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WikiArt Mobile APP, Branding, Visual Design by Yaman Hu
WikiArt Mobile APP, Branding, Visual Design
The WikiArt APP aims to represent a unique interface that gives user brand new experience when they searching for artworks. The database has clearly visual layout, the user flow is easy to learn by new users, more additional, WikiArt is building the dictionary of artwork that from all over the world.
Urban Oasis Residential by Vstudio Limited
Urban Oasis Residential
The origins layout of this Duplex was composed by lots of bedrooms to serve as accommodation for employees of a company, the layout made the duplex feel dingy and dark. We reconfigured the space into a large open-plan with living & dining room, kitchen with an open-tread steel staircase to penetrate more natural light to the Foyer. Master bedroom Is located on the upper level where the master bathroom had been relocated next to the big window ⥅
Urban Oasis
Yulonghu Community Center by Quincy Li
Yulonghu Community Center
The project is adjacent to Xuzhou New City Dalong Lake Scenic Area, a metropolitan top resource aggregation field integrating finance, education and stereoscopic landscape, with perfect surrounding commercial facilities and mature living atmosphere. The design continues the cultural deposits of the ancient capital, Xuzhou, adheres to the aesthetic mood of Chinese style, and fully explores the surrounding landscape resources to create a livable co ⥅
Five Senses Feast Events Space Design by Rong Chen
Five Senses Feast Events Space Design
To make Glenmorangie New Lasanta stand out in the competition among the numerous whiskey producers eyeing Taiwan as an important market and to bring a brand-new experience in whiskey tasting have been the primary goal of Glenmorangie WhiskyFest in Taipei. Unlike the singularity and one-directionality of other wine tasting and displaying events, five main interactive installations and a tasting bar have been organized, enabling visitors to do more ⥅
Five Senses Feast
USAePay Office Space  by Hootan Hamedani
USAePay Office Space
USAePay is one incomparable work space filled with high tech and machinery features. The existing condition of the tenant dictated the design development: the place was an old warehouse with exposed structural framing. Existent industrial warehouse was an inspirational motive to design an industrial look office space. Hence, the concept fixated on maintaining material authenticity and using technological advances. Structural and non-structural el ⥅
Mays Restaurant Eating House by Yong Ming He
Mays Restaurant Eating House
In order to respond to the theme of the restaurant and endow the space of the case with natural power, the designer takes the shape of the root, branch and leaf of the natural plant as an element, simplifies, derives and creates its shape, constructs a smooth and natural line, and finally forms a new design symbol, thus reflecting a larger imaginary world.
Mays Restaurant
WOWO Multipurpose Furniture by Wei Jingye
WOWO Multipurpose Furniture
Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear by Chihsiang Li
Fashionable Guan Gong Stage Wear
Drawing inspiration from the attire of Guan Gong, the deity worshipped at the Puji Temple in Daxi, Taiwan, boasting over a century of intangible cultural heritage. This work challenges the representation of Eastern deity culture through Western three-dimensional tailoring. Simultaneously, it employs digital algorithms to explore the application of textile technology in traditional hand-embroidered works, aiming to reduce weight and enhance durabi ⥅
Fashionable Guan Gong
Aranya Cafeteria 6 Restaurant by Y SPACE DESIGN CONSULTING FIRM
Aranya Cafeteria 6 Restaurant
Cafeteria 6 is located in the underground space of a hotel. There are multiple concrete walls left in the underground space, and electrical equipment from above the hotel have covered the ceiling. Designers wish to expose these elements, and treat this sense of brutalism and industrialization as a main concept of this design. On the other hand, designers imagined the overall atmosphere for Cafeteria 6 to be warm and busy. The design team tried to ⥅
Aranya Cafeteria 6
314 Pi Wine Label Design by Maria Stylianaki
314 Pi Wine Label Design
Experimenting with wine tasting is a never-ending process leading to new paths and divergent aromas. The infinite sequence of pi, the irrational number with the endless decimals without knowing the last one of them was the inspiration for the name of these wines without sulfites. The design aims to put the features of 3,14 wine series in the spotlight instead of hiding them among pictures or graphics. Following a minimalistic and simple approach, ⥅
314 Pi
Nibbiorosso Electric MTB by Marco Naccarella
Nibbiorosso Electric MTB
For bike designs, and especially for E-bikes, issues with user friendliness and system optimization remain tenacious. Creating a system that can reliably function in the long run, whilst being easy to operate and modify is crucial within its market. Issues such as torque, system simplicity, battery life, and battery interchangeability, also become issues of in the scope of such projects.
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center by Tengyuan Design
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center expresses the design concept of the city reception room on the basis of modern style. In this case, the use of natural light is maximized. The large glass curtain walls weaken the space limit, let people also can feel the color in nature change indoors. The modern geometric line sense integrates the outstanding display space, and the unique aesthetic way highlights the rhythm of the space, creating a rich visual level ⥅
Longhu Yucheng

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