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Vicky Chan

Vicky Chan


Meet Vicky Chan - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Hong Kong (China). Vicky Chan's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Vicky Chan's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Sustainable Product, Landscape Design, Futuristic, Street Furniture, Urban Planning, Interior, Architecture and Volunteerism, Vicky Chan's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Vicky Chan masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Vicky Chan's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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K Farm Urban Design by Vicky Chan
K Farm Urban Design
K Farm Urban Design
K Farm challenges urban farming under extreme conditions and turns farming into natural education that people can enjoy. Because of this coastal condition along Victoria Harbour, It has innovated three types of farming to suit this specific climate. One is Hydroponics to provide weatherproof farming for in all conditions, two is aquaponics to study how fish and plants can coexist, and three is organic with various height and species to serve as inclusive farming.
K Farm
Sorec Horse Park Grandstand by Vicky Chan
Sorec Horse Park Grandstand
Sorec Horse Park Grandstand
Natural elements crafted this Horse Park in Rabat, Morocco to connect horse, people, and nature. The organization of the site allows people to enjoy the horse track as a park while seeing the race in the backdrop. The building and the car park allows a bigger central green space to be maximized. The circulation separates better, VIP, park visitors and jockey, but places of interests like the presentation round and horse walking path will connect everyone and everything together.
Sorec Horse Park
Skyrig Retrofited Oil Rig as Garden Building by Vicky Chan
Skyrig Retrofited Oil Rig as Garden Building
Skyrig Retrofited Oil Rig as Garden Building
SkyRig aims to replace the existing oil rigs in water with three high-rise modular structures to provide housing, and retail, commercial, and public amenities. The complex will provide equitable, reliable, and sustainable living in the downtown area while referencing the city’s past in the oil industry. Using wind, solar, water, and biomass to generate energy, water, and food, the towers will provide a circular lifestyle with net zero operation carbon.
Walk DVRC Street Basket Mobile Landscape by Vicky Chan
Walk DVRC Street Basket Mobile Landscape
Walk DVRC Street Basket Mobile Landscape
Walk DVRC is a pedestrianization plan to turn 1 km of Des Voeux Road Central in downtown Hong Kong into a park. The area is filled with banks, offices, and shops but the sidewalk is over congested to allow a sustainable and walkable downtown. The project called for a partial pedestrianization so that retail businesses can still deliver their goods during off peak hours. During peak hours, office workers and residents can enjoy the wider road as part of their park and walkway.
Walk DVRC Street Basket
Yan Garden Heritage Park by Vicky Chan
Yan Garden Heritage Park
Yan Garden Heritage Park
Yan Garden is a creative park with art studios in a revitalized hotel from 1979, a community hub with family exhibition in a preserved mansion from 1996 and a new museum dedicated to promoting edutainment. The project spans across 30,873 square meters of open space and greenery as a creative park that links the past, present, and future to promote the history and art of Dongguan. The project is used to celebrate the philanthropic work his grandfather Mr. Wong Kam Fai, also known as Uncle Fai, has established.
Yan Garden
WeTown City for 40000 People by Vicky Chan
WeTown City for 40000 People
WeTown City for 40000 People
WeTown provides a sustainable city for 40000 residents in Canada. Reducing people reliance on automobiles, the project provides 36 buildings with apartments, offices, retails and green spaces within an infinitive loop. The 8 minute journey from home to work will be filled with greenery, activities and excitement. Different active and passive strategies are also used in the buildings and master plan to promote a healthy lifestyle. In the next 15 years, 10 phases of construction will start and each phase will balance work, live and play with minimum impact to the environment.
OneSky Global Centre NGO School by Vicky Chan
OneSky Global Centre NGO School
OneSky Global Centre NGO School
PC Lee OneSky Global Centre is a 16,000 sf children center that provides free child services for at risk families in the poorest district in Hong Kong. It is within walking distance of several public housing estates and subdivided flats. Its location allows the NGO to reach at-risk families with less social connections and changes the neighborhood which has the least public facilities per child in Hong Kong. The project provide relational spaces to connect parents, teachers, and children.
OneSky Global Centre
Interface Waterfront Park by Vicky Chan
Interface Waterfront Park
Interface Waterfront Park
Interface develops the Hangang River Park through inclusivity, layering programs through vertical elements, and considering day and night cycles to strengthen existing programs. Through 10 intersecting ramp connections, the design connected landscape, people and water together. The friendly design enhance enhance walkability and accessibility for people with different needs and enjoyment.
The Artist House Bar with Aqua Farm by Vicky Chan
The Artist House Bar with Aqua Farm
The Artist House Bar with Aqua Farm
The Artist House is a multipurpose space to explore craft beers through co-creation and experiences. By exploring the five senses, people get to touch, see, hear, smell and taste the process of beer making. The Artist House also has the first farm to table concept in Hong Kong. It uses 90 percent less water, requires 60 percent less fertilizer, and has 11 times more yield on a 80 percent less land. It lowers carbon footprint with fresh and local ingredients. The design of The Artist House is cultural, sustainable and flexible. People and their experiences help to transform the space over time.
The Artist House
The Cloud Office for Aviators by Vicky Chan
The Cloud Office for Aviators
The Cloud Office for Aviators
The Cloud is a headquarter for a well known aviation company inside two 48 floor towers. The new workplace will accommodate 10,000 people. It is a creative hub that fully integrates customization, sustainability and flexibility. The design includes the lobby, typical offices, bathrooms, tourist elevators, amenities, day care, exhibition and flying zone. The theme of flying is translated into sequences of how technology, people and nature interact. Users take off, fly, explore, share, and recharge. Every movement within the building is a flying journey.
The Cloud
The Light House Cultural Center by Vicky Chan
The Light House Cultural Center
The Light House Cultural Center
The Light House is a cultural center to make Star Street Precinct into a hub to exchange ideas for the next 2 decades. The Light House adds to the story about the past, present and future of Star Street, while making it into a village for the global minds. It brings light to bodies and minds. The bottom of the buildings is designed with folding doors to open the entire first level to pedestrians. The top of the building are designed for a mini theatre to connect the local community with global visitors.
The Light House
Horsetopia - Run Fast/Live Slow Eco Friendly Theme Park by Vicky Chan
Horsetopia - Run Fast/Live Slow Eco Friendly Theme Park
Horsetopia - Run Fast/Live Slow Eco Friendly Theme Park
Horsetopia is an eco-friendly horse park in Yeongcheon, South Korea. Half of the 1,474,883㎡ site is dedicated to horse racing and the other half is for horse-related activities. This park will have a mix of fast and slow programs to attract young people who can enjoy horses as their companions. The marketing goal is to promote horse racing in Asia and other horse related activities as an eco-friendly alternative to amusement rides.
Horsetopia - Run Fast/Live Slow
Architecture for Children Education Program by Vicky Chan
Architecture for Children Education Program
Architecture for Children Education Program
We see a lot of environmental problems to be the result of current politics. We believe our future with be brighter when our children are more equipped with sustainable, collaborative and creative thinking. By teaching children about architecture, sustainable design, urban planning, and efficient use of materials, they will get into the habit of thinking in those terms. We hope to change the world through volunteering and education.
Architecture for Children

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