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Longfor Origin Sales Center by Cindy Jin
Longfor Origin Sales Center
The dynamic spiral chandelier dances with the music and sparkles with lights and shadows, giving viewers an immersive experience. The social space is full of charm thanks to the spiral staircase with a curry and metallic texture that connects the two stories. The astrolabe design allows people to embrace their imaginations accompanied by a starry sky. In this context, the Longfor Origin is turned into a customized club space that integrates art, ⥅
Longfor Origin
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden Sales Department by GBD
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden Sales Department
Designers hope that the interior design of the project can be integrated with the urban character of Kunming, so think of the sales department as a floating future island, with a sea of dreamy flowers, forming a huge, dreamy organism. The interior modeling is full of enlarged flower elements, shaping many different blooming petals with curved surface shapes. The difficult part of the construction process is the curved surface modeling technology ⥅
Kunming Zhonghaihui Delhi Garden
Shenzhen Zhongshuge Bookstore by Li Xiang
Shenzhen Zhongshuge Bookstore
Inspired by the rapid development and achievements of the project location, Shenzhen Zhongshuge is created to pay tribute to the countless pioneers in this immigrant city. The spiral bookshelf is used as a symbol to show the rapid development of history and arouse the thinking of visitors at the same time. The unconventional design approach to fuse commerce and art breaks the shackles of the monotonous attributes of a space bound to function, con ⥅
Shenzhen Zhongshuge
Deji Cultural Complex Museum by Masato Kure
Deji Cultural Complex Museum
Deji Cultural Complex provides a fusion of cultural arts and commercial facilities. It has six extensive facilities including an art museum, a museum, a bookstore, shops, and a café on its top 7300 m2 floor. The coexistence of these facilities allows customers to stop by at one they would not have otherwise visited. What makes The Triangle. JP's design innovation is that they entirely got rid of walls between spaces. By eliminating partition ⥅
Deji Cultural Complex
First Shiguangli Marketing Center by Shanhejinyuan
First Shiguangli Marketing Center
Trying to open up the river of time, interpretation of the history left behind the carrier of faith, linked to the region in space-time memory, in the context of cultural overlap resonated. Thinking from the dimension of urban living space, it reflects a book island located in the bustling city, showing people's wisdom, culture and spiritual power in a dynamic way.
First Shiguangli
Huanghesong Theatre Cultural Venues by Xuelin Wu
Huanghesong Theatre Cultural Venues
The whole space is based on white and yellow, which is more fashionable and international. The entrance space continues the water in the sky device. On the one hand, the shape of the top of the hall and the decorative column originates from the elements of the book page, which symbolizes the culture, and the Central Plains culture is an important source of Chinese culture. Taking the book as the shape vividly highlights the profound and long orig ⥅
Huanghesong Theatre
The Peacock Wine Cellar  by Kyle MertensMeyer
The Peacock Wine Cellar
The Peacock's ancient craftsmanship and contemporary fabrication create an intentional joining of past and present. The cellar comprises one thousand individually handcrafted blue-glazed terra cotta tiles, glistening like the Peacock's feathers. The design team used 3d printing to prototype before working with artisans from the historic porcelain town of Jingdezhen, China to craft the final tiles. Every tile's internal LED illumina ⥅
The Peacock
Kyle MertensMeyer
The Ring Retail Development by Lead8
The Ring Retail Development
The Ring in Chongqing is a ground-breaking ecological retail destination featuring one of China's largest indoor botanic gardens. A first of its kind for the city, the interior design intertwines retail, nature, culture and experience and comes to life with a 42 meter tall botanical garden, interactive sports and culture, and a creative tenant mix. The power of biophilia and nature is front and center, pushing the agenda forward for retail d ⥅
The Ring
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion Experience Center by Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion Experience Center
The project is the experience center of the residential property Fontanelle developed by Vanke, located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing, China. Shaoxing is renowned as the Oriental Venice. The design team drew on the aesthetic of silk, integrating the poetic scenery of southern China with the stylish and ambience of Apennine peninsula, creating a modern space that leads a special lifestyle.
Vanke Fontanelle Aesthetics Pavilion
Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Woodland Kindergarten by Liu Jinrui
Woodland Kindergarten
The original building had limited space and heavily relied on artificial lights, which was against common expectations of kindergartens. The design has kept the entire structure and created an atrium. Taking advantage of the original structure, the atrium transforms the liner into a woodland. Columns and beams immediately become trees and bridges. Continuous stairs and slides spiral up around the columns, connecting and activating spaces. ⥅
Puer Community Real Estate Sales Center by Qingtao Ji
Puer Community Real Estate Sales Center
The project is located in the well-known tea producing area in Yunnan, China, with a pretty landscape and a pleasant climate. It is a design case for the sales hall of a large real estate project. The sales hall has an area of 2,700 square meters and a height of 10 meters. The building is in a curled tea-leaf-shape and has a glass exterior wall. The interior space continues the architectural appearance artistic conception with a tea-leaf-shaped i ⥅
Puer Community
Rotass Haute Joallerie Store by Xiaobing Yao
Rotass Haute Joallerie Store
This is a renovation project of a two-story commercial street structure shop. The first floor hall tells the aesthetic idea of custom jewelry through gypsum sculpture. The copper steps and mirrored roofs give this particular space an upward force. The overhead sandwich area is not only the extension of space, but also the VIP reception space. The cutting wall of the corridor makes people feel like they are shuttling in diamonds. The whole space o ⥅
Rotass Haute Joallerie

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