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Bread Culinary Explorers Rebranding by Wolkendieb Design Agency
Bread Culinary Explorers Rebranding
For over 30 years, IBIS Backwaren brings bread and Viennoiseries specialties into the German market. To get better recognition in shelves, Wolkendieb relaunched their brand identity, redesigned the existing portfolio as well as new products. The logo's visual impact was refreshed and reinforced thanks to a bright-red colored frame, and a doubled size on all mediums. The task was to reflect the quality and versatility of the baking products. ⥅
Bread Culinary Explorers
Wolkendieb Design Agency
Transformation Fitness by Zefeng Dong
Transformation Fitness
This project is a fitness club design. The designer according to the original features of the building, the first floor space is themed with book bar, while the second floor space is divided into various functional areas with the concept of track, and the metal grid is adopted to increase the force change and tension of the space.
Infinite Steel Stool Stool by Fernanda Marques
Infinite Steel Stool Stool
Infinite Steel Stool
DesignSoul Digital Magazine Digital Interactive Magazine by NGM Turkey
DesignSoul Digital Magazine Digital Interactive Magazine
Filli Boya Design Soul Magazine explains the importance of colors in our lives to its readers in a different and enjoyable manner. The content of Design Soul contains a broad area from fashion to art; from decoration to personal care; from sports to technology and even from food and beverages to books. In addition to famous and interesting portraits, analysis, latest technology and interviews, the magazine also includes interesting content, video ⥅
DesignSoul Digital Magazine
Shell 2030 Transportation Mean by Tamir Mizrahi
Shell 2030 Transportation Mean
In an era when electric vehicles have replaced gasoline engines and created a monotonous experience - this is the vehicle that will take you to your destination, in an high-interacted way. Designed with a high ergonomic standard and simplicity, that comes from the organic shapes of the Seashell. This also comes from the user's sense of safety, that feels like a protected pearl in a seashell. Honda Shell 2030 includes an innovative tilt syste ⥅
Shell 2030
Glory Forever Installation Art by Li Chen Peng
Glory Forever Installation Art
2020 Nantou lantern festival water dancing show with the theme of Glory Forever, it was based on the shape of a famous mountain in Taiwan, Nantou county “Ninety nine Peaks”, it also shows the nature scenery on the water screen with color changeable lighting pattern. Designer Li Chen Peng builds it by the nine arcs on the water surface with a steel structure combined water dance show, to bring the water show into the virtual and real state of comb ⥅
Glory Forever
Koron Sofa by Hamid Packseresht
Koron Sofa
Through conducting a research on approximately most of Iranian instruments, and analyzing their forms, especially Taar, this time, they have come up with a design in regard to the furniture design. They have created a bridge between these ancient and nostalgic forms, holding both modern and postmodern approaches towards the furniture design. This sofa is a combination of wood, leather, and steel.
Hamid Packseresht
Le Utopia Residential by Monique Lee
Le Utopia Residential
One major feature of the design is a mega image of the iconic Big Ben of the entrance. It adorns the space with a sense of leisure. The use of gentle stone grey as the design's theme colour is a rich resonance with the natural scenery outside. The dining and living rooms along the French windows enjoy natural light source and a panoramic seaview. The marble stone furniture and pattern enrich a breezy ambience while master bedroom's eart ⥅
Le Utopia
Furong Hui Residential by Yung-Hsi Peng, Pei-Chi Hung, Parn Shyr
Furong Hui Residential
Inspired by the image of anti frost Hibiscus flower in Su Shis ancient poem, the design team made a use of the advantages of a conventional single square building and designed it with continuous columns on the same base to create an appearance of layered flower petals, as it is located on the top of the building, at glance it is possible to see the blooming Hibiscus flower. On the premise of combining practicality, design aesthetics and art, this ⥅
Furong Hui
Yung-Hsi Peng, Pei-Chi Hung, Parn Shyr
AI  Classic Tea Making Machine by ShuiXuan Chen
AI Classic Tea Making Machine
The product combined with instant heating technology, identification technology and intelligent Internet of things technology, an intelligent tea drinking machine is developed, which can heat the water instantly and adjust the water temperature according to different kinds of tea. Its overall shape is simple, delicate and miniature, saving space, and it is suitable for home, office, shared space and other use scenarios. The interactive mode is ⥅
AI  Classic
Pepsi Solar Cart Vending Cart Solar Cooler by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi Solar Cart Vending Cart Solar Cooler
Pepsi Solar Cart
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Archadia Brand Identity by Cristian Carrara
Archadia Brand Identity
The Archadia logo is designed to inspire stability and dynamism according to the mission of the brand. The letter A, here understood as the initial letter of the brand name, was designed starting from the elementary geometry of a triangle, the static form par excellence in architecture, but also recalls the main concepts of academy, architecture and also "abitare" (living in Italian). The chosen blue color finally defines the institutio ⥅

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