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Home as the Presidential Suite Residential House by SeeING Design Ltd.
Home as the Presidential Suite Residential House
The site features continuous window views and natural light. Designers create flexible use of space circulation and visual uninterrupted. Also, the designers arranged the master bedroom in the south-facing plan, which is also the position where the sun shines the most in the whole house in winter, which is not only warm but also relatively dry. The other room is intended to be a connecting room, which provides privacy and flexibility to connect t ⥅
Home as the Presidential Suite
SeeING Design Ltd.
Cross Residential House by Michihiro Matsuo
Cross Residential House
A private residence built on a site facing two roads in a quiet residential area. The exterior, which can be seen from the outside, has an orderly form, ensuring a moderate sense of openness while protecting the privacy of the residents. The interior is moderately open and has a visual expanse. In addition, in accordance with the shape of the site, the two planes intersect at different angles in the center, and the space created here gently conne ⥅
Collina del Faro Residential Bulding by Torres Arquitetos
Collina del Faro Residential Bulding
Collina del Faro is a residential building with 8 apartments, located on a site in the foot of farol hill and next to the beach in the city of Torres-RS, in southern Brazil. It is a building that takes advantage of the natural beauties present in its surroundings to propose a dialogue between architecture and nature, achieved through the staggering of floors that, in addition to making reference to the topography itself, allow the creation of ter ⥅
Collina del Faro
Torres Arquitetos
Agile View World Residential Exhibition Area by Hu Sun
Agile View World Residential Exhibition Area
The site, with an area of 16,860 square meters, is surrounded by water and mountains. The surrounding forest belts are growing well and can be incorporated into landscape resources for use. Moreover, with its back against Gaoligong Mountain, it features broad vision and abundant landscape resources.The design uses local materials, plants and techniques to build a pure and simple lifestyle, and emphasizes the deep respects for mountains and plains ⥅
Agile View World
Cascading Terraces Residential Apartments  by POTIROPOULOS and PARTNERS
Cascading Terraces Residential Apartments
The development of the concept is based on two linked volumes parallel to one side of the site, in dialogue with the particular nature of the immediate context, addressing the site boundaries and movement. Responding to the orientation, views, wind direction, and the seasonal changes of the landscape, the complex opens up or closes, developing each time a different appearance, as the transition from the natural to the built environment establishe ⥅
Cascading Terraces
Shopare Residential by Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali
Shopare Residential
This minimalist architecture concept design, inspired by the bat (Shopare means bat in Gilan local language), offers a beautifully durable exterior of metal materials. Set on a hillside, it features a sleek long box shape that maximizes views and a central glass slice for unobstructed connection between indoors and outdoors. The unique parking under a bridge provides extra space, while natural materials like wood and stone create a warm, elegant ⥅
Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali
Yamate Residential House by Tatsuhiro Nishimoto
Yamate Residential House
They studied the angles of the summer and winter sunrises entering the site, and designed a floor plan that captures the sunrise throughout the year. The walls were glazed to create a sunrise-filled living space. Then, to protect the living space from the summer sun and rain, they planned an independent large roof. The roof is not an enclosed space, but an open space where wind and consciousness can pass through. They hope that with the construct ⥅
Tatsuhiro Nishimoto
Z Line House Private Residential by Revano Satria
Z Line House Private Residential
Z Line House is one challenging project of private residential that is built through a long five years of design and construction. The geometry of the house is aimed to maximize the existing site's potential, a series of calculated geometric and sculpture like interventions on the facade exploits the tension between conflicting elements. The geometry is optimised in such a way to control the water flow from the rainfall condition in tropical ⥅
Z Line House
Nine Court Mansion Residential Landscape by Jian'an Zhou
Nine Court Mansion Residential Landscape
The Nine-Court Mansion, a high-end eco-residence project in Chongqing, is meant to create a new life style of Oriental implication by incorporating the stable spirit of Oriental tradition, exploiting the modern Oriental artistic expression and upgrading the function of residential areas. By reference to the spatial layout method from the Imperial Palace, nine spaces are constructed and grouped into three steps of the home-returning ceremony which ⥅
Nine Court Mansion
Jian'an Zhou
J.Lalli Valley Villa Residential House by gad
J.Lalli Valley Villa Residential House
This is a mountainous residential project located in J.Lalli. The construction area is 23000 sqm and there are 130 households totally. In order to take into account the profits of developers and the living experience of customers at the same time, the section of the buildings shows that every household located adapting to the mountain terrain and get more sunshine and good view. Moreover, under environment and construction technology thinking, th ⥅
J.Lalli Valley Villa
The Farmhouse Residential Architecture  by Boguslaw Barnas
The Farmhouse Residential Architecture
The Farmhouse is an example of the transformation of a typical rural homestead into a residential mansion. In the place of five existing farm buildings scheduled for demolition, the project team proposed five contemporary farm buildings. The newly designed forms have a shape, which results from the reference to the existing farm layout, terrain, view axes, functional needs, division into residential zones and location of trees. ⥅
The Farmhouse
Huafa Jinjiang Manor Residential Development  by Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Huafa Jinjiang Manor Residential Development
The aim of the project is to create a hidden elevated courtyard in an urban district in Chengdu, China. Combining the urban landscape and resources supplied, the Jinjiang Minor created a multi-layers of residential spaces spreading across the central axis of the whole site based on the natural landform with high elevations on the North and lowlands on the South.
Huafa Jinjiang Manor
Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Crazy and Cozy Residential by Joey Chang
Crazy and Cozy Residential
Since the client is working in an art and design-related occupation, therefore, the spatial planning of this project hopes not only to meet the needs of the residential space but also create a comfortable working environment for them. The overall space design concept, the Memphis elements are implemented, with geometric lines, the vivid and saturated configuration, emphasizing the space that is rich in diversity. The exquisite colors stimulate th ⥅
Crazy and Cozy
Wuhan Fun-Land Smart Science City Office and Residential by Aedas
Wuhan Fun-Land Smart Science City Office and Residential
The site is an artificial island located in Hanyang District, Wuhan City. Planning design is based on the concept of Integration and Connection, programs including cultural, office, retail, residential. With the vision of vitality, intelligence and green. Depending on the advantages of the overall development of the whole island, abundant public facilities and world-class landmark architecture design, aiming to build the iconic island and a new ⥅
Wuhan Fun-Land Smart Science City
The Collector Residential Apartment by Hoda Lasheen
The Collector Residential Apartment
The Collector, a residential apartment located in Cairo, Egypt. The client desired a design that mixes between being fancy, fashionable, classical and comfortable. As an art collector with a huge appetite for traveling around the world, the client wanted to walk around the house as if wandering in a museum of art, fashion and architecture. The design aimed to create a relaxing ambiance that is enriched with the utilization of colorful textiles wi ⥅
The Collector
Luxurious Elegance Residential House by Yueh Ju Tsai
Luxurious Elegance Residential House
Located at the mouth of the Danshui River, the house enjoys a great ocean view from floor-to-ceiling windows. To bring the outdoor scenery into the house, four curved panels extended to the canopy to convey the image of undulating waves. As a guest house to host guests, this gorgeous visual feast is packed with marble instead of the warmth of a residential interior design.
Luxurious Elegance
Piren Residential House by Maciej Basalygo
Piren Residential House
Piren is a residential architecture project. The spaces intertwine and define the usable zones of the house. Natural materials were used in the implementation. Wood, stone and glass can be found on different levels. Details masking the technical infrastructure of the building were individually designed. Passages and glass walls allow optical contact with the surroundings.
Kitazawa Residential Space by Kitazawa Apartment design team
Kitazawa Residential Space
Kitazawa apartment is a newly built collective residence in a quiet residential area in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. The design project was for the ground floor of the apartment: share space, garden and parking. The theme is a place to take a break for the people in the neighborhood. There are three design points: history inheritance, affinity with the local environment and diverse communications. There is huge value to care for the original lush green en ⥅
Kitazawa Apartment design team
Era Residential High Rise Architecture by Sunprime
Era Residential High Rise Architecture
Era is a revolutionary residential development that embodies the essence of a new era of modern living. It is inspired by the elegance of nautical design and the sleekness of aerodynamics. Era's design is characterized by its clean lines, light colors, and innovative forms that reflect the building's nautical theme. The facade of Era is reminiscent of a sleek yacht, evoking a sense of freedom and adventure, while the modern shapes and t ⥅
Romance of Arc Residential by Tai Kuan Huang
Romance of Arc Residential
An arc is a plane curve, it can be generous, orderly, full, shaped, based on materials. In this residential space, people can see arcs on facades, walls and doors run through the public and private fields to echo each other. The house boasts a unique look credited to the design concept of being inspired by furnishing design and highlighting interior finish. The designer satisfied house owner with materials. Based on the warm color tone, they crea ⥅
Asty Garak Residential Building by Euna Park
Asty Garak Residential Building
Asty Garak is a high-end compact residence that responds to lifestyle changes in Korea. It is a project that aims to overcome the spatial limitations of existing low-priced small residential products and to develop functions and designs for high-income consumers. It planned a product that satisfies the functional and aesthetic perspective with a unit layout that can be transformed according to the lifestyle and a finishing material that highlight ⥅
Asty Garak
Subtle Undertones Residential interior design  by Kai Yuan Cheng
Subtle Undertones Residential interior design
couple with architectural professionalism, breathes new life into traditional Japanese elements and streaks of natural stone. Varied materials are collaged and complement one another. In this way, despite the physical division of different sections on each floor, there are coherent elements throughout the house, with entirety achieved. Through clever division, the layout looks whole, natural and magnificent, with a perfect flow that allows for gr ⥅
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal Architecture by Rafael Contreras
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal Architecture
The two-story pedestal base of 272 Hedges Avenue in Gold Coast, Australia, brings a human scale to the residential tower and creates a contextual connection with the surroundings. As urbanization grows, it separates humans from nature. The pedestal merges the built and natural environments, improving the area and community. Advanced design techniques and products were used by Contreras Earl Architecture to create a biologically informed and digit ⥅
272 Hedges Avenue Pedestal
Times Mansion Residential Exhibition Area  by Hu Sun
Times Mansion Residential Exhibition Area
When the designers first arrived at the site, they were enchanted by the goldenrain tree and camphor preserved there. They planned to reconstruct the site on the basis of preserving the original ecology. The overall design, such as space layout and flow line, kept away from the original trees; highlighted their values and gave them new lives. They strived to intervene in the site in a "humble" way and adapt to local conditions. They use ⥅
Times Mansion
Haus am See Residential House by Carlos Zwick
Haus am See Residential House
Ancient trees, the water and nature preserved terraces determined the concept of architect Carlos Zwick. Today, this passive house with its sustainable building materials integrates respectfully into its surroundings. The wooden windows connect the living spaces with the lake. The loggia seems to float above the water and a large maple tree grows through the living room. The large crowns of the ancient oaks and chestnuts take the modern tree hous ⥅
Haus am See
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration by U.P.Space Landscape Design
Tangshan Guomaofu Residential Demonstration
Guomaofu not only has a cultural origin of imperial garden, but also has a modern concept of landscape. The core idea is to create a poetic and picturesque space, which injects oriental style into the design and spreads the context of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The design combines the new oriental garden landscape of water, stone, forest, pine, book, tea and music to form a unique landscape garden system. Creating a tourist, feasible, hopefu ⥅
Tangshan Guomaofu
U.P.Space Landscape Design
Poetic and Artistic Residential House by Byrant Hong
Poetic and Artistic Residential House
The building is a typical penetrating house that the width is narrow, the depth of the house is deep, and the stairs are located in the centre of the building. The plane is cut into two spaces, the front and the rear, also known as the "Love Ladder", which creates low-intensity, incomplete areas and other issues. However, this case's designer broke the house's traditional design and adjusted the interior space. ⥅
Poetic and Artistic
The Nude Flat Residential House by Maggie Mo Jay Leung
The Nude Flat Residential House
Inspired by the traditional Cycladic style, a beige-tone sanctuary with a minimalist twist was designed. By infusing such style, the design follows the core values of the inspiration by discovering its curvaceous shapes in all kinds of forms. Using seductive simplicity, and a neutral palette to design a serenity and sensualized home. Stepping inside, greeted by a curvaceous wall with a beige plastering stucco wall finish incorporating an organic ⥅
The Nude Flat
Maggie Mo Jay Leung
F House Residential Building by Keisuke Fukui
F House Residential Building
F House is an architect's home and office. By turning the 1st-floor office and cafe into a place where townspeople can casually drop in, the project attempts to foster community connections. The idea was that by sharing parts of everyday life in a casual and enjoyable way, a more livable community could be fostered. The area has a network of plants to increase and share, and designers wanted to visualize this in the architecture and establis ⥅
F House
Borromei Loft Residential by Barbara Fassoni
Borromei Loft Residential
The challenge of this project was to be able to re-propose the succession of secret spaces typical of Milan's historic canter, going beyond the ancient building structure through a contemporary design that would guarantee a new atmosphere. Being able to ensure adequate natural lighting for all spaces was only possible by creating wings and new openings that would allow the light filters through the large skylight in the living area to reach ⥅
Borromei Loft
Forest Evening Residential by Suofeiya Home Collection
Forest Evening Residential
The villa project is situated amidst a tranquil forest, and the client has expressed a desire to establish a strong connection with the surrounding natural environment. The forest-encased villa project is designed to immerse occupants in nature. Through borrowed scenery, the outdoors is brought inside via the windows while materials such as leather and wood grain enhance the organic ambiance. Customized cabinets and decorative modules fulfill lux ⥅
Forest Evening
Suofeiya Home Collection
Rattan and Crane Residential by Suofeiya Home Collection
Rattan and Crane Residential
The Rattan and Crane series offers a complete home design concept inspired by oriental culture. Through blending classic oriental elements with modern home space, it promises users living solutions that incorporate unique regional characteristics. Custom cabinets, wall panels, wooden doors, floors, smart devices, and other elements are all included in the series of solutions, catering to a wide range of home design needs. Innovative use of rattan ⥅
Rattan and Crane
Suofeiya Home Collection
The Call of Wildness Residential House by Robin, Wang
The Call of Wildness Residential House
With respect to nature and the earth, designers break the nationality boundaries, integrate into Indian culture with wild luxury style, and interpret modern western customs with rough texture and neat lines. In Indian culture, each tribe has its own unique totem symbol. The designer combined with Chinese calligraphy, refined the shape of the Chinese characters and carved it into the wall to interpret the kind and loyal family spirit. A plain prim ⥅
The Call of Wildness
Warm Place Residential by Shih Yuan Huang
Warm Place Residential
The design team plans a lot of rounded shapes for the safety of the client's daughter. These not only prevent the kid from being injured by the collision but also soften the sharpness of the space. The rounded shape of the foyer presents some waves, which is a triple benefit. It not only retains good lighting but also creates a fun space and a corner for the kid. Modern, neutral colors are used as the theme of the large space, while the bedr ⥅
Realm of Mind Residential
The design team skillfully used boulders and plants to embellish an elegant Japanese philosophy. At the same time, the screen door, wood, and linear elements outline the oriental aesthetics of vertical and axial interweaving. It is worth mentioning that the design team paid extra attention to the color scheme between each area. Even the game space is with a playful atmosphere. It can echo the whole architecture and show the features of a single s ⥅
Realm of Mind
Black and White Dialectics Residential House by Chao Zheng
Black and White Dialectics Residential House
The sustainable application of decorative elements in the interior environment design has become the voice of modern popular design. Under the macro vision of nature architecture human, designers integrate the concept of organic architecture, pay attention to the suitability and health of the physical environment of buildings such as wind, light, heat, sound and water and the microclimate, and seek the interaction and symbiosis of human, architec ⥅
Black and White Dialectics
Blended Into The Forest Residential House by Mateusz Zajkowski
Blended Into The Forest Residential House
House Blended Into The Forest is a building that was created in the surroundings of an old pine forest with respect for nature. The basic assumption when designing this house was to integrate it into the existing trees and unite it with the forest. This idea was realized thanks to the use of a material that seems to be alien to the forest, i.e. sheet metal. The implementation showed that the house almost grows out of nature. The interior of the h ⥅
Blended Into The Forest
Mateusz Zajkowski
Light Art House Residential Space by Haochen Su
Light Art House Residential Space
Designers integrate the artistic style of magic capital into space, modern architecture and nature, without losing artistic style. The artistic conception of "eliminating complexity and preserving simplicity" and "combining virtual and real" breeds quality cultivation and connotation suitable for contemporary living environment. When a house is endowed with the meaning of home, it is no longer a place to live but a memory of l ⥅
Light Art House
Jane Residential Space by Haochen Su
Jane Residential Space
Designers integrate the artistic style of magic capital into space, modern architecture and nature, without losing artistic style. The artistic conception of "eliminating complexity and preserving simplicity" and "combining virtual and real" breeds quality cultivation and connotation suitable for contemporary living environment. When a house is endowed with the meaning of home, it is no longer a place to live but a memory of l ⥅
The Suburban House Residential Architecture by Mateusz Zajkowski
The Suburban House Residential Architecture
The Suburban House is a house located in a heavily urbanized suburb of Warsaw. It is surrounded by various types of buildings that create spatial chaos. The designers' intention was to create a building that would improve the surrounding space. Due to the intensive development. Its terrace is surrounded by the walls of the building to ensure the privacy of the users, and on the north side it has only narrow windows, obscuring the surrounding ⥅
The Suburban House
Mateusz Zajkowski
Curved Residential by Przemyslaw Cepielik
Curved Residential
Beyond Straight Line. The concept of form and shape, rediscovers curved furniture. An apartment within an area of 66 m2. It is divided into two distinct zones. Thanks to the rational division of functions, the architect gives the impression of a perfectly designed living space and night space. The general open space, the non-standard treatment of passages between zones, resignation from conventional doors invite you to go further. The Architect c ⥅
Przemyslaw Cepielik
Semi Opened Residential House by Mateusz Gornik
Semi Opened Residential House
Semi Opened House is closed from the front and opens to the private forest. The roof is a green terrace, from which you can admire tree tops. The building frames the greenery and the surroundings so that the dream images can be viewed from every perspective. It is a harsh unchangeable monolith, referring to rocks scattered in the region, which is constantly being complemented by the surrounding nature. The pictures around the house change in the ⥅
Semi Opened
Oiso Hillside Residential Villa by Krista Watanabe
Oiso Hillside Residential Villa
The architect have taken the shape of the land around the villa as an inspiration, the sensation is that it flows with the scenery, enhancing rather than disturbing it. There is a good translation of those dynamic surroundings inside the villa in a compelling space with skipped floors, soaring a 2-story ceiling over a sunken conversation place and a 3-level deck. The panoramic nature views can be enjoyed from every point of the house. The archite ⥅
The Cabin Symphonic Residential Interior by Zarysy Jan Sekuła
The Cabin Symphonic Residential Interior
The concept behind this interior design was to create a captivating and modern atmosphere while preserving the original authenticity of the space. The design incorporated curved shapes and handpicked materials inspired by midcentury modern architecture, which provided an appealing contrast to the cozy yet rustic feel of a log cabin. The redesign of the building's layout involved significant changes to both the structure and construction, res ⥅
The Cabin Symphonic
Zarysy Jan Sekuła
Float Residential House by Michihiro Matsuo
Float Residential House
A private residence with a skip floor that makes the most of the difference in height of the land. The living room is placed at a height where the surrounding buildings cannot be seen, and it is devised so that the surrounding scenery can be taken in according to the owner's request. The rest of the living space is located on the middle floor, and the entrance is connected to the garden, creating a space that welcomes visitors with a sense o ⥅
Utopia Residential House by Fei Zhao
Utopia Residential House
The radiant natural light is the source of the form of this space. An organic, inclusive space was the feeling designers wanted to create, so they also compared a lot of organic space practices, including the positioning of the construction drawings. The original basement space occupied half of the whole area, but the existing lighting in the basement only allowed the owner to make some useless space out of it. In order to improve the utilization ⥅
Glass Wall Residential House by Atsushi Hio
Glass Wall Residential House
The Glass Wall was built in March 2022 in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This house is located on a hill and the height difference of the land is well utilized to ensure privacy and even lighting. A reinforced concrete structure with high earthquake resistance is adopted, and a glass wall is arranged for a part of it. The living room is an open ceiling and is designed to integrate widely opened space in living room and the courtyard. The s ⥅
Glass Wall
Tianqingli Residential Townhouse by Shen Likun
Tianqingli Residential Townhouse
The design took inspiration from the poetic beauty of the Song-style literati gardens to create a more concise modern design language for the residents to immerse themselves in the enjoyable and habitable beauty. Taking the essence of the traditional lanes, relying on the natural environment of mountains and rivers, Tianqingli is gradually developed through the courtyard cluster space, the street lane communication space, and the private space of ⥅
Tianqingli Residential
Huafa Hills Residential Development by Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Huafa Hills Residential Development
Huafa Hills is a luxury residential development at Zuhai in Greater Bay Area, China. It is comprised of 110 villas and 852 residential units. Geographically, the site is surrounded by mountains from three sides, resulting in an exclusive and private development. In terms of architectural design, the contemporary classic French style facade properly integrates with the natural environmental setting and landscape. The rich expression and unique wit ⥅
Huafa Hills
Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Borgio Verezzi Residential Bulding by Torres Arquitetos
Borgio Verezzi Residential Bulding
Borgio Verezzi is a residential building with twenty-two floors, in the city of Caxias do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. The choice for a differentiated residential product was a conviction of the developer and the architectural firm since its earliest studies. Volumetrically, the building is constituted of a vertical monolith of which they were suppressed volumes in their corners where are located their balconies. These balconies are pushe ⥅
Borgio Verezzi
Torres Arquitetos
Dua Tau Din Village Residential Building by David Chen
Dua Tau Din Village Residential Building
The project location is in Hsinchu City, Taiwam; it's a rezoning area from farmland and a military base. The village that once stood there dates from 1950. The memories of the old village and childhood neighborhood are rapidly disappearing with modern development. The ideal of this project is to recreate a space that reminds one of an old village by using modern architecture, a place where streets and courtyards are available for children to ⥅
Dua Tau Din Village
Plot 140 POLY Guanggang Residential Landscape by L&A Design
Plot 140 POLY Guanggang Residential Landscape
The project is a muti-functional public space with diverse landscape designed for high-density urban community with limited land resource. Based on the study of the urban compact space, designers put forward the concept of vertical garden, which perfectly integrating diverse spaces with community, and combining the surrounding industrial landscape resources to create a garden landscape space and residential activity space. ⥅
Plot 140 POLY Guanggang
Sky Green  Residential Public Spaces  by Heng Sheng
Sky Green Residential Public Spaces
A landmark green building in the heart of the humming Taichung downtown, this joint project between Golden Jade Development and WOHA Singapore illustrates the possibility of green, living buildings in modern urban environments. With flowing materials reflecting nature and bringing it into the public spaces, residents feel the soothing effects of nature the moment they step into the space. Featuring a massive art installation of a 9m wall-mounted ⥅
Sky Green
Core Residential House by Michihiro Matsuo
Core Residential House
The planned site is located in the back of a quiet residential area, and houses are densely built around it. A high fence was installed around the site, exterior windows were kept to a minimum, and each area was divided into layers of different heights centered on a central light well. Inside this house, where privacy is protected, a moderate sense of distance in the space visually connects the residents, creating an interior space that spreads d ⥅
Ink Highlight Residential by KAN, SHIH MING
Ink Highlight Residential
The designer expresses the artistry he wants to tell through the multi-level interface generated in the space environment through the moving lines of the home field. The residential field starts from the entry and leads to a series of moving lines, which starts the story atmosphere and enters the layer-by-layer interface collision relationship to generate aesthetic thinking. The continuous façade performance, mirror reflection, and deco decoratio ⥅
12th  Residential Building by Parviz Ghasemi
12th Residential Building
This project redefines the morphology of a residential building with two bevels on both sides to improve the quality of life and prevent the repetition of similar and neighboring buildings. Tried to create a dynamic view by cutting parts of the bevels and creating full and empty spaces in the play of light and shadow and despite similar plans, define an independent identity for the units and the building by creating a different view and perspecti ⥅
Impression Residential House by GA DESIGN SHENGA INTERIOR
Impression Residential House
This house was designed for the couple with two child in a residential area. The main idea was to play with a variety of materials and colors, creating a mix interrelationships and distinct areas with their own character. It is a house as a ideal for high density urban living, with a fluid scheme creating a haven of joy in the middle of the city. When walking Into this house, your eyes are immediately drawn to the coral cabinet next the door, whi ⥅
Le Rendezvous Residential Apartment by Mu-Chin Chiang
Le Rendezvous Residential Apartment
Borrowing intrinsic textures of marble and complying with the sufficient daylighting, this residential project presents a literati ambiance with agile movement, to cater for both resident’s hospitality and tasteful lifestyle. Imbued with oriental and eclectic expressions, the 188-square-meter layout clearly demarcates the served spaces and service spaces, comprising 3 bedrooms ensuite, an air-filled living space, and a dim yet alluring dining are ⥅
Le Rendezvous
Kylie Residential House by Gronych + Dollega Architekten
Kylie Residential House
Thanks to its plasticity, the sculptural shape of the residential building creates a variety of spatial situations both indoors and outdoors. The exciting geometries and the individual spatial alignments of the structural components allow the exterior and interior to become one. The architecture transforms into a living organism. After an intensive design process, all elements are in balance. Like in art, the emotionality of architecture finds it ⥅
Gronych + Dollega Architekten
The Tree Residential House by Adel Badrawy
The Tree Residential House
This house is a prototype for a residential complex aimed to accommodate young families. It is designed to symbolize the tree. A tree that grows and continues to spread its roots down the earth and its branches up in the air. It's the symbol of a family. It's obvious that this house structure is growing the same as the tree structure. The stem of the tree is the core of the house which in this case is the stairs. The stairs that shape i ⥅
The Tree
PurPle Jade Villa Residential Landscape by NATSUKI MORIBA
PurPle Jade Villa Residential Landscape
Known as an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city, Purple Jade Villa is located in the central residential area of Beijing, surrounded by thousands of acres of emerald green. Landscape design considers it as a model of urban villa returning to nature, and in terms of conception, combined with architectural appearance style, overall planning characteristics and customer group composition, outdoor landscape is defined as: realizing the natural ⥅
PurPle Jade Villa
Daan L Residential by An Zhi, Zheng
Daan L Residential
This project utilize the same materials consistently throughout the space to extend the overall sense of space without causing visual fatigue. Different from the previous residential space design, the biggest feature of this renovation is that use the method of subtraction to organize the space. To make the space has a comfortable and stress-free environment, this project make the materials of cabinet and the space wall consistent. Meanwhile, the ⥅
Daan L
Expo Village Plot B Residential by Shanghai Huayuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Expo Village Plot B Residential
The project is intended to create a modern residential community by adopting new design ideas and techniques. It retains original fabrics and surfaces of Shanghai Expo Village, reasonably set functional layout, and takes advantage of the internal greenery between buildings and public landscape resources, so as to create an ecological, green, scale-friendly and natural residential community.
Expo Village Plot B
Shanghai Huayuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sant Andrea  Residential Bulding by Torres Arquitetos
Sant Andrea Residential Bulding
Sant Andrea is a residential building with sixteen floors, located in Caxias do Sul, a city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. The Design is constituted of an ample vertical monolith marked by your vertical and horizontal lines. The balconies with apparent concrete slabs and wood brises make the facade unique, bringing the idea of movement to the building. The architecture is serene, where the materiality of expose ⥅
Sant Andrea
Torres Arquitetos
Dowell Time Axis Residential Landscape by SED, DOWELL
Dowell Time Axis Residential Landscape
The site is located in a long and narrow residential community. The design condition of the landscape is limited due to the regular layout of the site and buildings. However, the designers decide to use straight line elements to run through the whole community, supplemented by the flexible design of rounded corners, to connect various activity zone in the normal block. The whole-age activity venues and social spaces are integrated into the dynami ⥅
Dowell Time Axis
House in Niigata Residential Building  by Kazunori Kiryu
House in Niigata Residential Building
This house was planned in an old residential area. It is designed to change the uniform cityscape in cooperation with the old cityscape. The outer wall is made of wood painted in light gray. The weathered-colored houses match the streets of old houses. The floor plan of this house is characterized by a courtyard on the ground floor and a roof terrace on the second floor. The two gardens create a private space. People living in this house feel the ⥅
House in Niigata
Terrace Residential Building  by Rodrigo Kirck
Terrace Residential Building
Terrace, was designed with the premise that all its residential units have a terrace facing the sea! Challenging project from the conception of its reinforced concrete structure to the sliding panels that close the apartment frames. It presents a monolithic design, which unifies the formalist identity of the project, with a strong interaction with the surroundings that will be built.
Quintessentially Unadorned  Residential interior design  by Hao-Lin Yang
Quintessentially Unadorned Residential interior design
The home-owning couple of Quintessentially Unadorned has lived mostly overseas for years, coming back to Taiwan and staying here only for a short time annually. As such, they have very simple requirements for living in this space. Its designer, who employs modernist design lexicon and fine techniques and combines applications of elements in nature, creates for this massive residence an ambience that is unembellished but not simple, neat yet mello ⥅
Quintessentially Unadorned
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion Experience Center by Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion Experience Center
The project is the experience center of the residential property Fontanelle developed by Vanke, located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing, China. Shaoxing is renowned as the Oriental Venice. The design team drew on the aesthetic of silk, integrating the poetic scenery of southern China with the stylish and ambience of Apennine peninsula, creating a modern space that leads a special lifestyle.
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion
Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Dahua Pan An Lake Residential Area by TianZheng
Dahua Pan An Lake Residential Area
Dahua Pan An Lake is located at an ancient city of China.The designers intended to fuse the ancient Chinese culture and modern lives. With the intent of creating an artistic tone throughout the project, the design team introduced a series of outdoor rooms and used a water system to harmoniously connect the outdoor spaces.
Dahua Pan An Lake
The Rossmore Residential Multi-Unit by Artur Nesterenko
The Rossmore Residential Multi-Unit
The Rossmore is a contemporary luxury apartment building. It is inspired by the concepts of Art Deco Design and adapted to today’s world. This has been reflected in the material selection, the sculptural elements and the building facade. The Rossmore will use concrete cladding and timber to allow for sustainable design and cost effective construction.
The Rossmore
The Bridge House private residential by Soheil Afshar Mohammadian
The Bridge House private residential
In this project, a new and modern context-based architecture is defined with inspiration from local architectural techniques and combining it with modern construction technologies. Furthermore, the design concept is based on the priority of the natural landscape over the constructed project. The design was developed by lower interfering in nature. Therefore, the building is moved away from the earth, which causes the most connection with its land ⥅
The Bridge House
Soheil Afshar Mohammadian

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