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Ancora  Brand Identity by Keiichiro Yanagi
Ancora Brand Identity
Ancora is a brand store that sells fountain pens and stationaries. Nowadays, digitalization and information and communication technology have been progressing rapidly. On the other hand, Ancora focuses on the revival of analog in-person communication. Ancora reconsiders these values in which their way of writing, drawing from the heart provides joy that also delivers a special experience such as customizable fountain pens that can be combined in ⥅
Epichust Smart Workshop Operation Platform by 4Paradigm UED
Epichust Smart Workshop Operation Platform
Epichust smart workshop operation platform is an intelligent production line operation platform with AI and IoT technology as the cornerstone. In this platform, users can further split the production view into multiple views such as planning, logistics, order execution, equipment and more, providing clear expressions for the presentation of complex indicators. At the same time, the system can realize intelligent scheduling based on production pro ⥅
Guo Cui Wu Du Chinese Baijiu by XIONGBO DENG
Guo Cui Wu Du Chinese Baijiu
This white spirit product, named Guocui Wudu, is from Henan Province, China. The liquor is made from five traditional Chinese medicinal materials that are soaked and brewed. On the market, competitive products more or less contain some dregs left during the brewing process. By contrast, the biggest selling point of this product is that through multiple processes, the purity of the liquor approximates a zero-impurity state, which gives consumers a ⥅
Guo Cui Wu Du
The Storyteller Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Tiago Russo
The Storyteller Single Malt Irish Whiskey
The Storyteller goal is to become an augmented immersive and personal, intimist experience, through a vessel that must be held in one’s hand, fully appreciated upon glancing and handling, feeling the frosted and clear textures, the gold trims and knurl, and ultimately the obsidian details of the closure, in what is a fully sensorial and experiential bottle design. All the remaining accessories are hidden in plain sight, and only accessible from d ⥅
The Storyteller
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human by Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human
Xijiajia is the first Ai digital human loaded with Aigc technology around the world. She fills the blank of virtual humans in the field of content creation and leads to a more efficient creativity, helping to reduce the costs of content generation and improve content diversity. Xijiajia boasts a though pattern closer to a human and independent learning ability, who can conduct interaction free of barrier with users through sign language and multi ⥅
Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Lalique Wall Calendar by David Kantor
Lalique Wall Calendar
Conceptual Calendar for French premium glass manufacture Lalique. Connecting the world of unique handmade glass production by a premium manufacturer and the world that is entirely handmade from paper. To create an amazing imaginary space in which the luxurious world of glass and visual art is combined. Together with perfect printing technology, large format, special effects and surface treatments, they form a breath-taking story that will enterta ⥅
Beoplay Portal Advertising Campaign by Carlos Cabrera
Beoplay Portal Advertising Campaign
It is a campaign to promote its Beoplay Portal headphones. The streamers shared the production to make it go viral. Under the claim Sound that shapes your world, they had to create 5 scenarios alluding to categories of the video game industry. In addition to having a great visual impact, the experience was elevated to a competition for the location of fetish objects hidden in each frame. The team was faced with a multi-scenario design in which th ⥅
Beoplay Portal
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo TVC Animation by 27 Design
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo TVC Animation
Children's imagination is always wonderfully endless. Therefore, in terms of expression, designers also mix various rich creative media and cleverly connect each style and the intersection of imagination and reality with the playful voices of children. They deliberately let the toy plane originally made by children take off in the real environment as if it has come to life, breaking the boundaries between reality and imagination, symbolizing ⥅
2021 Kids Channel Ident Promo
Liang Bai Kai Drinking Water by TIGER PAN
Liang Bai Kai Drinking Water
The main function of the bottle is to contain cool-down boiled water (Meaning Liang Bai Kai). What comes next is the label-less bottle contains and shares with the consumers an important part of ancient Chinese art. The inspiration is from the national treasury artwork of the Riverside Scene from Tsingming made in the Song dynasty over 1000 years ago.
Liang Bai Kai
Sakura Shimizu Packaging by Nobuya Hayasaka
Sakura Shimizu Packaging
This package was created as a branding project for a floral artist. All of the brand's tools were created in a uniform gray color, which shows the true colors of the flowers. The packaging is designed in a simple achromatic color so as not to detract from the quality of the client artist's work. The symbol is based on the typography of a Japanese character meaning "flower", and all brand tools are created around this symbol. B ⥅
Sakura Shimizu
Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity by Takahiro Eto
Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity
Better Bodies Hi is a workout studio. They needed to create an environment where users after office work could gradually prepare their body and mind towards exercise. Therefore, they designed a typeface that transforms in three stages. As users move from the reception to the workout area, the typeface of the sign gradually changes to a thicker and larger. The typeface gradually guides and encourages the user to work out. They used this typeface i ⥅
Better Bodies Hi
The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo
The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging
A timeless art statement and what is today the most luxurious and rarest Irish whiskey ever created. A record-breaking highly collectable set that brings together immersive, sensorial design and craftsmanship with the artistry of refined jewellery and detailing. Envisioned as the ultimate whiskey statement, with only 7 sets in existence, the fully bespoke Emerald Isle collection pays homage to iconic and mythological Irish sites through the refin ⥅
The Emerald Isle

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