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Ston Aroma Inhaler by Eisuke Tachikawa
Ston Aroma Inhaler
Ston provides you a healthy and mindful break, as an alternative to smoking and drinking. Nosigner named the device Breather, as a reference to the unique mindful experience it provides. Although the structure is similar to an electronic cigarette, by adjusting the flow of air as well as other factors, you can experience something closer to a deep breath. This is the tool to change a harmful break with smoking cigarettes into a healthy one for me ⥅
Jinmao Luxuriance Club by Panshi Design
Jinmao Luxuriance Club
The indoor artificial natural background is closely connected with the outdoor real natural landscape, activating the natural atmosphere. The indoor New Oriental screen corresponds to the outdoor screen, evolving from indoor to outdoor, forming the physical dialogue between the screens. When you enter the pool space, you can see the the Peach Garden, and enjoy the feeling of overlooking the distance from the other bank. The super long and large g ⥅
Jinmao Luxuriance
Simplicity and Zen Residence by Wen Jenq Cherng
Simplicity and Zen Residence
The statement of “the interior design presents the space integration” has become the spirit when planning the configurations, space variations, and storage functions. The vivid colors and lights, and simple style have built up the interior space the blank infrastructure which is pure, delicate, and modern. In the meantime, the large color wall and a number of antique artifacts have connected the individual items, the design generating the harmoni ⥅
Simplicity and Zen
UKIYO Rocking Long Chair by Saburo Hazumi
UKIYO Rocking Long Chair
Concept of this design is following 2 points. 1,Simplicity structure: This chair is composed of just 2 design elements like carbon fiber panel and leather pad. Mainly, both of these become organic one-motioned panel work. The both sides of the "united panel" play the main part functionally and visually. 2,Something like Objets d'art: Long chair should be nice looking and the existence should be symbolic in the room. Its imbalance ⥅
Clean-Rim paper cup paper cup by Yinshuai Zhang
Clean-Rim paper cup paper cup
To prevent the pollution from touch of the rim of paper cup, we design an 11 degree sloping rim. The incline make region between two rims of cups so that people can take a cup easily without touching the rim. The design draws the public attention to care more about the Hygienic of disposable product.
Clean-Rim paper cup
Wave Mural Public Artwork  by Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Wave Mural Public Artwork
The exterior wall of the Mirror House in Hanoi’s Reunion Park was decorated with ceramic mosaic murals of Truong Sa waves. Thu Thuy’s idea aimed to promote the beauty and power of the Vietnamese seascape. As a visitor approaches the Mirror House, there is a sense of mist from the ocean as this entire wall of the building is covered with shimmering waves created entirely by 300,000 ceramic mosaic tiles, giving the installation a feeling of unity a ⥅
Wave Mural
Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy
Vanke Golden Mile Sales Office by Ping Zhou
Vanke Golden Mile Sales Office
At the age of diversity, people tend to value the integration of life and space, design and art, work and life, aesthetics and practicality. As a space of the experience shop, it brings a feeling of passion to its customers. With detailed decorations, an artistic atmosphere is established without shaming the sense of ordering and the texture. The meticulous on-site baking experience closes the distance between people and the wheat. It combines ae ⥅
Vanke Golden Mile
PepsiCo NSPIRE Mobile Kitchen by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo NSPIRE Mobile Kitchen
PepsiCo NSPIRE is a premier mobile food and beverage kitchen that engages both consumers and customers as well as a graphic and transportation design system that is synergistic with the user interface of the Spire family. The approach embodies the fun spirited nature of Pepsi Spire through colors and dynamic movement of graphics on a structural surface that is both minimal and modern in form. The halo shaped service window is a gesture to the hol ⥅
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Qingcheng Creek Real Estate by Nine Dimension Design
Qingcheng Creek Real Estate
Curved roof connects the whole building community, combined with vertical members, forming a light and smooth space form. In terms of material selection, this case continues the simplicity and nature of ancient Chinese architecture, and creates a pure and comfortable atmosphere with the help of thatch, green tiles and wood.
Qingcheng Creek
Nine Dimension Design
Poly K18 Office Building Office Building by Golden Ho
Poly K18 Office Building Office Building
Poly K18 Office Building covers an area of 660 square meters, the entire space is narrow, is a rectangular shape, the entrance into the space depth is not enough, very shallow, so we use the spatial characteristics of horizontal extension. Surrounded by three sides of the floor glass, each function can be fully able to enjoy the layout of the outside world.
Poly K18 Office Building
Colmo Ai Home Terminal Image Design by RE&DER DESIGN PLC
Colmo Ai Home Terminal Image Design
This project builds an integrated ideal life picture based on the same brand and intelligent linkage of all categories of household appliances from multiple dimensions such as minimalist color, multi-material and visual imprint. With the unified theme of the scene, the integration of product technology and art of living gives users a practical smart interactive experience to enhance the connection between space, products, and consumers, improving ⥅
Colmo Ai Home
Untranslate Application by Arani Halder
Untranslate Application
Language is not just a tool, but a reflection of its surrounding culture, people, media and socio-politics. Therefore, the true essence of a language can never truly be translated into another. Untranslate is an application that teaches the nuances of a language through context-based learning. Deviating from the traditional academic sources, it introduces the specific cultural references and content that can only be learnt by living in the corres ⥅

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