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The Flett Roof Flashing  by Scott Flett
The Flett Roof Flashing
Flett Flashing is the world's first 3D printed roof flashing. 3D printing allows the flashing to perfectly match any specified roofing profile and colour and permits junctions between roofing sheets of different pitches to be installed without difficulty. This invention makes architectural cladding quicker, easier and cheaper to install and represents a step change for the roofing and cladding industry.
The Flett
Color Lights Decorative screen by Zhang Chen
Color Lights Decorative screen
The Color Lights is a decorative screen for micro living spaces. Intergraded with tarnishing techniques : acrylic and reflective coatings, it helps natural light come into the interior space and change the color of all lights. It not only helps decorate the limited space, but also guide users to pay more attention to the relationship between the gradations of light and shade, and to Color Lights itself too. Therefore, Color Lights gives users an ⥅
Color Lights
Fly Modular System by Linda Martins
Fly Modular System
Fly is a modular and hybrid system designed during the quarantine. It represents the need to change the house, because in this pandemic time, we have learned that the house needs to adapt to us, and not the other way around. The system is composed of two structures in different heights, with drilled channels, bars, shelves and butterfly screws to assemble many layout configurations. To use from the office to the bedroom, including the kitchen. ⥅
Can You See the Music Dynamic Identity by Brand Bar Communications
Can You See the Music Dynamic Identity
The work created for Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra is a music-driven dynamic brand identity aiming to revive the visual appearance of the orchestra. Its creators have invented an alternative musical language, by which any melody can be visualized within the set of guidelines defined. The identity allows for each member of the orchestra to build their own personalized logo, related to their favorite piece of the repertoire. Moreover, due to a cust ⥅
Can You See the Music
Brand Bar Communications
Archadia Brand Identity by Cristian Carrara
Archadia Brand Identity
The Archadia logo is designed to inspire stability and dynamism according to the mission of the brand. The letter A, here understood as the initial letter of the brand name, was designed starting from the elementary geometry of a triangle, the static form par excellence in architecture, but also recalls the main concepts of academy, architecture and also "abitare" (living in Italian). The chosen blue color finally defines the institutio ⥅
Hack a Bench Public space intervention by Dylan Kwok & Hinz Pak
Hack a Bench Public space intervention
Enhancement of existing benches that prompts the imagination of socially inclusive public space. Ten undulating parts were designed to 'hack' the existing park benches to enhance users' sitting behavior. The newly ‘hacked’ benches have been reoriented towards the visually pleasing open areas including the sky, the lawn and the pond. These small changes transform the park into various clusters of cultural experience. Cultural events ⥅
Hack a Bench
Dylan Kwok & Hinz Pak
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand by Richstudio
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand
The customer Zhenyuantang is a century-old traditional Chinese medicine brand. Bazhen Cake is a special pastry that has eight kinds of precious Chinese ingredients added. The product packaging is mainly in the shape of a crane, and the perfect combination of the outer box and the paper handle forms the shape of a crane, which is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. When the box is opened, the top forms a complete picture, and the combination ⥅
Precious Pastries
Pullman Dongguan Changan Hotel Business and Leisure Hospitality by Arthur Wing Fat Chan
Pullman Dongguan Changan Hotel Business and Leisure Hospitality
Modern geometrical approach on traditional ‘Chinese screen with views’ concept were applied on hotel main lobby to transform an upscale spacious environment. These screen dividers separate different functions of spaces but also link up the whole lobby area together to create different view on different angle and privacy sufficiently. Environmental friendly materials and LED lighting as the major materials on the project. Warm tones of different s ⥅
Pullman Dongguan Changan Hotel
Arthur Wing Fat Chan
Reel Tray Serving Tray by David Elia
Reel Tray Serving Tray
The Reel Tray was conceived at Design da Gema, a Brazilian creative laboratory where atypical materials come together with designs inspired by the carioca urban life. This tray is made with recycled corrugated cardboard that comes in the form of reels used for packing and shipping. The materials and the construction method gave way to a lightweight, functional product that can be easily handled for a variety of purposes. Clean lines allows the pr ⥅
Reel Tray
130YO Gran Cruz Luxury Packaging by Omdesign
130YO Gran Cruz Luxury Packaging
To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Gran Cruz, a Port producer, Omdesign designed and produced a special commemorative packaging. The design reflects in its details the essence of Douro, as well as the cooperage artwork and ageing of the 100YO Very Old Port that Gran Cruz selected to this particular edition, enhancing the quality of their products, history and values. The bottle with a black woman screen printed is integrated in a wood package, ⥅
130YO Gran Cruz
Hak Hi Kong Yong An Harbor Rebranding by Shih-Pei Huang
Hak Hi Kong Yong An Harbor Rebranding
The proposal use three concepts to rebuild the CI system for Yong-An Fishing Port. The first is a new logo creating with specific visual material extracted from cultural characteristics of the Hakka community. Next step is a reinvestigation of entertainment experience, then create two mascot characters representing and let them appear in new attractions for guiding tourist into the port. Last but not least, planing nine spots inside, surrounding ⥅
Hak Hi Kong
Tailong College by Black Lv
Tailong College
The college is divided into three parts: administrative office area, teaching classroom area and living quarters for teachers and students. In order to match the concept of the whole project, designers follow the aesthetic feeling of balance, scale and art, eliminates the complicated and redundant procedures, highlights the atmosphere with an open pattern, enriches the spatial level with geometric structure, and shapes the structural order with c ⥅

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