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Food Gravitas Dining Space by Jun Li
Food Gravitas Dining Space
Designers use modern architectural thinking mode, from the triple doors in literary works to extend a regular form to build the spatial relationship. In addition to the entrance, such elements have been added to the indoor many times. The three arches that rise in turn below the stairs suggest different stages of life. Lighting design is one of the highlights of this case. In order to weaken the regional structure and color, designers use the com ⥅
Food Gravitas
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage by TIGER PAN
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage
WANGLAOJI’s Black Herbal Tea is known to many in China through the packaging designer after he posted the design on his social media. The graphic design depicts the networked lifestyle of most young people, presenting interesting scenes and playthings from their daily life. The packing box is designed into a hexagonal prism with a storage of 12 bottles. The special model will distribute the carrying weight by the handle of thick and wide paper, w ⥅
Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea
Hangzhou West Lake Yangminggu Club by Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou West Lake Yangminggu Club
The project helps people to give a thought to the future lifestyle of the younger generation in China with exploration of the art in the boundless space. The free combination of different areas lets people have more flexible activities here. The circular spatial structure and the open layout redefine the connection between residence, environment, people, society and city.
Hangzhou West Lake Yangminggu
Shenzhen Innest Art Co., Ltd.
YO Sperm Test multi-functional Smartphone Microscope by Medical Electronic Systems / Rimoni IND
YO Sperm Test multi-functional Smartphone Microscope
YO is an FDA/CE cleared Smartphone based home sperm test that captures a video of your sperm and automatically provides test results of your moving sperm. You can view and share your test results and video from the YO archive. Testing is fast and is made simple with interactive step-by-step instructions and animations in the YO app. The YO kit has all of the supplies needed to run two tests on your phone. YO was developed by experts with 20 years ⥅
YO Sperm Test
Medical Electronic Systems / Rimoni IND
Nanjing Fishing Port Restaurant by Yuefeng ZHOU
Nanjing Fishing Port Restaurant
The project is a converted restaurant with three floors in Nanjing, covers about 2,000 sqm. Apart from catering and meetings, tea culture and wine culture are available. The decor ties together a vivid new Chinese feel from the ceiling to the stone layout on the floor. The ceiling is decorated with Chinese ancient brackets and roofs. It forms the main element of design on the ceiling. Materials like wood veneer, golden stainless steel, and painti ⥅
Nanjing Fishing Port
Petra Dining Table by Caterina Moretti
Petra Dining Table
Petra is a massive volcanic stone dining table for indoor/outdoor use: a homage to the Mexican terrain that portrays its whims and character through its materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Through its surface, etched lines run connecting each of the three circles of polished stone strategically mirroring the monoliths underneath.
Müll Furniture Series by Carter Zufelt
Müll Furniture Series
Müll consists of two furniture pieces made from plastic trash. Each year an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Unfortunately, less than 5% of those plastic bags are recycled. Carter's project focuses on reducing waste in the environment. In an effort to help others see the need for recycling, he created a process where flimsy plastic bags are turned into stable, sturdy furniture pieces. One man’s trash really is anothe ⥅
Unique Advertising Campaign by Daniel da Hora
Unique Advertising Campaign
In this prospect campaign we bring our aesthetic vision for the brand, and also we suggest a huge amount of applications, due to the use in a diverse set of platforms and mediums. All visual aspects were thought to fit PRYMA's best truths as a product, as well as to bring a fresh and more intuitive communication from the brand to its audience, combining the graphic design and visual aspects with a clear, yet simple and direct call-to-action ⥅
Starfish Collection Fine Jewelry by Pavit Gujral
Starfish Collection Fine Jewelry
The Starfish Collection by Pavit Gujra is inspired, bold and unique. Pavit is very passionate about colors, animals and nature and takes inspiration from them. The Starfish Collection is inspired from her scuba diving in the Andaman. Starfish being celestial symbols of infinite divine love, also holds characteristics such as intuition, brilliance, vigilance and inspiration. The Collection has been set in 18K Gold with over 4000 pieces Sapphires, ⥅
Starfish Collection
Transbatur  Office by Serhan Bayik
Transbatur Office
The integration of interior design and company’s corporate identity was determined to designer's main concern. Serhan Bayık adapted road’s and container’s identical forms & materials into the entrance hall to make visitors gain the first impression about company. The usage of container materials as wall partition and also having a road ambiance within a harmony to the space, create a belonging sense and an integrity. ⥅
SLant Bookcase by Kemal Yıldırım
SLant Bookcase
Alternative designs can be composed by using different colors and textures on all the parts of the slant bookcase. Thanks to the different designs of the slant bookcase, it has an elegant appearance as well as large storage surfaces. All the parts of the slant bookcase can be packed and transported easily by placing one on top of the other and can be assembled in a practical manner at the place of use.
Kemal Yıldırım
Tranquil Life in Fog Cabin by Steve Lyu
Tranquil Life in Fog Cabin
The decoration craftsmanship distinctively applied on the ceilings, walls and floors extraordinarily displays the allurements of both contrasts and reconciliations concurrently. The applications of modern aesthetics in manipulating the diversified materials inspire the innovations in lines and curves, right angle and arcs, ingredients and senses, and purity and complexity, all of which have constituted into the classic and distinguishing outlines ⥅
Tranquil Life in Fog

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