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Argo Timepiece by Cesare Zuccaro
Argo Timepiece
Argo by Gravithin is a timepiece whose design is inspired by a sextant. It features an engraved double dial, available in two shades, Deep Blue and Black Sea, in honor of the Argo ship mythical adventures. Its heart beats thanks to a Swiss Ronda 705 quartz movement, while the sapphire glass and the strong 316L brushed steel ensure even more resistance. It is also 5ATM water-resistant. The watch is available in three different case colors (gold, s ⥅
Black Tenement Residence by Eureka Limited
Black Tenement Residence
"Black Tenement" is a renovation project in Central, Hong Kong. The project renovates an 5-storey tenement house building from 1950s to provide six studio flats and one 2-bedrooms flat. The design keeps the existing envelope intact and retain some old features; and introduce a clean lines design with a limited palette of materials. Works from local craftsmen are incorporated. At the entrance, there is the old Chinese noodle store on the ⥅
Black Tenement
Mirror Bridge Studio by Liu Jinrui
Mirror Bridge Studio
Mirror bridge brings both lightness and vitality into the once dark and narrow flat, invoking a feeling of dream and fantasy. The twisted metal surface allows the light to be reflected multiple times indoors, increasing the illumination as well as creating a magic time-tunnel experience. The renovation made significant improvements in lighting, ventilation, and sight. The form of the ground-supported portion and the tension of its shape partially ⥅
Mirror Bridge
Out Of Frame Art Apartment by Cheng-Hsuan Huang
Out Of Frame Art Apartment
To integrate the client’s art collection into their daily life, to bring out the distinctive personal taste of their life style and further ascension the quality of their life. The space was regarding the cohesion between the art pieces of different personality. Building a space linked strongly with arts to present the revolution of the new aesthetics of living space.The lighting is not too strong or bright, highlighting some parts of the interio ⥅
Out Of Frame
Cheng-Hsuan Huang
Gatorade Fuel Rover Sports and Beverage  by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Gatorade Fuel Rover Sports and Beverage
The Gatorade Fuel Rover is the evolution of the former Gatorade Bottle Tree. After the 2020 NFL season, Gatorade gleaned the insight that there was room for improvement when it came to the Bottle Tree. Trainers needed a more efficient and functional way to store and transport a large number of players' bottles around the field. The Design Team redesigned, developed, and produced an updated bottle storage system, now known as the Gatorade Fue ⥅
Gatorade Fuel Rover
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Nantong Landscape Under Heaven 86#Villa  Villa design by Tomohiro Katsuki
Nantong Landscape Under Heaven 86#Villa Villa design
This project was monitored by PRISM DESIGN & Mori DESIGN Team. It took the design team one and a half year to finish this project.Japanese designers abstracted traditional Chinese elements and combined that with western culture, including colors and arts.Meanwhile, the order of the interior space arrangement also brought some traditional Chinese people’s lifestyle.
Nantong Landscape Under Heaven 86#Villa
17th goo Calendar “12 Pockets 2014” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
17th goo Calendar “12 Pockets 2014” Calendar
The promotional calendar of the portal site, goo (http://www.goo.ne.jp) is a functional calendar with the sheet for each month transforming into a pocket that allows you to keep and manage your business cards, notes and receipts. The theme is Red String to show the bond between goo and its users. Both ends of the pocket are in fact held by red stitches which become the highlight of the design. A calendar in a pleasantly expressive form, it is jus ⥅
17th goo Calendar “12 Pockets 2014”
Fun paradise Multiple academic functions by Yanming Yin
Fun paradise Multiple academic functions
The Zhuoyu Pavilion is an innovative project. It intends to build an additional third space beyond the typical classroom and playground for the countryside children to engage in computer access, reading, communication and other interactive activities. The design starts from the characteristics of perception and mentality of schoolchildren to construct A house within a house, or a space. The project combines design with education, attempting to im ⥅
Fun paradise
Love makes the world go round Jewellery by Samira Mazloom
Love makes the world go round Jewellery
The inspiration for this costume made wedding ring, came from the famous quote "Love makes the world go round", and the story of Adam & Eve and the forbidden fruit (The world’s first Love story). The small hoops on top of the ring (The Serpent) turn and spin around a diamond (simulating the movements of a snake) is a metaphor for the world going around. When the hoops come together they form the story of Adam & Eve and the forbi ⥅
Love makes the world go round
More _Light Modular interior design system by Giorgio Caporaso
More _Light Modular interior design system
A modular system assemblable, disassemblable and eco-sustainable. More_Light has a green soul and is very easy to use. Innovative and ideal to satisfy all of our daily needs, thanks to the flexibility of its square modules and its joint system. You can assemble bookcases of different sizes and depths, shelving, panel walls, display stands, wall units. Thanks to the wide range of finishes, colours and textures available, its personality can be fur ⥅
More _Light
Longquan Forest Restaurant by Hongyu Chen
Longquan Forest Restaurant
The project is an additional project for the original Baigongyan Hotel. Before the renovation of project, it is mainly used for banquets and retail customers, there is a lack of private rooms. For the consideration of extending the function of the hotel and enhancing its receptivity, the designer will transform the existing stacked lakeside into several dining rooms without destroying the trees.
Longquan Forest
Safira Griplight lighting by Chou-Hang, Yang
Safira Griplight lighting
Safira is inspired by the intention of solving messy accessories on the handlebar for modern cyclists. By integrating front lamp and direction indicator into grip design brilliantly achieve the target. Also utilizing the space of hollow handlebar as battery cabin maximize the capacity of electricity. Due to the combination of the grip, bike light, direction indicator and handlebar battery cabin, the SAFIRA becomes the most compact and relevant po ⥅
Safira Griplight

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