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Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry by Xincheng Zhang
Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry
The designer integrates five culturally significant flowers, which are lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, calla lily and magnolia, into one whole piece. Flowering period of the five different flowers alternates throughout the year, implying happiness all year round. This is a piece of transformable jewelry developed from traditional jade carving and metalworking. Hand carved natural nephrite jade and set in 18K gold with diamonds inlaid,corundum set in ⥅
Blooming Blossom
The Shape of Old Memory Womenswear Collection by Chen Bingrou
The Shape of Old Memory Womenswear Collection
The creation of this series of works comes from the designer’s thinking on the innovative application of traditional craft culture in contemporary design and its innovative application value. Traditional craft culture is like a treasure sunk in the deep sea. People can perceive its existence and value but rarely touch it. If it is not salvaged, it will fade away and disappear, which is regrettable. Another innovation in this work is the use of ep ⥅
The Shape of Old Memory
Miracle of Birth Choker by Kimio Fukutani
Miracle of Birth Choker
In the natural world, the spiral shape is a special existence that feels the mystery of life. Many spiral shapes can be found in galaxies, typhoons, whirlpools, plants, shells, works of art, etc. In addition, human DNA is also composed of a double helix shape, and 99.9 percent of its structure is common. It is said that he was born in this world with a completely different personality and appearance with only the remaining 0.1 percent difference. ⥅
Miracle of Birth
Qwerty Elemental Handbags by Patrizia Donà
Qwerty Elemental Handbags
Just like typewriters’ design evolution shows the transformation from a highly complex visual form to the clean-lined, simple geometric form, Qwerty-elemental is the embodiment of strength, symmetry, and simplicity. Constructive steel parts made by various craftsmen are distinctive visual feature of the product, which gives the bag an architectonic appearance. The essential peculiarity of the bag are two typewriter’s keys which are self manufactu ⥅
Qwerty Elemental
L1 All Blue Watch by Lars Hofmann
L1 All Blue Watch
The design of the L1 All Blue reflects the architecture, landmarks and style of the German capital in a captivating blue color. A sun-cut dial for even more colourful depth. And the seconds hand in Serenity Blue adds an additional touch of blue to the watch. A Stainless steel case made of especially pure 316L surgical steel and the matte blue finish perfectly accentuates the closed composition of the casing. Superluminova on the hands and hours h ⥅
L1 All Blue
Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings by Ksenia Zagaynova
Dance Anatomy Ring and Earrings
The inspiration behind Dance Anatomy collection lies in contemporary dance and represents a reinterpretation of a human body. The author studied the captured positions of dancers and the processes existing in their bodies and further translated these processes into graphic language and came up with the forms and silhouettes that further became wearable objects (earrings, pendants, rings).
Dance Anatomy
Tactical Haptic Fabric by Sofie Di Bartolomeo
Tactical Haptic Fabric
Three-dimensional textile surface realized through the manipulation of the screen-printing technique. The textile has a parametric pattern, and a customized coating mixture matched to a smooth base fabric, that gives to the textile an exclusive tactile sensation. The features of this fabric are highlighted by applying it to a wearable context to give the wearer a different sensorial experience related to the interaction with the body through the ⥅
Sofie Di Bartolomeo
The Check In Luggage by mauricio issa
The Check In Luggage
The Arlo Skye Check-in was designed thinking primarily on the user experience. The size that allows the traveller to maximize packing but keeping the weight in limit within airline regulations. A zipper-less design was engineered in an unbreakable polycarbonate shell with an aluminum frame and corners to protect against travel wounds. It's perfect for a 1-3 week trip. It has an anti-microbial interior lining and 60 mm wide whisper-quiet whee ⥅
The Check In
Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag by Jeffrey Wan You Sew
Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag
Takeout has a whole new meaning once you set eyes on the Le Morne Lunch Box. It is the playful bag you never knew you wanted. Inspired by the ladies who brunch in New York City, Le Morne is the bag you want to have on you when going to the beach or Central Park. Carry the bag by the handle or wear it cross body for hands-free exploring, concrete jungle style.
Le Morne Lunch Box
Jeffrey Wan You Sew
Just Rebel Star Rings by Julien Riad Sahyoun
Just Rebel Star Rings
The Star rings emphasize individuality. Julien Riad Sahyoun strongly believes that everyone can make a difference by embracing their uniqueness and believing in themselves, and he wanted to share this value through his creations. In this collection there are no two rings alike - made by hand they all have different shapes, different colours of gold and diamonds. Each ring is set with a specific number of diamonds that has a symbolic meaning to Ju ⥅
Just Rebel Star
Julien Riad Sahyoun
Traces Womenswear Collection by RONG ZHANG
Traces Womenswear Collection
The Womenswear collection unfolds intricately crafted, multi-layered garments and explorations into digital printing, digital embroidery and the material weaving technique. Rong made the thought-provoking silhouettes through a conscious layering textures, which inspired by the Chinese examination sheets and artworks by Susan Hefuna. Handcrafted skills like elastic waving is the starting point in this collection. Transforming the 3D waving fabric ⥅
The Language of Flowers Print Design Collection by Bianca Elgar
The Language of Flowers Print Design Collection
Traditionally made Silk Screen print designs inspired by Victorian history with a mix of different flowers reimagined and symbolised to have a 60s and 70s colourful twist on a blue or black background which will be constructed and completed using modern techniques and applied to garments in a fashion collection
The Language of Flowers

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