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Tarentum Restaurant with Bar by Bin Liu
Tarentum Restaurant with Bar
Tarentum, a brand Greek-themed restaurant chain from Shenzhen, recently opened its first store in Wuhan. Through the project, the brand delivers the Mediterranean ocean style to the city streets of Wuhan, which brings a day and night lifestyle: having Brunch, dinner, afternoon tea, or being tipsy at night. The designer manages to bring good and unrestrained enjoyment time to everyone who loves life. The intention is to create the ultimate space o ⥅
Zodiac Horse Ring Jewelry by Kin Wa Chan
Zodiac Horse Ring Jewelry
Desmond Chan is a jewelry designer based in London. In his designing process, he aims to design energetic, limited and customized jewelry. The idea is to make use of 3D printing technology to produce intricate details jewelry. Zodiac Horse Ring is structurally interconnected with a complex wire network of different thickness that provides the ring with a resilient surface tension and overall strength of structure. Desmond created a stylized horse ⥅
Zodiac Horse Ring
Air Deck Longboard by Charles Randall
Air Deck Longboard
The air deck is a custom designed longboard that offers several unique new features. Our longboard is designed with carbon fiber informed rectangular beams. These beams reinforce the outer edges of the deck and create a smoother ride and more enjoyable experience for the user. Our deck is also designed to fit any type of trucks, wheels, and bolts that anybody could wish to put onto their board.
Air Deck
Ecological City Science Museum by SHENZHEN GIES EXHBITION GROUP
Ecological City Science Museum
The exhibition hall is planned to eight theme,include an impression of Songhu, an overview of the park, a view of the future, an overall plan of development, a roaming theater, a viewing gallery, a starlight gallery, and an imagination technology. At the same time, it will solve the single function of the exhibition hall and extend the function of Hydrophilic Activity Zone beside the lake, Think Sharing Bar, Remote Video Conference Room, Science ⥅
Ecological City
Cloche  Chair by Carlo Sampietro
Cloche Chair
the plastic safety barrel chairs turn from symbols of caution into abjects of comfort; the Cloche Chair is part of an ongoing project - The Street Is In The House, an art project that celebrates New York City Streets and the objects that inhabit it. Description: vinyl cushion with plug-in illuminated base, Dimension: diameter (59 cm) H (112 cm), Features: additional outlet for personal use, suitable for outdoor or indoor use, moves on wheels, Spe ⥅
Cryptcon HTML Template by Nayan Bagia
Cryptcon HTML Template
Cryptcon is an HTML template designed to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. With its user-friendly design, clear sections, and advanced customization options, cryptcon provides the ideal platform to create your own NFT Marketplace to buy and sell tokens, crypto currency, and other digital assets. Not only is it easy to use, but cryptcon also offers a wide range of customization features that allow you to personalize your website. ⥅
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging by Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging
Based on the design theory of the five senses, the bottle shape is designed with peach blossom makeup, and the bottle cap is shaped like a peach blossom and decorated with ancient hairpins decorated with phoenix hairpins, reflecting the spirit of "junfei". The box is based on the "cross-collar right lapel" of Hanfu as the creative point, creating a visual feast of "Phoenix Crown and Xia Phi". The ingeniously designed ⥅
Beidacang Junfei Wine
Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition by Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia
Wild at Heart Temperary Exhibition
The exhibition space was designed with the Mansion House in mind, interpreting the atmosphere of Wild at Heart, creating a home like structure of movement. This temporary exhibition is designed as a combination of the dispersive aesthetics and neoclassical design. The exhibition was a unique collection of its own. he exhibition space combined the contemporary furniture, extending the spirit of travel inherited to the present day, and interpreting ⥅
Wild at Heart
Idan Chiang of L'atelier Fantasia
Stair House by William Price
Stair House
This project challenges the residential design status quo, emphasizing the incorporation of environmental and cultural sustainability into its core principles. Through the reinterpretation of an existing typology, it expands the boundaries of what is possible within a narrow urban infill lot. The use of sustainable materials, deep planter guard rails, and covered outdoor patios encourage a connection with nature and cross-ventilation. The house i ⥅
O.boat Teakettle by Ladan Zadfar
O.boat Teakettle
O.boat is an effort to combine origami art with practical utensils. O.boat is a teakettle shaped as an origami boat. It is divided into three separate parts: the first part is the water container which is the bottom of the boat,the second part is where tea is made and it is placed on the top of water container and the third part is the closure of the pot. The designers consideration was to design a module that shows everything could be shaped dif ⥅
Chloe Chair by Juan David Martínez Jofre
Chloe Chair
Chloe is an armchair in which its straight lines stand out, by playing with angles achieves this minimalist and imposing design that dominates Minimal Studio. Its main inspiration was the need to create a large piece that evoked the primordial sensations of balance and "about to break" at the same time. The concept of this project is based on its slender geometry. Its skeleton is made of tinted French oak, forming a geometric structure ⥅
Juan David Martínez Jofre
This project has designed many fonts and graphics related Chaoshan culture and Gongfu tea. In the package design reflected the hollow effect. The concept is derived from the carved wooden screen and window grilles which have most Chaoshan characteristics. Both can be pervious to light and can be decorated. It has rich Chaoshan culture and Gongfu tea culture breath.

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