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Mist Humidifier by Xiaochen Wang
Mist Humidifier
As a product designer, it is very necessary to think about "product packaging" in the whole product system. Therefore, the packaging of this humidifier itself is a part of the product. If the "packaging" is discarded, the humidifier will not work properly, which conveys the designer's goodwill for environmental protection. Unlike other humidifiers, which control the amount of fog by electronic principle, this humidifier ⥅
Mr. Pizza  Pizza and Restaurant  by Alex Kovachev
Mr. Pizza Pizza and Restaurant
The approach for this project is directed towards envisioning an upside down world, in the sense of a modern fairy tale. The inspiration comes from bright skies and rich vegetation. Hanging from the ceiling, vivid red flowers drape from four meters of height over the main dining area. One of the challenges in this project is designing and producing the stainless steel frames that support the pendant vegetation. The focal element in the space is t ⥅
Mr. Pizza
Turturem outdoor table by David Rooth
Turturem outdoor table
Eagle Electric guitar by David Flores Loredo
Eagle Electric guitar
The Eagle presents a new electric guitar concept based on a lightweight, futuristic and sculptural design with a new design language inspired by the Streamline and the Organic design philosophies. Form and function united in a whole entity with balanced proportions, interweaved volumes and elegant lines with sense of flow and speed. Probably one of the most lightweight electric guitars in the actual market.
David Flores Loredo
Begonia Star Type C Villas by Zhou Ping
Begonia Star Type C Villas
The project is a demonstration of modern fashion with minimalist design languages. It takes gray as the dominant tone. The sense of toughness created by the colors and exquisiteness of the fabric form interesting contrast. Modern design and artistic aesthetics get along well with each other within the space.
Begonia Star
Ecovacs Store Identity Design by Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd
Ecovacs Store Identity Design
This project is an offline retail store for Ecovacs. It is themed "A Better Way of Life" and represents the design team's exploration of the robot-human relationship. It uses a scene-based approach to examine the synergy between man and robots in the future, creating a better way of life for customers and satisfying their needs for shopping, socialization, and entertainment.
Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd
HuiSheng Lanhai Sales Center by Weimo Feng
HuiSheng Lanhai Sales Center
With the ocean theme of the scene design, endue the space soul, with the pixel square as the visual communication element, let the children in the game to explore the discovery of learning and growth become the core of the case, free space positioning presents the fantasy effect of education in fun. From the form, scale, color facility, structure to psychological sensory experience, the concept of space continues and enriches when all elements ar ⥅
HuiSheng Lanhai
East and West Ceramic Crafts by Chao Yang
East and West Ceramic Crafts
This is a ceramic handicraft with ant shape. The image of ant is designed by using Chinese traditional blue and white paper and electroplating technology. Combined with eastern and Western culture, the waste blue and white paper is redesigned and applied to ant ceramics. A series of unique and exquisite works are displayed.
East and West
Pharmy Autonomous Mobile Robot by ARBO design
Pharmy Autonomous Mobile Robot
Autonomous navigation robot for hospital logistics. It’s a product-service system to perform safe efficient deliveries, decreasing the health professional’s chances of being exposed to get sick, restraining pandemic diseases between hospital staff and patients (COVID-19 or H1N1). The design helps to handle hospital deliveries with easy access and safety, using uncomplicated user interaction through the friendly technology. The robotic units have ⥅
Stodolove Residential Architecture by Anna Maria Sokolowska
Stodolove Residential Architecture
Realization of the reconstruction of a farm building from 1940, in a district of the city, which is a remnant of a former village. Beautiful location in a valley surrounded by forest and next to fish ponds. The reconstruction assumed a reference in the body and finish of the building's facade to the former barns. Attention to detail, respect for the history and tradition of the place, and the character of the buildings of the old village. Th ⥅
Anna Maria Sokolowska
Shuanggou Shengfang Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Wen Liu
Shuanggou Shengfang Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
Shuanggou Shengfang is a product of Shuanggou Zhenbaofang series, which pioneered "free blending" in the baijiu industry. The highlight is that the product is divided into two bottles, one large and one small, which can be consumed by consumers either on their own or by blending the small bottle of 68% ABV Virgin liquor into the large bottle of average ABV liquor, resulting in a more flavourful drink. The packaging is decorated with a d ⥅
Shuanggou Shengfang
Huafa City Hub Wuhan Sales Center by Wenqiang Han
Huafa City Hub Wuhan Sales Center
Intending to design a building style connected with Wuhan, we conducted a deep research of the local culture. Sparkling ripples in the East Lake after rain inspired the designers and led us to the answer—water. Wuhan is a city linked by rivers, lakes and pools. Water has not only witnessed its development and prosperity, but also nurtured its history and humanity for thousands of years. So we aim to create a natural space with water as the theme. ⥅
Huafa City Hub Wuhan

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