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AIOT Smart Park  AI Product Design by 4Paradigm UED
AIOT Smart Park AI Product Design
Smart Park integrated decision-making system, plus Aiot platform, rely on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twin and edge computing to realize the intellectualization of the park as a whole from the dimensions of security, environment, energy consumption, personnel, logistics, equipment and affairs. This system focuses on real-time monitoring and prediction of safety hazards in the park, reducing the probability of ri ⥅
AIOT Smart Park
Maritime Glow Exhibition Events by Kaohsiung City Government
Maritime Glow Exhibition Events
Kaohsiung has been nurturing Taiwan's culture and history since the beginning of the maritime trade era four hundred years ago. As the waves lap against the harbor and sing their blessings, Kaohsiung's charm lies in its historical river. The Love River has always been a witness to Kaohsiung's development, and today people tell a cultural story from it. "Maritime Glow"is a large-scale Taiwanese musical opera. It was not on ⥅
Maritime Glow
Kaohsiung City Government
River Cloud Outdoor Landscape by Shang Cai
River Cloud Outdoor Landscape
It is a design case for a spatial installation representing the Cloud theme. As the installation is designed for long-term outdoor use, the designer used 50000 frames of different sizes, and hard materials to represent the curves of the clouds. Meanwhile, 15,000 CNC light sources are used to control the color and brightness, so that the device at night presents a dynamic effect of light and shadow flow. The installation is located on a hilltop by ⥅
River Cloud
Thousand Armed Lightsaber Artificial Intelligence by Kaohsiung City Government
Thousand Armed Lightsaber Artificial Intelligence
The process of 24 robotic arms performing on the same production line was precise and full of details. With the application of AI technology, it was like having a group of a professional team that strives to show themselves all the time, and the accuracy of the group performance was greatly optimized based on the mechanical requirement of no deviation. Though it was a performance without a person present, the visual performance was still a symbol ⥅
Thousand Armed Lightsaber
Kaohsiung City Government
Chengdu Holdings Glory In History Sales Center by Faye Yang
Chengdu Holdings Glory In History Sales Center
Chengdu Merchants Shekou Holdings Glory In History Sales Center connects traditional and modern design with color. The design takes the green landscape painting, combines the ancient life interest with the modern brushwork. It refers to the traditional Chinese architecture of the house to reproduce the design, innovative design with a wide roof, eaves and ancient tone of the gate. The exterior of the project adopts the traditional Oriental courty ⥅
Chengdu Holdings Glory In History
AMP Extreme Airo Graphics Card by Zotac Technology
AMP Extreme Airo Graphics Card
Inspired by aerodynamic concepts, the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 40 Series AMP Extreme AIRO utilizes an AIR-Optimized design to bring out the best in the world’s most advanced gaming GPU, powered by the Nvidia Ada Lovelace architecture. The Air-Optimized design brings upward efficiencies in airflow, noise levels, and durability for maximum gaming graphics performance. The iridescent and translucent finish of the RGB presence are inspired by the cap ⥅
AMP Extreme Airo
Blue Ants Clothing by Yi Yin
Blue Ants Clothing
Blue Ants was inspired by the famous historical event in China, the Cultural Revolution. During this decade, people regardless of gender and age spontaneously wore uniform blue overalls, so they were called blue ants by people in other countries. In terms of materials, this project mainly focuses on fashion and textile design using old clothes transformation, cyanotype photography, and laser cutting, striving to design clothing that is both envir ⥅
Blue Ants
Forshine Shenzhen Pavilion by Hong Wang
Forshine Shenzhen Pavilion
Forshine Shenzhen Pavilion covers a space of about 306 meter-square, this design incorporates color and geometric elements, using space construction and product aesthetics to create a mood in line with the brand's space, which is both lively and mature. The interior of the space uses gray as the main color, and warm orange colors throughout the whole scene, showing enthusiasm and warmth. Different colors of display furniture and space throug ⥅
Forshine Shenzhen
RO54 Single-Family House by Arshia Mahmoodi
RO54 Single-Family House
Perched on a hilltop in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, the project gently lands a dynamic building on top of a buried podium that replicates the original natural topography. The design utilizes an unconventional split-level configuration to follow this topography with staggered floor plates over a central void space. The project was informed by automotive performance design with concealed technologies that amplify the sensory performanc ⥅
Circle Xinqiao Expatriate Children School by Huang Fan
Circle Xinqiao Expatriate Children School
As the first international school in Hefei Airport New Area, it integrates the eastern philosophy of equality into architectural form and living conditions. In response to the large park and lake view on the west side, as well as the oval shape of the site, the building opens to the park in an embracing gesture. It innovatively makes all kinds of school life revolve around the central dynamic space. The school consists of two parts: the kindergar ⥅
Unity Wireless Lossless Headphones by HED Unity
Unity Wireless Lossless Headphones
The revolutionary wireless headphones from Unity go beyond the limits of other conventional headphones to stream true lossless audio, meaning listeners can hear the music they love in stunning clarity and rich detail, by using onboard WiFi functionality to support high-resolution streaming up to 24bit/192kHz. Unity headphones have an integrated dual-core processor, memory, storage, and a 9-axis IMU for accurate head-tracking motion detection for ⥅
Traces Of Zero Calendar by Shilushi Inc.
Traces Of Zero Calendar
One card can be used as two-month calendar on both sides. Zero shaped frame is embossed with dates, and the thin paper inside the frame is Pachika paper which becomes translucent by hot stamping. Taking advantage of its characteristics, the minute and delicate realism of nature and the living world that are often overlooked was extracted. Those throw at you that seeing the world from viewpoint of Zero, that's with your clear eyes, will help ⥅
Traces Of Zero
Stoniture Sofa by Abbas Sufinejad
Stoniture Sofa
Stoniture is a nature-inspired sofa that evokes a sense of familiarity and trust with natural stone. The designer aimed to create a furniture piece that feels like a part of nature, with a simple design and a curved edge for comfort. It has a wooden body structure with 30-density foam in its seat and measures 110 x 95 x 50 cm. The main challenge was to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design that captures the essence of natural ston ⥅
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging by Hu Jijun
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging
This is the Mid-Autumn Festival food gift box have been designed for clients. Unlike the standard flat iron boxes, designers elevated the top of the metal outer casing by one centimeter, which may result in additional production and transportation cost. Despite the challenges posed by this modification, it is this yearning to break through the plane and reach for the stars that fuel humanity's boundless pursuit of the universe. ⥅
Galaxy Trail X
TCLGreen Sustainable Art Installation by Kevin Chu
TCLGreen Sustainable Art Installation
TCLGreen is a modular Grass inspired Art installation and can be adapted to any location. Recycled from over 3000 discarded computer circuit boards and illuminated at night entirely by the power of the sun. With a special bioluminescent coating that glows in the dark by absorbing both natural and artificial photons, it illuminates even without electricity. An included Artificial Intelligence system is embedded into the totems where the installati ⥅
Pac Man Side Table With Lights by Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd
Pac Man Side Table With Lights
Pac Man is a product with childhood significance. It is inspired by the classic arcade game Pac Man. The light source function is cleverly integrated into the handle shape. The greater the angle of the light as the handle goes up, the brighter the light source. The color temperature of the light source can be controlled, and the lighting function will be turned off when the handle is lowered.
Pac Man
Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging by Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Beidacang Junfei Wine Liquor Packaging
Based on the design theory of the five senses, the bottle shape is designed with peach blossom makeup, and the bottle cap is shaped like a peach blossom and decorated with ancient hairpins decorated with phoenix hairpins, reflecting the spirit of "junfei". The box is based on the "cross-collar right lapel" of Hanfu as the creative point, creating a visual feast of "Phoenix Crown and Xia Phi". The ingeniously designed ⥅
Beidacang Junfei Wine
Ji Xing Chuang Yi
Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine by Eren Dönertas
Aselsan Hlm Heart Lung Machine
The modular heart-lung machine is designed to provide users with the ability to create configurations tailored to the needs of each open-heart surgery. By utilizing a custom-designed layout specific to each surgery, the device's parts contribute to a significant reduction in blood hemolysis, leading to a higher success rate of the postoperative healing process. The design aims to enhance the performance of users during operations by reducing ⥅
Aselsan Hlm
Shopare Residential by Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali
Shopare Residential
This minimalist architecture concept design, inspired by the bat (Shopare means bat in Gilan local language), offers a beautifully durable exterior of metal materials. Set on a hillside, it features a sleek long box shape that maximizes views and a central glass slice for unobstructed connection between indoors and outdoors. The unique parking under a bridge provides extra space, while natural materials like wood and stone create a warm, elegant ⥅
Yaser and Yasin Rashid Shomali
Laguna Armchair by Aciole Félix
Laguna Armchair
The Laguna Armchair is impressive at first glance, but what draws the most attention is the unparalleled comfort. Its structure is firm and the seat is extremely enveloping. Its main differential is the use of different materials such as: wood, metal, fabric, and natural fiber. With this diversity of materials in the same piece, there are infinite combinations. Which makes it possible for this armchair to fit into any decor.
Yi Xin Distillation Chinese Highend Spirits by TIGER PAN
Yi Xin Distillation Chinese Highend Spirits
The design inspiration of Drangon which surrounded the bottleneck of Yixin Distillation shows how the ancient Chinese dynasty respected it. The brand successfully integrated the historical heritage into the modern era and share it with more people. The dragon sculpture at the bottleneck makes it unnecessary to label the wine bottle, and the strong and prominent features can be recognized by consumers at a glance. ⥅
Yi Xin Distillation
Beijing Happy Valley Illustration Series by Wu yao
Beijing Happy Valley Illustration Series
The two illustrations attempt to combine multiple styles such as New Chinese style and Pop. The project has too many elements and designers hope to put these elements in a reasonable and harmonious way within the same visual system. The other design style is bolder with more vivid color contrast on top of ensuring the completeness of the picture bringing greater visual impact to people. Designers made many attempts to visualize and reshape the tw ⥅
Beijing Happy Valley
Lux101 Toddler Carrier by luciroda
Lux101 Toddler Carrier
The Lux101 is a side hip seat baby carrier, designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for both parent and baby. Its innovative shoulder pad minimizes shoulder pain and allows for comfortable sideways seating, while the baby seat is specially designed to prevent hip dysplasia and minimize pressure on the thighs. The carrier is made of breathable, waterproof fabric and features a foldable back pad for additional support. Weighing only 296 gram ⥅
Honey Packaging Design by Wallrus Design Studio
Honey Packaging Design
This packaging designed for honey presents one of the most unique ideas for this product. A combination of hexagons placed on top of each other and reminiscent of a beehive. The honey in this package conveys the greatest sense of naturalness and purity to the consumer, as if you are directly taking it from the beehive itself. The very favorable use of glass and wood materials together has helped in strengthening this feeling, and of course, it go ⥅
Wallrus Design Studio
Jaipur Furniture Collection by Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
Jaipur Furniture Collection
The Jaipur collection, a design narrative by Within is an untold story of the vibrant pink city, home to a rich cultural heritage; majestic architecture, colorful rituals, and ancient crafts. It celebrates the spirit of the city, drawing inspiration from the architecture of the city palace, Hawa Mahal, the palace of breeze with a honeycombed shaped facade and blue pottery, a traditional craft of Jaipur. Encapsulating the essence of Jaipur, the co ⥅
Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
Elegance and Modernity Exhibition Stand by Joanna Dittmar
Elegance and Modernity Exhibition Stand
Elegance and modernity. The rawness of black and concrete combined with the energy and freshness of plant elements. The perfection of this project is in detail. The design studio, inspired by the elegant, simple form of the customer’s products, wanting to emphasize their prestige and premium quality have created a stand based on subtle, matching colors. The frugality and austerity of the decor allowed them to focus on lighting and good product pr ⥅
Chinese Style Coffee Packaging And Posters by WeinaXiao
Chinese Style Coffee Packaging And Posters
This is an illustration created for a Chinese-owned coffee brand. The work combines Chinese and Western cultures, replacing characters in ordinary advertisements with characters in Peking Opera. The works are full of details, and people can find details about coffee in the illustrations and become interested in traditional Chinese culture.
Chinese Style Coffee
Villa Madonna Hotel Extension by JOSEPH DI PASQUALE ARCHITECTS
Villa Madonna Hotel Extension
The morphology of the Hotel Villa Madonna extension was determined by the purpose of identifying meaningful relationships with the natural context. This approach has allowed the adoption of an architecture that, while strongly differentiating stylistically and linguistically, manages to converse harmoniously with the more traditional character of the building to which it is juxtaposed. The intervention relates to the existing building by interpre ⥅
Villa Madonna
Yamate Residential House by Tatsuhiro Nishimoto
Yamate Residential House
They studied the angles of the summer and winter sunrises entering the site, and designed a floor plan that captures the sunrise throughout the year. The walls were glazed to create a sunrise-filled living space. Then, to protect the living space from the summer sun and rain, they planned an independent large roof. The roof is not an enclosed space, but an open space where wind and consciousness can pass through. They hope that with the construct ⥅
Tatsuhiro Nishimoto
1821 Vintage Bolgrad Sparkling Wine by Valerii Sumilov
1821 Vintage Bolgrad Sparkling Wine
The Bolgrad brand embodies the essence of the southern regions of the Ukrainian coast: light atmosphere, great climate and good winemaking. The year 1821, which is indicated on the label and is its centerpiece, is the year the city of Bolgrad, located in the Odessa region in the south of the country, was founded. Bolgrad is the first Ukrainian producer who decided to bring to the market a sparkling wine in a lower and wider bottle, which is more ⥅
1821 Vintage Bolgrad
XS Horizon Wrist Watch by Dabi Robert
XS Horizon Wrist Watch
The XS Horizon watch employs a different approach to show time and was created to introduce a smaller unisex version to the collection. To visualize the present moment and distinguish the past from the future, the watch uses a line moving through time space. The past is depicted with a color shade that gradually fades away as it deviates from the present, while the future is represented by darkness. The aim of the project was to create a range of ⥅
XS Horizon
Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture by CANUCH
Mass Series Sumi Limited Furniture
The mass series sumi limited features a contrast between different materials, combining a steel frame with charred cedar inspired by the inky black landscape of Aso annual Noyaki. Sumi limited is designed to express the unique Aso experience, where people and nature coexist and press on together in a majestic yet harsh volcanic environment, along with the seeds of life sprouting from the inky black world of noyaki. This series is limited to 25 un ⥅
Mass Series Sumi Limited
Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment by sungjae Han
Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment
The object series is a high-end speaker, and the Vicuna technology, which has been producing string instruments for more than 100 years in France, is applied with the Vicuna technology to process reflective sounds. In addition, unlike commercially available speakers, circular soundboxes can be designed separately to convey the original sound to the listener without interfering with each other's sounds. And the shape of the pipes together has ⥅
Object Series
Calendar 2015 “Town” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
Calendar 2015 “Town” Calendar
Town is a paper craft kit with parts that can be freely assembled into a calendar. Put together buildings in different forms and enjoy creating your very own little town. Quality designs have the power to modify space and transform the minds of its users. They offer comfort of seeing, holding and using. They are imbued with lightness and an element of surprise, enriching space. Our original products are designed using the concept of Life with Des ⥅
Calendar 2015 “Town”
Dressing The Screen  Exhibition Identity by Roma Lazarev
Dressing The Screen Exhibition Identity
The brief was to create a bilingual identity for the British Council fashion film exhibition. The main idea expresses the dynamics and magic of cinematography with the help of images only. Inspired by the optical effect, known as motograph, and experimental photoworks by a famous fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, students created a font and designed a system that reflects the nature of the exhibition and highlights the role of Great Britain ⥅
Dressing The Screen
Chirming Poster by Sook Ko
Chirming Poster
When Sook was young, she saw a pretty bird on the mountain but bird quickly flew away, leaving only sound behind. She looked up in the sky to find the bird, but all she could see was tree branches and forest. The bird kept on singing, but she had no idea where it was. From very young, bird was the tree branches and big forest to her. This experience made her to visualize the sound of birds like forest. The sound of bird relaxes mind and body. Thi ⥅
Raw Restaurant by Camiel Weijenberg
Raw Restaurant
The restaurant design tells a parallel tale about Raw and how chef André’s food can be experienced. From the bustling streets of Taipei into the restaurant, diners step across a wooden path into a tranquil space welcomed by a lounge area which forms a gentle transition from the city. As guests enter the main space, the centralized dining area is surrounded by the wooden structure begun at the entrance. The wooden structure is the centrepiece of R ⥅
Camiel Weijenberg
Maxplo Tire by Hae Rim Jung
Maxplo Tire
Maxplo is the Max All Weather Concept Tire developed for invincible environment, location and weather. A intersectional large tread blocks and stable shoulder blocks provide responsive handling, high-speed stability and traction on dry roads, while circumferential and three dimensional grooves are aimed to pump water out from under the tire's footprint to minimize hydroplaning and wet traction. The tire's internal structure reinforced t ⥅
Ane stool by Troy Backhouse
Ane stool
The Ane stool has solid timber slats of timber that appear to float harmoniously, yet independently from the timber legs, above the steel frame . The designer states that the seat, hand crafted in certified eco-friendly timber, is formed through the unique use of multiple pieces of one shape of wood positioned and cut in a dynamic way. When seated on the stool, the slight rise in angle to the back and the roll off angles on the sides are finished ⥅
Orion Outdoor Lighting by Limay Türkkan & Anıl Tontus
Orion Outdoor Lighting
Orion is top-mounted LED luminaire for outdoor usage in areas like parks, gardens and etc. The design of the product is based on the functionality and aesthetics together to build a practical and fascinating structure which also reflects Vestel brand identity. The inspiration and the concept behind the Project is sky at night and stars; “the magical night”. RGB LED line , which is additional to main light source, provide ambience light with diffe ⥅
Limay Türkkan & Anıl Tontus
Barb Perfume Packaging by Roma Lazarev
Barb Perfume Packaging
Barb is a perfume brand for men, which stands out against others on the market crowded with trendy and glossy flasks. It reflecs the man’s personality, savage power and courage. The brand has fluid identity and do not use logo in its common sense, for it contradicts the philosophy of Barb, the philosophy of free and fearless spirit. Barb doesn't hang tags and doesn't attach anybody to the brand. The man, himself, is the brand. Barb is t ⥅
Barb Perfume
Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies Packaging by Springetts Brand Design
Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies Packaging
Springetts were asked to develop a range of gift caddies for Williamson Tea and transform its elephant branding into a unique three dimensional icon. The distinctive shape gives the brand strong on-shelf presence and powerfully links the caddy with the brand logo (an elephant). The launch of a range of elephant caddies, each with different graphics and characters, allowed the brand to appeal to a wider audience and for the caddies to become colle ⥅
Williamson Tea Elephant Caddies
Springetts Brand Design
Baccarat 250th anniversary chandelier Lighting by Yasumichi Morita
Baccarat 250th anniversary chandelier Lighting
Baccarat has been collaborating with various creators who lead generations and always seeking new creativities to produce innovative artworks. They unveiled their very first chandelier in 1827 in France and in 2014 they tried to produce the new chandelier to celebrate their 250th anniversary. GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. is so honored as to design the chandelier and has expanded the design possibility of Baccarat chandeliers under the concept of “Session o ⥅
Baccarat 250th anniversary chandelier
Tai Chi Sales Center by Kris Lin
Tai Chi Sales Center
There are two blocks in façade design; one is dark color, the other is light color; they stand for two elements that are “Yin” and “Yang” of Tai Chi respectively. These two blocks are In Opposition To Each Other but Mutual and Harmonious Existence, and they are integrated to become a complete one.In the meantime, we adopt clean and tidy lines and three dimensional cutting of sculpture technique with the esthetics concept from the works (TAI CHI) ⥅
Tai Chi
Pepsi MetLife Stadium Exhibition by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi MetLife Stadium Exhibition
As Super Bowl XLVIII came to the New York area in 2013, Pepsi aimed to give fans a grand entrance into Met Life stadium. Pepsi set out to create an experience that would engage fans in an unexpected and dynamic way. As a key landmark, it was important for the Pepsi Gate to drive locational awareness for fans. It was also imperative for Pepsi to develop a visual presence that was in-step with its new global visual identity system that was simultan ⥅
Pepsi MetLife Stadium
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Lenovo Horizon 2 27 Table PC by Johnson Li
Lenovo Horizon 2 27 Table PC
In the modern home personal computers are no longer a personal productive tool for working, it is now a multi-scenario computer for the family. Horizon 2 is a revolutionary computing platform designed to meet the changing technological environment of the modern families. It is designed for multi-scenario usage. It has an integrated stand with internal compression mechanism on the back that allows easy angle tilt with single hand operation. ⥅
Lenovo Horizon 2 27
The Zephyr Multifunctional Bike Storage Bollard by Barrier Group
The Zephyr Multifunctional Bike Storage Bollard
The Zephyr is a multifunctional bicycle storage bollard. As pictured here on the waterfront in Geelong (Australia), the Zephyr is a sculptured bollard, a classical design element. It brings Art to the environment where the enjoyment of the outdoors can be appreciated, either alone, or with friends. So, use it to park your bicycle, enjoy the view, enjoy the company of others and enjoy the style and sheer sumptuousness of the Zephyr. ⥅
The Zephyr
Jacobs Coffee Coffee Beans by Angela Spindler
Jacobs Coffee Coffee Beans
This packaging is unique as it takes a conventional coffee bag and places a box style lid over the top to deliver a flat surface providing both functional stackability and large format space for branding and product differentiation. The lid itself employs winged engineering to hold it in place. The wings reverse fold up against the side panels and then catch in place in the fold of the bag thus ensuring the lid can not slip off. It provides the ⥅
Jacobs Coffee
Nemesis Fins Swim fins by Speedo Usa
Nemesis Fins Swim fins
Nemesis Fins
Transform Shape Changing Furniture by Hiroshi Ishii
Transform Shape Changing Furniture
“Transform” is a shape changing furniture that reacts to human presence and aims to inspire viewers through its unexpected transformations and aesthetics. It is a furniture that explores the juxtapositions of static and dynamic and soft and hard. Transform embodies a vision of of human interaction with dynamic, computationally reconfigurable and transformable shape-changing materials (Radical Atoms). Transform was first exhibited at Lexus Design ⥅
Tsingtao 1903  bar by Wangtao
Tsingtao 1903 bar
This is the starting point of "Community Pubs Plan" of Tsingtao Beer Company and it is also the very first store. An experiential chain store of beer culture is born and it is low cost, fast to replicate, of unified identity and most importantly it is also environmentally friendly, as almost all of the materials are recycled or reused. "Tsingtao beer" as a brand with more than 100 years history, needs a series of events to ree ⥅
Tsingtao 1903
SMRT IMAGE Lumica MRI AV System  by Design Team
SMRT Image Lumica is a two-way communication device between patients and medical professionals, which allows enhanced fMRI brain mapping capabilities, and sophisticated audio-visual entertainment for patients during MRI imaging. This provides advantages to all parties, since the AV functionality, which is compatible with all multimedia, offers a comforting distraction for patients. While the enhanced fMRI technology saves pharmaceutical companies ⥅
Netatmo Welcome Indoor Home Security Camera by Netatmo
Netatmo Welcome Indoor Home Security Camera
Welcome’s design is elegant and non-intrusive, unlike traditional home security cameras. Welcome’s sophisticated technology is hidden in a slim cylinder-shaped aluminum body. Welcome is buttonfree, therefore all interaction happens in the companion App. A fine black plastic piece blends with the camera’s lense and covers elegantly the infrared LED and microphone. The pure shape and the warm gold tone make Welcome harmonious. Welcome highly respec ⥅
Netatmo Welcome
Mangrove Installation  by Guilherme Torres
Mangrove Installation
Designed by the Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres for Swarovski Crystal Palace, the instalation is a big Voronoi diagram, which describes the division of spaces into cells with corresponding focal points, combined with the mangrove-root imagery, leding Torres and his team to design angled structures of acrylic tubes that are filled with amber-colored crystals and illuminated from within by LEDs. These root structures, which Torres wanted to lo ⥅
Grotto Sauna Freestanding Residential Sauna by PARTISANS
Grotto Sauna Freestanding Residential Sauna
Perched at the northwest edge of an island in Georgian Bay, Canada, the Grotto Sauna is a feat of old-world craftsmanship and new-world sustainability made possible by cutting-edge technology. When the clients - avid architecture and design enthusiasts - commissioned the studio to build a sauna, they wanted “to be surprised” by the out-of-the-ordinary and to be part of a creative storytelling process. Inspired by an Italian grotto - a secret and ⥅
Grotto Sauna
Tactica One Bottle opener by Michael Chijoff
Tactica One Bottle opener
Tactica One is a precision bottle opening tool that reinvents the premium drinking experience. It is the worlds first composite bottle opener of its type and its unique design engages the user both visually and physically through its tactile surfaces. The composite material properties deliver functional performance in an ultra-lightweight and compact form.
Tactica One
Reflect Dynamic brand identity by Ice9 Interactive
Reflect Dynamic brand identity
Music is constantly chaotic and evolving, but always personal. This was the inspiration behind this generative system which fuses the artist’s identity with some of his musical journey’s aspects. The system fostered the team’s attempt to architect DjSarhi’s brand identity by capturing momentary tales of his music, whilst representing them in ‘Rorschach blot’ inspired ‘VIBEs’. By algorithmically mixing various seed inputs relevant to the musician, ⥅
Lin Mao Sen Tea store by Ahead Concept Design
Lin Mao Sen Tea store
Arts and crafts:A return to natural convergence is subtly weaved into the ceiling line for a sense of relaxation. The materials are reflected with an ecological perspective, integrating old concepts with new to generate a sense of freedom. Colorful rhythm:Peacock blue and mustard yellow saturation, fusion lines and staggered surface relationship, and a background with subtle oriental heritage all extend the continuity of space. The interpretation ⥅
Lin Mao Sen
Ahead Concept Design
ICE Krakow Concert and congress centre by Ingarden & Ewý Architects
ICE Krakow Concert and congress centre
ICE Krakow Congress Centre is a modern venue dedicated to cultural events: music, ballet and theatre performances as well as congresses – comprised of three main halls with 1915, 600, and 300 seats, and a multifunctional conference area of 550 sq.m. Designed at the highest standards of acoustics and mechanics, it surpasses international congress organization norms. An asset of ICE is also its unique location opposite Wawel Castle. The building b ⥅
ICE Krakow
Ingarden & Ewý Architects
Chhatrapti Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 Building by Mumbai International Airport Ltd. & SOM
Chhatrapti Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 Building
Located in the heart of Mumbai, the new hub adds 4.4 million square feet of space to accommodate 40 million passengers per year. By orchestrating the complex web of passengers and planes into a design that feels intuitive and responds to the region’s rocketing growth, the new Terminal 2 asserts the airport’s place as a preeminent gateway to India. The primary design feature of the building is a long-span roof covering a total of 70 000 m2, one of ⥅
Chhatrapti Shivaji International Airport
Mumbai International Airport Ltd. & SOM
Yoga 3 Pro laptop by Johnson Li
Yoga 3 Pro laptop
The Lenovo Yoga3 pro is a convertible Laptop. It is exceptionally thin and light, yet brilliantly intelligent, with a revolutionary new hinge design and intuitive software that responds to how you use it. Whether for work or play, YOGA is a convertible laptop that adapts to you with 4 basic ways to do almost anything: Laptop, Stand, Tent or Tablet. Besides that, you can find more usage ways based on different scenarios.
Yoga 3 Pro
Santander World Urban Sculptures by Jose Angel Cicero
Santander World Urban Sculptures
Santander World is a public art event consiting of a group of sculptures that celebrate art and envelops the city of Santander (Spain) in preparation for the World Sailing Championship Santander 2014. The sculptures measure 4.2 meters high, are made of sheet steel and each one of them are made by different visual artists. Each one of the pieces represent conceptually the culture one of the 5 continents. It's meaning is to represent the love ⥅
Santander World
Jose Angel Cicero
Air touch Air Purifier by LKK Innovation Design Group
Air touch Air Purifier
The Air touch users are young white-collars, who wish to use a simple interface and touch sensitive buttons for smooth operation. The operation panel lights serve as a decorative element but also display the current air quality. The design was created to be extremely simple and easy to use while simultaneously meeting functional and technical requirements.
Air touch
LKK Innovation Design Group
Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club Sales & Exhibition by Raynon Chiu
Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club Sales & Exhibition
The tea house consists of reception, illuminated area, library and tea exhibition. The designer would like this establishment to bring together both business aspects and leisure rather than being only a sales center. This project was developed near a mountain and by a river, featuring a beautiful view. Visitors are delighted and enjoy tranquility while drinking their teas.
Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design by Guanyu Lou
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design
The project focuses on the creation of space, with the intention of achieving organic unity between architecture and landscape space. Green corridors introduce people to the space, and the water features of the plaza integrate the building into the natural environment. The garden provides a place for visitors to relax and enjoy. The design of the participatory landscape allows people to get closer to nature. The landscape mood is created to satis ⥅
Cloud Castle Lishui
Shenzhen Berkeley Hotel Lobby Public Space by Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman
Shenzhen Berkeley Hotel Lobby Public Space
The project is a business hotel in downtown Shenzhen. GS Design makes use of the "urban vacation" concept, combining vacation and business through the usage of shapes, material, and lighting, presenting an elegantly casual, fun and tasteful style. The hotel lobby divides into a series of independent yet continuous arch caves that serve both as resting areas and windows that look out to urban views. The windows form a quiet arcade, while ⥅
Shenzhen Berkeley Hotel
Li Liangchao and Huang Yuanman
Nissan Leaf Car Brochure by Noriko Hirai (Nina)
Nissan Leaf Car Brochure
Nissan is proud to present the Leaf electric car. Designers imagined how the world of electric vehicles would be portrayed and how they would be delivered to consumers in the years to come. The shooting continued to be in an unsatisfactory environment due to Covid-19, so they made the best of what they could.
Nissan Leaf
Noriko Hirai (Nina)
Shape Grammars Book by Jannis Maroscheck
Shape Grammars Book
Shape Grammars is a study on generative shapes, asking: how can unique pieces be mass produced? Jannis Maroscheck designed and programmed 12 production systems that draw an unlimited number of individual graphic shapes. The result is a systematic catalog, a kind of dictionary of shapes, for browsing forms and their formulas. Accumulating 150.000 shapes, sorted from the strictly geometric to the organically free, the book is a useful manual for De ⥅
Shape Grammars
Jannis Maroscheck
Zcmetal Headquarters and Exhibition Hall by Zao Li
Zcmetal Headquarters and Exhibition Hall
Designers conceived the headquarters and exhibition hall for this project, a metal product customization company based in Foshan, China. With a product portfolio that includes furniture, lighting fixtures, artworks, metal decorative materials, art installations, etc, the brand emphasizes the combination of modern intelligent carving technology with traditional craftsmanship.
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging by Ximena Ureta
MontGras Handcrafted Wine Packaging
MontGras Handcrafted is an enology based project that pursues the production of distinctive wines made out of rare grape varieties harvested in 2020. Each wine is the product of a unique combination of the particular weather and land conditions of five Chilean valleys and of five different wine makers. This packaging is a creative way of following the particular personality of each wine while expressing the common ideas behind the project. ⥅
MontGras Handcrafted
The Sun House Sustainable Social Building by SunEdge PV Technology Co., Ltd
The Sun House Sustainable Social Building
The Sun House, with its geometrically bevelled exterior, is an Organic Architecture that combines solar power, green technology and symbiosis with the environment. The building's facade is dominated by solar panels, and the bevelled form is used to obtain a large amount of light and achieve better energy generating. The building is designed using environmentally friendly construction methods and all energy is reused through various recycling ⥅
The Sun House
SunEdge PV Technology Co., Ltd
Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher by Gloguu Ltd
Scratch Cave Cat Scratcher
Scratch Cave is a small cat furniture. People and cat can create their own way of playing. Its inspiration comes from the imagination of nature in childhood that people can place it like a toy corner and participate in the process of playing. Using natural materials and arc bridge shapes to awaken the natural instinct of cats about mountains, caves, and a sense of security. It has six times the scratch area of the ordinary cat scratchers, extendi ⥅
Scratch Cave

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