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DA42-VI Twin Engine Piston Aircraft Private and Training Aircraft by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
DA42-VI Twin Engine Piston Aircraft Private and Training Aircraft
The DA42-VI is a sleek, all carbon twin jet fuel engine composite piston aircraft with advanced aerodynamics, the latest in passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency and superior occupant protection. The interior of the DA42-VI was designed with the pilot and passengers in mind. Ergonomically designed and climate-controlled seats with variable lordosis support and adjustable backrest. Various luxurious, hand-made upholsteri ⥅
DA42-VI Twin Engine Piston Aircraft
Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human by Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human
Xijiajia is the first Ai digital human loaded with Aigc technology around the world. She fills the blank of virtual humans in the field of content creation and leads to a more efficient creativity, helping to reduce the costs of content generation and improve content diversity. Xijiajia boasts a though pattern closer to a human and independent learning ability, who can conduct interaction free of barrier with users through sign language and multi ⥅
Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Bank Of Shanghai Flagship Store Retail Commercial Space by Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd
Bank Of Shanghai Flagship Store Retail Commercial Space
As a flagship branch of Bank of Shanghai located on Beijing's Financial Street, this project achieves comprehensive functionality, simplifies process of traditional services and establishes a fair and rigorous corporate image through its innovative layout and design ideas. A touch of local elements enriches its cultural connotation, conveying the brand values and improving customer experience with a visual expression that balances history an ⥅
Bank Of Shanghai Flagship Store
Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd
Rhita Sustainability Suitcase by ChungSheng Chen
Rhita Sustainability Suitcase
Assembly and disassembly designed for sustainability cause. With an Innovative hinge structure system designed, 70 percent of parts were reduced, no glue or rivet for fixation, no sewing of the inner lining, that makes it easier to be repaired, and downsized 33 percent of freight volume, eventually, extend the suitcase life-cycle. All parts can be purchase individually, for customizing own suitcase, or parts replacement, no returning suitcase to ⥅
Lift Aircraft HEXA Passenger Drone by Maform
Lift Aircraft HEXA Passenger Drone
LIFT Aircraft HEXA is designed to provide pilot's experience to people, no pilot’s license required. The flight experience is further extended by a simulator training, pre-flight checks and radio communication between the passenger and the tower. All in a safe package, whereas the aircraft's drivetrain is redundant, and each flight is supervised by the on-board flight computer and experienced tower controller personnel. It's unique ⥅
Lift Aircraft HEXA
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging by SHANGHAI GUIJIU CO., LTD.
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging
With the theme of Opening Up The Future, the high-end gift Baijiu of Shanghai represents the international urban style and the spirit beyond the future in both awareness and effect, after being inspired by Shanghai Tower, the building ranks the highest one in China and the third one in the world. The profile is employed as an architectural style with a cross-domain and a sense of future, which is a brave attempt and innovation in the conventional ⥅
Shguijiu Dian
Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair by Chen Kuan-Cheng
Lattice Chair Weaving Armchair
The word “lattice” means lines intertwined with, and intersecting, each other horizontally and vertically.Especially use Taiwan's high-quality bamboo with excellent toughness,combines bamboo craft into woodcraft via weaving bamboos and bent woods together. By preserving and integrating the flexibility of bamboos and the firmness of wood, so weight of the chair is only 4 kg, but it can withstand more than 120 kg, the lighter weight allows the ⥅
Lattice Chair
The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by SunEdge PV Technology Co., Ltd
The Sun House Sustainable Social Building
The Sun House, with its geometrically bevelled exterior, is an Organic Architecture that combines solar power, green technology and symbiosis with the environment. The building's facade is dominated by solar panels, and the bevelled form is used to obtain a large amount of light and achieve better energy generating. The building is designed using environmentally friendly construction methods and all energy is reused through various recycling ⥅
The Sun House
SunEdge PV Technology Co., Ltd
Kaisa Yuebanshan Community Center by Shenzhen TIANHUA & Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Kaisa Yuebanshan Community Center
The Life Aesthetics Pavilion is inspired by the traditional ancient buildings of Lingnan, borrowing the height difference of the site to create a fenced house under the mountain. At the same time, the mountain view resources on the north and south sides are infiltrated, the building is integrated with the surrounding environment, and the mountain view penetrates from it, and the building becomes a part of the landscape as if it grows naturally. M ⥅
Kaisa Yuebanshan
Shenzhen TIANHUA & Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Haifu Jhih Jhu Public Space Interior Design by Haifu Construction Co., Ltd.
Haifu Jhih Jhu Public Space Interior Design
This project specifically increases the proportion of greenery in the base area. Both indoor and outdoor greenery and natural soil mulch maintain the water retention effect, which effectively reduces the carbon dioxide level. The green atrium and open space design allow for natural airflow, and the terrace angle shading is carefully planned to reduce energy consumption of air conditioning equipment by studying the sunlight angle. The volume of th ⥅
Haifu Jhih Jhu
Haifu Construction Co., Ltd.
Liang Bai Kai Drinking Water by TIGER PAN
Liang Bai Kai Drinking Water
The main function of the bottle is to contain cool-down boiled water (Meaning Liang Bai Kai). What comes next is the label-less bottle contains and shares with the consumers an important part of ancient Chinese art. The inspiration is from the national treasury artwork of the Riverside Scene from Tsingming made in the Song dynasty over 1000 years ago.
Liang Bai Kai
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen by Baidu AI Cloud
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen
The large screen is specially designed for the command centers of various cities in China to meet the needs of the government to monitor the city situation, predict urban crises, and conduct emergency dispatch. Considering the aesthetics and acceptance of government users aged 40-50, this product has designed the most twinned 3D city map and the most visual charts, allowing users to collect data quickly. At the same time, users can navigate the s ⥅
Baidu Smart City
Jundao Guiniang Baijiu Packaging by SHANGHAI GUIJIU CO., LTD.
Jundao Guiniang Baijiu Packaging
As a high-end Baijiu for purpose of collection and gift, it is positioned in a theme of The horizon of a gentleman is the mountains and rivers in the world, which reflects the fine ecological environment of Baijiu producing areas and gives a sense of be there by applying the impregnation effect produced naturally from the traditional Chinese ink painting that blended the image of the mountains and rivers together like the natural world. ⥅
Jundao Guiniang
Scentbon Perfume Retail Store by Tai Chen
Scentbon Perfume Retail Store
The project is a fragrance store located in Taipei, owned by two female founders. The store is located in one of Taipei's old business districts. The front door is made of iron and wood to connect the modern style design of the indoor area and the streets on the outside. The store's shop window captures natural light into the store. The handles and signboard are also made out of iron, which reflects lights and the branches of the Frangi ⥅
Scentbon Perfume
Doritos Rainbow  Digital Campaign by Dennis Furniss
Doritos Rainbow Digital Campaign
To elevate Doritos support of the LGBTQ community, PepsiCo created a purposeful and immersive experience through One Kiss, One Donation. Throughout the campaign the company leveraged TV, digital, and activation opportunities to create a virtual chain of love and respect that swept across social media and into people's hearts. Garnering over 1 million virtual kisses that were converted into a massive donation in support of the community. ⥅
Doritos Rainbow
The Doberman Chair Armchair by Zha Lianghao
The Doberman Chair Armchair
The design inspiration comes from Doberman dog. The designer chose the mahogany as material due to the similar color to the real Doberman dog. Moreover, The Doberman Chair has a suspended backrest and a long seat size, both covered with black leather. The design is to give people a quiet and comfortable place to relax and work. Like the Doberman dog, The Doberman Chair shows its unique dignity and peace.
The Doberman Chair
Briiv Air Purification by James Whitfield & Sean Sykes
Briiv Air Purification
Briiv is a new take on the air purifier. Using renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment, briiv creates clean, safe, breathable air via an innovative filter system. briiv’s filters of moss, coconut husk and a silk-carbon matrix perform as effectively as an air purifier of the same low-power class. The filter media are compostable and briiv connects to smart home applications for control and to monitor us ⥅
James Whitfield & Sean Sykes
Aima E390 Electromobile by Aima Technology Group Co., Ltd
Aima E390 Electromobile
Xiaoai E390 is a high-value electric car designed for the fashionable travel of modern young people. It adopts a body design of plastic splicing structure without exposed screws. The overall appearance is light and smart, and the lines are delicate and soft. In addition, there are designs such as integrated large-screen instrumentation and front and rear hydraulic fork design to bring users a comfortable driving experience. And the opposed dual c ⥅
Aima E390
Aima Technology Group Co., Ltd
Kwai Video Application by Kuaishou Technology
Kwai Video Application
Kwai Pro is a product for short videos. It serves users all over the world to allow users to find videos they are interested in. It was designed to bring the same experience to users of different nationalities and cultures around the world, so that users can understand various functions through the simplest interaction. Algorithm gives everyone the equal chance to be seen. People can get to know about this world and obtain happiness here. ⥅
Kuaishou Technology
Seawool Cape by ChungSheng Chen
Seawool Cape
Seawool cape weights only 300 grams, is lightweight, easy to handle and washable. It is made from seawool yarn which come from the combination of recycled plastic PET bottle and nanolization oyster shell powder from discarded shells, not just only reduces waste, but delivers performance benefits like thermal regulation, odor resistance, moisture management and quick dry, soft woolen touch, and also anti-static, antibacterial, no chemical antibact ⥅
Taipei 101 Observatory Entry Plaza Lobby by Tai Chen
Taipei 101 Observatory Entry Plaza Lobby
The project, located on the 5th floor of the iconic Taipei 101 building, serves as the gateway for tourists to experience Taiwan's rich culture and geography. The goal is to create a welcoming and memorable experience for visitors while also maximizing commercial benefits. The wall lights are uniquely carved with family names written in traditional characters, while the front desk is designed to resemble Taiwan's highest peak, Jade Moun ⥅
Taipei 101 Observatory Entry Plaza
Zeaim Zero Emission Flight by Majid Niknami
Zeaim Zero Emission Flight
The Zeaim provides urban air mobility around the world, and anyone can fly independently, as no pilot is needed. It will bring zero emissions for small-scale air travel. Also, It would revolutionize the point-to-point paradigm of air transport. The Zeaim can take off and land vertically. It is also capable of short-distance take-off and landing. There are two engine options available: four hydrogen-powered engines or four electric motors. Moreove ⥅
Kaizen Herbal Scalp Repair Cream by Hou, Hsiao Che
Kaizen Herbal Scalp Repair Cream
KaiZen, derived from the Japanese "to improve", means continuous improvement of quality and sustainable management of life. Kailan is committed to creating intimate and good things that can change our lives, with the essence of natural and effective ingredients, and after actual testing by many people, we hope to become a life brand that feels shared with our partners.
Guotai Panda Bionic Chinese Baijiu Packaging by Jiahuizi Xu
Guotai Panda Bionic Chinese Baijiu Packaging
This is the panda-themed wine bottle designed by the Venus team for Guotai Winery in Guizhou, China. They use abstract bionic forms to represent pandas. The design adopts a combination of bionic shape and ergonomics, and forms an abstract panda arm in the groove of the bottle body, which is non-slip and more convenient to use. The shape of the bottle is dynamic and smooth, and the combination of black, white and gold highlights the oriental philo ⥅
Guotai Panda
Raices Sustainable Jewelry by Mayté Ossorio Domecq
Raices Sustainable Jewelry
The design of the Raices line emerges from the need to reuse thousands of oval cuts of new leather from a safety boot factory, discarded daily for having no utility. To reuse them, the designer focused on the search for techniques that would allow to find their greatest beauty and functionality, finding inspiration in the wings of birds, the scaled, staggered and overlapping. In order to expand the color palette, it was also decided to reuse leat ⥅
Mayté Ossorio Domecq
Dress Your Chair Removable Upholstery by Yumeng Gai
Dress Your Chair Removable Upholstery
What is the reason for throwing away a chair? The style does not fit in the room anymore? Or, is the upholstery broken? The Dress Your Chair project designs a series of upholstery pieces for an accessible chair, such as Ikea Adde Chair. The series includes a set of foam undergarments and three outfits for three seasons: spring dress, autumn jumpsuit, and winter Teddy coat. They can be put on and taken off as easily as apparel. During the process ⥅
Dress Your Chair
Maitreya Dharma Hall on Abandoned Mine by Guanghai Cui
Maitreya Dharma Hall on Abandoned Mine
The project is inside the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, in Xikou Town, Fenghua District of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, with a planned land area of 144.997 square meters. The project site used to be an abandoned quarry with an open area in front of it, with complicated topology, where the height difference between the highest point and the bottom of the abandoned quarry is about 35 meters, and a North-Ring underground railway line passes throug ⥅
Maitreya Dharma
Zhiliantai Industrial Park Urban Renewal by Aedas
Zhiliantai Industrial Park Urban Renewal
Project inspiration comes from the oriental philosophy: gathering energy and blending all together. The upward form echoes the excellent four-direction view from the air, with the plan of transform from square to windmill shape. The design partial cut corners taking the advantage of the Windmill-shape-volume, ensuring the comfort of the surrounding buildings, as well as the elegant overall tower image. The smooth streamlined volume implies the ph ⥅
Zhiliantai Industrial Park
AIOT Smart Park  AI Product Design by 4Paradigm UED
AIOT Smart Park AI Product Design
Smart Park integrated decision-making system, plus Aiot platform, rely on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twin and edge computing to realize the intellectualization of the park as a whole from the dimensions of security, environment, energy consumption, personnel, logistics, equipment and affairs. This system focuses on real-time monitoring and prediction of safety hazards in the park, reducing the probability of ri ⥅
AIOT Smart Park
Year of Tiger Event by Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung
Year of Tiger Event
The Lights Kaohsiung featured 1500 drones in eight spectacular shows at night on the Love River Bay. When looking at the reflection of the light shown by drones on the surface of the water, the sky, and the river were linked together, magnifying the majestic and stunning feeling. The Illuminates Taiwan is composed of the most representative images of Taiwan to present the beauty of Taiwan. Taiwan's original design team provided the creativit ⥅
Year of Tiger
Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung
Zhuhai Shizimen CBD Phase 1 by Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Zhuhai Shizimen CBD Phase 1
This is a mixed-use development with site area 203,000 sqm located in Shizimen District of Zhuhai, comprised of a 330m tall tower Zhuhai Centre which is currently the tallest building in Zhuhai, a serviced apartment tower, a hotel tower, an exhibition and convention centre, a theatre and an opera house. The design concept was inspired by the ‘city of romance’ moniker of the city and the connection of the site to the water to create a romantic, co ⥅
Zhuhai Shizimen
Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Maison Francois Restaurant by John Whelan
Maison Francois Restaurant
The design of Maison Francois aims to evolve the brasserie genre. Rather than looking to the Art Deco period for inspiration, GSL embraced Postmodernism and Brutalism, most notably referencing Ricardo Bofill’s La Fabrica in Barcelona, with its grand terracotta arches and rough cement ceiling. The layout of the restaurant nevertheless follows a classic brasserie format, with noble materials throughout and details that evoke iconic establishments o ⥅
Maison Francois
Qianhai MCC Technology Building Commercial Space by Shenzhen Qianhai MCTD Co. Ltd.
Qianhai MCC Technology Building Commercial Space
The project is located in shenzhen, China. Inspired by elegant curves of fancy carp, the designers abstract the smooth curves into tall and straight lines to build the facade of tower building. Independent of the tower building, the podium building integrates commercial and office spaces. Moreover, it has a commercial display space with terrace on the top.
Qianhai MCC Technology Building
Shenzhen Qianhai MCTD Co. Ltd.
Zhuhai Huafa Plaza Commercial Development by Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Zhuhai Huafa Plaza Commercial Development
Zhuhai Huafa Plaza is located in Hengqin Island of Zhuhai. Facing directly to West Bay bridge of Macau, the prestigious site offers unobstructed view towards the surrounding bay area. Three high-rise office towers and a series of retail pavilions are juxtaposed to create a range of internal and semi-external environments, accommodating retail facilities and office space within a simple circuit layout around two central courtyard gardens. Integrat ⥅
Zhuhai Huafa Plaza
Zhuhai Huafa Properties Co., Ltd.
Jincaitou Baijiu Packaging by SHANGHAI GUIJIU GROUP Co., LIMITED.
Jincaitou Baijiu Packaging
The colored painting on the surface of the package design of Jincaitou series chooses dancing lion, jade RuYi and magpie, which represent "good omens" in Chinese culture, reducing cost while conveying an auspicious meaning. Combined with its excellent quality wine, it can satisfy the working class who are interested in Baijiu in terms of the quality and cost-efficiency.
Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building by Luan Fontes
Out Of Sight Sustainable Social Building
The aim of this project is geared towards the local residents of Friars Island, in Brazil, paying attention to their needs and considering the bucolic environment and lack of public resources, in order to ensure basic services to the citizens. With the support of local political movements, it is proposed the insertion of forty two containers to attend two local necessities: a dance school, which used to operate in adjacent spaces to the neighbori ⥅
Out Of Sight
Aifanfan IM App by Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Aifanfan IM App
The IM smart customer service system based on Baidu's technologies, such as AI, cloud services, and big data, is committed to connecting users and enterprises through technology to help enterprises achieve digital intelligence upgrades. It performs a series of optimizations for two-end communication, including input assistance, process optimization, and AI assistant, and supports multi device and multi-scenario input switching. The AI assist ⥅
Aifanfan IM
Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Baidu Onsite Service Experience Mobile App by Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Baidu Onsite Service Experience Mobile App
Online service is an online to offline domestic service platform with clear and concise interface and intuitive information, providing consumers with fast and safe online furniture repair and domestic services. The program helps users quickly locate the domestic services or repair services they need through clearly arranged thumbnails of merchants, simplified operation and familiar interface design.
Baidu Onsite Service Experience
Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Taiwan Imagery Chair by Yi Ju Tseng
Taiwan Imagery Chair
People live in a world that is becoming increasingly homogeneous, and the rapid tide of modernization is causing many traditional cultures to fade away. However, designers believe that this precious cultural heritage must be preserved and promoted. Therefore, they fuse the bags used in traditional Taiwanese culture with the chairs used in early Taiwanese homes, reinterpreting and re-presenting them to breathe new life and soul into them, giving t ⥅
Taiwan Imagery
Baidu App for the Elderly Content and Service Mobile App by BAIDU MEUX
Baidu App for the Elderly Content and Service Mobile App
China is facing serious aging problems. Baidu App for the Elderly provides rich content and services for the elderly. It also provides a systematic, age-friendly design which is convenient for the users to read and listen contents, and use the app. In combination with different tools and AI technologies such as voice and image synthesis, the app offers abundant services for the elderly to help them enrich life, enjoy digital services, and keep up ⥅
Baidu App for the Elderly
Maitreya Oriental Magnolia Garden G4 Model House by Shanghai GuangYing Decoration Consulting Co., Ltd.
Maitreya Oriental Magnolia Garden G4 Model House
This project, steady and vital, is an interior design work based on the concept of the evolution of cities. This work contains the elite atmosphere of the modern city and uses a large amount of soft decoration made from natural materials to supplement the space with tranquil and amiable elements. The details of the decoration are exquisite and layered. Integrating the culture, conditions and customs in Yunnan, it reflects the brand-new look of mo ⥅
Maitreya Oriental Magnolia Garden G4
Shanghai GuangYing Decoration Consulting Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Flora Lodge Interior Design by CHY DESIGN
Shanghai Flora Lodge Interior Design
Shanghai CHY Interior Design has been established the professional designer team during the past 15 years. With the completely new concept and artistic creation, C.H.Y. provides interior design and art furnishings solutions to the clients such as five star hotels, private clubs, sales center, prototype room, villa and office. C.H.Y. believes that excellent design can create emotional dramatic effect in limited space, sublimate aesthetic sense and ⥅
Shanghai Flora Lodge
 Baidu Thematic Map by Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Baidu Thematic Map
According to dynamic dimensions including time, space and user personas, Baidu Thematic Map selectively displays map information to different user groups, and presents the most accurate results based on group characteristics. It combines human, geographical, social and other factors appropriately and recommends such data to users in need, further enriches the map, and upgrades the service scope of the map.
Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Doaba Dhaba Sustainable Food Packaging by Akkshit Khattar
Doaba Dhaba Sustainable Food Packaging
Doaba Dhaba is a cloud kitchen concept in India that gives the customer the bandwidth of selecting their own choice of food, in their own choice of cooking, and their own choice of gravy. The Brand Identity and packaging of Doaba Dhaba are designed keeping in mind their values of authenticity and sustainability. The identity reflects the rustic and organic feel of the brand. The main dishes are packed in Handis (clay pots), handcrafted by local a ⥅
Doaba Dhaba
Canairi Indoor Air Quality Monitor by Hans Augustenborg
Canairi Indoor Air Quality Monitor
The minimalistic yet playful Canairi monitors CO2 and encourage you to ventilate your home. The idea for the Canairi stems from the old practice of using canaries in coal mines to warn miners of poor air. When the air quality is poor Canairi will drop down, encouraging you to bring it back to life by opening your windows and ventilate your home. The democratic design language makes it simple for children to understand, but also invites the minima ⥅
Hans Augustenborg
Sustainability Fashion Collection by Vickie Au
Sustainability Fashion Collection
V Vissi is the brand under V Visionary Design Studio. Designer aims to co-created with the experienced-profession, fashion and apparel stakeholders to design and customize sustainable and ethical products. Sustainable fashion is a process of fostering change to fashion industry and what we are doing is a new prospective to the fashion system. Collaboration, Co-create and Re-design, designer revisits our fashion industry from linear economy to cir ⥅
Fairy Feather Fairy Feather  the world's thinnest silk by Eita Saito
Fairy Feather Fairy Feather the world's thinnest silk
The fabric, so ethereal, makes us imagine the texture of the robes worn by the heavenly nymphs in Japanese folk tales. I named it Fairy Feather: the thinnest yarn-dyed silk fabric ever. It is made of ultra-fine silk threads with a thinness of 8 denier in diameter, equaling to 1/6 of the diameter of a hair (50 denier). Thousands of ultra-fine silk threads are woven into the warps on looms to produce this exquisite organdy (ultra-light plain-weave ⥅
Fairy Feather
Mirror Chair Chair with magnifying glass and planter by Sha Yang
Mirror Chair Chair with magnifying glass and planter
The two chairs with planters were installed magnifying mirrors. People can sit and observe plants' details through the mirrors at close range, which can enlarge every leaf of texture beauty. The chair on the left with round mirrors is for one person only, two magnifying glasses on the back of left chair can be adjusted the height according to different plants. The chair on the right with square magnifier, is designed for two or more people t ⥅
Mirror Chair
Campaign Chair by Brad Sewell
Campaign Chair
Campaign has thoughtfully designed its furniture to create a seamless shopping experience without sacrificing quality. Each piece arrives at your doorstep in days, assembles in minutes, and lasts a lifetime. Using the best materials in the business, Campaign is designed by you. Every piece is fully customizable from the fabrics down to the legs. It is then assembled in the United States and shipped directly to your door. Finally, innovative engin ⥅
Eureka Lounge Chair by Huile Yi
Eureka Lounge Chair
The Eureka Lounge Chair is inspired by the smallest surface in nature, the Empener surface, and gives a sense of order and flow to the lounge space through a mathematically modelled curved form. The smooth curves and curved edges add visual tension to the product. Wool fabrics from the Kvadrat Sprinkles collection, in warm colours, allows the user to perceive the comfort of the furniture before using it and creates a desire to confirm this feelin ⥅
SZ Int’l Satellite Concourse Airport by Aedas
SZ Int’l Satellite Concourse Airport
The Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Satellite Concourse is a key step in the expansion project of one of the most important aviation hubs in South China. The Satellite Concourse will support the growing needs of the airport and serve up to 22 million passengers per annum. Arranged on the airport’s central axis with Terminal 3 and the future Terminal 2, the buildings are efficiently connected by the Automated People Mover system, as wel ⥅
SZ Int’l Satellite Concourse
Jizai Arms Supernumerary Robotic Limb System by Team JIZAI ARMS
Jizai Arms Supernumerary Robotic Limb System
Jizai Arms was designed to enable social interaction between multiple Jizai Arms wearers such as an exchange of arms. Jizai Arms is a supernumerary robotic limb system consisting of a wearable base unit with detachable robotic arms. The system has been designed to enable social interaction between multiple wearers, such as exchanging arms, and to explore possible interactions between digital cyborgs in a cyborg society. ⥅
Jizai Arms
Jaipur Furniture Collection by Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
Jaipur Furniture Collection
The Jaipur collection, a design narrative by Within is an untold story of the vibrant pink city, home to a rich cultural heritage; majestic architecture, colorful rituals, and ancient crafts. It celebrates the spirit of the city, drawing inspiration from the architecture of the city palace, Hawa Mahal, the palace of breeze with a honeycombed shaped facade and blue pottery, a traditional craft of Jaipur. Encapsulating the essence of Jaipur, the co ⥅
Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building by Guowei Zhang
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building
As a leading enterprise in Guangzhou's entertainment industry. The design concept of GWP echoes and resonates with corporate culture of 37 Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group. The project design fully balances a series of technical implementation issues such as function, space comfort, ecological energy saving, and assembly construction. GWP proposes to create a future-oriented, people-oriented, lively and interesting space fo ⥅
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ
Norm Air Hotel by Hayato Ishii
Norm Air Hotel
The private hotel Norm Air, based on the concept of chill and art, was designed to provide a luxurious chill experience. Overlooking the sky, forests, and lakes, the hotel offers a visual experience of floating in the sky, just as the word air implies. Designed for inclement weather, guests can enjoy the art on display at the hotel and the luxury chill experience even on rainy or cold days. Furniture and tools created by artists and designers all ⥅
Norm Air
Jiupai Huafu Sales Office by Qiang Hu
Jiupai Huafu Sales Office
Jiupai Huafu is located in Jiujiang City, by the side of Bali Lake, with transportation conditions and environmental resources. The regional development potential is very great. As a high-end residential sales center in the city center, designer not only want to create a commercial space, but also spread the life aesthetics through designer design, and inherit the traditional Chinese architectural culture. Modern people are not only consuming goo ⥅
Jiupai Huafu
Baidu Life Mobile App by Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Baidu Life Mobile App
Combined with comprehensive forms such as intelligent science and technology career simulation and offline courses, the platform supports a wide range of career experience content to help and guide households to explore more career possibilities. In addition to regular occupations such as science and technology education services, the platform also provides professional occupations such as actors, coaches, astronauts for households to choose. ⥅
Baidu Life
Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Ida Chair by Jairo da Costa Junior
Ida Chair
Ida embodies a unique design through an elegant and timeless aesthetic, focusing on simplicity, ergonomics, materials and modern craftsmanship. It showcases how prosumer products like Do-It-Yourself furniture can be intelligent, sophisticated, functional and, most importantly, sustainable. The chair can be customized and ordered online, ready to assemble or locally made by anyone using a web platform and digital fabrication technologies. The resu ⥅
Jairo da Costa Junior
Haokan City Web Platform by Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Haokan City Web Platform
Haokan City is an online and offline video creation activity focusing on city brands. Taking cultural inheritance and heritage protection as the main point, it carries out the layout and visual upgrade of rejuvenating traditional culture from creation guidance, and creative collection, by video platform content ecology. It encourages young creators to explore and spread their own traditional culture and realizes the combination of urban cultural ⥅
Haokan City
Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Kozo Bookshelf by jihad khairallah
Kozo Bookshelf
Kozo is a wooden structure made for you to create with. Whether it’s an artistic piece that merges colour and light or a bookshelf in your living space, the expansive flexibility it offers will let you turn it into one of a kind. The end user can customize and personalize his bookshelf to meet his/her needs and lifestyle. The main brackets and end-cover can be made of different material and finish and can be placed in different location at any ti ⥅
3D Buildmesh Fountain Pen by ChungSheng Chen
3D Buildmesh Fountain Pen
Integrating architectural structure elements of line in symmetry, repetition, rhythm and proportion, which was inspired by iconic landmark, the 30 St Mary Ax, London of England, made by additive manufacturing technology in 316 medical grade stainless steel material, it perfectly supports the elegant pen body in mesh-shaped without any support materials. It saves post-processing process, less material consumption, cost and time of production, cust ⥅
3D Buildmesh
Duxiaoxiao AI Digital Human Assistant by BAIDU MEUX
Duxiaoxiao AI Digital Human Assistant
Duxiaoxiao, with an appearance of digitalized human, is a new generation of AI digital assistant. Through AI technology, she possesses the thinking, expression, emotion, and learning abilities like a human being. By communicating with users, she will gradually develop different personalities and constantly understand users’ preferences. Such anthropomorphic interaction can bring a relaxing experience of acquiring structured information and knowle ⥅
Target Campaign and Sales Support by Ralf Kauffmann
Target Campaign and Sales Support
In 2020, Brainartist launches a cross-media campaign for the client Steitz Secura to acquire new customers: with a highly individualized message as a targeted poster campaign as close as possible to the gates of potential customers and an individualized mailing with the matching shoe from the current collection. The recipient receives the matching counterpart when he or she makes an appointment with the sales force. The aim of the campaign was to ⥅
Hui Lounge Table and Chair by Dan Shao
Hui Lounge Table and Chair
The design of this furniture, especially in the armrest of the lounge chair and the framework of desktop, draws on the modeling elements of "Ma Tau Wall" of Huizhou architecture in China. with tilted upward ends and smooth and natural lines. It has become an important functional and decorative part of furniture. This furniture is made of beech, leather and glass materials, using Chinese traditional architectural mortise and tenon joint ⥅
Martian Bar Retail by Detail CG Studio
Martian Bar Retail
It is the conceptual design of a coffee and juice bar located on Mars. A vision that combines "digital lifestyle" and "street design" that aims to represent today's everyday life, of planet earth, in a different stage. It is a collection of computer graphics photographs, in which each of the furniture and accessories have been modeled in detail to give more realism to the project. It is a transgressive design that contras ⥅
Martian Bar
SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention by Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger
SeeTang Collection Biomaterial Invention
SeeTang, an algae biopolymer, raises awareness about plastic polluted design departments like food packaging and fashion. SeeTang instant dish packaging is cooked alongside food ingredients as the biomaterial is 100 percent dissolvable in water, vegan and edible. The outer packaging can either be recycled by the consumer or biodegraded. SeeTang Fashion solely uses extracted dye from food leftovers, spices and dried flowers. The bags and jewellery ⥅
SeeTang Collection
Jana-Aimée Wiesenberger
SAIB Intimate Cosmetic  Brand Identity System by Saib & Co.
SAIB Intimate Cosmetic Brand Identity System
Launched in South Korea, a society remaining surprisingly patriarchal and conservative, a sexual wellness brand SAIB was initiated to tackle the entrenched cultural taboos around female sexuality. The brand "SAIB" is an inversion of the word "BIAS", signaling an overturning of the gender bias. To destigmatize negative perceptions around women exercising sexual agency, SAIB products—condom, lubricant, and cleansing wipe—are des ⥅
SAIB Intimate Cosmetic
Huai'fu Experience Center Interior Design  by MID(SHANGHAI)DESIGN CO.,LTD
Huai'fu Experience Center Interior Design
This project is located in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province with a construction area of 1735.36m2.The developer hopes to forge an experience center with Chinese rhyme here and re-create the charm of canal culture in the east, draw the fun of oriental elegance, conceal the gentleness, cultivation and delicate life. The designer perfectly combines the culture of the canal with the modern culture; refine the classical Chinese elements to create a ⥅
Huai'fu Experience Center
Yoga House Sustainable Building by Cuneyt Dari
Yoga House Sustainable Building
Yoga House-Earthship Retreat, is a passive solar earth shelter that is made of both natural and upcycled materials. Earthships are predicated upon the idea that six human needs can be addressed environmentally sustainable building design. Self-contained sewage treatment and water recycling are existed. Free orientation on the terrain to preserve all existing trees.
Yoga House
Air Dream Mattress  by Mohan Zeng, Jiawen Jin, Sang Liu
Air Dream Mattress
Air Dream is a mattress on the market that provides users with a perfect sleeping experience. The mattress is made of breathable TPEE, creating a cloud-like soft and breathable touch for users. The built-in independent springs provide precise support and strong elastic. These functions allow users to achieve a balanced state of water in the body, thereby improving the quality of sleep and enhancing the experience of deep sleep.
Air Dream
Mohan Zeng, Jiawen Jin, Sang Liu
Diaoyutai Liquor Packaging Design by Wei Dai
Diaoyutai Liquor Packaging Design
Diaoyutai is a well-known Chinese brand with many products. For a successful brand, designers have been thinking about how to shape it, so as to maintain a deep visual point while maintaining the original visual system. The designer chose "Dragon", which represents the highest image in ancient China, as the main element of the design. The bottle cap design is very full, and the square bottle cap is reminiscent of the "jade seal&quo ⥅
Baidu Wiki  Virtual Zoo by BAIDU MEUX
Baidu Wiki Virtual Zoo
Baidu wiki virtual zoo can help children, teenagers and people with mobility difficulties watch live animal broadcasts online anytime, anywhere. Let people watch animals while helping people easily learn animal related knowledge and improve their understanding and cognition of biodiversity. Care for and rescue stray cats and contribute to the transmission of public welfare. Use Baidu brain AI technology to identify the appearance injuries of stra ⥅
Baidu Wiki

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