tea latte. The logo consists of the lettering Tea and Tea and the Arabic numeral 2, which dominates the trademark and has a distinctive appearance due to the integration of a tea leaf. In combination with a clear, eye-catching color scheme and a straightforward stylistic idiom that informs, for instance, the packaging design and retail displays, Tea and Tea’s vis ⥅
Tea and Tea
Absolut Lab Gallery and Retail by Moneys Studio
Absolut Lab Gallery and Retail
The project was a pop-up store for Absolut. Through a community oriented strategy and a creative design, it brought a novel experience that blended art with retail. The spatial design was inspired by the Mobius Strip and the extension of mirror images in movie Inception. Low carbon and eco-friendly modular design was adopted to organize functional areas. The modules could be dismantled and re-combined, bringing infinite possibilities like Lego pa ⥅
Absolut Lab
Naked Nature Snack Bar by Angela Spindler
Naked Nature Snack Bar
Naked Nature speaks to a world that's increasingly back in tune with the environment. The designer created a design and verbal strategy for the brand as well as all packaging designs. The brand's flavours are articulated through big, bold hand-drawn typography bulging from the pack, a nod to the fact the flavours inside that can not be contained. The brand language is playful and honest as is the packaging. The raw nature of the bar is ⥅
Ride on the Right Track Social Media Campaign by RedPeak Global
Ride on the Right Track Social Media Campaign
As the world emerges from the pandemic, sustainability has become a top priority for governments and corporations. Momentum is a company that recognizes the importance of making eco-friendliness accessible to consumers through simple, achievable steps. Momentum aims to change perceptions of needs and behaviors and foster conversations among friends about environmental efforts to drive collective impact. Momentum's design and communication st ⥅
Light or Dark Board Game by Lan Zhou and  Xinlu Yang
Light or Dark Board Game
Light or Dark is a two player children's board game set against the background of the world energy crisis, including cards, dice, hourglass, chess board and other related components. Players need to complete the task of curbing the spread of pollution and building new energy stations with limited time and energy. The purpose is for children to develop a sense of time, concentration and comprehensive strategy in cooperation and problem solvin ⥅
Light or Dark
Lan Zhou and Xinlu Yang
Jaya Beach Tennis Corporate Identity by ARBO design
Jaya Beach Tennis Corporate Identity
It's a strategic design application for market positioning. The new brand creation was thought for beach tennis players, sports supporters, and lifestyle. Besides strategy, the design had a tactical and operational role in product development. In the rackets, for desired performance and needs, the requirements communication was done via visual language. Also was developed accessories and apparel to differentiate the brand, since they can be ⥅
Jaya Beach Tennis
Avameow Communication Game by Anqi Liu
Avameow Communication Game
Avameow is a mobile game and digital product. The game was an adaptation of the tale of King Arthur, which is featured in the board game The Resistance, Avalon, which also inspired this story. Avameow allows players to role-play as a cat knight or minion and travel on adventures both online and in-person with friends and family.
Pepsi Generations Beverage Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi Generations Beverage Packaging
The design strategy for the Generations campaign was to tap into Pepsi’s equity as a dynamic, evolving brand and celebrate its ever changing expressions that remain iconic today. The designs celebrate specific generations and the unique contributions made to pop culture. Pepsi packaging has changed over the years, and a digital archive doesn’t exist for vintage designs, so the design team revived these iconic designs from the product archive to f ⥅
Pepsi Generations
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
2019 NPCCD Deck Playing Cards by Alexander Chin
2019 NPCCD Deck Playing Cards
The narrative of exploring the palace centers on a discovery challenge labeled on the side to "unlock the gate”. The choice to create earned moments in a puzzle format for the user were key to the brand's strategy of creating emotional connections with the user. The packaging is designed to reward users with discovery moments of differing magnitude, directly correlated with their effort towards the experience and brand. The user goes on ⥅
2019 NPCCD Deck
Narvik Top Station Gondola by Snorre Stinessen
Narvik Top Station Gondola
The Narvik ski resort is located directly above the city centre and is characterised by a very steep height to length ratio - from a 1000 meter above sea level all the way down to the sea. The new gondola brings the skiers up to the mountain top. The gondola top station is custom designed for the gondola functional requirements and the harsh climatic conditions, but also to form an integrated part of the overall Narvik Arctic Resort design strate ⥅
Narvik Top Station
Snail Bay City Exhibition Hall by Kris Lin
Snail Bay City Exhibition Hall
The project is located in Kunming, it is also known as Flower City and Spring City. It is one of the most habitable cities in China. This case is the reconstruction and reuse of old buildings in Snail Bay. The Snail Bay Center is a government-led urban renewal project that was upgraded on the original site of Old Snail Bay. The designers’ strategy is to remove the external wall, dig its internal spatial memory and value, and endow it with proper ⥅
Snail Bay
Lafonce Maxone Commercial Complex by Hansheng Cheng
Lafonce Maxone Commercial Complex
Situated in Xi'an, China, the project is a bookstore-themed commercial complex, which offers lifestyle aesthetic experience with multiple business forms via a culture + commerce design strategy. The 18 m-high and 240 m-long artistic book walls in it are striking and pioneering, bringing a brand-new image of urban commercial space to Xi’an and even China.The original building was a roughcast architecture had been idle for 3 years. The designe ⥅
Lafonce Maxone
Luf Seedling Trays by Wenkai Xue
Luf Seedling Trays
In order to actively respond to the rural revitalization strategy, on the basis of considering regional and functionality, relevant strategies for the use of loofah materials in the design of seedling trays were proposed. The development model of converting plastic seedling trays from cradle to grave to loofah biodegradable trays from cradle to cradle. Break the loofah and hot-press glutinous rice glue to synthesize new materials. A single person ⥅
Dark Horse Wine Branding and Redesign by Laurent Hainaut
Dark Horse Wine Branding and Redesign
The aim was to elevate the brand's quality and premium perception and consider the entire packaging portfolio, developing a flexible design system that allows for future innovation to guide and inspire the entire brand look and feel, including the touch points of portfolio strategy, POS and collateral materials, retail inspiration, and brand content. Designers also wanted to help increase competitiveness on shelf among the varietal set throu ⥅
Dark Horse Wine
Tanaka 1789 X Chartier Sake Blend 001 Branding and Design by Laurent Hainaut
Tanaka 1789 X Chartier Sake Blend 001 Branding and Design
forceMAJEURE worked closely with Chartier to develop a brand and visual strategy, as well as a design system, to represent the collaboration between the Tanaka 1789 Brewery and Francois Chartier, associating two very different cultures to create one unique and disruptive product and design. They wanted to bring to life the collaborating synergy of two Masters in their respective crafts, the juxtaposition of old and new, traditional and modern for ⥅
Tanaka 1789 X Chartier Sake Blend 001
Mar Mediterraneo 34 Housing Units by Inca Hernandez
Mar Mediterraneo 34 Housing Units
Mar Mediterraneo 34 emerges as a strategy to give a second life to an eclectic style house in advance deterioration built in 1910. Multiple artistic and artisanal elements were recovered from the main facade. The main patio is reconstructed as a reinterpretation of the past, portraying the arrangement of the old portals as a sequence of light and shadow, these openings rise intermittently in double height from a volcanic stone baseboard and becom ⥅
Mar Mediterraneo 34
Hongshan Lake Civil Park Landscape  by L&A Design
Hongshan Lake Civil Park Landscape
Hongshan Lake Civil Park is located in Xixiu District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province. With rapid developing, it is urgent to establish a modern urban public space for improving the ecological environment and providing the living space of the residents. The project was designed to be an ecology-oriented urban public space with an integrated ecosystem. Low Impact Development Strategy was adapted to protect its existing ecological functions and reco ⥅
Hongshan Lake Civil Park
FairyFox Skincare  by Antonia Skaraki
FairyFox Skincare
Welcome to an adventurous journey towards the sense of nature. Feel the mystique surrounding these skincare products. The design nods to the bond between Mother Nature and her children, while the high quality materials lend a tactile feel and a lasting impression. Competition mapping and trends analysis led to the discovery of opportunity spaces that aligned with the client's vision and strategy, leading to modern, minimal and warm packaging ⥅
Doe O-Mega Urban Complex Building by Peng Architects Inc.
Doe O-Mega Urban Complex Building
The fact that large-scale buildings will produce microclimatic changes to the environment happens to be an architectural strategy in this project. The atrium is under shade most of the day, naturally becoming a comfortable outdoor space. To achieve effective daylighting, the design thins the volume of the building and then optimizes the vertical traffic lines.
Doe O-Mega Urban Complex
Peng Architects Inc.
Home Scenery Residential Interior Design by Chong-Ping Chiu
Home Scenery Residential Interior Design
This is a compact space design for an urban living. the inspiration came from the owner’s background working in the film industry. A bit of drama is added into action by inserting a stage within the common space of this flat. This stage functions a domestic living area, which s covered in lighter color scheme with soft timber finish in order to contrast with the monotone backdrop area of dining and working. Contradistinction enlarges space visual ⥅
Home Scenery
Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy by Tekio
Value Creation for Biodiversity Sectorial Communication Strategy
Biodiversity Friendly recognizes products and services that favor the conservation and upkeep of biodiversity. This project focused on developing a differentiation strategy for Biodiverse Friendly in six production systems in Mexico: Coffee, Cacao, Honey, Silvopasture, Forestry, and Eco-tourism. A visually appealing system was developed applicable in rural and traditional contexts as well as in the premium markets to characterize products and ser ⥅
Value Creation for Biodiversity
Mixed Reality Holographic Installation by Inty LLC
Mixed Reality Holographic Installation
To solve the task of presenting the energy strategy of the city, a hologram was chosen as the tool. It was needed to develop the interior and exterior of the stand, taking into account the strict limitations of the technology to re-invented the hologram technology. Instead of 1 layer, designers used 3: a hologram, a background, a projection onto the floor. All layers worked synchronously. The graphics had to comply with strict rules in order not ⥅
Mixed Reality
Ciroc White Grape Vodka Limited Edition Packaging Design by Laurent Hainaut
Ciroc White Grape Vodka Limited Edition Packaging Design
forceMAJEURE Design was asked to create the visual strategy and package design for this holiday season’s flavor introduction of Cîroc White Grape as part of our ongoing work on the flavor platform. Taking cues from champagne and white grapes, the luxurious soft-gold bottle shows off the classic Cîroc orb at the top of the bottle, and the rooster medallion at the bottom of the bottle—with a custom golden shine finish. The result is a beautifully ⥅
Ciroc White Grape Vodka
BrokenTopBrewing Co Beer Beverage Packaging by Jiabei Jiang
BrokenTopBrewing Co Beer Beverage Packaging
The new brand and packaging design for Broken Top Brewing Co. aims to reflect a playful yet fun design strategy. A visually illusioning logo is well incorporated with the intricate pattern graphic that speaks to the core of the brand's message and value. The choice of using blue aluminum is also sophisticated and easily distinguishable in the mass market to draw attention from customers at point of sale. ⥅
BrokenTopBrewing Co Beer
Khedr El Attar Brand Identity by Nour Shourbagy
Khedr El Attar Brand Identity
Working with the team at Khedr to develop the brand strategy along with a visual system that reflects the brand's new positioning. This made us start with a vision to retain Khedr's status of being the go-to brand for everything that is organic and raw. The visual identity helped in making the business mature into three main subcategories; organic medicine, raw beauty and culinary.
Khedr El Attar
Shimao Loong Palace Courtyard of Clouds by Beijing Miland International Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd. China
Shimao Loong Palace Courtyard of Clouds
Using natural and fluent language reasonable organization of landscape, courtyard are connected to each other in multiple dimensions, permeated with each other and converted smoothly. Using the vertical strategy skillfully, the 4-meter height difference will be reversed into the highlight and feature of the project, creating a multi-level, artistic, living, natural courtyard landscape.
Shimao Loong Palace
Beijing Miland International Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd. China
BlackDrop Brand Identity by Aleks Brand
BlackDrop Brand Identity
This is a personal Brand Strategy and Identity Project. BlackDrop is a chain of stores and brand that sells and distributes coffee. BlackDrop is a personal project initially developed to set the tone and creative direction for personal freelance creative business. This Brand Identity has been created for the purpose of positioning Aleks as a trusted brand consultant in the startup community. BlackDrop stands for a slick, contemporary, transparent ⥅
Coreintive Corporate Identity by Coreintive
Coreintive Corporate Identity
Understanding services a brand provides, a way the brand looks at the world and a strategy of how to convey them are needed to let the brand communicate with the world. Firstly, Coreintive give shape to directions the brand views and found the brand's identity through varied eyes and questions such as potential, intrinsic, expandable, immanent, integrated characters that the brand has. Based on that, Coreintive put the brand's original ⥅
Mi Musician Bluetooth Headset by Xiaomi
Mi Musician Bluetooth Headset
This is a low-profile product that targets the lower end of the sports headset market. The target audiences are 18 to 29 year-olds. The design strategy is to imbue a product with personality and to visually personify the product. It uses images of famous musicians in the packaging, contributing to a personification of the product: the oval shape becomes the head, and the button becomes an open mouth. This creates the image of a composer passionat ⥅
Mi Musician
Moi Nivak Brand Identity by Yuk Pui Cheung
Moi Nivak Brand Identity
Moi Nivak is an select and design store for curation of contemporary collectibles, carefully select daily collectibles and design items from around the world. The store opens its door to welcome arts and cultural collectible lovers from around the world. It is developed the brand identity framework to introduce Moi Nivak as a new competitor in the field. The brand system comprehends brand strategy, name, stationery and website. The intention was ⥅
Moi Nivak
Beimu Flagship Store by Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua
Beimu Flagship Store
When designing Beimu flagship store, Huson, director of ODO office, hopes to further enhance the brand through space design strategy. While grasping customers' psychology in the new business era, designer do not deliberately cater to customers, but adopt unique aesthetic taste, advocate weakening products, emphasizing space, retaining visitors with the charm of space itself, and achieving stronger business interaction. At the same time, desi ⥅
Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua
Blueocean Website by Sixty Two
Blueocean Website
Blueocean's goal is to provide affordable access to market data to allow brand owners and marketers proactively build a solid business strategy, with features ranging from brand personality assessments, content checks, competitor benchmark analysis and actionable suggestions. Seamless visualization and easy experience is a key factor for brand owners and marketers to be able to understand millions of market data and get insights to help them ⥅
Beat Coffee Re-Brand by Paul Meeuwsen
Beat Coffee Re-Brand
It first embarked on a journey of discovery, talking to customers about what they liked about Beat Coffee and what they cared about. Once it had a picture of who are customers were and their motivations it could create a brand strategy and positioning. The positioning manifested itself an a the strap line Serious Fun Coffee. This set the tone of voice for the brand and allowed the creative team to play with fun, music and coffee . The voice of th ⥅
Beat Coffee
Excentrico Construction Product by Dante Luna
Excentrico Construction Product
Excentrico is a constructive product of the openwork block function. It inspired by the Caribbean location where it is necessary for spaces to be permeable. This product serves the purpose of optimizing the natural ventilation of the architectural spaces inside achieving a better natural circulation used as a bioclimatic strategy. It is developed in 3 variants with the difference of the shape of the central hole.
A Pocket Park Commercial Space Office by Chichien Huang
A Pocket Park Commercial Space Office
For this project, the design is not only an office but also a dream base. A base that could communicate the designer's ideas and a place that could connect surroundings. By retreating the building line and open up the private space as a way to provide an intimate gathering space and public green landscape for the urban communities and office users. Through these gentle transformations, the design strategy tailored the project to the site, bu ⥅
A Pocket Park
Novacolor Paint Showroom by Peihe Xie
Novacolor Paint Showroom
Located in Shantou City, Novacolor was established in Italy, and originated from developing some natural mineral paints that have a long history. The biggest problem of this project is located at a mall's corner, which seems like a forgotten area because of its low person flow. Therefore, changing this situation is a very important part of the design strategy.
Travelspot Brand Identity Design by Barrage d.o.o.
Travelspot Brand Identity Design
Business trips can be stressful and tedious. They can also be a pleasure fulfilled with memories to keep for a lifetime. The new brand strategy aims to disrupt the exhausting feeling that many business travelers have went through. This is being done with an identity design that echoes the relaxed, enjoyable and bright side of business trips. It is a lively design featuring simple shapes, illustrations and vibrant colors, complemented with stories ⥅
ThinkPad E series A Notebook Computer by Lenovo Design Group
ThinkPad E series A Notebook Computer
The ThinkPad E series is targeted to retain the DNA of ThinkPad yet evolving a modern and simplicity looking. Focused on simplifying the traditional element and elevating appeal with a deep focus in CMF strategy. Featuring full-sized and spill-resistant, the legendary ThinkPad ergonomic keyboard with numeric keypad is renowned for its full array of keys, excellent feel, and TrackPoint pointing device. The compact footprint and up-to date feature ⥅
ThinkPad E series
Lenovo Design Group
Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Sophia Georgopoulou
Amphora Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Amphora Olympia is a series of premium quality Organic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece that is targeted to the foreign market. The brand pays tribute to the history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games, ancient Olympia, where olive trees were grown not only for their fruits but also to honour the triumphant athletes. The design strategy was based in depicting the ancient practice of preserving olive oil in amphorae. The brand logo was ba ⥅
Amphora Olympia
Sophia Georgopoulou
Maker Oats Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Maker Oats Brand Packaging
The Maker Oats story includes conveying ease through simplicity, premium ingredients through product visibility, and a reusable jar and refill system for sustainability. The design language, inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, embraces simple geometry paired with clean iconography and sans serif letterforms, translating traditional premium cues into a modern interpretation. The strategy goes against the category norms to disrupt and create a uni ⥅
Maker Oats
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Square Architecture Design by Mei-Lin Hsu
Square Architecture Design
White facade of the building inspired and present the concept of "tea trees organism". The ground floor expresses the “tree roots” for tea display and tasting areas for visiting guests. The outdoor L-shape fishpond symbolizes the vitality from water. The second floor present the idea of flourishing “tree branches and leaves”, the space for owner’s rest, self-cultivation and strategy thinking for business development. ⥅
ideapad 720S-14 2017 laptop computers by Lenovo Design Group
ideapad 720S-14 2017 laptop computers
ideapad 720S is designed for the Millennial Generation. This series has simple appearance with 4.95mm extreme narrow bezel design and high performance using the unique dynamic box design language as core strategy. Not just doing a special form, this shape also provide the best user experience which allows the screen to be 180 degrees flat, making it adaptable to more usage scenarios. It won’t be damaged in some unexpected circumstance like too la ⥅
ideapad 720S-14 2017
Lenovo Design Group
Campinarana House by Laurent Troost
Campinarana House
In the Amazon, natural conditions are extreme and the proximity of the equatorial zone requires an architecture oriented towards thermal comfort and "passive" sustainability: adequate footprint, protective eaves, dimensioning and orientation of cross ventilation openings, as well as preservation of local ecological systems. To preserve the pre-existing Campinarana – a type of Amazon forest -, the main architectural strategy was to minim ⥅
Beside Sacred Tree House by Chung-Li Lee
Beside Sacred Tree House
Rebuilding from a farmhouse, this project located behind the Qigu sacred tree only occupies 1/4 of the land, and the remaining space is kept mostly green in order to conserve the environment. The design concept is to honor the green space and to borrow the scenery which is a strategy often used in Chinese garden. Following the concept, the house is shaped simply and neat with white color and big openings for different views. This white building b ⥅
Beside Sacred Tree
Eclectic Yogyakarta Office by Arkadia Works
Eclectic Yogyakarta Office
Concentrix plans to build an office with a Fresh, Modern, Fun, and Colourful office interior style. The Eclectic of Yogyakarta is the concept design that applied to this office. It is combined the modern office design with local elements Yogyakarta. It is inspired by Concentrix's business strategy, Global Consistency with Local Intimacy, that Concentrix keen to deliver customer experiences in the local language and culture. The challenge was ⥅
Eclectic Yogyakarta
Rx1 IOT Controller by Travis Baldwin
Rx1 IOT Controller
Aesthetics set Rx1 apart from other products in its category, but are appropriate for the context; it is a device normally hidden in an electronic closet and only seen when servicing. It embodies brand building design features that will be reused for other products (infographics, vents and rounded form). Graphics clearly indicate what plug has issues for improved usability, and they save cost by allowing led groups. Cost is also saved by capturin ⥅
CZ Bank Logo and Visual Identity Financial Services by MetaThink 根元咨询
CZ Bank Logo and Visual Identity Financial Services
CZ bank is one of 12 nation-wide joint-stock commercial banks in China,headquartered in Hangzhou. Compared with its peer competitors, CZ bank is perceived as a local small bank with a traditional image. In 2016, the bank launched its new brand strategy and decided its value proposition as an “energizing agent” to financial ecosystems. However, the locally SME banking image didn't reflect the brand goal. This means a new brand identity is nee ⥅
CZ Bank Logo and Visual Identity
MetaThink 根元咨询
AccountAnts Social Media Communication by Given Name Family Name
AccountAnts Social Media Communication
Most companies from financial / bookkeeping industry communicate in an old-fashioned way: realistic photos of formally dressed corporate workers, that shake hands or sign contracts. The visual communication strategy chosen for AccountAnts is absolutely different from what you would normally expect from the above-mentioned organizations. In these social media posts, illustrations creatively present, "The Reason Why" start-ups and other s ⥅
Given Name Family Name
Hmp Visual Identity by Fanny De Bray
Hmp Visual Identity
The HMP Group logo is created to underline the strength of the company, to clarify their communication strategy and highlight their expertise as well as defining the group’s new visual identity and brand architecture. The letters are created in the same way the group stamps it on their pieces. In the background, sketches evoke the global accompaniment that HMP provides. Each expertise is symbolized by pictogram as well as a specific color, chosen ⥅
Jie Yi Couture Branding by Yiwen Tu
Jie Yi Couture Branding
This is a branding project for Jie-Yi Couture Studio designed by Yiwen Tu. While the character "Jie" means to solve and to deconstruct in Chinese, "Yi" means one which is also referred to as unity and consistency. To stand out from the numerous competitors, Jie Yi built its strategy of creating an entry-lux experience and providing semi-customization service. This strategy helped the brand appeal to a younger group of customer ⥅
Jie Yi Couture
Transformers Pop Up Store by Hsuan-Hui Lee
Transformers Pop Up Store
Transformers: The Skin Test House of SK-II is designed as the second marketing center of a Japanese cosmetics brand in a form of pop up store. It is meant to be a holistic strategy of brand marketing that can establish social interaction with people in urban public places. The design integrates world trends in fashion and utilizes sound and light effects. The carriers improve the publicity of the products, and the brand value will be deeply roote ⥅
Tailor Made Fragrance Website by Cristian Galletti
Tailor Made Fragrance Website
Tailor Made Fragrance was born from the experience of an Italian company specialized in the development and production of primary packaging for fragrance, skin care, color cosmetic and home fragrance sectors. The role of Webgriffe was to support the customer Business Strategy by designing a solution that favored Brand Awareness and the launch of the new Business Unit focused on let users to create their unique and fully customized perfume, firts ⥅
Tailor Made Fragrance
Cristian Galletti
Qing  Residential House by Peilun Li
Qing Residential House
The design challenge of this project is to balance the visual penetration and keep the sense of security at the same time. How to reserve four old Comphor trees in this site is also the issue. The designer tries to hierarchy the boundaries as the design strategy. The 5 concrete walls overlap each other and placed unparalleled by the big trees. They create transitional spaces for wandering and planting between the public field. For people both ins ⥅
Sun Bathed Greenery Residence by Derson Chiu
Sun Bathed Greenery Residence
With the many years of living abroad and staying experiences of boutique hotels of the client, the design team would like to anchor the design on Practical Functions and Aesthetic Living, for creating a reserved yet culturally enriched residential space. The public domain with large-area windows and vista of greenery view, through a refined layout strategy, was treated without superfluous decorations while the private domain was designed as a war ⥅
Sun Bathed Greenery
Rock Jewelry Store by Qingfan Zhang
Rock Jewelry Store
There are two starting points in the design of this case, one is based on business strategy, the other is the space and material logic of architecture. From the perspective of architects, designers make interior design dominated by decoration become the language of architectural space and materials. They designed a path from the outside to enter and gradually extend, so that customers can experience the natural force of the rock wall. As the hori ⥅
Rock Jewelry
Light of CHAO Hotel by Wenqiang Han
Light of CHAO Hotel
CHAO is a boutique-style hotel located in the bustling Sanlitun. The design inspiration for the 180 rooms and five kinds of room types is from the "Nest" of animals. Its design uses a multi-level, diversified space strategy, through the use of different materials, colors and elements to present the historical charm and vitality of times. The transformation of CHAO hotel has become the model of hotel renovation.
Light of CHAO
Upstox Website by Lollypop Design Studio
Upstox Website
Upstox previously the subsidiary of RKSV is an online stock trading platform. Distinct products designed for the pro-traders and layman is one of the strongest USP of Upstox along with its free trade learning platform. The whole strategy and brand was conceptualised during the designing phase in Lollypop’s studio. In-depth competitors, users and market research helped in providing solutions that created discrete identity for the website. Designs ⥅
Lollypop Design Studio
Fundamentals Range  Reuse Clothing system by Jennifer Whitty
Fundamentals Range Reuse Clothing system
The Fundamentals remanufactured clothing range and accompanying wholly transparent system unlocks the latent qualities of undervalued resources. The impetus for this work was the devastating effects of the current linear, 20th century ‘take, make, waste’ fashion system which is the 2nd most polluting industry on the planet. This design system provides a solution to utilize textile and clothing waste through a comprehensive design strategy which i ⥅
Fundamentals Range
Pure Event Installation by Yi-AN Hung
Pure Event Installation
Design strategy:Use the sheet and vanish point to create diverse spatial experience and interest. front, diverse visual experience of expand and compress side, line to create interesting skyline rear, interaction with green life Design description:Learn from the nature geometry from crystal to create a multi-dimensional framework. The framework is built by point, line and surface and to create the spatial interests of expand and compress. The rem ⥅
Antme Corporate Identity by Coreintive
Antme Corporate Identity
Coreintive has proposed a brand strategy for its new puppy clothing brand. It created a lovely logo with a dog and a person leaning on each other and selected a color to match its brand image. The design, which means the brand’s goal of connecting a dog with a person, utilized the line connecting two dots. These designs are used for product packages, shopping sites and company goods.
Relationship with Nature Structure Design by Li-Jen Chang
Relationship with Nature Structure Design
Unlike most of the sales plan focusing nothing more than elementary green space and wall advertising, the marketing strategy of Huiyu is perceived evidently by poolside landscape and eco-friendly construction materials that present the dreaming atmosphere and intimate relationship with natural environment. To economically complete the construction plan, within 6 to 8 months, the designer uses the recycled canvas cloth and the ecological pool in 1 ⥅
Relationship with Nature

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