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Zhuojiu Liquor Packaging
The inspiration of the wine bottle shape comes from the "axe" that represents power, so use "power" as the design idea to express the spirit of Chinese Liquor Drinking. Therefore, from the perspective of strength, concretized the thoughts and feelings of the image by skillfully integrating " hard" and "soft" into the axe and mountains and trees, so that people can imagine the flavor of this Chinese Liquor w ⥅
Green Field Watchmen Packaging Of Rice by Peng GuoZhi
Green Field Watchmen Packaging Of Rice
The packaging design for this series of ecological rice is also rooted in profound strategic insights. With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, consumers in China prioritize safety and taste when purchasing rice. Noticing that ecological rice brands mainly emphasize safety without recognizing the greater value of deliciousness, the team named the brand Green Field Watchmen. The team emphasizes the sales proposition that ecological rice ⥅
Green Field Watchmen
Hangzhou Scenery Mineral Water Packaging by Peng GuoZhi
Hangzhou Scenery Mineral Water Packaging
The packaging design for Hang Water drinking water stems from thorough strategic insights gained in the initial stages. Amid the fierce competition in the bottled water market, it's challenging for a new brand like Hang Water to gain a foothold. Recognizing an opportunity in the high-end drinking water market, the team understands that consumers not only seek the product itself but also value the cultural experiences it brings. ⥅
Longyu Sauce Wine Packaging by Wang Lina
Longyu Sauce Wine Packaging
The packaging design of sauce wine, which carries forward the traditional Chinese culture, the oriental giant dragon, is related to the ancient astrological culture. It originates from the worship of the dragon totem in ancient times. The ancients believed that the dragon was auspicious and the master of the weathering rain. It is a metaphor for the best wishes of things in their heyday.
Moutai 1935 Liquor Packaging by Chengdu Wanjiazu Technology Co., Ltd
Moutai 1935 Liquor Packaging
The integration of traditional Chinese paintings and a distinctive color palette sets this packaging apart. The red and gold colourway builds a strong connection with Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese genre paintings in relief encircle the bottle, exuding artistic elegance. This design also makes the previously intangible history and culture behind Chinese distilled spirits visible, positioning Moutai 1935 as a gift with deep cultural signific ⥅
Moutai 1935
Chengdu Wanjiazu Technology Co., Ltd
Qingjiu Packaging
The design of the bottle shape is inspired by the noble and elegant temperament of Eastern and Western women. The dynamic texture of the upper part of the body, which contrasts with the lower part of the body, also adds to the dynamic beauty of the whole bottle. The box structure is segmented by female body curves, leaving space for consumer's imagination. Abstract techniques are applied to express a noble and elegant woman.
KaoPu Tea Packaging by Mars Team
KaoPu Tea Packaging
The packaging design is presented in the shape of TV, and the tea with different taste and effect is shown to consumers in different drinking scenes by illustration. The front side is torn open to reveal the tea bag, which is colorful and youthful "KaoPu" font design reflected in the side. Different tea can be combined at will, full of fun to play with, at the same time very display effect. Back to show the efficacy of products and drin ⥅
KaoPu Tea
Sakura Shimizu Packaging by Nobuya Hayasaka
Sakura Shimizu Packaging
This package was created as a branding project for a floral artist. All of the brand's tools were created in a uniform gray color, which shows the true colors of the flowers. The packaging is designed in a simple achromatic color so as not to detract from the quality of the client artist's work. The symbol is based on the typography of a Japanese character meaning "flower", and all brand tools are created around this symbol. B ⥅
Sakura Shimizu
Honey Packaging Design by Wallrus Design Studio
Honey Packaging Design
This packaging designed for honey presents one of the most unique ideas for this product. A combination of hexagons placed on top of each other and reminiscent of a beehive. The honey in this package conveys the greatest sense of naturalness and purity to the consumer, as if you are directly taking it from the beehive itself. The very favorable use of glass and wood materials together has helped in strengthening this feeling, and of course, it go ⥅
Wallrus Design Studio
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging by Huang Feng
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging
This project comes from Zen Tea Bliss (the unique Zen tea culture in China). This Wuyishan rock tea is very famous in China. It tastes different every time people drink it. The outer packaging imitates Wuyi Mountain, showing the artistic conception of Chinese landscapes. When the landscape is erected, it shows a person meditating. The designer hopes to express through packaging: calm down and look at things from a different angle, there may be di ⥅
Wan Xiang Sheng
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging by Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging
Different from other shrimp pastes with strong and prominent colors in the market, the packaging adopts the expression of primitive nature and Back to Basics. The outer packaging mainly uses a calligraphy shrimp character as an expression. The inner jar label is also a simple line drawing. The whole package does not contain non-degradable plastic, it can reduce the harm to rivers and soil and help to reduce the pollution of people’s food. Awakens ⥅
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce
Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
4Paradigm Sage AIOS  Packaging by 4Paradigm UED
4Paradigm Sage AIOS Packaging
They have redefined a new packaging style that reflects the needs of enterprise customers and the characteristics of AI technology while retaining their brand identity. They use the ultimate combination of silver, cyan grey paper symbolizing a tough and reliable enterprise personality, and transparent frosted material that breaks through the traditional dimension and boundaries to explain their perspective on the future, to cater to customers ⥅
4Paradigm Sage AIOS
Miok Milk Beer Packaging by Iris Fan
Miok Milk Beer Packaging
The brand identity design and packaging design for Miok is adventurous, creative, and joyful. The concept of Miok's brand identity is "Mixing", which represents the mix of milk and beer. Around the floating Miok letters, two liquid shapes are mixing into a new shape. The visual means to be bold, dynamic, and joyful to represent the beverage’s unique characteristics. The logo is the main visual element on product packaging, to make ⥅
Challenger Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Wu yao
Challenger Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
Challenger is a spirits packaging design. Inspired by traditional Chinese mythology Nezha and Wukong. Express the spirit of courage to challenge. The main colors of the bottle are blue and orange with illustrations. The packaging box is dark blue, with elements representing Wukong and Nezha printed on the front, and the craftsmanship is embossed with hot stamping. Integrate illustration art and Chinese culture into packaging. Adopts an oblique 60 ⥅
Anti Sun Damage Series for Children Packaging by Guangzhou good skin Technology Co., Ltd
Anti Sun Damage Series for Children Packaging
The sunlight shield visual hammer symbol is creatively incorporated into the packaging, which aligns with the brand concept of light damage resistance. The snow mountain series packaging design emphasizes the unity and playfulness of the product, showcasing the aesthetic pursuit and mastery of the designer. Furthermore, the packaging of this series is scientifically designed to improve its usage and interactive experience, promoting innovation an ⥅
Anti Sun Damage Series for Children
Guangzhou good skin Technology Co., Ltd
Korea Yuza Wine Packaging by SUN JIAN
Korea Yuza Wine Packaging
Our creatively designed yuzu wine, inspired by the Three Kingdoms tale of Huan Xiong, features intricately carved packaging and high-footed cups, exuding historical opulence. Packaged in an eco-friendly walnut wood box, the yuzu wine offers health benefits and a stylish choice, commemorating 30 years of cultural exchange in Gaoxing County.
Korea Yuza Wine
Shede Spirit Oriental Wisdom Packaging by Sichuan ZhuoYue Cultural Creativity Development Co., Ltd
Shede Spirit Oriental Wisdom Packaging
This spirits gift box stands out with the integration of Weiqi culture and the playability of Weiqi game. The spirits bottles and Weiqi stone bowls mimic black and white Weiqi stones and are placed crisscross, visually conveying the Oriental wisdom flowing in Weiqi, namely an opposite but unified relationship between abnegation and obtainment. This dialectical nexus aligns with the dynamic equilibrium people strive for. As a synthesis of the bran ⥅
Shede Spirit Oriental Wisdom
Sichuan ZhuoYue Cultural Creativity Development Co., Ltd
Ling Lie Vodka Packaging by Laizhou Distillery
Ling Lie Vodka Packaging
The ingenious packaging of this localised white spirit gives the drinkers a pleasant and relaxing drinking experience. The bottle is transparent and lightsome, showcasing the extreme purity of the liquor body. The natural Xiling Snow Mountains elements and modern workmanships perfectly blend the idea of natural purity and Eastern technical wisdom. The environmentally friendly label paper and renewable bottles not only ensure the eyeable aesthetic ⥅
Ling Lie Vodka
Laizhou Distillery
Jiao Yu Gin Packaging by Laizhou Distillery
Jiao Yu Gin Packaging
This localised gin packaging gives customers a pleasant and relaxing drinking experience. The main body of the package showcases the aesthetic characteristics of the traditional bamboo weaving culture of the Ba Shu style combined with the modern, sophisticated art style. The bamboo weaving element and raw material labelling also express the brand concept of Natural as Nature. While ensuring an attractive appearance, using bamboo paper and oak cor ⥅
Jiao Yu Gin
Laizhou Distillery
Furmint Vodka Beverage Packaging by Graphasel Design Studio
Furmint Vodka Beverage Packaging
Sevenhills Distillery has launched a vodka made from grapes to complement its highly successful Tokaj Gin. It produces just 800-1000 bottles a year, which can be defined as an artisan product. The aim was for the packaging to reflect the purity of the vodka, but also to reflect the unique grape base. The simple typography of the front label gives the product a clean simplicity, while the screened bottle evokes a grape leaf in a contemporary way. ⥅
Furmint Vodka
Graphasel Design Studio
Lays Dungeons and Dragons Food Packaging  by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Lays Dungeons and Dragons Food Packaging
AY’s went to the movies with epic new packaging and an influencer kit tie-in for the 2023 blockbuster Dungeons and Dragons, Honor Among Thieves. With flavor as our guide, we rolled the dice and entered the legendary world of Dungeons and Dragons, joining the millions of adventurers ready for a taste of excitement. The main character in our campaign was The Potato, a character in the movie And Yes An actual potato. After all, every bag of Lay’s Po ⥅
Lays Dungeons and Dragons
PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Heritage Chinese Liquor Packaging by Ruohan Li
Heritage Chinese Liquor Packaging
This project's packaging design seamlessly blends the Three Su's family's cultural heritage with minimalist bottle design and six unique illustrations. These illustrations vividly narrate the family's historical stories. The bottle cap, resembling Su Dongpo's iconic hat, and the bottle's eaves symbolizing heaven is round, earth is square, add depth and cultural significance. This design enhances product recognition a ⥅
Pepsi Big Football Event LTO Beverage Packaging  by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Pepsi Big Football Event LTO Beverage Packaging
Wherever there is football, there is Pepsi. The brand wanted to celebrate the Big Football Event in 2022 i in Qatar, the first time ever hosted by an Arab country , with an unexpected Pepsi twist. The brand was not an official sponsor, but still wanted to make its presence known for this landmark event, and so it required a creative strategy to design limited time offer (LTO) packaging, key visuals, and animations that would capture all the excit ⥅
Pepsi Big Football Event LTO
PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Long Xi Incense Stick Packaging by Menghao Zeng
Long Xi Incense Stick Packaging
This packaging cleverly blends wood and aluminum-coated bags to showcase a fusion of modern technology and Eastern culture. With a sliding wooden box for easy access, its interior stack design, topped with sponge pad cardboard, protects the product and offers branding opportunities. The bottom accessory box, featuring a convenient handle, allows easy retrieval. Its stacked structure minimizes size, saving on transportation costs while ensuring pr ⥅
Long Xi
Tree in a Bottle Lubricant Packaging by MC BRAND
Tree in a Bottle Lubricant Packaging
The Brand innovatively team uses fully biodegradable packaging, ensuring that each barrel naturally decomposes and integrates into the environment. The seed paper label, which can give rise to new life after use, demonstrates Mc Brand's commitment to environmental practices. The design is inspired by the Iucn Red List of Threatened Species, featuring embossing that showcases the image of toucans from the South American Amazon rainforest, hig ⥅
Tree in a Bottle
Gota Skincare Packaging by N Z Skin Care Co., Ltd
Gota Skincare Packaging
The packaging of the brand takes inspiration from the Maori tale of New Zealand and blends the vital force of the culture, traditional wisdom, and modern technology, aiming to offer a quality and natural skincare experience. Furthermore, the packaging design is oriented towards sustainability, employing recyclable and environmentally friendly paper and printing materials, thereby avoiding using metal materials and electroplating processes that do ⥅
N Z Skin Care Co., Ltd
Bedtime Story Boutique Chocolate Packaging by Xi Yang
Bedtime Story Boutique Chocolate Packaging
This is a packaging design for a gourmet chocolate series. The graphics on the outer box suggest the distinct taste experience of each chocolate flavor: be it shiny, lively, or mysterious and peculiar. Unlike most chocolate packaging, which uses intuitive food patterns as visual elements to represent the product's flavor, this series conveys the rich associations and emotional shifts brought by taste through peculiar graphics with a sense of ⥅
Bedtime Story
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil Packaging by Mars Team
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil Packaging
Inspired by corn, the bottle is designed into a corn shape with a bionic effect. The corn grains are finely carved and rich in grades. The outer box is simple and majestic, the corn grain shape is hollowed out on the front, exposing the golden oil of the bottle, with rich levels. The side is expressed in the form of hot embossing, with a rich feel. The box is designed as a display box type, with display effects after opening. Materials used are s ⥅
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift Food Packaging by Mars Team
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift Food Packaging
The overall color of the packaging is Chinese Red, highlighting the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. The opening form of the double doors expresses the meaning of home. At the same time, use traditional Chinese elements such as panes, lanterns, and firecrackers to add to the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. In this year of frequent reciprocity, the atmosphere of high-end gift box will give friends a sincere surprise and blessing. ⥅
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin cigarette packaging  by Xie Daisen,Wang Huan,Li Ying,ChenWeijian
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin cigarette packaging
it is the first time in the world that using molded fiber packaging for cigarette .it uses environment-friendly material .With the most advance fiber molded technology , the Heritage 1905 packaging has extraordinary precision and unique tactility .Ten creative sketches on the surface ,with the great embossing technology ,to reflect the pureness of the material and the hundred history of the company. ⥅
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin
Xie Daisen,Wang Huan,Li Ying,ChenWeijian
Wheat Field Moonlight Sonata Mooncake Packaging by EASTHOOOLY
Wheat Field Moonlight Sonata Mooncake Packaging
The moon, since ancient times, has been the inspiration for poets, a sanctuary for emotions. Music, is the expression of the soul, a flow of emotions. This Wheat Field Moonlight Sonata Mooncake Gift Box, featuring the core elements of "moon" and "music," ingeniously combines the fluidity of music with the serenity of the moon. Simultaneously, it incorporates the vitality and hope of the wheat field, allowing taste, vision, and ⥅
Wheat Field Moonlight Sonata
Forty-Nine Union Liquor Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Yamin Zhu
Forty-Nine Union Liquor Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
This ensemble features the white porcelain pot, hailing from the city in China, the esteemed birthplace of porcelain craftsmanship. Accompanied by the divider adorned with the motif from the illustrious Shang Dynasty, along with four shot glasses and the brush pot crafted from blue and white underglaze porcelain. They are elegantly presented within the spacious wooden box. Each element serves as a poignant representation of Chinese cultural ethos ⥅
Forty-Nine Union Liquor
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging
These cans were created with consumer engagement in mind, as well as to activate the brand beyond packaging. Complete with interactive functional features, consumers are encouraged to use their smartphone to scan QR codes on the cans that lead to promotions, including a chance to win limited edition hoodies and t-shirts that glow.
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO
PepsiCo Design and Innovation
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging by Jun Li
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging
The packaging design uses Guizhou ecological tea gardens, frogs, big swallows, tea pickers, Chishui River and Zunyi red culture as creative elements, and draws a natural, organic and ecological humanistic illustration pattern creation. It embodies the characteristics of the product. Today, when the return to nature is advocated, it is easy to feel the breath of nature.
Shijian Chuxin
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging by INFINITY STUDIO
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging
The design of Gujing tribute wine combines the traditional dragon pattern with the digital style of science and technology, giving Chinese dragon new vitality. The outer packaging uses folding fan design combined with hollowed out to create a sense of mystery. Unfold the box layer by layer, and the bottle pattern and the box can be well integrated to show the spirit of the dragon. The design process uses the material of luminous ink, which makes ⥅
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging by Ximena Ureta
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging
MontGras Handcrafted is an enology based project that pursues the production of distinctive wines made out of rare grape varieties harvested in 2020. Each wine is the product of a unique combination of the particular weather and land conditions of five Chilean valleys and of five different wine makers. This packaging is a creative way of following the particular personality of each wine while expressing the common ideas behind the project. ⥅
MontGras Handcrafted
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging by Angela Spindler
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging
The agency was commissioned to create a visual identity system and packaging design, including a bespoke vessel for this luxury atelier. Where possible all materials were selected based on their environmental credentials, ranging from the use of post-consumer waste, FSC papers and soy-based inks. The packaging uses a colour palette of dark green and light pastel hues, high quality materials, structures and subtle print finishes to create a tangib ⥅
By Beth
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging by Kaoru Mizuno
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging
The package consists of individual packaging sleeve, gift bag of 3 cans, gift box of 6 cans, 9 cans and 12 cans. A Handle of gift bag uses a rope that resembles a fishing port. Gift boxes are made up of bright orange (representing the sun) and blue (representing the sea). Since fish illustrations are placed in both side of package sleeve, they can be connected the patterns endlessly by arranging them side by side so they can use as a store displa ⥅
Have a Nice Can
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging by Ofen Hu
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging
This is a Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition gift. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival for family reunion in China. The key words are home, reunion and emotion. The design inspiration comes from the door and window in traditional Chinese architecture. The outer packaging design adopts double-door opening box, when the door is opened, They can see the home directly, expressing reunion and emotion. When ⥅
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging by Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging
Yuanshang Coffee is a new domestic coffee brand created for young consumers with the key features of ingenuity, quality, and fashion. To echo the brand theme, the packaging is mainly designed based on young and fashion images, incorporating a lot of popular elements of Chinese traditional culture. So its overall look and texture are unique and fashionable.
Freeze Dried
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Cain Grenade Men's Perfume Packaging by Heng Luo
Cain Grenade Men's Perfume Packaging
Cain Grenade is a fragrance for men. Grenade hard appearance design reflects the male domineer, refused to low-key. The beautiful and layered color, with angular shell contains the power of explosion. Use antique elements to form the lines of the outer box, simple and clear, reflecting the man's calm and elegance.The packaging box design use rich lines, and use several colors for contrast color matching, also add concave and convex texture t ⥅
Cain Grenade
Una Luna Collection Candy Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Una Luna Collection Candy Packaging
The new Una Luna collection of chocolates is based on original liqueurs and Italian chocolates. But it's not only the unusual flavors that make this collection stand out. The packaging design is inspired by the energy of each flavor, presented abstractly with unexpected strokes and brush strokes created by the designer. When you take a box of Una Luna chocolates in your hands, you will feel like you are opening a real work of art and when yo ⥅
Una Luna Collection
Little Green Bud Shampoo Cosmetic Packaging by Biao Wang
Little Green Bud Shampoo Cosmetic Packaging
For packaging design, most children's shampoos merely add children's elements on the surface of a bottle, which may be sometimes hard to distinguish from adult shampoos at first glance, and children's scalp is tenderer and is vulnerable to damage if used by mistake. This children's shampoo is inspired by potted green buds, the green bud is easily identifiable, implying that children are growing up like green buds. The package ⥅
Little Green Bud Shampoo
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand by HUI QIONG YANG
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand
The customer Zhenyuantang is a century-old traditional Chinese medicine brand. Bazhen Cake is a special pastry that has eight kinds of precious Chinese ingredients added. The product packaging is mainly in the shape of a crane, and the perfect combination of the outer box and the paper handle forms the shape of a crane, which is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. When the box is opened, the top forms a complete picture, and the combination ⥅
Precious Pastries
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging by TIGER PAN
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging
The top five Luckin Coffee beans of the first generation were upgraded to the second which brought a specific image to consumers, Luckin Coffee displayed the origin of Africa, Yunnan(China), and more coffee-producing areas on the packaging. Local plants and animals are portrayed as eco-friendly scenes in the eyes of consumers. The new 2.0 series retains the original packaging information layout and maintains the familiarity of consumers with this ⥅
Luckin 2.0
Hongxinlong Tea Packaging by YongQing Liu
Hongxinlong Tea Packaging
This is a New Year gift box. It presents the extensive and profound Chinese character culture. The gift box is made of paper pulp, and the tea leaves are stamped into Chinese characters through the membrane. The packaging combines tea culture and Chinese character culture. Every word is a blessing. These are all good wishes for the recipients. This is an innovation for tea packaging.
Hongxinlong Tea
Hainan Beer Packaging
The packaging of Hainan beer is inspired by the local landscape and culture of Hainan. Cultural elements of Hainan are used in both bottle and can range, which includes the woven patterns of local ethnic minorities. The design aims to showcase scenes of Hainan and link Hainan beer to the local culture. Inspired by the natural scenery and relaxing lifestyle in Hainan, the packaging subtly integrates elements including sea waves, sailing boasts, co ⥅
Hainan Beer
D H A Gummy Packaging by Herbalife
D H A Gummy Packaging
This is a DHA algal oil gummy packaging, designed with a cartoon dinosaur image as the theme, which throughout the carton packaging, the inner packaging and gummy shape. The designed structure combines the opening position with the mouth of the dinosaur and the teeth of the dinosaur also locks the silo when closed, so that it can be used as a storage box after eating. The story illustrations inside the packaging are interesting and educational. ⥅
D H A Gummy
Shebude Wine Liquor Packaging by Wu yao
Shebude Wine Liquor Packaging
Designers used a jade pattern from the Warring States Period as the main element of the outer packaging. The shape of bottle adopts the most classic cylindrical shape. The upper half of the wine bottle is plain and transparent, the lower half is striped glass, and the bottom is made of gold in the shape of Chinese mountains and rivers. The silver outer box is printed with Chinese classic patterns. The cutting technique is elegant and powerful and ⥅
Shebude Wine
White and Blue Porcelain Packaging by Chengdu Fenggu Muchuang
White and Blue Porcelain Packaging
This Chinese Baijiu packaging distinguishes itself by merging traditional Eastern culture with the modern aesthetics of Chinese Baijiu. Taking inspiration from blue and white porcelain, the sleek bottle mirrors the refinement of this traditional Chinese craftsmanship, while also showcasing its cultural significance. Further adorned with exquisite Loong motifs, it not only carries inherent artistic value but also invokes a festive ambiance and aus ⥅
White and Blue Porcelain
Chengdu Fenggu Muchuang
Martial Essence In Brew Packaging by Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Martial Essence In Brew Packaging
The packaging of Laojiuhan employs the intangible cultural heritage element of Fenglin Southern Fist. It depicts the essence of martial arts with smooth lines from vigorous calligraphy, showcasing the charm. The landscape carvings show that good mountains and rivers create good liquor with regional characteristics. It boosts the image of Laojiuhan and shows the traditional culture of Yongjia on a broad platform, balanced between inheritance and i ⥅
Martial Essence In Brew
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Heti Branding And Packaging by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira
Heti Branding And Packaging
Heti, named after the Dakota word for Home, offers beverages that evoke the essence of home with natural infused flavors, celebrating North America's native plants. This social impact brand dedicates a portion of revenue to supporting tribal communities. Effortless Wisdom, the branding concept, features native style illustrations and flavors, with packaging inspired by Dakota art's geometric symmetry, conveying balance and harmony. The ⥅
Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira
Satine Fresh Milk Interactive Packaging by Satine fresh milk & Pesign
Satine Fresh Milk Interactive Packaging
There are a lot of New Year limited edition packages in the market and most of the limited edition packages are only designed with patterns on the packages, so the consumers discard the packages after getting the products, which results in a waste of resources. The Limited edition packaging for Satine Fresh Milk hopes to make some changes through the packaging experience innovation to bring more surprises to the target consumers (4-10 year-old ch ⥅
Satine Fresh Milk
Satine fresh milk & Pesign
Kurimu Ice Cream Packaging Design by Lance Francisco
Kurimu Ice Cream Packaging Design
Kurimu's ice cream packaging design reflects Japanese minimalism, featuring simple and playful illustrations for each variant. This integration of traditional and contemporary elements achieves a balanced aesthetic, showing both tradition and modernity through the packaging design. This packaging gives a nod to Japanese culture, aesthetic, and craftsmanship to quality.
Botaniera Original Firming Essence Skin Care Packaging by Chun Xue Creative Design
Botaniera Original Firming Essence Skin Care Packaging
The core ingredient of Dendrobium inspires the packaging of this product. It has a minimalist design that creates a cylinder shape with a centre ring. The ring is designed with chine lines and a vibrant yellow and green gradient colour, which artistically presents the posture of the Dendrobium as it grows around the trunk and its vitality. This design not only emphasizes the natural ingredients of the product but also highlights its gentle care f ⥅
Botaniera Original Firming Essence
Chun Xue Creative Design
Teaespresso Packaging Design by Reddot Creative
Teaespresso Packaging Design
Reddot Creative has applied the Flat Illustration style, also known as Flat illustration, a minimalist style, limited details, effects when designing Teaespresso packaging. Reddot wanted to keep it simple and balance the details, colors, and main layout when developing the artwork for the tea label. Each tea box is a story of origin, its own taste with exquisite design, but when you order 3 boxes of tea with the same product line, they will combi ⥅
Vaporesso Coss Vaping Device Packaging by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co.,Ltd
Vaporesso Coss Vaping Device Packaging
This Coss; Convenient, Operating, Smart, Supplying packaging evokes product sensibility through the strong brand recognition and craft visual effects, consisting of an inner tray and an outer sleeve. The varying punched holes on the outer sleeve, combined with the metallic inner green logo, create a misty artistic effect and simulate undulating breathing during use. Eco-friendly materials are used inside and outside the packaging: paper and mould ⥅
Vaporesso Coss
Shenzhen Smoore Technology Co.,Ltd
Sheletsee Cushion Cosmetic Packaging by Sheletsee
Sheletsee Cushion Cosmetic Packaging
This cushion series is specially developed for eastern women. Its packaging, centred on silk satin which is a most representative element in eastern culture, aims to suggest that the products enable a silky smooth finish for the skin and convey Eastern aesthetics. The glossy top cover with three fluid lines fully replicates the lustrous silk satin. This, paired with a rounded shape, brings to mind the image of a moon reflected in water, highlight ⥅
Sheletsee Cushion
Daity Galaxy Ice Cream Packaging by Mohsen Koofiani
Daity Galaxy Ice Cream Packaging
Welcome to the world of fantasy and wonder. In this ice cream packaging design, you enter the mental world of a child. It may seem like this idea is only for children, but this fantasy design style takes everyone into a children's fantasy world. The cheerful colors and different illustrations each tell a story that makes everyone imaginatively enter childhood. This design has many details that make the viewer more interested and curious. One ⥅
The Wine Bag Packaging by Antonia Skaraki
The Wine Bag Packaging
Made exclusively for Lidl, as a Christmas Limited Edition, AS created the packaging for 1.5lt wine-in-box semi-dry wine, for the client The Wine Barrel. The container was designed to resemble a handbag, with the addition of golden elements to evoke a festive mood and give a sense of luxury. The incorporation of leather texture elevated its appearance, giving it a realistic and expensive feel. To complete the transformation, a red string was attac ⥅
Foremost Legacy Multifunctional Golf Ball Packaging by peichi chuang
Foremost Legacy Multifunctional Golf Ball Packaging
Foremost Legacy packaging design distinguishes itself from traditional golf ball packaging by incorporating moiré printing technology to depict dynamic golf ball effects. Additionally, through the structural design of the packaging itself, we've achieved a unique functional transformation, enabling it to convert into a golf ball putting practice device. This innovative design not only enhances the visual appeal of the packaging but also prov ⥅
Novus Organics ACV Packaging Design by Shashwat Das
Novus Organics ACV Packaging Design
Novus Organics Apple Cider Vinegar aimed to establish an unmatched quality standard in the Indian market, surpassing rivals in concentration and purity. This packaging design was created to complement its uniqueness, emphasizing simplicity and elegance. The clean, transparent label showcases the product's natural beauty. Using a minimalist line drawing style, the design captures the essence of handpicked, organic ingredients, aligning with a ⥅
Novus Organics ACV
Notoginseng Medicine Packaging by Zhaocheng He
Notoginseng Medicine Packaging
Notoginseng Radix Et Rhizoma is a traditional Chinese medicine with excellent therapeutic effects. The combination of dots in packaging forms a mountain shape, which not only reflects the growth environment of Panax notoginseng powder but also expresses its powdery form. The design of this packaging in black and blue breaks the traditional perception in the industry, making the packaging full of fashion and quality. The packaging of the inner box ⥅
Equia Keto Line Packaging Identity by Colorcode
Equia Keto Line Packaging Identity
Equia Keto line's fusion of tradition and modern flair. Sophisticated packaging adorned with almond blossoms and sleek patterns features spot UV detailing, adding a luxurious touch. Vintage sketches meld seamlessly with contemporary designs, evoking earthy greens, calming blues, and rich golds for a nature-inspired feeling. Resealable pouches with tear notches and a matte backdrop enable special printing effects, such as spot UV, ensuring an ⥅
Equia Keto Line
Lucky Forever Tea Packaging by Shenzhen Banana Design Co. LTD
Lucky Forever Tea Packaging
The use of coffee brewing techniques in brewing Pu-erh tea simplifies the complicated brewing process of Pu-erh tea, and the traditional auspicious elements on the packaging resonate with young people, encouraging them to develop the habit of drinking Pu-erh tea. The packaging uses both illustrations and hot stamping techniques. T The illustration content reflects various auspicious meanings using traditional cultural elements such as cranes, gou ⥅
Lucky Forever Tea
Shenzhen Banana Design Co. LTD
Chilled Milk Packaging by Kazuo Fukushima
Chilled Milk Packaging
Targeting young Chinese women, a premium strawberry milk inspired by Japanese recipes has been launched to evoke nostalgia. Made with 50% raw milk, it offers a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity for those aged 20-39. The product features stylish, portable packaging that leverages Japanese brand trust. Its design, with a white background and realistic strawberry illustrations, aims to provide a serene strawberry field experience, embodying f ⥅
Hernuta Day Dried Fruits Packaging by Mohsen Koofiani
Hernuta Day Dried Fruits Packaging
In the designed packaging, the character of Mr. Hernuta is one of the unique features of this packaging, which is an adventurous character in the world of nuts. Other features of the design include the simplicity of the packaging design (white background with a real image of the product using a black and white image as a fantasy). Each package tells a story of an adventure and at the same time, you see dynamic and special packages. ⥅
Daqu Wine Packaging Design by yuejun chen tangzhao liang lina wang
Daqu Wine Packaging Design
Daqu wine packaging is unique as environmentally friendly materials of corn stalk pulp are used in the packaging design, and the visual effect and three-dimensional sense of mountains are presented through the pulp opening mold. The inspiration comes from the geographical environment of the product origin, and creativity is done in the form of mountain contours. In the process of pulp mold molding model pattern needs accurate design to achieve th ⥅
yuejun chen tangzhao liang lina wang
Prominent Chicheng Jewelry Packaging by Menghao Zeng
Prominent Chicheng Jewelry Packaging
Prominent Chicheng jewelry is inspired by Chinese bronze culture, embodying rust aesthetics and the emotional connection to tiger symbols. It reflects Eastern wisdom of bravery, exploration, and loyalty. The packaging challenges traditional aesthetics, integrating with product design to symbolize the beauty of time's passage. Modular design enhances user experience, while hidden feet ensure safety. Pioneering rust aesthetics amplifies emotio ⥅
Italian Pasta Brand  Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Italian Pasta Brand Packaging
The designer created a new brand of pasta, able to attract the attention of the main audience and at the same time to interest new customers. The visual style of Chefz Food is characterized by bright, contrasting colors and clear zoning. The design structure adapts easily to different contexts and conveys the brand's personality. The typography emphasizes the benefits of the packaging and key information. In addition, the designer developed ⥅
Nianfenyuanjiang Liquor Packaging by Dai Longfeng
Nianfenyuanjiang Liquor Packaging
Nianfenyuanjian is a kind of liquor produced in Bozhou, China. It has a history of more than 1800 years. Laozi, a famous philosopher in Chinese history, was also born in Bozhou. His book, The Tao Te Ching, is one of the greatest masterpieces in Chinese history. The packaging design will be inspired by this.
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging Gift Box by ShenZhen XiShang Boutique Packing Co., Ltd
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging Gift Box
It was inspired by the Dragon Boat Sacrificial Ceremony, by which the ancient Chinese prayed to stars and gods for the eradication of diseases and bumper harvest. The outer box is designed with a dragon as the main body, with the shape of mugwort leaves outlining the torso of the dragon and the grains of the reed leaves as the scales of the dragon body. While the inner box adopts a packaging of two dragons holding Zongzi, which means double luck ⥅
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging
ShenZhen XiShang Boutique Packing Co., Ltd

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