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Zhuojiu Liquor Packaging
The inspiration of the wine bottle shape comes from the "axe" that represents power, so use "power" as the design idea to express the spirit of Chinese Liquor Drinking. Therefore, from the perspective of strength, concretized the thoughts and feelings of the image by skillfully integrating " hard" and "soft" into the axe and mountains and trees, so that people can imagine the flavor of this Chinese Liquor w ⥅
Longyu Sauce Wine Packaging by Wang Lina
Longyu Sauce Wine Packaging
The packaging design of sauce wine, which carries forward the traditional Chinese culture, the oriental giant dragon, is related to the ancient astrological culture. It originates from the worship of the dragon totem in ancient times. The ancients believed that the dragon was auspicious and the master of the weathering rain. It is a metaphor for the best wishes of things in their heyday.
Qingjiu Packaging
The design of the bottle shape is inspired by the noble and elegant temperament of Eastern and Western women. The dynamic texture of the upper part of the body, which contrasts with the lower part of the body, also adds to the dynamic beauty of the whole bottle. The box structure is segmented by female body curves, leaving space for consumer's imagination. Abstract techniques are applied to express a noble and elegant woman.
KaoPu Tea Packaging by Mars Team
KaoPu Tea Packaging
The packaging design is presented in the shape of TV, and the tea with different taste and effect is shown to consumers in different drinking scenes by illustration. The front side is torn open to reveal the tea bag, which is colorful and youthful "KaoPu" font design reflected in the side. Different tea can be combined at will, full of fun to play with, at the same time very display effect. Back to show the efficacy of products and drin ⥅
KaoPu Tea
Sakura Shimizu Packaging by Nobuya Hayasaka
Sakura Shimizu Packaging
This package was created as a branding project for a floral artist. All of the brand's tools were created in a uniform gray color, which shows the true colors of the flowers. The packaging is designed in a simple achromatic color so as not to detract from the quality of the client artist's work. The symbol is based on the typography of a Japanese character meaning "flower", and all brand tools are created around this symbol. B ⥅
Sakura Shimizu
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging by Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce Paste Packaging
Different from other shrimp pastes with strong and prominent colors in the market, the packaging adopts the expression of primitive nature and Back to Basics. The outer packaging mainly uses a calligraphy shrimp character as an expression. The inner jar label is also a simple line drawing. The whole package does not contain non-degradable plastic, it can reduce the harm to rivers and soil and help to reduce the pollution of people’s food. Awakens ⥅
Spicy Shrimp Soybean Sauce
Shenzhen Orange One Dvertising Desing
4Paradigm Sage AIOS  Packaging by 4Paradigm UED
4Paradigm Sage AIOS Packaging
They have redefined a new packaging style that reflects the needs of enterprise customers and the characteristics of AI technology while retaining their brand identity. They use the ultimate combination of silver, cyan grey paper symbolizing a tough and reliable enterprise personality, and transparent frosted material that breaks through the traditional dimension and boundaries to explain their perspective on the future, to cater to customers ⥅
4Paradigm Sage AIOS
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging by Huang Feng
Wan Xiang Sheng Tea Packaging
This project comes from Zen Tea Bliss (the unique Zen tea culture in China). This Wuyishan rock tea is very famous in China. It tastes different every time people drink it. The outer packaging imitates Wuyi Mountain, showing the artistic conception of Chinese landscapes. When the landscape is erected, it shows a person meditating. The designer hopes to express through packaging: calm down and look at things from a different angle, there may be di ⥅
Wan Xiang Sheng
Honey Packaging Design by Wallrus Design Studio
Honey Packaging Design
This packaging designed for honey presents one of the most unique ideas for this product. A combination of hexagons placed on top of each other and reminiscent of a beehive. The honey in this package conveys the greatest sense of naturalness and purity to the consumer, as if you are directly taking it from the beehive itself. The very favorable use of glass and wood materials together has helped in strengthening this feeling, and of course, it go ⥅
Wallrus Design Studio
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil Packaging by Mars Team
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil Packaging
Inspired by corn, the bottle is designed into a corn shape with a bionic effect. The corn grains are finely carved and rich in grades. The outer box is simple and majestic, the corn grain shape is hollowed out on the front, exposing the golden oil of the bottle, with rich levels. The side is expressed in the form of hot embossing, with a rich feel. The box is designed as a display box type, with display effects after opening. Materials used are s ⥅
Shan Bai Nian Corn Oil
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift Food Packaging by Mars Team
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift Food Packaging
The overall color of the packaging is Chinese Red, highlighting the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival. The opening form of the double doors expresses the meaning of home. At the same time, use traditional Chinese elements such as panes, lanterns, and firecrackers to add to the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. In this year of frequent reciprocity, the atmosphere of high-end gift box will give friends a sincere surprise and blessing. ⥅
Yanzhiwu Spring Festival Gift
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin cigarette packaging  by Xie Daisen,Wang Huan,Li Ying,ChenWeijian
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin cigarette packaging
it is the first time in the world that using molded fiber packaging for cigarette .it uses environment-friendly material .With the most advance fiber molded technology , the Heritage 1905 packaging has extraordinary precision and unique tactility .Ten creative sketches on the surface ,with the great embossing technology ,to reflect the pureness of the material and the hundred history of the company. ⥅
Heritage 1905 cigarette packaging desgin
Xie Daisen,Wang Huan,Li Ying,ChenWeijian
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging by Ximena Ureta
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging
MontGras Handcrafted is an enology based project that pursues the production of distinctive wines made out of rare grape varieties harvested in 2020. Each wine is the product of a unique combination of the particular weather and land conditions of five Chilean valleys and of five different wine makers. This packaging is a creative way of following the particular personality of each wine while expressing the common ideas behind the project. ⥅
MontGras Handcrafted
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging by Kaoru Mizuno
Have a Nice Can Food Packaging
The package consists of individual packaging sleeve, gift bag of 3 cans, gift box of 6 cans, 9 cans and 12 cans. A Handle of gift bag uses a rope that resembles a fishing port. Gift boxes are made up of bright orange (representing the sun) and blue (representing the sea). Since fish illustrations are placed in both side of package sleeve, they can be connected the patterns endlessly by arranging them side by side so they can use as a store displa ⥅
Have a Nice Can
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging by Angela Spindler
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging
The agency was commissioned to create a visual identity system and packaging design, including a bespoke vessel for this luxury atelier. Where possible all materials were selected based on their environmental credentials, ranging from the use of post-consumer waste, FSC papers and soy-based inks. The packaging uses a colour palette of dark green and light pastel hues, high quality materials, structures and subtle print finishes to create a tangib ⥅
By Beth
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging by Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Freeze Dried Coffee Packaging
Yuanshang Coffee is a new domestic coffee brand created for young consumers with the key features of ingenuity, quality, and fashion. To echo the brand theme, the packaging is mainly designed based on young and fashion images, incorporating a lot of popular elements of Chinese traditional culture. So its overall look and texture are unique and fashionable.
Freeze Dried
Shanghai Yuanshang Culture Communication
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging by Jun Li
Shijian Chuxin Tea Packaging
The packaging design uses Guizhou ecological tea gardens, frogs, big swallows, tea pickers, Chishui River and Zunyi red culture as creative elements, and draws a natural, organic and ecological humanistic illustration pattern creation. It embodies the characteristics of the product. Today, when the return to nature is advocated, it is easy to feel the breath of nature.
Shijian Chuxin
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO Beverage Packaging
These cans were created with consumer engagement in mind, as well as to activate the brand beyond packaging. Complete with interactive functional features, consumers are encouraged to use their smartphone to scan QR codes on the cans that lead to promotions, including a chance to win limited edition hoodies and t-shirts that glow.
Pepsi New Year 2022 LTO
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging by Ofen Hu
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packaging
This is a Johnnie Walker Blue Label 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition gift. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival for family reunion in China. The key words are home, reunion and emotion. The design inspiration comes from the door and window in traditional Chinese architecture. The outer packaging design adopts double-door opening box, when the door is opened, They can see the home directly, expressing reunion and emotion. When ⥅
Johnnie Walker Limited Edition
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging by INFINITY STUDIO
Gujinggongjiu Liquor Packaging
The design of Gujing tribute wine combines the traditional dragon pattern with the digital style of science and technology, giving Chinese dragon new vitality. The outer packaging uses folding fan design combined with hollowed out to create a sense of mystery. Unfold the box layer by layer, and the bottle pattern and the box can be well integrated to show the spirit of the dragon. The design process uses the material of luminous ink, which makes ⥅
Hongxinlong Tea Packaging by YongQing Liu
Hongxinlong Tea Packaging
This is a New Year gift box. It presents the extensive and profound Chinese character culture. The gift box is made of paper pulp, and the tea leaves are stamped into Chinese characters through the membrane. The packaging combines tea culture and Chinese character culture. Every word is a blessing. These are all good wishes for the recipients. This is an innovation for tea packaging.
Hongxinlong Tea
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging by TIGER PAN
Luckin 2.0 Drip Coffee Packaging
The top five Luckin Coffee beans of the first generation were upgraded to the second which brought a specific image to consumers, Luckin Coffee displayed the origin of Africa, Yunnan(China), and more coffee-producing areas on the packaging. Local plants and animals are portrayed as eco-friendly scenes in the eyes of consumers. The new 2.0 series retains the original packaging information layout and maintains the familiarity of consumers with this ⥅
Luckin 2.0
Cain Grenade Men's Perfume Packaging by Heng Luo
Cain Grenade Men's Perfume Packaging
Cain Grenade is a fragrance for men. Grenade hard appearance design reflects the male domineer, refused to low-key. The beautiful and layered color, with angular shell contains the power of explosion. Use antique elements to form the lines of the outer box, simple and clear, reflecting the man's calm and elegance.The packaging box design use rich lines, and use several colors for contrast color matching, also add concave and convex texture t ⥅
Cain Grenade
Hainan Beer Packaging
The packaging of Hainan beer is inspired by the local landscape and culture of Hainan. Cultural elements of Hainan are used in both bottle and can range, which includes the woven patterns of local ethnic minorities. The design aims to showcase scenes of Hainan and link Hainan beer to the local culture. Inspired by the natural scenery and relaxing lifestyle in Hainan, the packaging subtly integrates elements including sea waves, sailing boasts, co ⥅
Hainan Beer
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand by Richstudio
Precious Pastries Packaging for a Healthcare Brand
The customer Zhenyuantang is a century-old traditional Chinese medicine brand. Bazhen Cake is a special pastry that has eight kinds of precious Chinese ingredients added. The product packaging is mainly in the shape of a crane, and the perfect combination of the outer box and the paper handle forms the shape of a crane, which is environmentally friendly and cost-saving. When the box is opened, the top forms a complete picture, and the combination ⥅
Precious Pastries
Una Luna Collection Candy Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Una Luna Collection Candy Packaging
The new Una Luna collection of chocolates is based on original liqueurs and Italian chocolates. But it's not only the unusual flavors that make this collection stand out. The packaging design is inspired by the energy of each flavor, presented abstractly with unexpected strokes and brush strokes created by the designer. When you take a box of Una Luna chocolates in your hands, you will feel like you are opening a real work of art and when yo ⥅
Little Green Bud Shampoo Cosmetic Packaging by Biao Wang
Little Green Bud Shampoo Cosmetic Packaging
For packaging design, most children's shampoos merely add children's elements on the surface of a bottle, which may be sometimes hard to distinguish from adult shampoos at first glance, and children's scalp is tenderer and is vulnerable to damage if used by mistake. This children's shampoo is inspired by potted green buds, the green bud is easily identifiable, implying that children are growing up like green buds. The package ⥅
Little Green Bud Shampoo
Shebude Wine Liquor Packaging by Wu yao
Shebude Wine Liquor Packaging
Designers used a jade pattern from the Warring States Period as the main element of the outer packaging. The shape of bottle adopts the most classic cylindrical shape. The upper half of the wine bottle is plain and transparent, the lower half is striped glass, and the bottom is made of gold in the shape of Chinese mountains and rivers. The silver outer box is printed with Chinese classic patterns. The cutting technique is elegant and powerful and ⥅
Shebude Wine
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging Gift Box by ShenZhen XiShang Boutique Packing Co., Ltd
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging Gift Box
It was inspired by the Dragon Boat Sacrificial Ceremony, by which the ancient Chinese prayed to stars and gods for the eradication of diseases and bumper harvest. The outer box is designed with a dragon as the main body, with the shape of mugwort leaves outlining the torso of the dragon and the grains of the reed leaves as the scales of the dragon body. While the inner box adopts a packaging of two dragons holding Zongzi, which means double luck ⥅
Dragon Boat Festival Packaging
ShenZhen XiShang Boutique Packing Co., Ltd
Gregory Donut Packaging by Jinglun Cui
Gregory Donut Packaging
Gregory donuts has 2 design philosophies, take environmental protection as the central task and minimalism. All raw materials are food grade and degradable, represent the environmental protection theme. Navy blue coordinate with stick figure layout design, convey the poetry of sailoring brand concept to consumer at the first beginning of the eye touch. 90 degrees rotation and two wings rise up structure design not only simulate the helm rotation ⥅
Gregory Donut
Guotai Panda Bionic Chinese Baijiu Packaging by Jiahuizi Xu
Guotai Panda Bionic Chinese Baijiu Packaging
This is the panda-themed wine bottle designed by the Venus team for Guotai Winery in Guizhou, China. They use abstract bionic forms to represent pandas. The design adopts a combination of bionic shape and ergonomics, and forms an abstract panda arm in the groove of the bottle body, which is non-slip and more convenient to use. The shape of the bottle is dynamic and smooth, and the combination of black, white and gold highlights the oriental philo ⥅
Guotai Panda
Ka Fu Lian Green Packaging Packaging by Yongjun Chen
Ka Fu Lian Green Packaging Packaging
Special ink printing, all text and graphics gradually oxidize and disappear during the shelf life, caring for health and eliminating the negative impact of ink on the environment. The visual presentation from strong to weak and disappearing shows the excellent performance of decontamination and whitening of the product, the visual experience is intuitive and novel, making the brand stand out among similar products, enhancing brand recognition and ⥅
Ka Fu Lian Green Packaging
Rikchari Coffee Packaging by Planetario
Rikchari Coffee Packaging
Rikchari is a peruvian socially concerned coffee brand that stands for sustainability. The brand’s name means “wake up” in Quechua, so the design team worked with the letter C to represent a silhouette that resembles a coffee bean and an eye. The packaging followed the idea of the logo design, which has a typographic construction that resembles the geometric shapes made in the Inca empire of Peru, known as Tocapu. The project seeks to tell the wo ⥅
Noti D.I.Y. Hanger Packaging Green Packaging Transformation by Leo P. H. Chan
Noti D.I.Y. Hanger Packaging Green Packaging Transformation
Noti is a fashion label encourages new thinking and new creativity for a green future. An apple-pie shape tee packaging had been created for parcel post and shipping. Customer could also DIY to transform the T-shirt packaging into an eco-friendly hanger after receiving the parcel via Noti official e-commerce website.
Noti D.I.Y. Hanger Packaging
The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo
The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging
A timeless art statement and what is today the most luxurious and rarest Irish whiskey ever created. A record-breaking highly collectable set that brings together immersive, sensorial design and craftsmanship with the artistry of refined jewellery and detailing. Envisioned as the ultimate whiskey statement, with only 7 sets in existence, the fully bespoke Emerald Isle collection pays homage to iconic and mythological Irish sites through the refin ⥅
The Emerald Isle
Lidu Sorghum 1308 Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Wen Liu
Lidu Sorghum 1308 Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
It carries a strong sense of history and humanistic care. The gradient gold electroplating is applied to represent the gold-like preciousness of the ancient pit and microbes, serving as an endorsement for the exceptional quality of Lidu Sorghum 1308. And such elements as the sealing wax seal and the national treasure certificate label are provided as corroborative evidence. The core creative element and auxiliary elements are combined to create a ⥅
Lidu Sorghum 1308
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging by SHANGHAI GUIJIU CO., LTD.
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging
With the theme of Opening Up The Future, the high-end gift Baijiu of Shanghai represents the international urban style and the spirit beyond the future in both awareness and effect, after being inspired by Shanghai Tower, the building ranks the highest one in China and the third one in the world. The profile is employed as an architectural style with a cross-domain and a sense of future, which is a brave attempt and innovation in the conventional ⥅
Shguijiu Dian
Snow Draft Beer Packaging
Brewed only with water, malt and hops, this Pure Malt Draft Beer is fresh and mellow to taste. The series of package design goes in line with minimalism to emphasize its materials, as well as the self-developed brewing technology. It takes aurora green and pure white as the tones, and further utilizes the and soft line drawings to visually convey the quality of the malt draft beer.
Snow Draft Beer
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn Gift Box Packaging by Chenxiang Xi
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn Gift Box Packaging
The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated in China in the eighth month of the lunar year. The designers created a unique gift box for Vanke for this year's full-moon festival. It has a distinctly Chinese feel, elegant and beautiful, with a bamboo box body and white porcelain tea plate. The box contains moon cakes with local colored rice and Pu-erh tea. When opened, the body of the box and the porcelain cover become a tea tray; the ⥅
Moon and Tea for Mid Autumn
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging by Hu Jijun
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging
This is the Mid-Autumn Festival food gift box have been designed for clients. Unlike the standard flat iron boxes, designers elevated the top of the metal outer casing by one centimeter, which may result in additional production and transportation cost. Despite the challenges posed by this modification, it is this yearning to break through the plane and reach for the stars that fuel humanity's boundless pursuit of the universe. ⥅
Galaxy Trail X
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging by Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging
Based on the design theory of the five senses, the bottle shape is designed with peach blossom makeup, and the bottle cap is shaped like a peach blossom and decorated with ancient hairpins decorated with phoenix hairpins, reflecting the spirit of "junfei". The box is based on the "cross-collar right lapel" of Hanfu as the creative point, creating a visual feast of "Phoenix Crown and Xia Phi". The ingeniously designed ⥅
Beidacang Junfei Wine
Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Bonita Pour Femme Perfume Packaging and Structure Design by Vishal Vora
Bonita Pour Femme Perfume Packaging and Structure Design
Challenge was to create a feminine perfume product and packaging for the GCC and African markets. Conceptualized from the visual narratives of woman’s obsession and desire, representation for fashion, class, and luxury was translated into the concept for this product along with the name "Bonita". Designers took inspiration from the Hobo handbag as a metaphor to tell the story of a woman’s obsession and desire. ⥅
Bonita Pour Femme
Winetime Seafood Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Winetime Seafood Packaging
The packaging design for the Winetime Seafood series should demonstrate the freshness and reliability of the product, should differ it favorably from competitors, be harmonious and understandable. The colors used (blue, white and orange) create a contrast, emphasize important elements and reflect brand positioning. The single unique concept developed distinguishes the series from other manufacturers. The strategy of visual information made it pos ⥅
Winetime Seafood
Chinese Mooncake Packaging by Langcer Lee
Chinese Mooncake Packaging
In order to reproduce the magnificent scene of Tang Palace Music and dance in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, this design uses the perspective of large perspective to set the layout of the outer box, the hand-painted technique of embroidery style to draw the scene of the banquet in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and uses the three-dimensional paper carving to increase the level of packaging. The inner box is to take different dance styles of neon feat ⥅
Chinese Mooncake
The Soloist Tea Packaging by LiDingding
The Soloist Tea Packaging
The Soloist Chinese Tea blends traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics. Through the ingenious combination of form and meaning, it creates a unique packaging style which impresses the audience deeply. Seven true flavors from the mountains and nature can bring you into a peaceful world in a moment. The unique visual impression and high-quality material experience fully meet the buyers' pursuit.
The Soloist
The Enchanted Forest Packaging  by Elena Gamalova
The Enchanted Forest Packaging
Label and packaging design for Blue Lagoon distillery, New Caledonia a small distillery of the islands, and their rum bottle, The Enchanted Forest. It is a uniquely crafted white rum characterized by gentle vanilla aromas, distilled from a variety of sugar cane produced by farmers in Southern Caledonia. The objective was to create a label design that conveys the quality of the brand and creates an emotional bond with the customers in a highly com ⥅
The Enchanted Forest
Logothetis Food Packaging by Antonia Skaraki
Logothetis Food Packaging
Mother Nature, the eternal inspiration, leads to an extraordinary design for a traditional way of doing. Logothetis Farm in Zakynthos, Greece, lets the values and importance of the legendary Greek heritage emerge in a dynamic way. The farm to table experience meets the magic of design, storytelling and branding. With a classic and clean identity, and a playful twist for today’s audience, the packaging gives a warm aura that welcomes all consumers ⥅
Mirzam: Monsters Collection Chocolate Packaging by Backbone Branding
Mirzam: Monsters Collection Chocolate Packaging
Chocolate-makers from the UAE (Dubai) needed a branding for handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate. From the naming and identity to the product design and packaging, the team designed each element with a fascinating story around the whole concept. The brand based on journeys through the ancient Orient along long-forgotten ocean routes and pathways was created. A journey from one country to another, meeting monsters and mythical characters. The packagi ⥅
Mirzam: Monsters Collection
Backbone Branding
Constellation Lighter Packaging by Wenyuan Chen
Constellation Lighter Packaging
The packaging of the lighters represents Zippo’s core value, “We inspire.” The lighters are under a high-end product line for Zippo. To provide a comprehensive collection for Zippo enthusiastic, the packaging was exclusively developed as a limited edition with only a hundred units produced. The packaging engages the user by lighting up the zodiac signs. It enhances the esthetic aspect of the packaging and highlights the concept in a unique way. T ⥅
Prakrishi Dry Fruits Packaging by Vishal Vora
Prakrishi Dry Fruits Packaging
Designer was commissioned to create range of dry fruit packaging meant for Indian market with strong visual narrative. Designer has created a packaging range with strong visual story of dry fruits where each nut is depicted as a king of its kingdom known as kingdom of health. Distinguished looking packaging further enhanced by using right set of color palette. By keeping entire packaging in monochromatic and only dry fruits have been kept in colo ⥅
Tianmu Yunwu Tea Packaging by Richstudio
Tianmu Yunwu Tea Packaging
This is tea packaging, and Tianmu Yunwu tea is used as a souvenir for traveling in Xinchang. The packaging gift box as a whole is a two-layer pull-up structure in the shape of a mountain, and visually integrates the expression of mountains, ground, clouds, and Queen Mother's feast culture. It is not only easy to identify, but also easy to spread quickly in the market. The aesthetic design style gives Tianmu Yunwu tea product packaging a uniq ⥅
Tianmu Yunwu Tea
PickyPods Packaging for Supplements by Angela Spindler
PickyPods Packaging for Supplements
The agency was commissioned to create branding and packaging for a unique supplement range. The collagen and probiotic supplement sachets are formulated to make fine adjustments to bodies according to age, gender and other important factors. Color is the lead player of this project. It needed to feel bold and energetic for its gym going target. Gender symbols were used to shout out to the gender-specific formulas, another difference for this bran ⥅
Jinlongquan Beer Packaging by Jin Zhang
Jinlongquan Beer Packaging
Jinlongquan beer hopes to launch a medium and high end product that can not only convey the long history of the brand, but also make consumers feel good quality; designers use rich illustrations to depict hops, ears of wheat, wooden wine barrels, beer, water sources and other elements, so that the packaging has a strong beer industry attribute; more importantly, the illustrations include the brand image symbol of Chinese dragon sculpture in the f ⥅
Love is Invisible Packaging by KE,EN
Love is Invisible Packaging
Discrimination against Asians has increased in the U.S. during the pandemic. The design concept of Love is Invisible is especially based on the concept of water tolerance in Asian culture, to show that the love between people is invisible, which can eliminate discrimination and remove barriers. Love Is Invisible is a public welfare activity launched by the Super Joey Foundation in nearly 20 cities across the country. The Tsddesign team designed t ⥅
Love is Invisible
Granovita Granola Packaging by Olha Takhtarova
Granovita Granola Packaging
Granovita preaches a simple approach to making granola with the best tasting natural ingredients while keeping the essence of the brand no frills. Granovita's packaging design had to reflect honesty about the product and the ingredients. The design had to inspire consumer confidence in the product. By combining granola packaging with modern design, the designer has created an image that invites customers to rediscover breakfast. The new gran ⥅
Grassy Premium  Coffee Packaging by Dimitri Lociks
Grassy Premium Coffee Packaging
Grassy Premiados is a packaging for exceptional Brazilian coffees, awarded and rated above 87 points in the SCA Special Coffee Association. The packaging aims to raise the perception of quality of national specialty coffee, enhancing the entire production chain, from the producer to the roaster. Composed of an organic and modular design box inspired by nature, the packaging holds 250 grams of coffee beans, also protected by a special bag. Grassy ⥅
Grassy Premium
Wonderlab Packaging Design by Hengchen Shi
Wonderlab Packaging Design
Wonderlab, a nutritional beauty brand, "Wonder" is full of imagination, and "Lab" represents rational science, which is consistent with "Op Art" with magical geometric effect. When brands in the market are flaunting fashion labels through the combination of rational science and perceptual imagination, design is used to get rid of the bondage of fashion, so that brand packaging presents an artistic image. ⥅
Notter Nuts Premium Gift Sets Packaging by Achates 360
Notter Nuts Premium Gift Sets Packaging
A rebranding effort to refresh Notter's image to differentiate and pull away from supermarket brands, Notter products are freshly picked and of high quality, which needed to be told through the packaging. The paper bag and box are designed with premium matt velvet finish complimented with matt gold foil finish to provide a sleek and mysterious approach to the receiver. As they unwrap and unbox the gift set, they will be surprised with the pa ⥅
Notter Nuts Premium Gift Sets
Garalis Muscat Limnio Wine Packaging by Manos Siganos
Garalis Muscat Limnio Wine Packaging
The packaging of these two wines are connected with a common feature, the design style. Although the concept of ​​the illustration is different in each case, the aesthetic is the same. The concept behind the packaging design of Muscat white wine comes from the distinctive features of Lemnos island with its low vines that are lashed by northeasterly gales. The design concept of Limnio red wine was based on the shape of the typical traditional Gouv ⥅
Garalis Muscat Limnio
Loacker Rebrand Packaging by Marco Ventrice
Loacker Rebrand Packaging
New rebranding and pack design created for Loacker. The new logo integrates the Company's historical emblem and Mt. Sciliar which can be seen from their building windows. The goal was to communicate the brand essence: family, roots and nature. Loacker is not just a brand, is a family name. They established their first plant at 1000 mt to use the valley' spring water in their wafers. The new packaging has redefined the elements hierarchy ⥅
Loacker Rebrand
Tsingtao Beer Packaging by Tsingtao Brewery Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Tsingtao Beer Packaging
The Tsingtao Beer packaging is designed for the 120th anniversary of its inception. It contains a gift box based on the distinctive architectures of Qingdao and three Tsingtao beers. The basic elements of the illustration include landmark and brand culture, which demonstrate the integration of brand and regional cultures. The outer case is a gift box that can be unfolded to both sides. This is inspired by the blossom of hops, one of the ingredien ⥅
Tsingtao Beer
Tsingtao Brewery Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Artbird Packaging by Zhangyong Hou
Artbird Packaging
Artbird is a series of hand-made essential oil soap packaging. The soap is hand-made from essential oil from different flowers, so the patterns of each soap are different. Based on this feature of the product, the designer hollowed out different vase patterns on the outer box and put them into the soap packaging box, there are beautiful vases, and each vase pattern is different. Every product is unique. It's wonderful for the people who buy ⥅
Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging by Elena Gamalova
Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging
A series of packaging designs for Al Mocha Port, Saudi Arabia. Design is inspired by history, culture, and provenance to create an identity that reinforced authenticity and expertise. The packaging is clean, understandable, distinguished, and not overloaded with information, bridging the past and the present. Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Gold colors aim to attract customer attention. The coffee illustration on the sides emphasizes the attentive a ⥅
Al Mocha Port
Noble 16 Zhenxuan Packaging by Jingdezhen Jiushan Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. Guiniang Liqour Co., Ltd
Noble 16 Zhenxuan Packaging
This packaging for Premium Liquor of Noble 16 Generations of Heritage achieves blending of Chinese and western liquor cultures via rigorous technologies and element selection so as to convey the blended methods of the product. The introduction of the flavor wheel, together with the classy materials, provides multisensory interaction for users, which enables the product to boast a texture of light luxury and helps to form a special premium liquor ⥅
Noble 16 Zhenxuan
Jingdezhen Jiushan Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. Guiniang Liqour Co., Ltd
Meer Instant Coffee Packaging by Masoud Najafi Amirkiasar
Meer Instant Coffee Packaging
The packaging design of a new-to-market product is not only about the art of design but also about the art of understanding the customers' minds and standing out on the shelves against competitors. Having these nuances in mind, the Meer packaging design has taken the final product texture into illustration to stimulate and engage all the senses of coffee lovers. Also, the layout and unconventional font size play a significant role in attract ⥅
Masoud Najafi Amirkiasar
Shuanggou Shengfang Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Wen Liu
Shuanggou Shengfang Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
Shuanggou Shengfang is a product of Shuanggou Zhenbaofang series, which pioneered "free blending" in the baijiu industry. The highlight is that the product is divided into two bottles, one large and one small, which can be consumed by consumers either on their own or by blending the small bottle of 68% ABV Virgin liquor into the large bottle of average ABV liquor, resulting in a more flavourful drink. The packaging is decorated with a d ⥅
Shuanggou Shengfang
Kite Packaging by Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan
Kite Packaging
The kite museum mooncake gift box is different from the general souvenirs. In this museum's cultural and creative packaging design, the team owes cultural characteristics and Oriental aesthetic taste. Packaging has administrative levels feeling, using the local kite element modeling transformation and semantic expression, through its external visual packaging and inner structure of the "sight, touch, taste", combination of sensory ⥅
Xi Zhao, Shaoyang Ren,Gang Li,Jiaqi Xuan
Kotori Packaging by Shun Kudo
Kotori Packaging
The name Kotori is a cross between the Japanese words Kotoba (word) and Omamori (charm). Designers interpreted the bird that delivers the word as a carrier pigeon and designed a symbol to impress it. Kotori is a product that allows you to feel the presence of your loved ones right beside you at any time by using words as a Japanese charm. The packaging of the charm bag is made of Nishijin textile, produced in Kyoto, Japan, and is designed to give ⥅
Minimum Aesthetic Space Sustainable Packaging by Tsunaguwork's Ltd.
Minimum Aesthetic Space Sustainable Packaging
The professional eyelash extension package efficiently stores over 3000 individual eyelash hairs within a compact space measuring 22mm x 22mm x 120mm. Its meticulous design guarantees that eyelashes with various curl patterns do not interfere with one another. The paper packaging features a sliding mechanism for opening and closing, and the three-dimensional case design allows for a wide opening. Enhanced visibility is achieved through practical ⥅
Minimum Aesthetic Space
Tsunaguwork's Ltd.
Qinshihuang Cpa Packaging
Qinshihuang CPA, a China Pale Ale, is brewed with the Chinese crops widely planted in Qin Dynasty, and features Chinese twist. The packaging design aims to interpret the pale ale full of Chinese characteristics. Its packaging is designed with lots of elements and patterns related to Qinshihuang, like the flag in Qin Dynasty, and the relief sculpture provides visual texture. The contrast between black and red creates a visual difference. ⥅
Qinshihuang Cpa
Misifu Yueyan Serum Packaging by SuZhou Misifu Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Misifu Yueyan Serum Packaging
With inspiration from Taihu Lake stone, the packaging for anti-wrinkle serum is designed with unique styling and complemented by the positioning rooted in Jiangnan skin aesthetics (born in the south of Yangtze River). It conveys the charm sculptured by nature over time. Brimming with a technical sense of shininess, the packaging echos the product concept ofmaintaining skin beauty as time passes, and creates a perfect combination of traditional ar ⥅
Misifu Yueyan Serum
SuZhou Misifu Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Happy Petty Pet Food Packaging by Heng Luo
Happy Petty Pet Food Packaging
This is a kind of pet cat food that combines fashion figures and art. Through six unique character images to correspond different types of cat food, through different characters of cloths, colors, elements, reflecting highly personalized character images and product packaging, also to meet the needs of the female customers. Happy Petty creates a unique fashion brand image, conveys the aesthetic trend of pets and young people with visual language, ⥅
Happy Petty

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