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Baoshan U World Mixed Use by Aico Ltd
Baoshan U World Mixed Use
The team adopt a penetrable perimeter block for the site. Continuous building facades along city roads defines an active public sidewalk, while multiple paths and small plazas invite people to the site’s heart, an energetic courtyard. This porous layout enhances visual linkage and optimize surrounding riverfront greens. The main functions of the ground floor are community facilities and entertainments to maintain streets alive. Creative office an ⥅
Baoshan U World
Tao  Rocking Chair by Hsu-Hung Huang
Tao Rocking Chair
The name comes from the Tao people who live on Orchid Island in eastern Taiwan. Also, these indigenous people are well-known for their traditional canoe craftsmanship. Inspired by the crafts of Tao, Hsu-Hung Huang integrated their boat-building craftsmanship into a piece of furniture. Furthermore, the designer hoped to transfer the experience of rowing the Tao canoe into the joyfulness of swinging in a rocking chair. Ultimately, the project explo ⥅
Lakeside Villa by Wei Chiang Liao
Lakeside Villa
Adjoining a lake, the house surrounded by the natural environment signifies an appeased lifestyle, of which the house owner’s childhood experience inspired the design plan that was based on the theme of a magnificent “life,” which reiterates the importance of an excellent house to sustain the quality of life. An exceptional architecture should be built on the basis of people and life, which is incubated by the architecture and space. ⥅
Grasse Town S2 Show Villa by David Chang Design Associates Intl
Grasse Town S2 Show Villa
The design concept is derived from country estate villas of the 18th century France complete with Corinthian capital, baseboard, and crown moulding. The soft colour palette from ivory to pastel was used in the entire villa to create an inviting and relaxing living environment while possessing a sense of luxury. Together with the French classical floral relief motif on the ceiling, Boiserie wall panels and Trompe-l’œil scenes that are displayed th ⥅
Grasse Town S2
David Chang Design Associates Intl
三观|官灯饰 decorated with lights by Shifeng Gao
三观|官灯饰 decorated with lights
This is a partial lighting products and fashion accessories, unlike previous products it is made is a combination of leather and metal, and then through the extraction of facial features in the eyes ears lips contour as the overall shape of the lamp, because the material is made of leather so you could bend out of shape what you want to.This is an operational, personalized lamp.
In's  Coffee shop by Hsin Ting Weng
In's Coffee shop
This secret garden nearby hillsides comes from the renovation of a residential garage to a French vintage coffee house. The teal building, façade comprises moulding posts with recessed and fluted details. At the courtyard seat, it affords a panoramic view through colonial window grid; on the other face, the green wall attaches to pine fence panels, permeating garden breeze to the greenhouse. Entering indoor area, the antique brown solid wood kitc ⥅
Montparnasse  Residential by Oka Yuko
Montparnasse Residential
Paris, France during 1930’s the heart of intellectual and artistic life of Paris. Ironically, during this period a small village where local artist formed the realization and creation of the design. Distinctive arches and curves along the structure and fine black iron window frames throughout. Outfitted with refurbishments, custom hand-made or special ordered items and forming a new residence called Appartement Montparnasse at Ikebukro Tokyo, Jap ⥅
CIAK AllDayItalian Restaurant by Monique Lee
CIAK AllDayItalian Restaurant
The design is inspired by and resonates Italian SWEET LIFE - Dolce Vita.   The scene of the country house style windows and red-brick-like façade at the entrance constructs an atmosphere of a square in a small Italian town.  Together with the parquet floor and greeneries, it ushers customers into an exotic Italian town to enjoy a lighthearted meal.
CIAK AllDayItalian
Nuvem Decorative Lighting Solution by Miguel Arruda
Nuvem Decorative Lighting Solution
Nuvem goes beyond the confines of traditional illumination. Slamp patented Opalflex recycled material, versatile modules can be infinitely combined creating floating landscapes. The design can be lit by multiple, bidirectional spotlights that can be positioned above the system or threaded through to illuminate from below. The easily adaptable, mutable installation brings an artistic, ethereal touch to any kind of space. The modules can be infinit ⥅
Madona Door handle by devesh pratyay
Madona Door handle
The sole intent of of this design is to make a door accessory aesthetic and functional. Door handles until now had all been designed in single axis this design breaks such thought and has a design of surfaces in double axis. This handle has been designed to give a fitting feel in the hand, with the form of this handle being completely derived from the curvature of the hand when holding an object of this nature. A Purity of form that sits in the p ⥅
Great China Wedding Banquet Wedding Banquet by Chin-Hsu Huang
Great China Wedding Banquet Wedding Banquet
Traditional Eastern culture requires weddings to adhere to traditional practices, whereas Western culture is liberal and unconstrained. The design concept of this hall focused on preserving the uniqueness of the local culture to create a Western atmosphere while simultaneously integrating contemporary design techniques.
Great China Wedding Banquet
Flower Power Vase by Mea'ad Al-Abboud
Flower Power Vase
FLOWER POWER is a Flower Vase where the designer come up with an idea to create a vase that has a magic to change the colors of the flowers. The work was designed to be for users who can come up with numerous of different results. The design includes only 50 anodized aluminum tubes on a Corian black base with 100 holes to give the user more exiting and be part of this experiment to change the arrangement every time and see new. Pivoine flower has ⥅
Flower Power
Mea'ad Al-Abboud

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