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Vicutu Concept Flagship Store by Mo Zheng
Vicutu Concept Flagship Store
The Concept Store for the Vicutu Fashion Brand, located in Beijing urban area, providing customers with a unique experience. A large-scale three-dimensional metal weaving system is adopted, which reflects the production process and fabric properties of men's clothing on the facade. Within the interior of the concept store, the whole space language simulates the phenomena in the nature, creating an immersive place for the visitors. Curved gro ⥅
Vicutu Concept
Explorer Solar Generator 300 Plus Portable Energy Storage Set by Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Explorer Solar Generator 300 Plus Portable Energy Storage Set
Jackery Explorer Solar Generator 300 Plus is a light and portable energy storage set with high performance. The energy storage with a capacity of 300Wh only weighs 3.5kg. Its minimalist square shape facilitates storage and folding. The 40W solar panel only weighs 1.1kg, with a size of a briefcase when folded. The SG set ensures lightweight outdoor travel and can meet multi-scene (short distance travel, outdoor camping, household power emergency) ⥅
Explorer Solar Generator 300 Plus
Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Burton Chengdu Retail by Lisa Liu
Burton Chengdu Retail
The stimulating and creating moments are happening every now and then the illustration artist from the team has drawn a set of comic like illustration to translate the user guide of snow gears and the brand history development, researching the brand history and social networks in China to make the store a landmark and photographable is another challenge, the design team works hard on combining the traditional Chinese wood construction structure w ⥅
Burton Chengdu
Coralarc Installation Art by Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng
Coralarc Installation Art
Coralarc utilizes algorithms to simulate the rules of pushing, and growing among cells. After dynamic stacking along the time axis, it gradually forms an organic curved surface. The work utilizes transparent materials to express the beautiful changing form and pure luster of undersea corals, while its colors are the coexistences of the people interacting with the lights, as well as the scenery on the beautiful bay. Through the properties of mater ⥅
Shih-Yuan Wang and Yu-Ting Sheng
Shochu X Bottle Label by Kota Sagae
Shochu X Bottle Label
Designed for a rebranding of Shochu X, a company that creates new value from a modern perspective for shochu, a traditional spirit produced in the Kyushu region, Japan. Focused on the fact that this brand does not only offer the value of alcoholic beverages but also values the relationship with culture and lifestyles. Used a Western spirits like bottle shape and label, but added a graphic design with a Japanese style pattern and minimalist aesthe ⥅
Shochu X
Huzhou Science Valley Homm Hotel Lighting Design by AlexXu&Partners
Huzhou Science Valley Homm Hotel Lighting Design
The whole design is warm and stylish, close to nature, reflecting the elegant and free and easy life. Lighting design is to create a sixth space that makes people relax and happy. Through the selection of light source, control system, the selection of color temperature and the distribution of illumination, more space can meet the mind of people to relax. Use light to emphasize the characteristics of interior design, express the sense of spatial h ⥅
Huzhou Science Valley Homm Hotel
Snow Draft Beer Packaging
Brewed only with water, malt and hops, this Pure Malt Draft Beer is fresh and mellow to taste. The series of package design goes in line with minimalism to emphasize its materials, as well as the self-developed brewing technology. It takes aurora green and pure white as the tones, and further utilizes the and soft line drawings to visually convey the quality of the malt draft beer.
Snow Draft Beer
HD Mengyin Black Golden Kitchen Cabinet by Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.
HD Mengyin Black Golden Kitchen Cabinet
The product is blended with the bamboo element, modern metal materials, and processes. Designers innovated the embossed imitated bamboo woven door panel and bamboo node decorative rack to endow the modern kitchen with Chinese style. The folded side-inserted door and rotary side-inserted door design hide the small wine cabinet and the electrical cabinet, which is attractive and functional. Integrated food-grade stainless steel island offers a more ⥅
HD Mengyin Black Golden
Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,Ltd.
Wave Armchair by Crystian Freiberger
Wave Armchair
The Wave armchair is a sculpted masterpiece that piques curiosity with its unique shape. Design inspired by the rolling waves of the sea, which are characterized by more volume at the base as they form, before curving and gradually "breaking down" to taper at the ends. The seat and backrest are suspended without touching each other, thanks to a slightly flexible structure entirely composed of fiberglass. The fluidity and movement of the ⥅
Crystian Freiberger
Rebirth Art Space Installation by Hebei Puteng Culture Media Co., Ltd
Rebirth Art Space Installation
The project is an immersive commercial art space with the theme of Rebirth, which relates that an AI girl who recreates our home earth by memory extraction and remodeling in the future, through various technical means such as physical production, mechanical construction, and control programming. The unique visual experience and conceptual thinking, combined with technology, art, and fashion elements, fits perfectly with the commercial space, brin ⥅
Hebei Puteng Culture Media Co., Ltd
Zhuojiu Liquor Packaging
The inspiration of the wine bottle shape comes from the "axe" that represents power, so use "power" as the design idea to express the spirit of Chinese Liquor Drinking. Therefore, from the perspective of strength, concretized the thoughts and feelings of the image by skillfully integrating " hard" and "soft" into the axe and mountains and trees, so that people can imagine the flavor of this Chinese Liquor w ⥅
Tension Instrument Concert Hall by Lihan Jin
Tension Instrument Concert Hall
The project is based on the study of architecture and music. The design focuses on how to take inspiration from intangible music and present it in tangible architectural space. The design ultimately combines the two through "tension", a force that is prevalent in both architecture and music. The concert hall is an orchestration of walls, balconies, and acoustic panels, which are developed from a unique architectural prototype by differe ⥅
Tension Instrument
Lang Chuan Cuisine Lounge by GBD
Lang Chuan Cuisine Lounge
Lang is a leisure social art museum where customers can eat during the day and drink wine at night. The restaurant looks like a black magic box. It uses the names and colors of tequila sunrise, black cherry, blue margarita, and sunset martini as the theme of each area, each space has a different character, and there is a collision between Eastern and Western cultures and aesthetics. It integrates Chinese Sichuan opera and panda characteristics in ⥅
Legee D8 Vacuum Mop Robot  by Hobot Technology Inc
Legee D8 Vacuum Mop Robot
legeeD8 eco compactor is a vacuum mop robot which provide user a comprehesive and eco friendly floor clean sloution. Its eco compactor trash bin minimizes the waste and reduces carbon emissions by retaining more dirt to lower the frequency of emptying and eliminating the need for a large dust collecting base. Furthermore, Its mopping pad reciprocates and applies force against the floor to remove the stains and raises to avoid wetting the carpet; ⥅
Legee D8
Hobot Technology Inc
Bioo  Biotechnological Lamp by Carlos Cabrera
Bioo Biotechnological Lamp
Bioo, the biological switch. A lamp that is activated by touching a plant resting on the backlit pot created from sustainable materials such as ceramic and cork. This is Bioo lux, the jewel that gave the opportunity to create visual art and high-impact creativity to match the innovation and technology of this new launch. From the beginning, the objective was clear, to generate a spectacular, elegant and aesthetic video.
Xian Canopy Hotel by Jingwen Chen
Xian Canopy Hotel
Located in Xian, China, this hotel integrates Tang Dynasty heritage with contemporary design. Through meticulous research and spatial planning, the renovation balances historical authenticity and modern sensibilities, providing guests with an immersive cultural experience and demonstrating the importance of context in design. Drawing inspiration from this vibrant historical context, the vision for the hotel's interior design aimed to create ⥅
Xian Canopy
Shazhou Youhuang  Cultural Park by Senem Cennetoglu
Shazhou Youhuang Cultural Park
Shazhou Youhuang is located in Zhangjiagang, along the Yangtze river, SZYH is adjacent to the existing factory complex. The new layout includes facilities that are serving the production while becoming an architectural landmark. An industrial tourism destination, a leisurely environment, based on a mix of Jiangnan architectural elements and the modern Chinese architectural abstractions. A diverse commercial street, with modern cultural functions, ⥅
Shazhou Youhuang
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn Gift Box Packaging by Chenxiang Xi
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn Gift Box Packaging
The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated in China in the eighth month of the lunar year. The designers created a unique gift box for Vanke for this year's full-moon festival. It has a distinctly Chinese feel, elegant and beautiful, with a bamboo box body and white porcelain tea plate. The box contains moon cakes with local colored rice and Pu-erh tea. When opened, the body of the box and the porcelain cover become a tea tray; the ⥅
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn
AI Conversational Banking Mobile App by UXDA
AI Conversational Banking Mobile App
The bar for product usability has been raised as the world becomes increasingly accustomed to interacting with AI-powered interfaces and chatbots. The client team dared to become the pioneers of conversational banking and wanted to make their product feel revolutionary to stand out truly. They sought a UX partner who was bold enough to help them create and execute a design vision for the innovative conversational banking service Bella. ⥅
AI Conversational Banking
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch by Mania Carta
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch
Luna Lankastar the Night Witch of Linerma. This mysterious witch no one knows where she came from but a long time ago, she was raised by the Goddess of Light Visatra, she teaches her all the powers and secrets that most known witches possess, so one day if the darkness arises, she will have the responsibility to protect everyone. As they are witches still trapped in another dark dimension that was created by Enix the god of chaos, Luna got a big ⥅
Luna Lankastar
Sakura Cup by Takanori Urata
Sakura Cup
He designed the Sakura in order to make efficient use of wooden materials without wasting natural resources. The symmetry shape features curved surfaces that offer a natural both-hands fit and it enhances a beautiful wooden grain. A fine finish of the rim creates a soft reaching to the mouth, which is handmade individually by Japanese traditional craftsmen. The white and beige mixed color rope is decorated as a cup holder with a tiny tied snake k ⥅
The Brollach Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Tiago Russo
The Brollach Single Malt Irish Whiskey
The Brollach is a disruptor. Born of tradition but unbound by convention, it is a whiskey that is at once a proud product of Irish history, yet charts a new path. It is the culmination of a long and personal search for a whiskey worthy of honouring family, one that would be amongst the finest Irish whiskeys ever produced. It is a whiskey of unparalleled distinction, embodying the design, craft, skill and attention to detail that The Craft Irish W ⥅
The Brollach
Meishan East Town Centers and Base by Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua
Meishan East Town Centers and Base
The Meishan East New Town Three Centers and One Base not only needs to reflect the historical context of the city, but also have spatial attributes that provide consultation, service, education, culture and entertainment for the citizens. Blending into Nature, preserving the mountains and waters, To break the serious space impression of the traditional Citizen Service Center, Graceful curve and white architectural skin blends with the surrounding ⥅
Meishan East Town
Liu Yao, Zheng Ran and Zou Yuhua
The Ark Business District Commercial Complex by Innovation Design Studio
The Ark Business District Commercial Complex
Comprised of 11 buildings in total, the thriving business district fuses modern functionality with a streamlined design philosophy that considers the outdoors as part of your workday by introducing open to sky courtyards and irregular open spaces within the buildings. A parking area spread across two levels along with car drop-off spots available at each building, ensure a smooth journey for all visitors. The commercial and retail area on the gro ⥅
The Ark Business District
Innovation Design Studio
SZHK Science and Technology Project High Rise Office by Aedas
SZHK Science and Technology Project High Rise Office
This development is an important research and development exchange area and the gateway between Shenzhen and Hongkong. This project is committed to creating a central hub in the Science and Technology Innovation Zone with international exchanges and regional integration. This project is intended to create a 24-hour living circle that includes living, leisure, and working spaces, combined with some special activity nodes, like a community health c ⥅
SZHK Science and Technology Project
Namito Commercial Art Toy Image by Ge Zhang
Namito Commercial Art Toy Image
Namito is a commercial art toy image aiming to meet spiritual needs. The creator endows her with a lovely and cool appearance, using exaggerated appearance features to highlight Namito's unique spiritual personality and conveying the idea of reducing mental stress with artistic appeal. Namito shapes an image of a simple dream-seeker in a prosperous city to call on people to be brave to be themselves instead of caring about others' opini ⥅
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging by Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging
Different from other shrimp pastes with strong and prominent colors in the market, the packaging adopts the expression of primitive nature and Back to Basics. The outer packaging mainly uses a calligraphy shrimp character as an expression. The inner jar label is also a simple line drawing. The whole package does not contain non-degradable plastic, it can reduce the harm to rivers and soil and help to reduce the pollution of people’s food. Awakens ⥅
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce
Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
TIC Art Exhibition Center by Ann Yu
TIC Art Exhibition Center
Tic Art Center is a public urban landmark project. The overall design scope covered landscape, architecture, interior, and products, bringing together the innovation of structure, aiming to provide a comprehensive yet rhythmic spatial experience. This project Influence as a micro-urban landscape. It also impacts re-active the product trend of the hand-made brick industry which makes a successful practice of environmental-friendly architecture. Th ⥅
Peace Photo Collage by Masaki Hirokawa
Peace Photo Collage
The design concepts conveyed by this collage are balance and harmony. Each of the hands around the woman reinforces the presence of the others, and the design falls apart if any of the hands are missing or placed out of balance. The woman and the multiple hands around her were conceived as an integrated design. Because each source material differs in size, brightness, and color from the others, each hand was manipulated individually to create a s ⥅
Grace Lounge Chair by Daniel Devadder
Grace Lounge Chair
Grace is a design that translates feelings that a single word can not describe. This in combination with the conviction that form does not always follow function, but should be able to follow emotion. The result is a sculpture-like design made from a 3D printed frame, partially covered with foam for added comfort and an elastic yet durable fabric. From an aesthetic point of view, it has an elegance and shape that is somehow timeless. It can match ⥅
Yep Collagen Product by TIGER PAN
Yep Collagen Product
Yep uses products with beauty and content to convey the attitude of sweet life and cool work to young and energetic people and fashionable and cutting-edge women with attitudes. The shape of the outer box is a triangle, which means the stability and powerful power of the product and consumer women. The pink and elastic logo conveys the touch of youthful vitality and seeks the balance between trust and fashion.
Mountain Impression Power Plant by United Units Architects (UUA)
Mountain Impression Power Plant
Backed by undulating karst mountains, this factory building draws its design language from the natural context. To the north of the site there is a bare plateau flattened by the mining of a cement factory. In order to respond to the nature and memory of the site, the facade of the building is featured by a pattern of undulating mountain range to visually remedy the damage to the mountains by human impacts, evoking the self-examination of human ac ⥅
Mountain Impression
United Units Architects (UUA)
Poly City Gather Sales Center by Melody Lau
Poly City Gather Sales Center
The designer strives to infuse space with life by balancing the functional layout, aesthetics and sensory delight. To do this, he takes simple shapes and bright elements from all nature. The dome creates a sense of infinite fantasy, where everything is unoccupied and people may observe anything in silence in the 12m high, 9m open atrium. This will bring them into an artistic realm of freedom. The midair corridor is unique in its natural beauty wh ⥅
Poly City Gather
Serel Passion Smart Washbasin by SEREL Ceramic Factory
Serel Passion Smart Washbasin
Passion Smart Washbasin combines modern design and technology for a unique bathroom experience. The capacitive sensor is embedded under the ceramic countertop. The basin mixer is controlled by the icons on the counter. Using these icons; the led lighting system, flow rate, and temperature of the water are controlled. These features can be personalized according to the needs of the end user. The washbasin's modular design allows for a single ⥅
Serel Passion
SEREL Ceramic Factory
Wall A2 TV Stand by Nakamura Co.
Wall A2 TV Stand
Wall A2 is a freestanding TV stand with casters permitting placement anywhere in the room. A variety of TVs from different manufacturers can be installed at any height without the need to drill a hole in the wall and the viewing angle, orientation, and position can be easily changed by hand. The design focuses on the flexibility of installation for easy adaptation to the living environment and preferences of the viewer. The 7-shaped stand gives a ⥅
Wall A2
Red Wave Entrance by MURAYAMA INC.
Red Wave Entrance
Red Wave was installed as the entrance structure for the International Graphic Arts Show 2022. It means the rich red made possible by technology and the movement of the heart that is moved by it. The energetic red color and fluid form symbolized an enthusiastic exhibition with active business negotiations, not fearing the stagnant conditions caused by the Covid. Red Wave was also used as a design concept for the special exhibition area, guidance ⥅
Red Wave
Il Pausa House Private Home by Revano Satria
Il Pausa House Private Home
The Il Pausa House demonstrates a strong interplay between accessibility, efficiency ad productivity, in all its aspects. Evidenced through the geometric morphology of the design, as well as the relationships and correlations between the internal spaces, extending to the design of the structure and the integration of natural sunlight throughout and its impact on the house's habitation. Despite a beautifully designed interior, and a harmoniou ⥅
A6Pro Series Miniled TV by Konka Industrial Design Team
A6Pro Series Miniled TV
A6Pro series is designed for users to watch large TVS. It adopts miniled super clear screen and the whole machine is mainly made of metal material. KONKA design team attaches great importance to detail design, adding small decorative pieces in many places, while stable metal base supports the whole machine, which is not only beautiful but also has metal texture, so that users have an immersive shock watching effect when watching movies. ⥅
A6Pro Series
Konka Industrial Design Team
4Paradigm Sage AIOS  Packaging by 4Paradigm UED
4Paradigm Sage AIOS Packaging
They have redefined a new packaging style that reflects the needs of enterprise customers and the characteristics of AI technology while retaining their brand identity. They use the ultimate combination of silver, cyan grey paper symbolizing a tough and reliable enterprise personality, and transparent frosted material that breaks through the traditional dimension and boundaries to explain their perspective on the future, to cater to customers ⥅
4Paradigm Sage AIOS
Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook by Mirae-N Design Team
Traveling in Virtual Space Textbook
The cover design of these elementary school textbooks provides an opportunity for experience-based learning through an indirect journey into the space depicted on the cover. The design features an illustration that spans from the front to the back cover to convey the concept of space. By enabling students to experience a virtual space through the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, the design encourages three-dimensional thinking and imagin ⥅
Traveling in Virtual Space
Mirae-N Design Team
Jizai Arms Supernumerary Robotic Limb System by Team JIZAI ARMS
Jizai Arms Supernumerary Robotic Limb System
Jizai Arms was designed to enable social interaction between multiple Jizai Arms wearers such as an exchange of arms. Jizai Arms is a supernumerary robotic limb system consisting of a wearable base unit with detachable robotic arms. The system has been designed to enable social interaction between multiple wearers, such as exchanging arms, and to explore possible interactions between digital cyborgs in a cyborg society. ⥅
Jizai Arms
Brace Lounge Chair by Elena Prokhorova
Brace Lounge Chair
The Brace armchair was created with the user's comfort in mind. It features adjustable belts that secure the soft cushion to the frame, adding a playful element to the design while enhancing the user's experience. The chair's round shapes and functional details are elegantly crafted, distinguishing it from traditional seating options. It is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.
Dalian 37 Xiang Cultural and Creative Park by United Units Architects (UUA)
Dalian 37 Xiang Cultural and Creative Park
Transformed from an abandoned factory, Dalian 37 Xiang is located halfway up the mountain side with a main aspect towards the harbor in the north of the city. The design is inspired by the geographical features of Dalian's iconic mountains and adjacent seas, creating a new architectural image that echoes the spirit of the city, establishing a contrast between the old and the new through light interventions. The design objective was to renew ⥅
Dalian 37 Xiang
United Units Architects (UUA)
Stamatakis Bakery  Rebranding by Antonia Skaraki
Stamatakis Bakery Rebranding
A lithograph of the authentic recipes and memories of a home. When the most beloved baked goods meet the tradition, the mystagogue of taste and the ritual of pleasure, what comes to mind is always a feminine figure. The authentic flavors of Eugenia, bringing emotional memories, the artisanal recipes of tradition! Eugenia is like a lithograph, never the same, never taken out of a mold. There are no molds for Eugenia because she is the resemblance ⥅
Stamatakis Bakery
Tenki Spliced Magnetic Attraction Toy by Linglin Liang
Tenki Spliced Magnetic Attraction Toy
Tenki is a spliced children's toy with digital intelligence, which consists of three parts: power generation module, power consumption module and connecting building blocks. The toy adopts the form of magnetic attraction and conduction, which avoids the potential safety hazard caused by the exposed wires. In the form of low threshold, this design effectively connects the relationship between children and digital intelligence life. ⥅
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging by Huang Feng
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging
This project comes from Zen Tea Bliss (the unique Zen tea culture in China). This Wuyishan rock tea is very famous in China. It tastes different every time people drink it. The outer packaging imitates Wuyi Mountain, showing the artistic conception of Chinese landscapes. When the landscape is erected, it shows a person meditating. The designer hopes to express through packaging: calm down and look at things from a different angle, there may be di ⥅
Wan Xiang Sheng
Guangzhou Julong Bay Exhibition Center by Ann Yu
Guangzhou Julong Bay Exhibition Center
The warehouse building space has a single original function and a simple structure.The functional requirements for the connectivity of the exhibition hall were met by the addition of a steel and glass roof over the three separate buildings of the old building to create a coherent use and spatial field. The structure and materials of the four separate factory buildings on the original site have been retained to the greatest extent possible, with ⥅
Guangzhou Julong Bay
Max Series House Control System by Wenkai Li
Max Series House Control System
The Max series includes 10 inch central control, 5 inch central control, 4 inch central control, 3.5 inch central control, and the knob central control. Through upgrade and optimization of the human-machine interaction experience, this series conveys the product concept of being convenient, intelligent, and user-friendly, allowing every single device to interconnect and share information with smart home appliances and respond to or issue new inst ⥅
Max Series
Advar Earphone by Meze Audio
Advar Earphone
With an intricate, ergonomically contoured chassis inspired by organic shapes in nature, that hides powerful, exciting sound, Advar is a beautifully balanced blend of function and beauty. Made of CNC-machined aluminum, combining a high-gloss black chrome plating with brass-colored textures, this audio device resembles a piece of jewelry more than it does an earphone.
Suprala Font Family Typeface Specimen by Paul Robb
Suprala Font Family Typeface Specimen
Suprala is a contemporary delicate humanist serif typeface, with beautifully balanced forms, perfect for branding and communications projects. Suprala’s round, elegant, and classically elegant design, supports all major Latin-based languages in twelve styles. True italics advance the aesthetics, bringing energy and making it suitable for modern applications. Each weight includes more than 700 glyphs with stylistic letter and numeral sets and alte ⥅
Suprala Font Family
W Chengdu Hotel by Glyph Design Studio
W Chengdu Hotel
"Du'titude" is created to capture the essence of Chengdu's Plenitude natural environments and the people in Chengdu's unique, relaxed, light-hearted, and open-minded characters. The design sparks curiosity in an adventurous and edgy celebration of theatrical arts in daily life settings in Chengdu. Designed to provide an otherworldly experience rich with brand values in narrative and imagination. Guests are engaged within ⥅
W Chengdu
Glyph Design Studio
Silk Bloom  Fashion Accessory  by Cherinadded
Silk Bloom Fashion Accessory
Silk Blooms is a handcrafted jewelry piece that embodies the beauty of traditional design and rare elements. The brooch features hand-painted ceramics, representing the brand's commitment to creating one-of-a-kind products. The blue and golden colors complement each other, creating a cohesive and harmonious design. It can be used as an aesthetic clasp, brooch or bracelet, making it an accessory for any occasion. Silk Blooms is a celebration ⥅
Silk Bloom
The Donn Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Tiago Russo
The Donn Single Malt Irish Whiskey
The Donn symbolizes the youngest of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. range; a gateway to the core values of the brand as of an immersive experience around this or any product that CIWC develops. No accessories are spared, no details too small. From a disruptive, statement bottle design, to an immersive see-through box, the user can find every single component that can truly provide the perfect whiskey experience for one. Glass, pipette and stones, all ⥅
The Donn
Double Barn House by Katarzyna Starzyk
Double Barn House
Double Barn is a contemporary house located in the suburbs of Warsaw, designed for a family of four. The challenge was to create a modern, yet timeless house design, referring to the traditional architecture of Mazovia and adapting to the context of nature. In order not to overwhelm the surrounding single-family housing with its size, the house was divided into two interconnected blocks. From the inside of the house, mainly bright elements of HPL ⥅
Double Barn
Katarzyna Starzyk
Iedde Mussel Knife by Giuliano Ricciardi
Iedde Mussel Knife
The Grammella, a tool used to shell Taranto black mussels, is a typical object of Taranto, Italy. Iedde is the result of a redesign operation focused on the analysis of the traditional tool, its use, the historic and geographic context and mussel. The ergonomics of the tool derives from the handle, whose shapes lend themselves to being received in the palm and from the blade that arises spontaneously following the curve of the grip, to connect ha ⥅
Giuliano Ricciardi
Aprex Family Typeface Specimen by Paul Robb
Aprex Family Typeface Specimen
Aprex font perfectly balances the minimalist qualities associated with contemporary sans with flair within the width of the counters and comfortable, breathable apertures. Throughout weights and sizes, the typeface has great legibility and good contrast between positive and negative space, making it stunningly versatile. With a seamless combination of contemporary details and classic styles, Aprex draws inspiration from the mid-century humanist a ⥅
Aprex Family
Florid Sans Typeface Design by Paul Robb
Florid Sans Typeface Design
Florid Sans typeface perfectly balances minimalist quality with a combination of contemporary details and classic styles. The font family is geometric in nature with humanist quality rooted in the Swiss tradition, designed with comfortable, breathable apertures that make it stunningly versatile. Each weight includes more than 700 glyphs with stylistic letter and numeral sets and alternative glyphs and discretionary ligatures. ⥅
Florid Sans
Flow Bar by Bo Zhou
Flow Bar
The space is blocked in dark and calm black, full of mystery and futuristic vibe. When entering the space, one's eyes will be immediately drawn to the giant art installation on the ceiling, created by the designer based on the aesthetics of the array. The installation, shaped like rounded water drops, is placed in a neat vertical and horizontal pattern and runs in a self-formed cycle. This allows viewers to perceive the rhythm of the flow of ⥅
Moli Landscape Restaurant by Bo Zhou
Moli Landscape Restaurant
Featuring both high skip-floor and floor-to-ceiling lighting, Moli Landscape allows sunlight, wind and air to flow freely without stagnation. The main facade is blanked, creating an open "cave". Roaming along the twisting stream amid light and shadow, guests may feel the poetic aroma that the literati seek for. The roof lines are designed into large cantilever style, declining with the natural slope, which enables guests to feel like si ⥅
Moli Landscape
Cascading Terraces Residential Apartments  by POTIROPOULOS and PARTNERS
Cascading Terraces Residential Apartments
The development of the concept is based on two linked volumes parallel to one side of the site, in dialogue with the particular nature of the immediate context, addressing the site boundaries and movement. Responding to the orientation, views, wind direction, and the seasonal changes of the landscape, the complex opens up or closes, developing each time a different appearance, as the transition from the natural to the built environment establishe ⥅
Cascading Terraces
MCC Shengshi International Plaza Multifunctional Building by Aedas
MCC Shengshi International Plaza Multifunctional Building
Zhuhai MCC Shengshi International Plaza project is located on the Hengqin Islandin Zhuhai, in close proximity to the Lotus Bridge that links to Cotai, Macau. As the Bridgehead of Zhuhai-Macau port, Zhuhai Hengqin mix-use project impresses people with streamline appearance and abundant mix-use programs: two high-rise office tower, podium retail,rooftop garden and infinity pool. The design concept is inspired by elegant cruising movement of Dragon ⥅
MCC Shengshi International Plaza
Lavazza Tiny Eco Espresso Machine by Florian Seidl
Lavazza Tiny Eco Espresso Machine
Lavazza continues its commitment to sustainability by launching Tiny Eco, it's first coffee machine made from recycled plastic and compostable coffee capsules. Overall life cycle assessment, energy consumption and noise level were important aspects in the product development process. Designed with lots of love in Italy, it celebrates its Mediterranean identity with attention to detail, colours and finishes. The shape is made from intersectin ⥅
Lavazza Tiny Eco
Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd Office and Commercial by Aedas
Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd Office and Commercial
Inspired by the dancing aurora, the designer introduced an impressive façade design through bottom to top connections between the northern and eastern sides. The dance of light is characterized by the juxtaposition of rectilinear forms and tower facades with double curves. This 201M high office tower has the strong feature of a Double Curved Facade, which put it among one of The Most Twisting Towers in the World. ⥅
Chongqing Gaoke Group Ltd
Moccle Wooden Bicycle by Masateru Yasuda
Moccle Wooden Bicycle
Moccle is focused on the earthquake resistance of traditional Japanese wooden houses and used wood as the main material. A hybrid material combining wood and carbon fibre is used to balance flexibility and strength. By minimising functions and developing comfort and fun rather than speed, Moccle is not only a tool for mobility, but also a part of the interior that can be displayed in the living room.
Lantern Festival Events by Kaohsiung City Government
Lantern Festival Events
The essence of light is positive energy, which can spread goodwill and influence. Through this event, the people of Kaohsiung were linked together with this power. In the night, there is light to guide the way forward, just like the water of the river of love keeps flowing forward. Light can heal, light can inspire, light can create, and finally leave the most beautiful city scene.
Lantern Festival
Kaohsiung City Government
Brazilian Quartzite Tiles by Cerrad Design Team
Brazilian Quartzite Tiles
Brazilian Quartzite: elegant, classy and stylish. Patterns and tonality ideally reflect the look of natural stone, and due to the innovative manufacturing technology, tiles can also be used outdoors. The multiformat collection is available in two types of finishes: polished and mat. The 6 mm thickness allows for a vast number of applications. These 100 percent natural tiles will bring luxury into any space where quality of the finishing material ⥅
Brazilian Quartzite
Cerrad Design Team
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen by Baidu AI Cloud
Baidu Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen
The large screen is specially designed for the command centers of various cities in China to meet the needs of the government to monitor the city situation, predict urban crises, and conduct emergency dispatch. Considering the aesthetics and acceptance of government users aged 40-50, this product has designed the most twinned 3D city map and the most visual charts, allowing users to collect data quickly. At the same time, users can navigate the s ⥅
Baidu Smart City
Babyfirst Joy Pro R155 Child Car Seats by Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd
Babyfirst Joy Pro R155 Child Car Seats
The Joy Pro with the temperature control and safety monitoring takes into account child safety, comfort and convenient operation for parents, which can adapt to the sitting and lying habits of newborns. Parents can adjust the rotation angle and inclination of the seat with one hand, and check kid’s condition via App or car console system, effectively preventing babies from being forgotten in the car.
Babyfirst Joy Pro R155
Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd
Satuo F7 Intelligent Vacuum and Mop Cleaner by Shanxi JiaShiDa Robot Technology Co.,Ltd
Satuo F7 Intelligent Vacuum and Mop Cleaner
Equipped with an ultra-large smart touch screen and IMT 2.0 intelligent interactive system to innovate Internet plus mode and realize smart home life; innovative house formaldehyde removal and sterilization technology as well as wooden floor waxing and maintenance function create a safe and happy family experience; the machine body adopts gradient spraying process to inject more passion and vitality into life. The intelligent interactive system a ⥅
Satuo F7
Shanxi JiaShiDa Robot Technology Co.,Ltd
Exploration 2 Pro Safety Seats by Hangzhou Buddy Buzzy Co., Ltd.
Exploration 2 Pro Safety Seats
Exploration 2 Pro gives a convincing demonstration of both safety and comfort features. Its proactive safety designs improve the safety of traveling to the next level, and it can alert parents and passers-by via multichannel alarms in case children are left in the car. With the intelligent temperature control system and the aspiration system for heat dissipation, children are able to enjoy a cozy environment as soon as they are seated. In a nutsh ⥅
Exploration 2 Pro
Hangzhou Buddy Buzzy Co., Ltd.
The Beijing Parade Restaurant by Ao Han
The Beijing Parade Restaurant
The space is featured by concise and refined style, but reveals an ingeniously subtle clue and metaphor of those brilliant achievements of the Silk Road, which is a reinterpretation of the historical nodes of the great international exchanges. The designers paid homage to ancient Chinese by designing living scenes with a human touch to reproduce the world of the Tang people and create a Belt and Road-themed restaurant that blends feasting styles. ⥅
The Beijing Parade
Footsync Multifunctional App by Carlos Jiménez García
Footsync Multifunctional App
Footsync is a piece of Footlight Square, a project that implements interactive lights as a medium to achieve several objectives, producing cognitive games to prevent the appearance of neurological diseases or a giant-interface pump track among other elements. Footsync responds to the need to benefit from Footlight's catalogue when not possible to visit the installations. Aesthetically the App implements a visual language developed for the pr ⥅
Carlos Jiménez García

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