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ChingJia T-Power Citizen Plaza Public Space by Bethel Design
ChingJia T-Power Citizen Plaza Public Space
This case is a commercial office building public space planning and design. Unlike ordinary office buildings, owners and designers intend to create more advanced high-end office space, and actively explore other space requirements while not at work. In addition to office work, we expect to be able to increase the space for leisure, conferences and social events in our office buildings, attempt to advance with the multi-dimensional development of ⥅
ChingJia T-Power Citizen Plaza
Ashtray_CT Table by Jeffrey A Day
Ashtray_CT Table
In developing the Ashtray coffee table, the idea was to take some of our societies outmoded or benign products and give them a new life; to alter the “image” of how we interpret these shapes. The Ashtray shape for example carries with it a connotation of being unhealthy, smoking, a passing fad, and tobacco industry; conversely, in the past it was regarded that smoking was cool, hip, sophisticated etc… From those two competing ideas, the simple sh ⥅
The Swing Chair Seating by Jiangying Guo
The Swing Chair Seating
Inspired by the swing, this chair could respond to the user's body movements and create a dynamic interaction with the users. Similar to a swing, it is for users to relax and play. The seat and backrest are flexible and adjustable in a way that they are able to follow users' preferred sitting positions and their movements while sitting. The chair also has a minimal structure: the seat and backrest are supported by a simple wood frame (6 ⥅
The Swing Chair
Tuscany Earrings Fine Jewelry by Pavit Gujral
Tuscany Earrings Fine Jewelry
The Tuscany Earrings were inspired from Pavit Gujral's trip to Italy in 2019 where she was awed by the beauty of the Tuscan region. The earrings have been set in 18K White and Rose Gold with bicolored Tourmaline, Tourmaline Briolette's, Tahitian Pearls, Diamond Baguettes, Diamond Beads and Round Brilliant Diamonds. Pearls depict sun surrounded by Diamond baguettes, beads and rounds brilliants as rays. Bicolored Tourmaline has been handp ⥅
Tuscany Earrings
Cactus Glass Alcohol Glass by Miguel Silva
Cactus Glass Alcohol Glass
Cactus glass is made of ceramic with a matte color glaze finish, designed to create a ludic sensorial experience, and thanks of its starting point of inspiration, the prickly pear, which is a tasty, colorful fruit with a bumpy surface. Those qualities when are translated into a product design, they create an experience that go along with some alcoholic beverages, specially tequila and mezcal. Alone or with friends, for home or for restaurants, th ⥅
Cactus Glass
Bamboo Space Yoga Space by Wang Jun
Bamboo Space Yoga Space
Bamboo Space is located in the CBD office building in Nanchang. It mainly serves urban white-collar workers who love yoga and allows people to find space for spiritual relaxation. Bamboo Space takes the bamboo forest as the concept and aims to create a natural and quiet space. Emphasize the natural characteristics of the material, and extend the characteristics of ordinary materials to the extreme. The designer hopes that everyone who enters the ⥅
Bamboo Space
Subversion White Office by Don Lee
Subversion White Office
Build Land Construction is located in a building beside Ganjiang River. It’s embraced at 270° by river views. The designer tries to give a new shape to office in the building. Minimalist white may provide the best color vision in the space. A big triangular LOGO between the meeting room and green plant area can eradicate dullness. The reception area and staff channel will then echo each other. Users are like fish in water. The upper and lower spa ⥅
Subversion White
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design by Guanyu Lou
Cloud Castle Lishui Landscape Design
The project focuses on the creation of space, with the intention of achieving organic unity between architecture and landscape space. Green corridors introduce people to the space, and the water features of the plaza integrate the building into the natural environment. The garden provides a place for visitors to relax and enjoy. The design of the participatory landscape allows people to get closer to nature. The landscape mood is created to satis ⥅
Cloud Castle Lishui
Salmet Bistro Commercial Space by Enterior Design Ltd.
Salmet Bistro Commercial Space
This project located in a rural area of Taiwan is a case of a new commercial bistro in an old house. The owner is also the chef who returned from Italy and wanted to provide a hometown food with international taste. Therefore, the design team kept the red brick and stone elements of the old house and reorganized them in a modern presentation. By combining the old and the new, the design of this small yet international bistro interacts with the st ⥅
Salmet Bistro
Enterior Design Ltd.
Yozakura Sake Set by river
Yozakura Sake Set
Yozakura (lit. night Sakura) is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossom) at night by gathering under lighted trees to celebrate nature’s beauty and the arrival of spring with delicious sake and food. This sake set is inspired by the Sakura pattern, the pentagon cup is carved as the blossomed flower and the carafe has an opening in the form of a Sakura petal drifting in the wind.
Addicted Handbag by Parisa Wang
Addicted Handbag
Crafted from smooth full grain calfskin, the Addicted bracelet bag features a bottle shaped silhouette with a ring buckle that functions as a handle. The bracelet-like handle enhances the bag's jewelry feel while looping over the wrist. The bag is spacious enough for just your daily essentials: cell phone, wallets and keys. Its detachable and adjustable shoulder strap allows it to be worn as long shoulder, cross-body or carried in the hand o ⥅
Matrera Castle Intervention Heritage by Carlos Quevedo Rojas
Matrera Castle Intervention Heritage
This medieval tower had partially collapsed in 2013, losing part of its imposing volume and putting at risk the architectural stability of the rest of the tower. With compatibility and authenticity criteria, the intervention looks at structurally consolidating the elements, to differentiate the additions from the original structure, avoiding mimetic reconstructions, and recovering the volume and tonality that the tower originally had as a landsca ⥅
Matrera Castle
Carlos Quevedo Rojas

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