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The Clock Tower Restaurant and bar by devesh pratyay
The Clock Tower Restaurant and bar
The clock tower is inspired by old colonial British schools in the Himalayan regions of India. A classical colonial Victorian style has been followed in the overall design travelling down to the minutest of details to emulate the feel in a new construction. the clock tower is a place designed for friends to meet and cherish golden times spent with each other.
The Clock Tower
Tazo Refresh Beverage by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Tazo Refresh Beverage
Each of TAZOs blends are unique, refreshing, and artful, so the design team wanted to visually articulate the fresh flavor expression on shelf. Keeping in mind TAZOs existing consumer, the new VIS strengthens the brands current fan base while attracting a new, more adventurous audience. Moving from the former TAZO equity that leaned closer to a refined and sophisticated visual expression, now the juxtaposition of fresh, bold ingredient colors alo ⥅
Tazo Refresh
PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Lin Mao Sen Tea store by Ahead Concept Design
Lin Mao Sen Tea store
Arts and crafts:A return to natural convergence is subtly weaved into the ceiling line for a sense of relaxation. The materials are reflected with an ecological perspective, integrating old concepts with new to generate a sense of freedom. Colorful rhythm:Peacock blue and mustard yellow saturation, fusion lines and staggered surface relationship, and a background with subtle oriental heritage all extend the continuity of space. The interpretation ⥅
Lin Mao Sen
Ahead Concept Design
3 Compartment Gourmet Bento Lunch Container with utensils by Built NY
3 Compartment Gourmet Bento Lunch Container with utensils
This Gourmet Bento Set is a wonderfully functional all-in-one set for lunch, featuring a lunch container with a spacious interior with 1 large entree section and 2 small sections for sides. It also features a utensil compartment and with cutlery included. The design is made with break-resistant polypropylene and includes a leak-proof lid that is secured with four durable, long-lasting clips. The utensils are a full size knife, fork and spoon, and ⥅
3 Compartment Gourmet Bento
Vestel Evin Akli Smart Home Mobile Application by Vestel UX/UI Design Group
Vestel Evin Akli Smart Home Mobile Application
Evin Akli which is a mobile application and Television application developed for users to control and monitor their connected home appliances remotely anytime. Thanks to the similarly designed interface and experience design, learning to use and control the newly added devices takes short time for users. Architecture of Evin Akli mobile app supports to add new devices, functions and features with its flexible structure open to development. ⥅
Vestel Evin Akli
Vestel UX/UI Design Group
The Keystone Collection Stool/High Stool by Connor Mairs and Sebastian Davies
The Keystone Collection Stool/High Stool
In the Cafe, Bar or home kitchen of today; high quality, beautiful, and durable furniture is secondary only to the quality of, the coffee, beer, or delicious homemade meal and of course... the people who are sitting next to you. Introducing the Keystone Series. Minimally styled stacking cafe seating available in both short and tall formats that compliment each other nicely. Modular steel design allows for a huge range of customization color optio ⥅
The Keystone Collection
Connor Mairs and Sebastian Davies
First Digital Trust Office Interior Design by kirin+labs ltd
First Digital Trust Office Interior Design
The office design represents a new generation office interior with design solution to cater new working culture evolved from the pandemic situation plus equipping the office in both hardware and software wise towards the metaverse development in the future. The design focuses on fluidity and simplicity in the office circulation and strategically fulfill client request to define two companies staff area but being able to share the pantry, meeting ⥅
First Digital Trust Office
Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard by Danny Carper
Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard
The Chubby Unicorn is a breakthrough board for Loaded, eight years in the making. The Chubby is the perfect example of form meeting function, striking an equal balance between technology, craftsmanship, innovation and overall rideability. As skateboard riding styles evolve so must the tools. The Chubby is Loaded’s answer for the downhill/freeride/freestyle hybrid riding our ambassadors are pioneering. This style resembles the movements one might ⥅
Chubby Unicorn
Kotori 501 Bluetooth Speaker by Toshihiko Sakai
Kotori 501 Bluetooth Speaker
At first sight, Kotori 501’ looks nothing more than an acrylic cylinder wrapped in a cloth. Plastic parts are set back as far as possible and a short foot is placed at each end to prevent it from rolling. Transparent acrylic discs at the ends are the controllers. The design is easy to fit any kind of interior. Also a cloth cover is replaceable. Customer can select one from five different colors.
Kotori 501
Domesticated Nature Interior Design by Mood Works - Karina Snuszka & Dorota Kuc
Domesticated Nature Interior Design
It is a design inspired by the wealth of nature forms, which repeats the soft, organic shapes that can be found in nature. The use of wood, stone and finest fabrics makes you sink in pleasure and comfort. In this house, all elements work together as a poethic whole, borrowing and returning views and vibration from each other. In this project, polish architects Dorota Kuc and Karina Snuszka have used a combination of natural and artificial light, ⥅
Domesticated Nature
Mood Works - Karina Snuszka & Dorota Kuc
T and F Timer by Jung Joo Sohn
T and F Timer
Revolutionizing the alarm experience, T and F Timer acknowledges that setting alarms goes beyond mere reminders, encompassing a spectrum of emotional contexts. Unlike conventional alarms, our product transforms this experience by allowing users to choose from five emotions, each paired with custom-designed sounds and matching colors. This not only aligns with anticipated activities but also creates a personalized, sensory-rich encounter, thereby ⥅
Profiles Bathroom Furniture by Sandy Venere
Profiles Bathroom Furniture
Form, function and versatility is the foundation upon which Robern has built its design reputation and is apparent throughout The Profiles Collection. The recent addition of the Robern anodized finishes, known for its durability, color stability, ease of maintenance and chemically stable, non-toxic qualities, continues the pure custom story. Modern, classic styling and being an ecologically sound partner are part and parcel of Robern’s design leg ⥅

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