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Happiness Here  urban park seating by Hikoko Ito
Happiness Here urban park seating
This seating is meant to be a statement as well as a design solution. It embraces community involvements and conveys a much-needed message of happiness to encourage positivity in a city that repeatedly fell short on the global ranking of happiness level. Infused with cultural references (origami, paper-cutting) drawn from the designer’s mixed (Japanese-Chinese) heritage, the seating has also adopted Sun Chan's Chinese character art motifs as ⥅
Happiness Here
XUPIN Main meeting hall by Guoxing Jiang
XUPIN Main meeting hall
The building ,surrounding with big lawn, is a small building located in a beautiful Industrial Park . Its outer wall is made up with red brick which make it different from other office building. Most style of meeting halls are strict business formality. I want to create an unique meeting space, which is full of Chinese traditional cultural. I hope that every people can feel the sense of nature and culture. The meeting hall ,it is a quiet Jiangn ⥅
Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus Public Transportation by Andrew Bromberg
Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus Public Transportation
Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus
Bimby Inflatable Ride On by Gilad Tal
Bimby Inflatable Ride On
Bimby is an inflatable ride on specially designed for indoor use. Characterized with softness and flexibility. An enjoyable and safe way, for your child to burn their endless energy! Bimby’s original design places it in a different league to other ride on's. The safety shock absorbers and soft structure help your child enjoy a smooth, quiet ride. Ensuring that your space and home appliances are always protected, due to its natural soft natur ⥅
The Natural Vibes Restaurant  by Nikki, LK Ho
The Natural Vibes Restaurant
Ma... and The Seeds of Life is a French vegan fine dining place, designers adopted a warm and muted palette of natural materials to vitalize the interior. With the diverse range of materials such as granite, terrazzo, bronze, concrete tiles, and elm wood, they contrived various atmospheres for different sections: the natural and welcoming entrance; a modern sophisticated bar area; the cozy dining area with sunlight, and the nostalgia VIP room, wh ⥅
The Natural Vibes
Polish White Goose Down Series Quilt by Liangshan Wu
Polish White Goose Down Series Quilt
Imported high-quality Polish white goose down whose authoritative pure breed can be traced, fluffy and warm. The patented Warmsoft air flapping process increases the softness by 30%, making it warm and heat-storing. With 59° staggered structure, the temperature locking effect is increased by 15%. The micro-angle "wind lock" is suitable for human body, so that there is no wind when sleeping.
Polish White Goose Down Series
Zhenlong Mansion Sales Office by Zhang Yun
Zhenlong Mansion Sales Office
This project is located in Beijing,China. It is a sales office with distinctive Chinese characteristics. The inspiration of the project comes from Beijing "Directorate of Imperial Academy", which was the highest institution in ancient Cina. On the premise of meeting the academic atmosphere, the classical Chinese Academy style with modern style have been combined. The Chinese red has been chosen as the main color. The layout imitates the ⥅
Zhenlong Mansion
Dongmen Wharf Wharf Renovation by Yingjie Lin  Yuanyuan Zhang
Dongmen Wharf Wharf Renovation
Dongmen wharf is a millennium old wharf on the mother river of Chengdu. Due to the last round of "old city renewal", the area has been basically demolished and rebuilt. The project is to re present a glorious historical picture through the intervention of art and new technology on a city cultural site that has basically disappeared, and to activate and re invest the long sleeping urban infrastructure into the urban public domain. ⥅
Dongmen Wharf
Yingjie Lin Yuanyuan Zhang
Framy Customizable Room Divider by Shinnosuke Hosoda
Framy Customizable Room Divider
This is a new type of room divider for effective use of limited space. Framy could be used as a clothing rack or a helpful organizer. It could also serve as a room divider for several people working from home. Furthermore, it can easily be folded up and stored when not in use. Completely customizable from any combination of 7 panels, it will fit in every room in your home to suit your needs, and this unique piece of furniture adjusts to you and y ⥅
Shinnosuke Hosoda
SAHB Poster Public Relations Activities by Naoyuki Fukumoto
SAHB Poster Public Relations Activities
In this design, Da Vinci's overlapping images of Vitruvian human figure and Astronaut taking similar poses. Da Vinci is the founder of the art, Vitruvian man figure is an elaborate human sketch by Da Vinci and space flight clothes are indispensable for human beings to operate in space. By skillfully overlapping these images, designer have succeeded in accurately communicating the contents of the exhibition theme "space and art" tha ⥅
SAHB Poster
Mays Vegetarian Restaurant by Ling Chen
Mays Vegetarian Restaurant
The Mays, as a borderless creative vegetarian restaurant, launches cross-border innovation by bringing together food cultures from around the world. The Mays breaks the conventional ideas of people with food, so in this space, the designer wanted to break the rules as well. There is a legend that eating vegetarian food will make the human body grow backwards, so the designer designed an "inversed time and space". The metaphorical elemen ⥅
GOOGLE Corporate Offices by Juan Carlos Baumgartner
GOOGLE Corporate Offices
As one of the leading web browser companies, google needed to grow in the building they were. The design concept is really simple…the city of Mexico. When you enter the reception you find this really white space, with a bright colored logo, that lets you in into two different spaces. One, the techtalk, a big auditorium for multiple uses. Here the focus of design is the Mexico city google map carpet, which captures you eye the moment you step ⥅
Juan Carlos Baumgartner

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