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Lighting in the Waves  Apartment  House by Hao Han Chang
Lighting in the Waves Apartment House
The wave-shaped ceiling above the isle integrates the structural beams while following the natural light with the undulating curves. The white color further reduces the visual weight of the thirteen-meter high ceiling. The curves are interrupted by oblique angles following to the position of the beams. The five openings of the light fixtures direct the sightline at different aspects. The partition lines of ceiling lights add another layer to the ⥅
Lighting in the Waves
Anta Office by Oatson Interior Design
Anta Office
The project is the headquater office for the sportswear brand Anta in Shanghai, China. The interior design was based on the client's needs of brand upgrading. With consice and smooth lines, the project features a palette of black, white, sliver and grey, an innovative use of the visual symbols, and an emphasis on the theme of building an international brand image.
Oatson Interior Design
The Order in Heterogeneity Residence by Ming-Chuan Tai
The Order in Heterogeneity Residence
The indoor space, integrated with the styles of Zen, neo classic, and modernism, perfectly creates consistency from diverse materials by differentiating the space scales in the perspectives of flat and perpendicularity. The balcony, with great views, is designed from the idea of small garden where the plants and pebble pathway, creates the special environment as if standing in the hanging garden.
The Order in Heterogeneity
Heavenly lounge foyer (lobby) by Angel Stefanov
Heavenly lounge foyer (lobby)
Heavenly lounge
V Series Orchard Mulcher by Vladimir Zagorac
V Series Orchard Mulcher
The V model was designed after a complete rebranding of the company, with the appearance derived from the redesigned logo. The design features sharp motion-oriented lines, faceted surfaces, and characteristic details. The headstock was designed to resemble the pyramid-like silhouette of Mount Rtanj, at the foot of which the company's factory is located. The shape of the side mask is derived from a horse's head. Structural ribs contribut ⥅
V Series
Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center by Kai Huang
Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center
The Marketing Center of Yongxiang Mansion is located in Tianjin Beichen Tianchong Plate, which has dual possession of urban resources and natural resources. CLV DESIGN infused the elements of nature's inspiration, endowing flowers, trees, water, rocks and other ecological elements with more imagination. So, it is tended to be called by "Flowers Dancing In Forests".
Flowers Dancing In Forests
RMIT Capitol Theatre Banquette Seating by Peter Rattle for CUS (Vic) Pty Ltd
RMIT Capitol Theatre Banquette Seating
Undergoing a transformation into a state -of the-art presentation and lecture theatre, the Capitol was fitted out to become a unique work environment hosting, conferences, student lectures as well as cinema graphic productions. The specialised Banquette seating and componentry now ensures that the Capitol remains a heritage masterpiece for the next generation of patrons.
RMIT Capitol Theatre
Peter Rattle for CUS (Vic) Pty Ltd
Simple but Elegant Leisure Complex Center by Chunli Zhang
Simple but Elegant Leisure Complex Center
The project highlights the interpretation of Chinese traditional "simple but elegant", which forms different courtyard spaces with white walls, to present a low-density leisure center in the high-density industrial park. With the expression of oriental plain and elegant space, the concept of "left blank" is created to meet the supporting services of daily leisure functions with humanistic care for the internal staff, to meet b ⥅
Simple but Elegant
Corso Rum Packaging by Mateus Morgan
Corso Rum Packaging
The designer was inspired by the diamond facets, reflecting the the light on a poligonal pattern from all the sides. The box was designed to ressemble a jewel box, increasing perceived value of the premium product. The package was designed to have a modern aspect, but not getting away from the classical. The bottle design ressembles jewel facets, and the box reminds a jewel box.
Rook  Cafe Bar Delicatessen by Helen Brasinika
Rook Cafe Bar Delicatessen
The word Rook means tower and it was chosen metaphorically to hint a strategy game on an entertainment chessboard. The design concept based on the contrasting nature of White and Black, created an interplay between old and new allowing various metaphors to enable this link between past and present. While taking into account the building history and location, elements of adaptive reuse were employed accentuated by materials and patterns in order t ⥅
HuoLaPai Hotpot Restaurant by Wanfu Su
HuoLaPai Hotpot Restaurant
The project, with a total space area of about 500 square meters, makes use of the beams, stone walls, grilles and floor conversion to create spatial hierarchy on the basis of preserving the original building plan. The designers skillfully adopt the form of winding Chinese corridors to ingeniously distance with next tables, enabling diners to enjoy the spacious environment while protecting their privacy. The design of the ceiling echoes with the o ⥅
HuoLaPai Hotpot
Black Forest Laboratory by Xiwen Guo
Black Forest Laboratory
The is a groundbreaking project and is the first key laboratory for human-computer interaction and emotional computing based on cutting-edge bio-intelligence technology in china . The intending and enterprise with their technical team, so that they could express the advanced and cutting -edge technology to the public in simple design language and bridging the gap between future technology and the public. And the assembly rate reached over 70%, an ⥅
Black Forest

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