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Mila 3D Printed Vase by Wenkai Xue
Mila 3D Printed Vase
Mila is a series of vases. Inspired by the chimneys on the roof of Mira Apartment, their curves and textures were refined to create the Mila series of vases. The collection includes vases in three different sizes, large, medium and small. Corresponding to different planting needs. Thanks to the use of veroClear translucent material based on Polyjet 3D printing technology, the vase appears hazy and mysterious. Moreover, the set of vases is an inte ⥅
Digital Taihu 3D Printed Furniture by Yang Pu and Ding Wen Nic Bao
Digital Taihu 3D Printed Furniture
Digital Taihu uses 3D printing technology to activate the application of traditional Chinese culture in the digital age, combining Taihu stone with bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization algorithms to explore design generation methods from natural systems, resulting in digitally sustainable designs with optimized structures.
Digital Taihu
Yang Pu and Ding Wen Nic Bao
Anycubic Kobra 3D Printer by Anycubic Team
Anycubic Kobra 3D Printer
The design is a powerful and portable 3D printer, inspired by the modular design concept of military weapons such as firearms and fighter jets. The black as the main color with dark blue and Chinese red, which is simple but high-tech. Different from most printers on the market, it has the innovative auto-leveling function that enables the platform to be placed in a horizontal position without manual setting. With PEI coating, spring steels and th ⥅
Anycubic Kobra
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub Lunchroom by Carlos Bañon
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub Lunchroom
The Large Room revolutionizes waste repurposing by employing additive manufacturing to create stunning design elements from 500 and more kg of single-use plastics. Utilizing advanced 3D printing, waste was transformed into functional, eye-catching features like a chandelier of 3D-printed tiles. This Upcycling Hub elevates circularity, inspiring businesses to adopt innovative waste management, and setting a new precedent in sustainable design exce ⥅
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub
Sprout 3D Printed Bicycle by JunXiang Cheng
Sprout 3D Printed Bicycle
Through the topology optimization of the bicycle frame deployment, and then according to the corresponding optimization results, the optimization of the corresponding frame prototype is completed, and then the bicycle is produced by 3D printing. The topology-optimized bicycle frame not only reasonably plans the material structure distribution , but also reduces the energy consumption rate and the emission of harmful substances in production. ⥅
3D Printed Record Audio Recording by Amanda Ghassaei
3D Printed Record Audio Recording
3D printed records push the limits of what is currently possible given the precision of digital fabrication tools available to consumers today. These records were generated algorithmically from digital audio data and printed on a UV-cured resin 3D printer to micron precision. Though the audio quality is low, the records are meant to be a demonstration of the current state of the technology and encourage discussion about the broader implications t ⥅
3D Printed Record
LumiBee Resin 3D Printer by Davide Marin
LumiBee Resin 3D Printer
The LumiBee is a compact 3D Printer that uses light curable liquid resin. It has been designed so that 95% of its parts can be printed with a filament based, low cost 3D Printer that you have at home. The LumiBee is also particular since it uses the light from the screen of a mobile phone, inserted inside, to transform the liquid resin into a three-dimensional object, using an Android App. Its structure is modular, where segments, each with a spe ⥅
Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress by Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez
Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress
Loom is an expandable, adaptable, wearable and flexible 3D printed dress that adapts to all body types and body changes. Since we aren’t able to 3D print fabrics yet, Loom explores the possibilities of creating wearable 3D printed textiles with structures that are designed in relation to function, anatomy, movement, and utility. 3D printing in the fashion industry can be revolutionary and helpful if it is designed with functionality and the human ⥅
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez
Yinyun Ceramic 3D Print Art Installation by Fabcraft Design Lab
Yinyun Ceramic 3D Print Art Installation
Yinyun is an art installation composed of 85 unique 3D printed ceramic units, located in Taipower D/S ONE exhibition hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Through generative design algorithm, the electric data was extracted and visualized on every unit, together creating a gradient effect. Ceramic 3D printing, with a mixture of recycled material, was then used to fabricate these units, at the same time, creating detailed surface relief which was indicated by t ⥅
Fabcraft Design Lab
3DprintEV 3D Printable E.V Supercar by Paolo Tiramani
3DprintEV 3D Printable E.V Supercar
Supercar System is an automotive product that has been simplified, rationalized and re-constituted, to enable configurability and assembly by customers. The cars Eureka feature enables owners to design and 3D print their very own car bodies with very little technical or design know how and achieve practical, usable results. To design and print thier own Supercar body Customers download the simplified solid model chassis file along with a free cop ⥅
Unream Voxel Printed Lamp by Jiani Zeng
Unream Voxel Printed Lamp
In the daytime, Unream is an artifact that reflects sunlight to display dynamically; at night, it uses artificial lights to create a fantasy-like atmosphere. With Unream, the designers hope to blur the line between the digital and physical world, bringing impossible materials to real-world product design. Unream is the first 3D printed object that displays dynamically by itself. With multi-material voxel printing, the designers expand binary mate ⥅
Aitable Furniture by Carlos Bañon
Aitable Furniture
Standard designs for a table this heavy would require a thick section under the tabletop. Artificial intelligence presents a powerful tool to search for structurally more efficient design strategies to deliver radically new aesthetics, producing zero wastage in the fabrication. Using precise 3DPrinted sand molds, the three unique legs are cast in bronze and manually polished, creating sophisticated effects of nuanced reflections under changing li ⥅
Shadowbrook 3D Printed Metal Faucet by American Standard
Shadowbrook 3D Printed Metal Faucet
Shadowbrook is part of the first-ever collection of 3D printed metal residential faucets, created via additive manufacturing. A celebration of the natural experience of water, the Shadowbrook presents an unforgettable experience not achievable using traditional manufacturing methods. Water flows from the multi-faceted Shadowbrook faucet spout, recreating the poetic flow of water bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. It enchants the user by reinventing ⥅
American Standard
Cilllia 3D printing hair by Jifei Ou
Cilllia 3D printing hair
Inspired by the hair structures occur in nature at different scales with multiple functionalities, Cilllia looks at new ways of 3D printing dense hair on flat and curved surfaces. It allows users to design and generate hair geometry at 50 micrometer resolution and assign various functionalities to the hair, such as mechanical adhesion property; new passive actuation and touch sensing on a 3D printed artifact. The project envisions a future where ⥅
Perpetual 3D Printed Accessory  by Qian Yang
Perpetual 3D Printed Accessory
Perpetual is a 3D printed kinetic pendant with material available in resin, brass, silver and other metals. A new 3D printing method that enables interlocking structure was applied to allow the three layers of cubes spin in which the axis of rotation is free to assume any orientation by itself. Each layer of cubic lattice breaks the notion of containment-the inner layers break though the cubic volume of its sequel container. The digital modeling ⥅
Torque 3D Printed Accessory  by Qian Yang
Torque 3D Printed Accessory
Torque is a 3D printed decorative accessory that captures the spirit of legendary 1970 Charger from film Fast&Furious with material options in resin,brass,silver and other metal alloys.It has two overlaying layers of Voronoi grids that offer a strong alternation to Cartesian grids with its structural loads remain evenly distributed.The changing shape of grids reflects the Doppler effect, here, a car with an accelerating velocity.The digital m ⥅
Jotape 3D Duo Key Art Image by Mateus Morgan
Jotape 3D Duo Key Art Image
The idea was to create an image that brings all the features of the product through visual elements like the cushion and the foam. Thus giving the sensation of softness that the product needed. The inspiration was the common materials of the day to day. The floating elements bring through the soft and round shapes the sensation of softness and lightness. Even though it was a simple representation, the result was thought of something different fro ⥅
Jotape 3D Duo
Project EGG small pavilion  by Michiel van der Kley
Project EGG small pavilion
Project EGG is the largest community 3D printed object to date. Hundreds of people form all around the world 3D printed a stone, together forming this unique pavilion. Every 'stone' is unique and different. in return everyone that collaborated in this way got their name in the stone. An object like EGG would have never been made 'the old way'. The building itself is constructed with 4760 stones that are all different. Not one ⥅
Project EGG
Michiel van der Kley
Ruelle  3D Visualization  by Amir Cherni
Ruelle 3D Visualization
This 3D project was realized in order to capture the atmosphere and aura of the old Tunisian city center. Based on a real alley in the old downtown of Tunis, all variations of textures and degraded surfaces have been done manually. The main goal was to achieve some photorealistic renders that tell a story and engage the viewer in a mixed feeling trip while exploring different CGI renders moods and experiment new shading and Texturing workflows. ⥅
Georgia Fashion Footwear by Elias Stahl
Georgia Fashion Footwear
Georgia is an open toe 3” block heel with a flexible 3D printed sole that feels like a sneaker and looks like a clog. The platform combines a traditional insole, midsole, outsole, and shank of a high heel into a single 3D-printed platform that embodies the performance requirements of each of these layers within a complete construction. Inset into the platform is a woven mesh of lattice that acts as a dynamic form of supportive cushion. To top it ⥅
Last Stand Office Gadget by Juan Ospina
Last Stand Office Gadget
The last stand is a fancy, 3d printed, dynamic, ergonomic, aesthetically catching product, made by Ospina Umbreit design studio, to give dying pencils a longer life. Almost every human has used a pencil as a way to physically materialize and communicate ideas, language, concepts, etc. However, pencils are not used 100% before they get thrown away. Their ergonomics become really unsuitable to most users after being sharpened many times; they get o ⥅
Last Stand
Polyhedron Stool by Jin Woong Lee
Polyhedron Stool
The Polyhedron stool is a 3d printed stool that has an interaction of a closing flower. Except for one CNC processed metal component, every part is made through the 3d printer, allowing individuals to produce and reproduce themselves within small amounts (leading to numerous variations). When a flower sets, its petals gather (twirling inside). The ends go up, and the height gets changed. As grabbing its head, rotating the upper part makes pillars ⥅
The Flett Roof Flashing  by Scott Flett
The Flett Roof Flashing
Flett Flashing is the world's first 3D printed roof flashing. 3D printing allows the flashing to perfectly match any specified roofing profile and colour and permits junctions between roofing sheets of different pitches to be installed without difficulty. This invention makes architectural cladding quicker, easier and cheaper to install and represents a step change for the roofing and cladding industry.
The Flett
Voxel 3D Printed Accessory  by Qian Yang
Voxel 3D Printed Accessory
Voxel is a 3D printed decorative accessory with minimalist appearance that captures the timeless quality of American muscle car 1970 Charger from film Fast&Furious. Materials are available in resin, brass, silver and other metals. The car’s volume was parametrically generated into voxel grids and interconnected lattice structure, which is not possible to produce without 3D printing. The digital modeling process involves constant awareness of ⥅
Metamorphosis 3D Bespoke Body Modification by Jullien Nikolov
Metamorphosis 3D Bespoke Body Modification
A 3D printed tattoo is a three-dimensional, physical representation of a certain 2D design. The result is a bespoke piece of body decoration which is flexible and can be easily applied to the surface of skin using bio-friendly, silicone based adhesives. The positive relief effect achieved after application communicates essential design information through both visual and tactile stimulation. 3D printing custom body decoration is a less permanent ⥅
Metamorphosis 3D
3D Embossed Book by Jesvin Yeo
3D Embossed Book
The book uses 3D embossing to document and highlight the intricate details of the works meticulously crafted by traditional Singaporean artisans, from paper dragon boats and Indian jewelry to Peranakan beaded shoes. The color pages symbolize the rise and fall of traditional crafts, as the industry begins its developmental period (dull) to its golden age (yellow) and gradually fades (white). A pastel chalk is attached for readers to shade the page ⥅
3D Embossed
Sonder Moments Naked Eye 3D Art by Cheng Zeng
Sonder Moments Naked Eye 3D Art
Sonder Moments is a naked-eye 3D art piece that embodies elements of nature, digital aesthetics, and emotional power. Not only does the larger-than-life effect brings a strong visual impact on the audience, but the huge figure of the character also serves as a manifestation of the awakening of self-consciousness and the power of individuals. The colossus travels from another dimension to the social fields of the metropolitan spaces, breathing int ⥅
Sonder Moments
DefeXtiles Textile Fabrication by Jack Forman
DefeXtiles Textile Fabrication
DefeXtiles is a rapid and low-cost technique to produce realistic high-fidelity textiles on 3D printers. The work demonstrates that under-extrusion defects can be finely controlled to quickly print thin flexible textiles into complex 3D shapes. This approach enables a myriad of applications including printing full sized garments, deformable tangible interfaces, and ultra-tough shuttlecocks.
MICROSCAPE Accurate 3d printed scale city models by William Ngo and Alan Silverman
MICROSCAPE Accurate 3d printed scale city models
Microscape is a new collection of architecturally-precise models of cities around the world. We’re starting with one of the greatest cities of all: New York. The first phase is a series of 200 “microscapes” (distinct tiles of different parts of the city), which can be assembled into a complete, highly accurate model of Manhattan. Start building New York City with a single microscape that includes your favorite landmark or choose a microscape with ⥅
William Ngo and Alan Silverman
Facets 3D Print Art Piece by Nils Hansen
Facets 3D Print Art Piece
Facets is an ongoing series of digital and physical sculptures, a contemporary interpretation of memorial sculptures of the Monumental Cemetery in Genova, Italy. The work explores the tension and equilibrium between form and matter. Using figurative representation and geometric abstraction, Facets is based on previous Topology studies of the sculptures. While referencing emotionally evocative memorial sculpture, the focus of this series shifts fr ⥅
Structuretonics 3D Printing of Tropical Facade Elements by Florian Schätz
Structuretonics 3D Printing of Tropical Facade Elements
Automation and robots will revolutionise the architecture and construction industries. The work is an investigation into surface geometries and new possibilities to print the building facade using additive manufacturing, carbon reinforced concrete or recyclable 3D printed moulds. The Research Team designed more than hundred facade typologies, forms and structures for the building facade based on simulated environmental performance. The results ar ⥅
3D Crafts Bowls by Alice Le Biez
3D Crafts Bowls
Alice Le Biez, French young designer has realized a set of three bowls, printed in 3D ceramics. The shape of each bowls reminds traditional ceramics technique. She created with her project an illusion of a hand-made bowl by the design but also by the making process. Her 3D printing object explores the link between traditional skills and new technologies and demonstrates that designer can use the new technologies as a tool to go further in their w ⥅
3D Crafts
3dtie lace necktie for men by Boris Rabinovich
3dtie lace necktie for men
The Fantastic 3D Printed Neckties from the 3DTie Project Look and Move Like Real Fabric. The remarkably strong 3D printed fabric is made from PLA, and it can really take a beating. The knots are highly customizable, and are available in four styles. There are the traditional Windsor and Trinity knots, plus a Gear knot that was made to hold inserts, like a spinning gear or a custom logo. The newest knot design is the Texture option that shares the ⥅
3dtie lace
Jamtland Campaign Visualizations by Tom Lindén
Jamtland Campaign Visualizations
The client wanted to showcase their brand's connection to the natural surroundings of Jamtland, Sweden. The agency used 3D modeling and visualization to recreate plant species and biomes from the region. They conducted extensive research and reference collection to ensure accurate depiction of the plants and incorporated the client's brand colors as a backdrop. The resulting imagery effectively conveyed the client's focus on natura ⥅
Nunn Bush 3D Product Animation by Mateus Morgan
Nunn Bush 3D Product Animation
The project was made to show all the features of the product in a fun way by being informative but without being annoying. The purpose was to show the construction of the shoe. The inspiration came through the research about elements that could represent the product, like nature with all the colors and moods. The shoe was modeled using photographs as a reference and hard surface 3D modeling techniques. For modeling, designers used the software C4 ⥅
Nunn Bush
Kallucci Boot 3D Key Art by Mateus Morgan
Kallucci Boot 3D Key Art
The main idea of the designer was bring through simple elements, such as rocks, the aspect of durability and resistance that the product needed, directly approaching its use and the customers lifestyle. The added crystals serve to bring a highlight to the main object, giving a mystical air arousing the curiosity of potential customers.
Kallucci Boot
IC100 Mobile 3D X-Ray Fluoroscope Medical Device by Xuan Teng
IC100 Mobile 3D X-Ray Fluoroscope Medical Device
The portable X-Ray device captures video, still images and 3D imaging during surgery. First ever highly integrated, all in one 3D C-Arm solution, saving operating room space, easier to operate and transport. Oversized C-ring opening fits more surgical scenarios. Smart-Link technology opens up interactions with surgical robots, booming efficiency with 73 percent workflow deduction compared to the existing flow. Next-gen CMOS detector and unique al ⥅
IC100 Mobile 3D X-Ray Fluoroscope
Silhouette Collection  vase by Libero Rutilo
Silhouette Collection vase
The project gives a second chance to such an unvalued object as a PET bottle, which would be normally thrown away after it has been used. The idea was to create a vase conserving only its silhouette. The vase itself represents an external shell with an inner neck fillet, so it can be screwed onto a bottle like a cap. The 3D printed structure dresses the bottle and makes it disappear under its mesh. The uniqueness of design is the result of choice ⥅
Silhouette Collection
Pebble Garden Machine Dry Landscaping by Elizabeth Teo
Pebble Garden Machine Dry Landscaping
The pebble garden machine is an additive manufacturing process developed for dry landscape design. It deploys coarse randomized aggregates, using epoxy resin as a binder and is assembled by an industrial robot into three-dimensional structures. It is perhaps the first application of 3D printing for dry landscape design and fabrication, creating counterintuitive geometric features such as tapering walls, cantilevering edges and low spanning arches ⥅
Pebble Garden Machine
Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp by Lo Yee Cheung Adrian
Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp
The sculptural design aims to preserve diminishing craftsmanship of traditional bird cage making with a contemporary improvisation. It resemble the collective memory of aged people for relieving Alzheimer's Disease. The design brings a bold propaganda of attention to the cultural heritage as well as awareness to elderly through the seamless assimilation between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. This retrofit resin 3D printed b ⥅
Good Health Light
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human by Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human
Xijiajia is the first Ai digital human loaded with Aigc technology around the world. She fills the blank of virtual humans in the field of content creation and leads to a more efficient creativity, helping to reduce the costs of content generation and improve content diversity. Xijiajia boasts a though pattern closer to a human and independent learning ability, who can conduct interaction free of barrier with users through sign language and multi ⥅
Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Pellet-X City Building 3D Printer by Fan Wu
Pellet-X City Building 3D Printer
Pellet-X construction 3D printing guns are capable of being equipped with 6-axis and above industrial robots, achieving flexible printing of large construction components and structures. Users can directly import the 3D data information of the building model into the printing and processing master control platform. With a friendly human-machine interaction interface, it is easy for users to control the process and finish the printing task with hi ⥅
Photon Mono X 6K 3D Printer by Anycubic Team
Photon Mono X 6K 3D Printer
This design is a consumer-grade 3D printer. It has high resolution and good printing speed, which can take full care of every detail with real feeling. Its printing speed is as high as 8cm per hour, and 40 bright LED lamp beads form a powerful light source. It is equipped with the good contrast screen. High contrast and high light transmittance can achieve1:1 reduction degree. Under high-speed printing, the model can still keep angular. The mater ⥅
Photon Mono X 6K
Print to Build furniture joint  by Gellért Ollé
Print to Build furniture joint
The collection provides the opportunity for the users to build furniture, installations, partitions as well. It depends on the creativity. The joints are able to be printed with any kind of three dimensional printers included fuse deposition modelling machines. It is allowed to connect 8 millimeters wide plywood sheets to each other in different angles. It contains 90, 45 and 120 degree elements. One feature of the product is that the users do no ⥅
Print to Build
Bird's Sake Cup Cup to Refrain from Drinking by kenji fujii
Bird's Sake Cup Cup to Refrain from Drinking
Bird's Sake Cups can only contain 10 ml of liquor so the alcohol can only be consumed in small amounts. One can consume alcohol in small amounts and stay healthy. It is helpful for people who have weakness for alcohol, who must refrain from alcohol. Also, the drinking gesture seems like kissing with a little bird. It is very charming.
Bird's Sake Cup
Moon Table Light by Naai-Jung Shih
Moon Table Light
This light plays an active role to accompany people in a working space from morning to the night. It was designed with people working environment in mind. The wire can be connected to a laptop computer or a power bank. The shape of the moon was made of three quarters of a circle as a rising icon from a terrain image made of stainless frame. The surface pattern of the moon reminds the landing guide in a space project. The setting looks like a scul ⥅
Victoria Calvatone 3D Visualisation by Larisa Zolotova
Victoria Calvatone 3D Visualisation
3D visualization is aimed to represent the famous bronze Victoria Calvatone Statue in a Roman Courtyard of The Hermitage Museum. The 3D-model has a real representation of the aging metal of the statue, its conservation stage and the design of a hall with ancient interior. The exposition is dedicated to the end of the restoration process of Victoria Calvatone Statue and celebrates the return of the whimsical goddess as an important monument of wor ⥅
Victoria Calvatone
Bloom at night Visual Merchandising by L'Atelier Five
Bloom at night Visual Merchandising
The Jasmine flower being a key ingredient in the Alexander McQueen Eau de Parfum product launch, of which blooms only in the night time, is the distinctive and essential inspiration. The need for creating very delicate ornamental flowers, on a large scale, whilst keeping the manufacture relevant to the brand and their ethos. SLS 3D printing was a very unusual method of production and pushing boundaries in technology within the industry. Using the ⥅
Bloom at night
L'Atelier Five
Digital  Chaiselongue by Philipp Aduatz
Digital Chaiselongue
The "Digital Chaiselongue" is one of Philipp Aduatz latest experimental material technologies. He teamed up with the Austrian start-up incremental3d, who specialises in the field of 3D concrete printing and has developed a new technology to print very fine and detailed freeform geometries in a very short time. Aduatz’ aim is to show how an innovative product can be developed through the collaboration with engineers and the research in m ⥅
Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting by Kane Yanagawa
Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting
The decorative floor lamp Calla Noir, nearly 130cm tall, was printed on a large-scale delta style printer. With the help of new performance materials from Modex 3D filaments and the 3D printing facilities at Linkin Factory, Calla Noir achieved, what just three years ago, seemed like an insurmountable task in 3D printing. Drawing from extensive experiences gained from the past several years of investigation into the potentials of FDM 3D printing, ⥅
Calla Noir
PocketMaker 3D Printer by Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian
PocketMaker 3D Printer
PocketMaker is a USD99 palm-sized 3D printer. This 3D printer is only as large as a palm, but it can print any object at the maximum size of 8*8*8cm. It adopts four special customized micro stepper motors and a set of self-lubricating plastic slide rail, which substitutes heavy metal slide rail, to reduce volume and cut the cost. In addition, in such a compact space, the product has a patented ultra-small replaceable print head. Its price of USD9 ⥅
Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian
Light of Life Lamp by SiQing Wang
Light of Life Lamp
With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the appearance of the product has undergone tremendous changes, but also to the possibility of product structure has brought tremendous leaps, no matter how complex and changeable structures are, they can be manufactured by the way of 3D printing, The lamp mainly embodies bionic design form, Combining the complexity and diversity of the natural life system, sculpture forms into the design, giving ⥅
Light of Life
Fri3design Education 3D Design Educational Program by Takashi Terada
Fri3design Education 3D Design Educational Program
Takashi Terada developed an educational program named Fri3Design education ,which enables users to learn the fusion of physicality and digital through recreation. The program focuses on 3D modeling and 3D printer studies using Frisbee. In the class,students can train their ability of space perception, imagination, and physical senses, through making their own frisbee using 3D printing technology. With the support from the Board of Education, the ⥅
Fri3design Education
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch by Mania Carta
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch
Luna Lankastar the Night Witch of Linerma. This mysterious witch no one knows where she came from but a long time ago, she was raised by the Goddess of Light Visatra, she teaches her all the powers and secrets that most known witches possess, so one day if the darkness arises, she will have the responsibility to protect everyone. As they are witches still trapped in another dark dimension that was created by Enix the god of chaos, Luna got a big ⥅
Luna Lankastar
My Coin 3D Animation by Sungkyun Bae
My Coin 3D Animation
A boy drops a coin into the sewer. A rich man finds such a boy and approaches. A wealthy man who knows the situation puts out expensive gold bullion instead of a coin to the boy. Realizing that the reason people conflict with each other is the difference in values, this animation expresses the difference in values that each person has.
My Coin
Candy 3D Printer by Anny Team
Candy 3D Printer
This candy 3D printer combines traditional Chinese folk art "Sugar Figure Blowing" with modern technology. More children will be exposed to this traditional Chinese folk art, which will add fun to their lives. The candy 3D printer can be manipulated through the App, and the candy particles can be printed and formed in the form of 3D printing, bringing various styles of candies to the children to eat and appreciate.
Bubble 3D Printed Photochromic Backpack by Bao Liyuan
Bubble 3D Printed Photochromic Backpack
This series of works is designed as bags and bags assembled through shoulder straps and zippers after 3D printing of translucent resin materials. Unique photosensitive color bubble shape gives users a novel use experience. In today's market, bags and suitcases have gone beyond their functions, showing the identity and personality of users from all angles. This style takes bubble elements as modeling inspiration, and photosensitive and color ⥅
Year of Tiger 3D Paper Craft Decoration by DS Glitter Ltd. - Sam Hui & Peter Lei
Year of Tiger 3D Paper Craft Decoration
Traditional Chinese New Year lucky banners are one dimension and monotonous, so designers decided to design a special tiger decoration for homes and offices to deliver their warm wishes. They overcame paper construction challenges to make the design three dimensions. They collaborated with a printing company that possesses technical expertise on MGI Jetvarnish 3Ds iFoil printing. The product is printed by FSC certified paper and plant-based ink. ⥅
Year of Tiger
DS Glitter Ltd. - Sam Hui & Peter Lei
Migo 3D Printer by Junshen Pan
Migo 3D Printer
The design Migo unifies the three elements of the traditional 3D printer shell, the structural skeleton and the link node in one innovative all-metal integrated shell. The transmission logic, hides all complex links, matches the hidden nodes on the housing, and modularizes all necessary transmission structures, so the whole structure turns to be beautiful and more durable. Meanwhile, The design has removable attachment for printing materials and ⥅
CHESS DRAMA Three-dimensional Chinese chess  by Lingfang Shen
CHESS DRAMA Three-dimensional Chinese chess
The pieces of xiangqi are always kept in a 2-dimensional feature with a round object engraved with Chinese characters and never changed before. Because of this monotonous shape, more and more youngsters tend to regard xiangqi as a board game for the elderly. So this design is to meet rising aesthetic needs of people, arousing interests of the young in this ancient puzzle game in a result of increasing the market share of the game. That means this ⥅
Coral flower vase is a 3d printed test tube flower vase which hosts dynamic and spatial floral arrangements. The vase has a minimal structural setting to provide a platform for various designs for floral designers to create their artwork and displays. Coral consists of 8 individual branches which each holds a glass tube housing water which can be easily removed and refilled without having to move the vase itself. The sculptural form, along with d ⥅
La Smilza Darwinian chair by Martina Taranto
La Smilza Darwinian chair
It might seem it has a fragile structure but it is mathematically safe. La Smilza can be considered a spacial reticular structure and it responds to the physical principle of levers. It is composed by broomsticks, 3D printed joints and a suspended seat secured with ropes to the frame. The structure reacts to different strengths depending on how the joints are placed. The chair is designed to be unique, personal, built on the owner's needs an ⥅
La Smilza
Bubble Vase by Jongdae Ryu
Bubble Vase
The 'BUBBLE' is a series of vase designs resembling bubble shapes. The vases are made from 3D printing using an environmentally friendly plastic. In addition, they have created an unique atmosphere by pointing the center of the vase with oriental green paint. The difference with other vases is that the product decomposes spontaneously when the product reaches its end of life.
Quebra-Pedra 3D puzzle 3D puzzle by Priscila Busato
Quebra-Pedra 3D puzzle 3D puzzle
Quebra Pedra (Boulder Broker) is a 3D puzzle inspired by ancient buildings, constructed exclusively of stone. This toy is composed of 12 modules, each one crafted by an irregular, dockable shape generator algorithm on a CAD/CAM system, allowing it's fabrication on paperboard via laser cutting or 3D printing techniques. In order to guide the construction, each component has a couple of colored faces, corresponding to its puzzle counterpart. ⥅
Quebra-Pedra 3D puzzle
Breaking the 3-D mould. The 3D printed shoes. by ZOE JIA-YU DAI
Breaking the 3-D mould. The 3D printed shoes.
The shoe collection was to discover ways and limitations in 3-D printing technology to push the boundaries of these constraints and change these processes of the footwear manufacturing. It is clear that 3-D printing technology can not only achieve footwear production, but also allow a large amount of flexibility in the design stage, as well as allowing me as a shoe designer to push the limits of design structures. This collection could be part of ⥅
Breaking the 3-D mould.
Lake Tea Table by Huile Yi
Lake Tea Table
Lake is a coffee table with motion tendency specially designed for the modern home environment. Lending wood a brand new 3D style of a curved surface, this product comfortably balance motion and stillness, and harmoniously integrates aesthetic elements and functions. The visual flow adds an ethereal feeling to modern home space and conveys a chic and vibrant sense to users.
The Peacock Wine Cellar  by Kyle MertensMeyer
The Peacock Wine Cellar
The Peacock's ancient craftsmanship and contemporary fabrication create an intentional joining of past and present. The cellar comprises one thousand individually handcrafted blue-glazed terra cotta tiles, glistening like the Peacock's feathers. The design team used 3d printing to prototype before working with artisans from the historic porcelain town of Jingdezhen, China to craft the final tiles. Every tile's internal LED illumina ⥅
The Peacock
Kyle MertensMeyer
Grace Lounge Chair by Daniel Devadder
Grace Lounge Chair
Grace is a design that translates feelings that a single word can not describe. This in combination with the conviction that form does not always follow function, but should be able to follow emotion. The result is a sculpture-like design made from a 3D printed frame, partially covered with foam for added comfort and an elastic yet durable fabric. From an aesthetic point of view, it has an elegance and shape that is somehow timeless. It can match ⥅
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen by Baidu AI Cloud
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen
The large screen is specially designed for the command centers of various cities in China to meet the needs of the government to monitor the city situation, predict urban crises, and conduct emergency dispatch. Considering the aesthetics and acceptance of government users aged 40-50, this product has designed the most twinned 3D city map and the most visual charts, allowing users to collect data quickly. At the same time, users can navigate the s ⥅
Baidu Smart City
The Majestic Watch Timepiece by Andre Caputo
The Majestic Watch Timepiece
The Majestic Watch is the greatest project design developed by Andre Caputo. This brings in itself the essence of his personal brand that gather magic, fantasy and wonderful feelings. It brings together elements such as vintage time, Christmas, fantasy, magic, candies, happiness, fun, entertainment, curiosity and passion. Each part of the watch was designed in such a way that it alluded to a certain element, past or feeling. We can even imagine t ⥅
The Majestic Watch
Alignment to Air 3D Animation by Jin Jeon
Alignment to Air 3D Animation
As for the creative letter animation, Jin started with the alphabet "A". And, when it comes to the concept step, he tried to see more vigorous moods reflecting on his philosophy which is quite active but organizing at the same time. Along the way, he came up with the conflicting words thoroughly standing for his idea in some way such as align to air which is the title of this project. With that in mind, the animation presents more preci ⥅
Alignment to Air
Super Ego Digital Art by Carlos Cabrera
Super Ego Digital Art
Super Ego, an art project that satirises consumer culture and the impact of social media on people. The project aims to criticise the artificial feeding of people's egos through likes and followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. It wanted to create a metaphorical representation of society's new superheroes, whose lives revolve around getting more likes and followers. The project focuses on Instagram, where every image post ⥅
Super Ego

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