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Florasis Gold Love Lock  Lipstick by Juanjuan Hu
Florasis Gold Love Lock Lipstick
The design is inspired by the Love Lock in traditional Chinese culture. The Love Lock is an artifact wielded by the legendary Matchmaking God in China. This product is designed by the inspiration of the Love Lock in Chinese traditional culture, used as a lipstick and jewelry. It carries countless people’s longing for love, meaning that love is as heavy as gold and two hearts are locked together forever. As a lipstick, Press the button and the lip ⥅
Florasis Gold Love Lock
Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant by Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye Wedding Banquet Restaurant
Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye is a Chinese poem, which means that a spring night is calm on the river, a bright moon hangs in the sky, and the fragrance of flowers floats. Inspired by Chinese poems, three poems are used to name different chapters and scenes, full of oriental artistic conception. The immersive experience is not only CJHYY, but also different poetic moods such as Full Ship Star River and Peach and Plum Spring Breeze, each scene switching i ⥅
Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye
Wei Zhang(Wynne.Z)
AGV Construction Heavy-Duty Chassis by Fan Wu
AGV Construction Heavy-Duty Chassis
AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a platform specially designed and optimized for complex building construction environment, capable of being stuffed with robotic arms, or a lifting system as well as robotic arms. It can plan its own behavior according to the complex external environment, and help humans engage in dangerous construction work with its superb barrier-crossing ability and athletic performance.
The Fifth-Generation Waymo Driver Powering Safe and Easy Transport by YooJung Ahn
The Fifth-Generation Waymo Driver Powering Safe and Easy Transport
Waymo’s technology, called the Waymo Driver, has the potential to save millions of lives and improve mobility for people and things. The fifth-generation Waymo Driver can be applied to multiple vehicle platforms, from cars to trucks, and power use cases across ride-hailing, trucking, local delivery, and personal car ownership. The latest system is more powerful than ever before and designed for scale, enabling safer and easier transportation for ⥅
The Fifth-Generation Waymo Driver
Exxeo Luxury Hybrid Piano by iMAN Maghsoudi
Exxeo Luxury Hybrid Piano
EXXEO is an Elegant Hybrid Piano for contemporary spaces. It’s unique shape embodies the three dimensional fusion of sound waves. Customers can fully customizable their piano to be in harmony with its surroundings as a Decorative Art piece. This high-tech piano is made out of Exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, premium Automotive Leather and Aerospace grade Aluminum.Advanced soundboard speaker system; recreates the broad dynamic range of the Gran ⥅
Seehof: a garden architecture Hotel by noa* network of architecture
Seehof: a garden architecture Hotel
In 2017 this family-run hotel near Bressanone (IT) underwent major renovation and extensions, with an entire restyling. 16 new suites, the new pool and wellness area, directly on the small natural lake “Flötscher Weiher” correspond with the new design and management concept: to place nature and the recreational value as the point of focus.
Seehof: a garden architecture
noa* network of architecture
Tofana  Hotel by noa* - network of architecture
Tofana Hotel
In the demolition and reconstruction of the Hotel Tofana in San Cassiano in Badia Valley (Italy), the surrounding mountain range served as inspiration for the new architecture and interior design. The concept of the new -Explorer's Home- transfers the athletic spirit of the owner family to the entire building... From building to landscape: the design celebrates the evolutionary transformation of an originally compact building - into a layere ⥅
noa* - network of architecture
Pallet restaurant Restaurant and Micro Brewery by Ketan Jawdekar
Pallet restaurant Restaurant and Micro Brewery
Pallet is a micro brewery that was designed with the thought that interiors need to stay fresh and appealing with the future trends in design. Unconventional use of recycled wooden pallets for the interior decor is the highlight of this restaurant. It portrays the design philosophy of repetition of a module to generate patterns and textures. Grey tone of raw concrete finish on walls and floor complement the wood on vertical planes and ceiling. De ⥅
Pallet restaurant
k-haler Inhaler by Mundipharma  International  Limited
k-haler Inhaler
k-haler is a new asthma inhaler that has been designed to make patient use simple and easy. It is a breath activated device that requires lower inhalation force to trigger than most other similar inhalers. This also eliminates the need for asthma patients to coordinate their breathing and button pushing. Although designed for asthmatics, the technology within the k-haler is potentially suitable for a range of inhaled products. Its modern, user fr ⥅
Mundipharma International Limited
Makeree An educational tablet application by Nadav Rikover
Makeree An educational tablet application
Makeree's mission is to take anyone step by step through the process of creating inspiring projects by enabling learning through doing, acquiring knowledge and skills and earning points as you advance. The app's creative community provides a supportive environment, supplying everything you will need to follow the educational path and advance into becoming a maker.
Hubertus Hotel by Elisabeth Mitterer
Hubertus Hotel
The Hotel Hubertus is located in Valdaora, at the foot of the famous ski and hiking area Kronplatz in the Puster Valley (Italy) at an altitude of about 1350 m. The family establishment was generously enhanced and enlarged with 16 new suites, a new kitchen with restaurants and -Stuben-, an entrance area with lobby, reception and wine cellar and a fitness and a relaxation room with panoramic terraces. The new 25 m long cantilevering pool, functioni ⥅
Elisabeth Mitterer
Blue Paradise Retail VM by TIST
Blue Paradise Retail VM
TIST wanted to give new and unexpected experience to customers for the summer project of LOTTE WORLD MALL. So the study was focused on to increase the user experience by space and to expand the culture of story by design connecting the wide space of complex mall into one story. In collaboration with the illustrator, Janine Rewell, with the theme ‘Let’s play, Blue Paradise’, a story was made that animals and girls play together in summer in a magi ⥅
Blue Paradise

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