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MT 12 Coffee Table by Benoit Vauthier
MT 12 Coffee Table
Our connected world requires to live fast and efficiently. That's why the real luxury today is the ability to slow down, take time and be surrounded with beautiful things made with care and respectful of the environment. This coffee table with a sculpture of a mountain on its top evokes the poetry of the endless horizons and plunges the spectator into a contemplative state. This project bridges the gap between design, art and craftsmanship t ⥅
MT 12
OroNero restaurant by Henry Chebaane
OroNero restaurant
OroNero Bar & Ristorante: taking black gold as its inspiration, the unusual concept of this restaurant transcends fashion yet takes all its energy and glamour from the essence of Italian luxury: the crafts and tradition of couture, jewellery, vintage cars, gastronomy and fine wines...all edited, blended and re-imagined with high glamour and a cinematographic approach to story-telling that goes beyond dining. OroNero is styled like a high-fash ⥅
Forest of Art Landscapes by Hsu Fu Chu
Forest of Art Landscapes
The project is located at the junction of three parks, and there is a walkway to school in front of it, where is the corner space of the downtown area. An art country hidden in the city. The design core is inspired and elaborated from the fairy tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Accompanying the urban landscape, the indoor and outdoor scenes well interprets the artistic resentence with design and story.
Forest of Art
Sailing Castle Pavilion by CHENG TSUNG FENG
Sailing Castle Pavilion
Artist Cheng Tsung FENG contrives a symbolic pavilion with wood constructions. Through the white sails harmoniously intertwined among the structure, he interprets the image of many sailboats gathering at the harbor as if an enormous sculptural entity embodies the enchanting scenery from the Donggang coast.
Sailing Castle
Les toqués du pain Visual Identity for a bakery by Les Bons Faiseurs
Les toqués du pain Visual Identity for a bakery
«Les Toques du Pain» is a bakery run by passionate bakers, mad about bread and obsessed by bread. The bakery itself and all his communications express an obsessional declaration of love for bread. «Toqué» has several meanings in French like: 1 «toqué» is the chef wearing a chef’s hat 2 «toqué» is someone nutty 3 «toqué» is someone crazy about someone 4 «toqué» is someone with obsessive compulsive disorder (TOC Troubles Obsessional Compulsif in Fr ⥅
Les toqués du pain
Les Bons Faiseurs
ARIN-X6040D Dual View X-Ray Inspection System by Oguzhan Topcuoglu
ARIN-X6040D Dual View X-Ray Inspection System
The advanced dual-view X-Ray inspection system is utilized for providing security at airports, ports and borders, government buildings, etc. Sharp yet neat lines make it compatible with the interior look of modern buildings in society. The external interface of the X-Ray device and the keyboard is simple and understandable for the operator. Thus, it is easy and safe to use for both the operator and the passengers without the risk of being exposed ⥅
Oguzhan Topcuoglu
Lightwell House Residence by ZEarch+Zwork Architects
Lightwell House Residence
In the project, the concept of Sanheyaun was reintroduced to rethink residential housing. The living space in the center of the house was re-created as a reinterpretation of the traditional courtyard space. A lightwell is inserted from the roof to the living room, as the open sky one can see from the courtyard of Sanheyaun. Together with the living room and the central lightwell, the central space is where the family members circulate daily and t ⥅
Lightwell House
ZEarch+Zwork Architects
Idiomi Lamp by Nicolò Caruso
Idiomi Lamp
Idiomi; is a lamp in its three dimensions and array of lighting can create different scenarios and enrich the environment with a truly new light. It wishes to be a means of expression of Light. This lamp recalls the themes of purity of line and shape as well as the candor of white. Idiomi allows light to escort man in everyday actions, sensations, feelings and moments. It, thanks to the innovative potential of LED, can adapt to the situations tha ⥅
La Courbe Curved LED TV Curved LED TV by Vestel ID Team
La Courbe Curved LED TV Curved LED TV
La Courbe Curved LED TV
Aix Arome Cafe Cafe by Ajax Law
Aix Arome Cafe Cafe
The Café is where visitors feel the coexistence with oceans. Huge egg shaped structure placed within middle of space is simultaneously functioning as cashier and coffee supply. Iconic appearance of the booth is inspired by dark and dull looking coffee bean. Two big openings on top-front of both sides of “big bean” serve as good source of ventilation and natural light. Café provided long table like bunch of octopuses and bubbles altogether. The se ⥅
Aix Arome Cafe
CNCRT A sophisticated men's bathroom products. by Yoshifumi Yokoyama
CNCRT A sophisticated men's bathroom products.
This is a concept of the packaging design for a concentrate body balm product for men. “CNCRT” is a solid packaging like a concrete building. During this project STUDIOBIUM also found inspiration in buildings created by TADAO ANDO. CNCRT is cast into solid rectangular shape of a dark gray concrete with hard edges and sharp corners. STUDIOBIUM aim to create unique bottles with using usual materials in unusual way. ⥅
Yoshifumi Yokoyama
Black Forest Laboratory by Xiwen Guo
Black Forest Laboratory
The is a groundbreaking project and is the first key laboratory for human-computer interaction and emotional computing based on cutting-edge bio-intelligence technology in china . The intending and enterprise with their technical team, so that they could express the advanced and cutting -edge technology to the public in simple design language and bridging the gap between future technology and the public. And the assembly rate reached over 70%, an ⥅
Black Forest

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