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Nikolatesla Unplugged Extractor Induction Hob With Knobs by Fabrizio Crisà
Nikolatesla Unplugged Extractor Induction Hob With Knobs
Refined design solutions that cater to top performance in cooking and extraction is marked with Nikolatesla Unplugged. Controlled through fixed click-release knobs with analog touch and feel, providing quick and intuitive access to its features. All elements are incorporated into a bold-lined appearance, developed to intelligently separate the cooking zone from the control area. The cooking and extraction areas are distinguished by the linear cen ⥅
Nikolatesla Unplugged
Eureka Lounge Chair by Huile Yi
Eureka Lounge Chair
The Eureka Lounge Chair is inspired by the smallest surface in nature, the Empener surface, and gives a sense of order and flow to the lounge space through a mathematically modelled curved form. The smooth curves and curved edges add visual tension to the product. Wool fabrics from the Kvadrat Sprinkles collection, in warm colours, allows the user to perceive the comfort of the furniture before using it and creates a desire to confirm this feelin ⥅
Explorer 2000 Plus Large Portable Energy Storage by Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Explorer 2000 Plus Large Portable Energy Storage
Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is a portable energy storage with 3000W power and 2000Wh capacity. The energy storage has a pull rod and pulley assembly, which enables users to pull it, thus enhancing portability. Users can connect two devices in parallel to realize up to 6000W power and a maximum capacity of 24KWh. Thus, this product can meet the needs of users for RV life, outdoor work, and other high-power and large-capacity electricity scenarios. ⥅
Explorer 2000 Plus
Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Heat Back III Down Jacket
This children down jacket innovates the impressive heat retention technology. The application of new materials and new technologies makes it lightweight, comfortable, breathable and fashionable, which fully meets the needs of children for down jackets. Considering heat radiation and heat conduction, the product is specially designed to realize a good performance in heat retention, and thus effectively ensure the comfort for children doing winter ⥅
Heat Back III
Hongqi E-HS9 Full Electric Car by CHINA FAW GROUP CO., LTD.
Hongqi E-HS9 Full Electric Car
Hongqi E-HS9 adopts a brand-new design language of Shang Zhi Yi. Embedding the flag from the front cover into the straight waterfall front face shows the extremely noble aesthetics and family style. The chrome-plated decoration surrounded by C and D pillars is inspired by Chinese classical totem ring fish, and embedded charging water indicator lights enhance strength and sense of technology; The taillight design blends vertically and horizontally ⥅
Hongqi E-HS9
Honey Drop Lighting by Akira Nakagomi
Honey Drop Lighting
Gentle light illumination of honey. This lighting is a disaster prevention item that also adds color to everyday life. Place honey in a glass container that looks like dripping honey and place it on a wooden pedestal with a rechargeable LED. In an emergency, the honey can be used as emergency food, and the pedestal can be used as a flashlight. This product is not to be stored away for use only in emergencies, but also to add color to everyday lif ⥅
Honey Drop
Galaxy Light Concept Car by Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd
Galaxy Light Concept Car
The balance of aesthetics and technology makes Galaxy Light stand out. It is also convincing in Chinese aesthetic and user friendliness. With multiple Chinese elements running throughout its exterior, interior, and light designs, the Galaxy Light instills Chinese aesthetic appeal into consumers. Additionally, the dynamic island design at the front achieves functional integration, and the six switchable scenario modes elevate the interior design. ⥅
Galaxy Light
Geely Auto Group Holding Co., Ltd
Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter by Pure Electric
Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter
Designed from the ground up, the Pure Advance Flex is an e-scooter that stands out and fits in. The product provides an unrivalled riding experience and folds small enough to enable multi-modal travel and to fit seamlessly into the lives of its riders. The Pure Advance Flex has been designed with rider experience and safety at its core. The product is ridden in a natural, forward-facing stance, with feet apart, delivering a more stable and comfor ⥅
Pure Advance Flex
109 Pro Headphone by Meze Audio
109 Pro Headphone
109 Pro is the first dynamic open-back headphone from Meze Audio, meant to represent an artistic take on high-end functionality. The chassis combines premium materials such as black walnut wood, manganese steel, zinc and velour in a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable design. Crafted with utmost care for sustainability, each part of this headphone can be taken apart and serviced endlessly if ever needed, which can extend the life of the ⥅
109 Pro
A6Plus Television by Konka Industrial Design Team
A6Plus Television
A6Plus products provide a good solution for home viewing. 21:9 The ultra-wide picture frame brings an immersive and shocking viewing experience. Konka design team also pays attention to the beauty of the home conveyed by the products. The use of transparent materials shortens the distance between the product and the family environment, and improves the affinity of the product; The storage function of the base bracket also well meets people's ⥅
Konka Industrial Design Team
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike by Andrea Agazzini
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike
Enduro 2 was born from the idea of combining MTB and Enduro motorcycle in a single product. Its design is made up of a combination of shapes that embody its roots: an agile and light frame in exposed carbon fiber is inserted into a CNC-engineered Ergal engine, derived from motorcycling. The union of the two materials has synergistically merged into a new innovative form. The front of the bike seeks a sinuous and soft line, which integrates the ⥅
Lake Tea Table by Huile Yi
Lake Tea Table
Lake is a coffee table with motion tendency specially designed for the modern home environment. Lending wood a brand new 3D style of a curved surface, this product comfortably balance motion and stillness, and harmoniously integrates aesthetic elements and functions. The visual flow adds an ethereal feeling to modern home space and conveys a chic and vibrant sense to users.

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Firstly, potential direct benefits are multifaceted. On a commercial and business level, the accolade enhances brand recognition and fosters opportunities for business expansion. Additionally, for individuals, it serves as a catalyst for career advancement by showcasing their prowess in product design, thereby opening doors to new professional avenues. This recognition can be a crucial stepping stone, building a robust foundation for an aspiring designer's journey.

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