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Poly The Sky Garden Sales Center by Hyp-Arch Design
Poly The Sky Garden Sales Center
The project is located in Fujian, China. It adopts a modular design method to deconstruct the functional divisions of the sales center. The modular and detachable sales center with fast turnover capability enjoys high geographic and site applicability. The detachable sales center is designed as an embedded box with fresh metal texture. The building stands quietly above the water as a whole, delivering a sheer futuristic sense. As the functional & ⥅
Poly The Sky Garden
PEGnPLAY Modular by Zuo Zuo Limited
PEGnPLAY Modular
PEGnPLAY is an innovative bench-based system furniture that allow various add-on elements (such as sofa back, armrest, back cushion, coffee tray, writing tablet, table frame, bookcase, and meeting island, etc.) pegged onto the seating bench to enhance the functionality of the product to support various tasks in collaborative workplace. As a comprehensive workplace solution, PEGnPLAY works well in any receptions, waiting areas, meeting corners, ⥅
Omi Modular Sweeping Robot by Wang Yili
Omi Modular Sweeping Robot
Purpose of this project is to solve some of the current problems encountered by Chinese sanitation workers in the course of their work and to improve their work experience. The sanitation worker can choose the appropriate kit to combine with the sweeper platform according to the weather forecast. In working condition, the modular sweeper can automatically follow the sanitation worker to complete the work in the designated area. ⥅
Dome Sales Center by Kris Lin
Dome Sales Center
The original space plan of the project is a square layout. The cosmology of orbicular sky and rectangular earth in the structure is in line with the philosophical thought of the harmony between man and nature. The designer simplified the shape of the circular caisson and abstracted artistic expression. Combined with the skylight design, the designer introduced natural light into the interior through the fifth facade of the building. It aims to in ⥅
Yinchuan Sunac City Sales Center by Arch-Age-Design (AAD)
Yinchuan Sunac City Sales Center
The building adopts a minimalist style, its circular volume and soft and neat curve elements are integrated into the field design, like a strand of silk floating on the lake, naturally and elegantly surrounding the Gedi Lake. The half-moon roof extends slantingly towards the lake, and the thin perforated columns are scattered freely and rhythmically under the two wings of the roof. The built-in light strips glow a little bit of starlight under th ⥅
Yinchuan Sunac City
Arch-Age-Design (AAD)
Air Lines Aircraft Livery Design by Didier Wolff
Air Lines Aircraft Livery Design
The whole design concept is born from a ceramic tile detail which equips the client’s aircraft interior luxurious table ware set.
Its extrapolation has aimed to one of the most complex design painted onto an aircraft as of today.Made of 5 colors, 4 of which supporting a fading effect from the front door to the last window, the aircraft reveals its design details only when approaching for boarding.
Series of 150 vertical 6 stripes sets from 6mm to ⥅
Air Lines
TAIKO-EN Japanese Shrine
A Japanese shrine. The traditional Japanese wedding is said to be performed in front of the ancestors, and has been practiced since the middle of the Meiji era. While preserving the history of Taiko-En, a Japanese temple with about 100 years of history, we also aimed to create a space where one can embark on a new history through a traditional wedding ceremony.
Shenyang Yanlord on the Park Model House by Li Liu
Shenyang Yanlord on the Park Model House
As urban elites pay more attention to the aesthetic aspects of life, it also empowers designers in creating dream-like spaces to some extents. The consensus that both parties have on the value of art makes it possible for a bolder practice of an ideal home. In this project, T-IMAGE sees the real intention and needs of the residents. The design outlined a balanced lifestyle of urban elites through an artistic way of design, presenting an inspiring ⥅
Shenyang Yanlord on the Park
Cluster for The ISF Academy Social space for students by Eureka Limited
Cluster for The ISF Academy Social space for students
The project encloses and transforms a corridor area into a desirable environment for students to socialize. Different combinations between the curve sofa benches and the existing rectangular portals result a few different settings. 49no. custom-made fibreglass reflector lampshades flies above, pouring in a soothing glow and dividing the uniform cluster area into zones with various happenings. Variations of pattern originated from school name are ⥅
Cluster for The ISF Academy
Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter by Ather Energy
Ather S340 Smart Electric Scooter
The S340 is an electric scooter under development by Ather Energy, based in Bangalore, India. The scooter is powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack, offers a maximum speed of 72 kmph and has a range of upto 60 kms. The entire vehicle has been designed in-house by Ather Energy from scratch. The S340 brings in new proportions and details, and is easier to use and ride than other scooters of similar dimensions. It comes equipped with a touchscreen co ⥅
Ather S340
Nice E-Sports Venue by T&P Architectural Design Studio
Nice E-Sports Venue
The spatial design is telling a story, whose beginning, development and end connecting naturally: a person is waiting for the break of dawn, till the morning light shines over the earth;all things on earth strive for growth with never giving-up spirit with a belief that there is a promising future ahead. The straight line symbolizes the first light of morning breaking through night dark and bringing about a new hope, a new start and unlimited pow ⥅
T&P Architectural Design Studio
Turkey Tail Center Table by ariane thakore ginwala
Turkey Tail Center Table
The table has a story to the designer. On closely examining the vibrant forms of flora and fauna, especially fungi and the tropical forest floor, she was over whelmed by the many possible textures and organic arrangements it held with in. While soaking Borneos leafy constructions, micro ecology with unique tree species , mangroves and breathtaking flowers, she began to conceive a range of intimately scaled furniture pieces that are like sculpture ⥅
Turkey Tail
ariane thakore ginwala

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