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Malware Digital Painting by Maheen Sana
Malware Digital Painting
Made entirely digitally using Photoshop and a graphics tablet, Malware displays the result of the dissolution of a relationship. The contrast in the painting is based on the concept of duality in nature, of the contrast between happiness and sorrow. The use of black and white, chaotic foreground and calm background, hardness and softness, all create a romantic, yet somber mood and express the melancholy one is left with following a breakup. ⥅
Old Wabi-Sabi House by Yu-Jui Chang
Old Wabi-Sabi House
In Japanese, Wabi-Sabi means to get rid of the unnecessary, and to pursue essence of nature. However, it doesn’t mean to change its original objects, but to make it pure and insert vitality. The peaceful atmosphere make you think deeply and bring out inner soul. Designers kept the attitude of retaining the old things, but also gave new life and new elements in house. They respect the original spacial condition and natural view, and also made an e ⥅
Old Wabi-Sabi
Port Wine Crafting Infographic by José Miguel Cardoso
Port Wine Crafting Infographic
This infographic captures the spirit of the place of Douro Valley. It arises from the observational drawing of the vines, as the designer existential experience of place. It offers a detailed and illustrated description of the process of production of Port wine, from picking and treading of the grapes, to the aging of the different types. The visual metaphor of the vineyards thickening illustrates the aging of the grape varieties until it becomes ⥅
Port Wine Crafting
José Miguel Cardoso
Jiuzhou Tangyue Sales Office by Li Tian
Jiuzhou Tangyue Sales Office
The design of this case reflects on nature, humanity and the ancient charm that the brand wants to express. In the exhibition space of 718 square meters, the designer transformed the representative elements of Hui architecture into simple symbols, and interpreted the Oriental residence of traditional culture and modern aesthetics through modern decorative techniques. Different from ordinary sales centers, this project pays more attention to custo ⥅
Jiuzhou Tangyue
Space Generator Transformable platform by Grigoriy Malitskiy and Maria Malitskaya
Space Generator Transformable platform
The space generator represents a field of height-adjustable module cells. According to the predetermined program, the module cells go up and down transforming the flat platform into three-dimensional split-level arrangements of different functional purposes. This way the same platform can be quickly transformed for the scenario required at the moment without extra costs or time, becoming a presentation ground, an audience space, a leisure area, a ⥅
Space Generator
Grigoriy Malitskiy and Maria Malitskaya
Thanatos Digital  Agency by Thanatos Digital Agency
Thanatos Digital Agency
It is an institutional site of a digital agency. It should always convey fresh design and technology. Bright colors were used in contrast with the black background. The design is enhanced by advanced css effects like glitches and animated gradients. Most users are primarily interested in services and the portfolio: for this reason, icons and in-depth pages have been included for the main services. For the portfolio space to the primary colors of ⥅
Thanatos Digital
Thanatos Digital Agency
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building by Guowei Zhang
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ Highrise Building
As a leading enterprise in Guangzhou's entertainment industry. The design concept of GWP echoes and resonates with corporate culture of 37 Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group. The project design fully balances a series of technical implementation issues such as function, space comfort, ecological energy saving, and assembly construction. GWP proposes to create a future-oriented, people-oriented, lively and interesting space fo ⥅
37 Interactive Entertainment HQ
Ju Long Plaza SCPG Incity Mixed Use by Aico Ltd
Ju Long Plaza SCPG Incity Mixed Use
Creating energetic urban public space with pedestrian friendly scale while respecting the existing urban context is the core design principle for this large scale urban complex. Designers opened up the northeast corner of the site, right cross street from Hongjialou Cathedral which is a historical landmark of the city, and dedicated it as a cultural plaza. At the center of this plaza is the renovated 100-year-old Sister House. This unique experie ⥅
Ju Long Plaza SCPG Incity
Corner Lights House by Jianhe Wu
Corner Lights House
This is a 45 years-old house near park at country's hill. The building transformed an old house to a new lifestyle with pure and simple facade. This house was design for a retirement couple with two daughters. The client asked 3 main goals to fulfilled: (1)simple and safety facade to avoid dangers, (2)special views from rooms to see the view of park, and (3)a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
Corner Lights
Samsara Cosmic Series  Lights & Furniture by Avni Sejpal - Studio Avni
Samsara Cosmic Series Lights & Furniture
The Samsara Cosmic series is a collection of experimental sculptural interior pieces. The pieces have been crafted out of a mix of sustainable materials such as Cork, Rubber and Brass. The collection is an exploration of manipulating industrial materials and applying handcrafted methods such as hand lathing, traditionally reserved for wood. The resultant objects echoes the bold geometry of the cosmic bodies and Memphis movement, whilst recontextu ⥅
Samsara Cosmic Series
Avni Sejpal - Studio Avni
Gratification and Consciousness Residence by Cheng Feng Wang
Gratification and Consciousness Residence
The design composition of this project in the consideration of Eastern and Western philosophies is a kind of balance grace. With this tranquil feeling, it's like a kind of fresh inspiration passing through time-spatial presence in every spatial gene. It can awake the original space order and generate delightful spatial melody that you can sing along. The owner's family in this graceful space can absorb the positive effects from the inte ⥅
Gratification and Consciousness
Minach Watch by Esmail Ghadrdani
Minach Watch
This minimal clock uses the simple movement of the hands to indicate time. The most important feature of this watch is its simple and attractive form as well as how to adjust its hands. Normally on most watches, the hands are adjustable with a button on the side of the body. But in this design, the time adjustment button is located in the middle of the body and on the hands.

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