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Niwa Outdoor Furniture by Robby Cantarutti
Niwa Outdoor Furniture
The object is born from the will of simplifying, from a point of formal and productive view, the outdoor chair. The formal simplification has taken as geometry as theme, wanting to tell the zen gardens with a series of parallel lines, it exceeds a very elementary form but at the same time balanced and almost slask. Simplifying the object in line has given a hand to the elaboration of the mold for the realisation of the product. The product is con ⥅
Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag by Jeffrey Wan You Sew
Le Morne Lunch Box Crossbody Handbag
Takeout has a whole new meaning once you set eyes on the Le Morne Lunch Box. It is the playful bag you never knew you wanted. Inspired by the ladies who brunch in New York City, Le Morne is the bag you want to have on you when going to the beach or Central Park. Carry the bag by the handle or wear it cross body for hands-free exploring, concrete jungle style.
Le Morne Lunch Box
Jeffrey Wan You Sew
Villa AT House by Todd Saunders
Villa AT House
Villa AT is located on a high vantage point, with an L-shaped floor plan pivots around a long curved glass façade, offering cinematic views of the landscape. The house stands in contrast to these boxy, conventional forms with a curving façade that uses wood in a fluid, contemporary way. Thin timber slats gently curve around the façade to create strong but soft forms. From a distance, the Villa AT has a serene, minimal appearance, but up close the ⥅
Villa AT
OnePlus 6T Smart Phone by OnePlus Industrial Design Lab
OnePlus 6T Smart Phone
OnePlus 6T houses Snapdragon 845, Hydrogen OS based on Android 9.0, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, working together for a fast and smooth experience. The design features largest display ever and a resilient glass back, and it is all user-oriented, crafted with an optic AMOLED display for immersion through an 86% screen-to-body ratio, beautifully slim cut-out along with unique carbon fibre. It boasts a spirit of craftsman to extreme burden-fre ⥅
OnePlus 6T
OnePlus Industrial Design Lab
Blossom of Life Sales Center by Mohen Chao Design Assoc.
Blossom of Life Sales Center
This is a Commercial Space, the natural perspective is used to show the visual system of the appearance structure. Natural things contain exquisite physical structure, and the growth of all things conveys strong life information. The original intention of the design is to let people feel the different views of all things, get rid of the shackles of the perspectives, and let the beauty of all things present from many angles. ⥅
Blossom of Life
Mohen Chao Design Assoc.
Kirin Wetland For Vanke Town Sales Office by Kai Huang
Kirin Wetland For Vanke Town Sales Office
Vanke town hopes to continue this beautiful meaning of the Kirin legend. The huge “ecological green lung” outlines the beautiful vision of “aquatic kirin”, and Kirin Wetland·Vanke Town expresses the ecological dream of a city with the most vivid brushstrokes.The whole building is located on the wetland, thus achieving the purpose of symbiosis between the building and nature. The smooth and sleek building is like a piece of artwork standing in the ⥅
Kirin Wetland For Vanke Town
Ion Endoluminal System Robotic Platform/Minimally Invasive Care by Intuitive Global Design Team
Ion Endoluminal System Robotic Platform/Minimally Invasive Care
The Ion endoluminal system is a new robotic platform for minimally invasive biopsy deep in the peripheral lung. The system features an ultra-thin, human-controlled robotic catheter that allows physicians to navigate into hard-to-reach airways with unprecedented stability and precision. Unique to Ion is its innovative shape-sensing technology that measures the full shape of the catheter hundreds of times per second, providing precise location and ⥅
Ion Endoluminal System
Intuitive Global Design Team
Malangen Family retreat by Snorre Stinessen
Malangen Family retreat
The Malangen retreat explores in particular the values of the different activities in everyday life through the interaction between spaces and functions. Each function and activity have been organised in separate volumes which are connected by in-between spaces. These in-between spaces have a primary function of separating activities and spaces, but also symbolises a journey between each activity. The main goal of the design is to bring to light ⥅
Calendar 2018 “Tri-leg” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
Calendar 2018 “Tri-leg” Calendar
The Tri-leg is a calendar made up of three-legged units. By assembling the triangular pieces and stacking them so they are easily visible, you can create a beautiful work of calendar art. Quality designs have the power to modify space and transform the minds of its users. They offer comfort of seeing, holding and using. They are imbued with lightness and an element of surprise, enriching space. Our original products are designed using the concept ⥅
Calendar 2018 “Tri-leg”
MODERN LODGE Residential House by Kem Studio
MODERN LODGE Residential House
Inspired by the owner's creative process of capturing an experience with a still photo, the house is two simple platonic forms - one resting on the other - pulled apart to create an aperture to the lake. The view is revealed once you enter the house, leaving the city behind and immersing yourself in lake living. The main public space is a wood clad, two-story volume filled with light and the lake view. This is contrasted by a crisp, white st ⥅
Just Rebel Star Rings by Julien Riad Sahyoun
Just Rebel Star Rings
The Star rings emphasize individuality. Julien Riad Sahyoun strongly believes that everyone can make a difference by embracing their uniqueness and believing in themselves, and he wanted to share this value through his creations. In this collection there are no two rings alike - made by hand they all have different shapes, different colours of gold and diamonds. Each ring is set with a specific number of diamonds that has a symbolic meaning to Ju ⥅
Just Rebel Star
Julien Riad Sahyoun
Cloud Park Xixi Green Office Complex by Meng Fanhao
Cloud Park Xixi Green Office Complex
How to design a high quality urban space, redefine the image of a “landmark” building, while maintaining cultural tradition of Xixi wetland spirits, is the major challenge of this project. Four L-shaped slab buildings with large openings are used to encircling the site due to the landscape cross. The internal building volumes are modeled on the traditional wetland settlement pattern. It ensures the maximum utilization of landscape resources. Reas ⥅
Cloud Park
Kikuchi City Central Library Municipal public library by KAZUNOBU NAKAMURA
Kikuchi City Central Library Municipal public library
A library designed by a huge bookshelf with a curved line like the flow of a river, named "BOOK RIVER". The bookshelf changes various heights, becomes a seat, becomes a counter, or encloses a space like a wall. Big holes in the bookshelf, it becomes a tunnel, a window, a space like a capsule. This space has made various relationships between books and people, and created rich communication. ⥅
Kikuchi City Central Library
Activ3 Stroller by Fabio Rezzonico
Activ3 Stroller
Activ3 is a 3 wheels stroller with sporty but elegant line. It goes along the growth of the baby thanks to the interchangeable seats. Parents needs are fulfilled with a simplified closing system, useful pockets for storage and a huge basket below the seat. Most important, contact with children can be kept all the time thanks to the transparent surface on the top covering. On child’s perspective the seat results soft and comfortable, embracing the ⥅
MyAerospace Digital Transformation by Honeywell Aerospace
MyAerospace Digital Transformation
Processing over 1 billion USD in transactions year over year, the solution simplifies the user experience of complex processes such as ordering and tracking aircraft repairs, managing in flight connectivity services, and configuring critical software for aircraft platforms. The solution is responsive allowing access from any device.
Honeywell Aerospace
Calendar 2018 “Puzzle” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
Calendar 2018 “Puzzle” Calendar
Tease your imagination with a 3D calendar that resembles a puzzle. Includes 6 calendar pieces (square) and 12 joint pieces (circle and triangle). Assemble them into any shape you like. Have fun! Quality designs have the power to modify space and transform the minds of its users. They offer comfort of seeing, holding and using. They are imbued with lightness and an element of surprise, enriching space. Our original products are designed using the ⥅
Calendar 2018 “Puzzle”
Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center cultural   by Hejingtang  Studio
Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center cultural
This is a poetic sanctuary that shows people both the brilliant Islamic culture and our vision for a better life. This is also a homelike cultural center that provides a spiritual home for local residents especially Muslims. Based on traditional mosque, the building subtly interprets the spatial structure of mosque with new materials and technologies.The dome sees the translation and abstraction of Islamic symbols rather than simple mimicking. We ⥅
Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center
Hejingtang Studio
k-haler Inhaler by Mundipharma  International  Limited
k-haler Inhaler
k-haler is a new inhaler that has been designed to make patient use simple and easy. It is a breath-activated device that requires lower inhalation force to trigger than most other similar inhalers. This also eliminates the need for asthma patients to coordinate their breathing and button pushing. The technology within the k-haler is potentially suitable for a range of inhaled products. Its modern, user friendly, compact and simple design, combin ⥅
Mundipharma International Limited
Exhale Public Plaza by Mikyoung Kim
Exhale Public Plaza
Located in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill, the 140 West Urban Plaza is the first project in a larger town masterplan to invigorate this college town with greater pedestrian oriented landscapes. Framed by mixed-use development, this central gathering space offers a much-needed public forum for play. The plaza is anchored by a dynamic sculptural fog fountain that utilizes mist and color to define arterial pedestrian connections and encourage mul ⥅
VinosYViandas Wine Shop by Zooco Estudio
VinosYViandas Wine Shop
The project abstracts the wine world in a fashion that the space is created as a formal changer using circumferences as the leitmotive and materials that are related to this imaginary. The process that the project used is the juxtaposition of several ribs, that are atomized in both directions, creating a lineal space reminding the antique vaults. Therefore, the different situations appear organically such as the counter, tasting table and exhibit ⥅
ThinkPad 25 Laptop Computer by Lenovo Design Group
ThinkPad 25 Laptop Computer
Developed in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of ThinkPad PC, it is unlike any traditional products. ThinkPad users wrote in what functions and specifications they want to a special website and this product is based on the results. The actual user's voice influenced the direction such as keyboard layout and key top shapes. The inside technology is cutting edge with the newest CPU,GPU, and OS. This product reflects the latest technology ⥅
ThinkPad 25
Lenovo Design Group
Regenstein Learning Campus Botanic Garden by Mikyoung Kim
Regenstein Learning Campus Botanic Garden
The Regenstein Learning Campus is a new environmental discovery center and nature playground at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This six-acre horticultural center is LEED Platinum certified and serves as a vibrant community for more than 125,000 visitors each year. The design immerses families and children of all ages in a variety of outdoor experiences that engenders a deeper understanding of ecological systems. Visitors encounter a variety of natur ⥅
Regenstein Learning Campus
Omdesign 2017 Promotional Packaging by Omdesign
Omdesign 2017 Promotional Packaging
In order to celebrate the 165 national and international awards Omdesign has won in the last three years, they decided to create this packaging to reinforce their commitment to the future. This package made of burnt wood carries a strong message with a simple gesture, meaning that by working together, people can help return to the forest part of what was destroyed by the fires, as well as what Omdesign takes from it to develop the solutions they ⥅
Omdesign 2017
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Computer by Lenovo Design Group
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Computer
The ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3’s premium design will evoke delight in business professionals. Its impressive specifications, including a larger 13-inch display, provide superior user experience comparable to a business laptop while being thinner, lighter and providing the flexibility of a stand-alone tablet. The unique kickstand cross hinges allow a fluid transition to multiple modes. A full-pitch ThinkPad keyboard cover is designed for a balance o ⥅
ThinkPad X1 Tablet
Lenovo Design Group
DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection by American Standard
DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection
Exhibiting a versatile combination of modern design and functional geometry, the new DXV Modulus collection offers bath fixtures, faucets, furniture and accessories ideal for a luxury bathroom setting in residential and hospitality applications. The modular concept displayed throughout this comprehensive bathroom suite allows for maximum flexibility in installation, bringing high design to any project, especially where space may be at a premium. ⥅
DXV Modulus
American Standard
Exo Chair by Svilen Gamolov
Exo Chair
The Exo chair is designed for use in the interior space. The design idea is represented of a minimalist approach of the shape. This solution is inspired by the desire to create a product with clear visual language. The name of the chair comes from the Greek word Exo, meaning outside. This is a slight hint addresed to the viewer about the need to escape beyond the visual overflow of the daily communication. The chair is made of steel construction ⥅
Insect Sculptures Advertising by Chris Slabber
Insect Sculptures Advertising
Each piece was hand crafted to create sculptures of insects inspired by their environments and the food they eat. The artwork was used as a call to action via the Doom website too identify specific household pests. The elements used for these sculptures were sourced from junk yards, garbage dumps, river beds and super markets. Once each insect was assembled, they were photographed and retouched in photoshop.
Insect Sculptures
Seehof: a garden architecture Hotel by noa* network of architecture
Seehof: a garden architecture Hotel
In 2017 this family-run hotel near Bressanone (IT) underwent major renovation and extensions, with an entire restyling. 16 new suites, the new pool and wellness area, directly on the small natural lake “Flötscher Weiher” correspond with the new design and management concept: to place nature and the recreational value as the point of focus.
Seehof: a garden architecture
noa* network of architecture
Dab Ecg holter patch by Adam Miklosi
Dab Ecg holter patch
A body sensor should be as unobtrusive as possible to have the smallest impact on the ordinary behavior of the patients under examination. The keys of invisibility are the low profile construction, technological innovation and the perfect adhesion to the skin. Dab is aimed to minimize medical instrument size by reducing electrode distances. The redesigned way of applying the sensor onto the body makes it effortless and intuitive. Thanks to these ⥅
Creative Incubators Office space by Rui Zhao
Creative Incubators Office space
Creative incubators is a temporary building left over from the Shanghai World expo, the final structure of the internal structure is relatively complex. In order to show the feeling of this nudity messy, designer deliberately did not avoid the the traces of hard hit between the wall and the original structure in the design, but to make them like a sculpture on the wall which form a three-dimensional picture.
Creative Incubators
Way of Knowledge Book Design by Yuta Takahashi
Way of Knowledge Book Design
This book is called "The Way of Knowledge and the Holy Spirit" by Michael Debus. In it, the author attempts to make ancient myths understandable to a modern audience through his knowledge of philosophical thought. The author expresses his thought process on the paper by way of a distinctive design using blind embossing. By passing through the doors opened by the author's thought process, the reader is presented with the image of th ⥅
Way of Knowledge
G Space  Hair Salon by Ming-Hong Tsai
G Space Hair Salon
In traditional designs the rinse area often been putted in the back of the salon so that the pipes are easier to be arranged. In this project designer reckons that to put the rinse area in the center of the salon could make level and strength by using different plane configuration after discussion. In this case, the space will show different allocated area by the design.In addition to this project is a 8 meters site, by using divided districts an ⥅
G Space
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse by Kris Lin
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse
This project is a part of hangzhou zhongnan project, which is a residential community. The designer adopts an abstract approach in the interior design while combining the fantastic natural beauty of Hangzhou aiming at to create an atmosphere of one flower, one scenery and one step, one story. Lighting is the key design of this case. Particular design approach is adopted to create a warm atmosphere. The designer outlines structure of the space and ⥅
Zhongnan Mansion
Visigo Medium Size Coach by Anadolu Isuzu Design Team
Visigo Medium Size Coach
9,5 meter medium-coach Visigo, is designed and inspired to be a journey companion. To this end exterior design is strong, characteristic, aerodynamically sculpted with its continuous, clear and dynamic lines, while interior design is closely attached to home feel concept and feeling of spaciousness. Having capacity up to 39 comfortable seats and comfort equipments, Visigo turns the long-haul rides into pleasant journeys like a full-size coach. Wi ⥅
Anadolu Isuzu Design Team
Veloce Electric sports bike by Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen
Veloce Electric sports bike
The Pininfarina Evoluzione Race electric bike bike is a new category of the electric bike industry. Research has shown that needs for electric race sports bikes are growing. In order to reach these new needs and demands this Pininfarina electric bike is designed to be extraordinary light. The drive unit and battery are integrated in the cranck and frame which gives the bike a holistic and sporty look. A wind tunnel was used by the design team to ⥅
Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen
Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine by Tianwen Sun
Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine
In the designer's view of point, we may reject any form of theory or opinion, however, we can't refuse the potential influence from the architectural and interior environment that we live in. It seems "what do you want to convey" is more significant than to argue "what it is". So except for the form and style of the restaurant, the more challenging part is to convey the spirit of Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine. ⥅
Phenotype 002 Bracelet by Maciej Nisztuk
Phenotype 002 Bracelet
The form of Phenotype 002 bracelet is the result of digital simulation of biological growth. The algorithm used in the creative process allows imitating the behavior of biological structure creating unusual organic shapes, achieving unobtrusive beauty thanks to optimal structure and material honesty. The prototype is materialized using 3D printing technology. In the final stage, the jewelry piece is hand-cast in brass, polished and finished with ⥅
Phenotype 002
Ora Shower panel by Vladimir Polikarpov
Ora Shower panel
The ORA shower system is an aesthetic detail of the bathroom that attracts attention with natural lines. It also has the ability to absorb the surrounding steam (thereby preventing settling of large amounts of moisture on the walls), purification used gray water with the possibility to send it ( and collected vapor ) in different portions of a residential or other type of space for future usuage or irrigation your green wall .
Vladimir Polikarpov
Paper Flight Show of papers by Ximena Ureta
Paper Flight Show of papers
This kinetic art object highlights all the possibilities that a great materiality provides to graphic design. The creative challenge consisted in designing a visual scenario of delicate finishes. Each flight, seeks to break with the static and bi-dimensional condition of the impression, presenting itself as birds in full flight, through the aesthetics of the movement that occurs when sliding the inner sheets under the paper screen of the cover st ⥅
Paper Flight
Gates of Light Retroreflective Architecture  by Daan Roosegaarde
Gates of Light Retroreflective Architecture
GATES OF LIGHT brings the monumental structures on the Afsluitdijk (legendary Dutch dike built in 1932) back to their former glory. In the dark, the architecture of these structures is illuminated by the headlamps of passing cars, reflecting the light through small prisms. If there are no cars on the road, the structures are not illuminated. This way of using light requires zero energy and does not contribute to light pollution. ⥅
Gates of Light
Life Extension Residential House by YU,PIN-CHI
Life Extension Residential House
There is no wrong or right in space syntax. There is only sustainable of space syntax whether achieve the demand of the user or not. Through the bold experimental works to explore all aspect responsibilities in functional house. That is an insistence in attitude to seek the difference living style. This is what we pursuit.
Life Extension
Tofana  Hotel by noa* - network of architecture
Tofana Hotel
In the demolition and reconstruction of the Hotel Tofana in San Cassiano in Badia Valley (Italy), the surrounding mountain range served as inspiration for the new architecture and interior design. The concept of the new -Explorer's Home- transfers the athletic spirit of the owner family to the entire building... From building to landscape: the design celebrates the evolutionary transformation of an originally compact building - into a layere ⥅
noa* - network of architecture
Eagle Electric kick scooter by Ignas Survila
Eagle Electric kick scooter
The lightest and thinnest electric scooter on earth with an integrated handle-build-in dashboard with a continuous connection to your smart device! Its minimalistic, curvilinear frame collapses and nests snuggly together so you can throw it over a shoulder or drag it behind you as you switch between transportation modes during your commute. There are different ways of charging with el. socket being the simplest one. Inductive charging technology ⥅
Pallet restaurant Restaurant and Micro Brewery by Ketan Jawdekar
Pallet restaurant Restaurant and Micro Brewery
Pallet is a micro brewery that was designed with the thought that interiors need to stay fresh and appealing with the future trends in design. Unconventional use of recycled wooden pallets for the interior decor is the highlight of this restaurant. It portrays the design philosophy of repetition of a module to generate patterns and textures. Grey tone of raw concrete finish on walls and floor complement the wood on vertical planes and ceiling. De ⥅
Pallet restaurant
Traces Womenswear Collection by RONG ZHANG
Traces Womenswear Collection
The Womenswear collection unfolds intricately crafted, multi-layered garments and explorations into digital printing, digital embroidery and the material weaving technique. Rong made the thought-provoking silhouettes through a conscious layering textures, which inspired by the Chinese examination sheets and artworks by Susan Hefuna. Handcrafted skills like elastic waving is the starting point in this collection. Transforming the 3D waving fabric ⥅
Meditation Seat Ware by Gao Fenglin
Meditation Seat Ware
This is a seat with a curved surface shape, people can easily achieve cross legged sitting by it. This seat ware can effectively distribute the force of the buttocks of the human body evenly to the outside of the knee and the thigh. Even if keeping long time this posture, we will not feel tired. The back can feel the support of the caudal vertebrae, increasing the support of the waist. This design is not only a reflection of culture, but also a s ⥅
k-haler Inhaler by Mundipharma  International  Limited
k-haler Inhaler
k-haler is a new asthma inhaler that has been designed to make patient use simple and easy. It is a breath activated device that requires lower inhalation force to trigger than most other similar inhalers. This also eliminates the need for asthma patients to coordinate their breathing and button pushing. Although designed for asthmatics, the technology within the k-haler is potentially suitable for a range of inhaled products. Its modern, user fr ⥅
Mundipharma International Limited
Mozaik system Modulable lamp by Davide Oppizzi
Mozaik system Modulable lamp
The mozaik system is made up of cables wrapped in vertical fabrics that are then separated by a fiberglass rod held by brass connectors. In these connectors the vertical cables receive the low-voltage current needed to power an LED bulb, which is covered by a hexagonal diffuser in fabric. The fabric of the tube as well as the electrical cables can be chosen in many variations of colors of the collection of the materials of the manufacturer. From ⥅
Mozaik system
The Language of Flowers Print Design Collection by Bianca Elgar
The Language of Flowers Print Design Collection
Traditionally made Silk Screen print designs inspired by Victorian history with a mix of different flowers reimagined and symbolised to have a 60s and 70s colourful twist on a blue or black background which will be constructed and completed using modern techniques and applied to garments in a fashion collection
The Language of Flowers
Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao  Beer by TIGER PAN
Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao Beer
Main part of the glass bottle are traditional Chinese window frames carved in relief. They adopt an old technique named “Bubujin” to forge those frames, which imply the meanings of a promising career and a bright future. The 4 Chinese characters of Jiang Xin Ying Zao are embedded subtly into the frames in a vertical order. As so they found out a standpoint to design it, which is ingenuity is no longer showed off and only the perfection of every s ⥅
Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao
Pepsi x Shanghai Fashion Week A/W 2017 Limited Edition Cans by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi x Shanghai Fashion Week A/W 2017 Limited Edition Cans
The design implements our proudly progressive point of view as a poetic representation of the interplay of science, technology and fashion. Making a connection between fashion and people's daily lives, the can speaks to the channeling of unknown, yet powerful energy. Radiating wavelengths appear to interact with the text, creating a disruptive "technological glitch" effect. The result is an impactful and iconic design that highligh ⥅
Pepsi x Shanghai Fashion Week A/W 2017
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi Black x Star Wars LTO China Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Pepsi Black x Star Wars LTO China Brand Packaging
Simple, black, iconic, and bold, the Pepsi Black Limited Edition Can series created for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" celebrates the historic collaboration between the iconic film and Pepsi's "Live Without Compromise" spirit. Each can features a different main character from the film, rendered as a silver silhouette graphic. The result is a series that is elegant and minimal, yet instantly recognizable. Available only in Chi ⥅
Pepsi Black x Star Wars LTO China
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
LIFEWTR Series 3:Emerging Fashion Design Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
LIFEWTR Series 3:Emerging Fashion Design Brand Packaging
The fashion designers of LIFEWTR Series 3: Emerging Fashion Design, Adam Dalton Blake, Tiffany Huang, and Ghazaleh Khalifeh, are all focused on the area of textile and print designs. LIFEWTR partnered with the CFDA to help these emerging designers make their marks. Blake is a contemporary menswear designer who embraces the colorfully absurd and wildly imaginative. Huang is an artisanal womenswear designer who connects to her deep interest in colo ⥅
LIFEWTR Series 3:Emerging Fashion Design
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Firo fire cooking set by Andrea Sosinski
Firo fire cooking set
FIRO is a multifunctional and portable 5kg cooking set for each open fire. The oven holds 4 pots, attached removable to a drawers rail construction with a swiveling support for maintaining the food level. Thus way FIRO can be easily and safely used like a drawer without spilling food while the oven lays half way in the fire. The pots are used for cooking and eating purposes and are handled with the cutlery tool which clips in each side of the pot ⥅
Tab4 Home Assistant Pack Computer by Lenovo Design Group
Tab4 Home Assistant Pack Computer
Tab4 Home Assistant Pack
Lenovo Design Group
The Curtain Sales Office by Qun Wen
The Curtain Sales Office
The design of this project has an unique approach to use the Metal Mesh as the solution for practical and aesthetics purpose. The translucent Metal Mesh creates a layer of curtain which can blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor space- the gray space. The depth of space created by the translucent curtain creates a rich level of spatial quality. The polished stainless steel Metal Mesh varies under different weather conditions and different p ⥅
The Curtain
LIFEWTR Series 2: Women In Art Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
LIFEWTR Series 2: Women In Art Brand Packaging
Less than 30% of artwork showcased in museums and large galleries are by women. LIFEWTR Series 2 seeks to advance and showcase women who are sources of inspiration through their creative expressions and ethos. This series features the work of Adrienne Gaither, Lynnie Zulu and Trudy Benson. These women are a diverse group of innovative thinkers: contributing unique forms of art, fresh ways to create art, unique outlooks and have the potential to i ⥅
LIFEWTR Series 2: Women In Art
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Samsung Health Ask An Expert by Yi Yang
Samsung Health Ask An Expert
This design enables users to meet with world-class doctors right from their smartphone. The designer team worked with major insurance companies to make appointments low-cost, and partnered with leading hospitals and top-tier doctors. Above all, This product uses an intuitive design language and user flow to create a seamless user experience. The design team have also taken extra steps to optimize for affordability, meaningful doctor-patient inte ⥅
Samsung Health
Iconic Cloud Rocking Chair by Pia Weinberg
Iconic Cloud Rocking Chair
Designer Pia Weinberg translated her vision of creating a world for two, into a minimalistic piece of design. A design icon that will last for generations. The Iconic Cloud. Part of the new generation of rocking horses. Handcrafted in the Netherlands from solid French oak and upholstered with the highest quality fabric made from 100% wool by Kvadrat.
Iconic Cloud
Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop by Zhenfei Wang
Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop
To show respect to these handmade products, the shop design was generated by a custom made computer algorithm, the fractal hexagon pattern gives the shop strong identity and organized all functions. The making process involved many cutting edge technologies and traditional handcrafts. The creative combination of the traditional handcraft and the modern technology in design and construction process makes the shop unique. ⥅
Grand Gourmet Flagship Store
Wood Storm Desktop Installation by Naai-Jung Shih
Wood Storm Desktop Installation
The Wood Storm is a desktop installation for visual enjoyment. The turbulence of air flow is made real by a wood curtain as enhanced by lights casted from below for a world without gravity. The installation behaves like an endless dynamic loop. It guides the line of sight around it to seek for the beginning or end point as the audiences are actually dancing with the storm.
Wood Storm
PIXIO Magnetic Construction Set by Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi
PIXIO Magnetic Construction Set
PIXIO – is pixel versatility in the real life. As a reaction to the 3D graphics industry - modern pixel art had been formed by gamers and graphic hobbyists. Like Pixel art comes from 8-bit computers - PIXIO is 8 mm cube with 6 magnets, available in 16 beautiful colors. Being an active retro enthusiast, PIXIO’s creators mimics the Old School style. That is why the design of PIXIO is restoring the golden age of second and third generation consoles, ⥅
Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi
Impression Nanxi River Multifunctional hall by Ting Wang
Impression Nanxi River Multifunctional hall
The designer seems want to present his project with local culture elements. We can feel some regional features and humanistic methods through the works. Chinese culture is mysterious and the history is quite long. How to express the real eastern aesthetic design in a right way is still a precious thing we should take care of. And in the form of a distinction between any similar projects, leaves us good impression! We wish there will be more proj ⥅
Impression Nanxi River
Iberital Vision Professional Espresso Coffee Machine by Iberital & Andreu Carulla Studio
Iberital Vision Professional Espresso Coffee Machine
Iberital Vision sets a new standard in professional espresso coffee machines. Its brutalist design, with no room for frivolities, hides the most advanced technology in materials, hydraulics, control and ergonomics. Achieving its original goals (healthy, sustainable and connected), the result is a premium espresso coffee machine with outstanding performance when extracting coffee and delivering hot water for infusions, and steam. Is is connected t ⥅
Iberital Vision
Iberital & Andreu Carulla Studio
DSK Bank Flagship Branch by DA Architects Ltd
DSK Bank Flagship Branch
One of the largest commercial centers in Sofia attracts attention with futuristic interior space, in white and green. Its laconic design, based on pure geometric shapes, is in sharp contrast to the visual environment around. This is the newest realized project of DA Architects - bank offices, focused on digital service. The studio wins competition for a new identity of the branches of DSK Bank, offering a comprehensive concept of interior design ⥅
DSK Bank
DA Architects Ltd
QINGTIE CR Town   Sales Center by Kot Ge
QINGTIE CR Town Sales Center
Art works take such an important role in this project that are applied through the whole space, even confuse its definition with furniture. Boundary between interior and exterior space is blurred when combining with outdoor scene The carpet spread here with abstract pattern derived from Zaha Hadid's 3D painting, consisting of reconstructive lines and structural changes of color blocks, gives the space another distinctive attraction of person ⥅
Print to Build furniture joint  by Gellért Ollé
Print to Build furniture joint
The collection provides the opportunity for the users to build furniture, installations, partitions as well. It depends on the creativity. The joints are able to be printed with any kind of three dimensional printers included fuse deposition modelling machines. It is allowed to connect 8 millimeters wide plywood sheets to each other in different angles. It contains 90, 45 and 120 degree elements. One feature of the product is that the users do no ⥅
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Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle by Two Create Studio
Stay Sixty Refillable Drinks Bottle
By refilling a Stay Sixty bottle you help rid the planet of wasteful and energy consuming plastic bottles. The double-walled design keeps drinks fresh. Fill with water, smoothies, protein drinks, coffee or tea. The unique removable base aids cleaning and filling. Easily fill with ice cubes, fruit, powder drinks or smoothies. The Stay Sixty bottle with removable base is easy to keep clean and hygienic. Other bottles on the market without this feat ⥅
Stay Sixty
Two Create Studio
MCCorse Electric bicycle by Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen
MCCorse Electric bicycle
The Maserati electric bike is a new product and sets the standard for a upcoming category in the electric bike industry. The race DNA of the original Maserati car and composit materials has been used. Autoclave carbon is used in order to make the ebike strong and light. The battery and drive unit are integrated in the frame which gives the bike a holistic and sporty look. The ebike was seen first time at the Frankfurt Autoshow with a good recepti ⥅
Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen
Twisting exhibition area by Kris Lin
Twisting exhibition area
This is a design work displayed in the exhibition. It is positioned as a Lounge bar and its styling is conceptual. Designers wanted to create a different “prototype” in a way other than the traditional way by exploring different possibilities of the bar with futurist feeling. The design is inspired by the winding and intertwining concept. All the inspirations emerge in the moment and twist together to form a new design idea. Therefore, it is name ⥅
Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging Special limited edition  by Fengsheng Cai
Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging Special limited edition
The project is to design a whisky packaging targeted at people with special obsession with chivalry culture. Every man had dreamed to become a chevalier while whisky has a close connection with which. This design is made to create a unique experience of opening the outer packing. It is the opening method and the special appearance that makes the packaging unique. The container will rise up with the opening of the outer packaging, feeling like a w ⥅
Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging
Brickkiln Folk Inn and Museum Make Village Newborn by Kevin Hu
Brickkiln Folk Inn and Museum Make Village Newborn
In an old village in the picturesque area of Jiangnan, southern China, the design studio was commissioned the interior renovation of a cultural museum and a folk inn, enhancing the local tradition of brick klin production. The project is located in the old canal town of Zhu Jiadian, west of Jin Xi, where there can be still found more than ten ancient brick klins from the Ming and Quing dynasty. For project materials' using,the designer chose ⥅
Brickkiln Folk Inn and Museum

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