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ULTRATIME 001 Watch by Bob Lei
Ultraworks is a up and comping design unit worked very hard to create a mind-blowing moment for people. Thus they paid much attention to the details that makes Ultratime 001 so different and distinctive. The irregular arrangement of the numerals are presented neatly on the hours and minutes discs separately, which contrasts the thin lines that encircle them. The sharp silver/gold plating marker on the sapphire glass allows time to be read quickly ⥅
Heaven is a Place on Earth Swarovski Veil by Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven
Heaven is a Place on Earth Swarovski Veil
This curved veil has been completed in 2008 for the Swarovski works in Wattens, Austria. The Veil transforms the Swarovskistrasse in a bright boulevard of magical change. The new pathway marked by the billowing veiled curtain becomes a place of poetic play, of light and shade, of an iridescent dalliance of colors and of magical moments of expression and transformation... Into architecture with divine symmetry. Into color that approaches spiritual ⥅
Heaven is a Place on Earth
Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven
The Hex Kite by Stanislav Roudavski
The Hex Kite
The Hex is a kite-like structure that can be inflated and supported in the air by wind. Generated by a computational process and made from lightweight fabric, the Hex belongs to a family whose members use space-grid geometries but can have different branching patterns, sizes or colors. While the Hex can be enjoyed as a unique air-borne sculpture in a variety of public events, it also serves as a research prototype in the development of inflatable ⥅
The Hex
Stanislav Roudavski
Silhouette Collection  vase by Libero Rutilo
Silhouette Collection vase
The project gives a second chance to such an unvalued object as a PET bottle, which would be normally thrown away after it has been used. The idea was to create a vase conserving only its silhouette. The vase itself represents an external shell with an inner neck fillet, so it can be screwed onto a bottle like a cap. The 3D printed structure dresses the bottle and makes it disappear under its mesh. The uniqueness of design is the result of choice ⥅
Silhouette Collection
Nike+ Run Club on Huaihai Pop-up Gym by Coordination Asia
Nike+ Run Club on Huaihai Pop-up Gym
When it comes to grabbing the attention of customers, nothing beats a shareable, livable, one-of-a-kind experience. The need for a strong brand-customer connection has never been more prevalent, and what better way to connect than in-person? COORDINATION ASIA joined forces with Nike to create the NIKE+ RUN CLUB on Huaihai, a pair of stealth hubs operating as a pop-up gym outside of department store Lane Crawford in Shanghai’s Times Square. ⥅
Nike+ Run Club on Huaihai
Coordination Asia
Marais Piano cake packaging by Kazuaki Kawahara
Marais Piano cake packaging
Gift packaging for cakes (financier). The picture shows the 15-cake size box (Two octaves). Usually, gift boxes simply line up all the cakes neatly. However, their boxes of individually wrapped cakes are different. they cut costs by focusing on only one design, and in making use of all six surfaces, they were able to recreate every type of keyboard. Using this design, they can create any keyboard size, from small keyboards, to full 88-key grand p ⥅
Embossed Nutella Jar for spreadable cream by MrSmith Studio
Embossed Nutella Jar for spreadable cream
The embossed Nutella jar has been designed to be reused for food preservation once the cream has finished. A new format of the iconic shape of the Nutella jar suitable for food preservation, with significant benefits in terms of ecological sustainable life cycle. On the front, a raised glass imprint shows the logo with the company’s traditional image. The first ever Nutella jar designed and produced especially to be reused for food preservation. ⥅
Embossed Nutella
Renard GT Motorcycle by Andres Uibomäe
Renard GT Motorcycle
The DNA of the Renard GT is engineering intelligence – an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted V2 engine and components that represent the cutting edge of the motorcycle industry. The Renard GT’s carbon-fiber monocoque weighs only 9 kilograms, thanks to an increased cross-section, the composite body ensures very precise steering. The unibody integrates the motorcycle’s frame, fuel tank, and air box into a single load-bearing. ⥅
Renard GT
MRC Vison  Market by Tomoya Akasaka
MRC Vison Market
The design of Marche Vison was rooted in an effort to preserve an authentic mountain experience whilst ensuring accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. The structure, divided into four buildings, incorporates tiered platforms connected with ramps, maintaining the fun of a trail-like stroll and the fluidity of the view. This upward movement, from the terrain to the expansive roofs, encourages the gaze upwards. A distinctive aspect of thi ⥅
Into the world of art Gallery by Joy Chou
Into the world of art Gallery
Subverting tradition, creating new images of art In design, because the owner of the art gallery collects pottery, wooden, stone, and, metal artworks, the style of the wall is designed with arc levels, forming a natural level of scattered mesa form. Irregularly, deliberately but naturally forming the style of the wall show the primitive textures. The curve of the floral ceiling makes the whole design more perfect. The hidden-track projection lamp ⥅
Into the world of art
Improbable Journey Womenswear Collection by Suet Yi Shirley Ko
Improbable Journey Womenswear Collection
The Collection is about expressing the diversity of a metropolitan by handmade textiles (hand-felted wool and hand interlacing technique) and innovative silhouette. Transforming different 3D shapes of the architectures in the city into the outfit's silhouette is the main design direction to show the abstract idea of the fusion of the architecture and multi-culture of a metropolitan.
Improbable Journey
Suet Yi Shirley Ko
Battle For Sevastopol Main title sequence by Vadim Revin
Battle For Sevastopol Main title sequence
The movie isn’t about a war. It’s about people at war. And frankly, all the movie is trying to say is that war is a bad thing! The director of main titles was looking for something that would unite all of these people, both survivors and fallen. It has to be something in tune with those times. And here he finds it. It’s the victory. At what specific moment every single character experiences his or her own victory? What are those characters doing ⥅
Battle For Sevastopol
Hideaway Children's Chair by Think & Shift Studio
Hideaway Children's Chair
The Hideaway Chair provides children with a comforting sense of enclosure; a place to rest that is private, relaxing and quite. The chair is the result of a brief issued to Think & Shift by design led child care company New Shoots. New Shoots, tasked think & Shift with designing a product that serves as a space for children to get away from the noise and busyness of their surrounding environment, in New Shoots child care centres around Ne ⥅
Think & Shift Studio
Silvia Bathtub by Marmite Sp. z o.o.
Silvia Bathtub
Silvia bathtub is inspired by the shape of a terracotta bath from 1700 BC and discovered in the palace of Knossos on Crete. Silvia is functional and ergonomic, so that it corresponds to human shape and is wider in shoulders and gets narrower towards feet. This shape also brings reduction in water use, from 280 to 130 liters. The overflow integrated in a thin wall is a solution that so far has not been applied in mass production. The bathtub is ma ⥅
Marmite Sp. z o.o.
Shadowbrook 3D Printed Metal Faucet by American Standard
Shadowbrook 3D Printed Metal Faucet
Shadowbrook is part of the first-ever collection of 3D printed metal residential faucets, created via additive manufacturing. A celebration of the natural experience of water, the Shadowbrook presents an unforgettable experience not achievable using traditional manufacturing methods. Water flows from the multi-faceted Shadowbrook faucet spout, recreating the poetic flow of water bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. It enchants the user by reinventing ⥅
American Standard
Dark Side Recessed Lighting Fixture by Igor Lobanov
Dark Side Recessed Lighting Fixture
Dark Side is a space-inspired range of seamless recessed luminaires made of gypsum and concrete. Turning on the light gives an extra feeling of spherical volume for central part of the luminaire highlighting its relief and surface bump by LEDs ring. Use of color and color temperature of LEDs coupled with different concretes and proportions gives a range of luminaires. The idea is to bring a calm of a cosmic space into wild contemporary life by de ⥅
Dark Side
YOGA 900s Convertible laptop by Johnson Li
YOGA 900s Convertible laptop
The YOGA 900s is stylish and elegant hybrid Ultrabook. 12.8mm thickness makes it the world's slimmest device in the convertible category. 900s features innovative watch band hinge which can rotate 360 degree and adapt to different scenarios. 10.5-hour long battery life will help your 'always-on' lifestyle. Web-core carbon is embedded in A cover, makes it thin and light but also strong. Leather adds a soft touch on C cover, a comfor ⥅
YOGA 900s
Worth Interactive Advertising Print by Nikola Vucicevic
Worth Interactive Advertising Print
Worth Rent a car is very successful, fast growing car rental service. Nowadays, there are no industries without challenges or stiff competitions. No matter how small or big your are, you have to join the market race in order to gain more customers, sell more products, or increase the growth of your business. Those who are ready to invest smartly in promotion have more chances to succeed and stay on the top. That’s why companies feel comfortable t ⥅
Kitch T compact kitchen by Irena kilibarda
Kitch T compact kitchen
All in one, easy to move from one living space to the other or combine and change towards ones needs. No need for upper elements, everything is fitted beneath the worktop. This time it all starts with a Table T® and it smoothly continues into a multifunctional Kitch'… The kitchen is made to fit into the width of dsignedbys Table T® size L of 92cm, and the length as well as the width of one Corian® DuPont™ board of 365.8cm. All the hardware u ⥅
Kitch T
LockBlock Self Locking Knife Block by Dan Kulp
LockBlock Self Locking Knife Block
Ideal for parents with young children, LockBlock provides the perfect solution for safely storing kitchen knives. The innovative design locks knives inside the block and requires an adult-sized hand to operate it. As each knife is placed inside a knife slot, its blade is held securely by the unique Cam-lock mechanism. Pulling on the knife only increases the force of the grip, so knives cannot be forced out of the block. LockBlock is available as ⥅
Micro Matter miniature sculptures in glass test tubes by Rosa de Jong
Micro Matter miniature sculptures in glass test tubes
The Micro Matter series is designed to take you out of this world for a moment, into another. It consists of a series of miniature worlds, floating inside upside-down glass test tubes. Towering houses, sky scrapers, campsites and a water tower, each sculpture inspires the next. Except for the glass tubes, everything is handmade. All different kinds of material are used, that are found while traveling or out in nature. ⥅
Micro Matter
Reflexio Typography project by Estudi Ramon Carreté
Reflexio Typography project
Experimental typographic project that combines the reflection on a mirror with paper letters cut by one of its axis. It results in modular compositions that once photographed suggest 3D images. The project uses magic and visual contradiction to transit from digital language to analog world. Construction of letters on a mirror creates new realities with reflection, which are neither truth nor falsehood.
Estudi Ramon Carreté
Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box by Aya Codama
Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box
This package is for Japanese Sake, which is called "KOI". Koi is a vividly patterned ornamental carp that represents Japan. Our package expresses the beauty of Koi, the red patterns directly printed on white porcelain bottle which resembles in the shape of carp. By cutting out the outer box in carp silhouette, it visually emphasizes the image of Koi. Japanese brush stroke technique is used on those red patterns. This vivid designed pack ⥅
Japanese Sake “KOI”
ideacentre Y900 Gaming PC by Johnson Li
ideacentre Y900 Gaming PC
The Lenovo ideacentre Y900 gaming PC was designed and built for hardcore game players, and has been created as an uncompromising, high-performance, future-proof PC that will get you to the heart of the action. As the action intensifies on screen, the ideacentre Y900 internal and external LED lights emit a soft burning glow. The ideacentre Y900 chassis can be customized and easy to deal with. There’s also a handle on the top of the ideacentre Y90 ⥅
ideacentre Y900
Illusion (Full-Screen Redesign)  Website by Adriana de Barros
Illusion (Full-Screen Redesign) Website
Illusion is an arts magazine covering fine art, graffiti, tattoo, design, and cinema. With a mission to present quality works from each field of art and cinema, Illusion gives readers a refined and innovated take on the world’s most unusual artistic creations. Specializing in tattoo art, Illusion brings this common art form to the next level, showing that it rivals anything created on canvas.
Illusion (Full-Screen Redesign)
Adriana de Barros
PepsiCo NSPIRE Mobile Kitchen by PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PepsiCo NSPIRE Mobile Kitchen
PepsiCo NSPIRE is a premier mobile food and beverage kitchen that engages both consumers and customers, created in collaboration with award-winning industrial designer Karim Rashid. Featuring culinary, mixology, and beverage innovation, the PepsiCo NSPIRE design approach embodies the fun spirited nature of touchscreen fountain Pepsi Spire and invites consumers to enjoy unique recipes crafted by the company chefs and customizable drinks. PepsiCo N ⥅
PepsiCo Design & Innovation
PONE Transparent Shell Exhibition Space by Golden Ho
PONE Transparent Shell Exhibition Space
The whole device consists of 30 main bone models and 3 groups of large-radian curves. Through multiple layers of woven and criss-cross transparent films, an interface of dynamic tension was folded up, with the whole space filled with flowing dynamic. Between blends and conflicts, there would come into being various function spaces, such as entrance, wall, ceiling, window, desktop or seat area. Multi-layer open combinations are the new representat ⥅
PONE Transparent Shell
bioLogic self-transforming biological skin by bioLogic team
bioLogic self-transforming biological skin
The bioLogic team explored how bacterial properties can be applied to fabric and formed into living interfaces between body and environment. They found novel ways of using Natto bacteria, which move in response to humidity change. The team harvested Natto cells and applied them to fabric with custom 3D printers.The cell-infused fabric was used to make sport garments. As fabric in the suit reacts to perspiration, tiny vents over bodily heat zones ⥅
ageLOC Me Customized Skin Care System by Nu Skin Enterprises
ageLOC Me Customized Skin Care System
ageLOC Me
Nu Skin Enterprises
Qwikflip 6-IN-1 Activity Center Multifunctional Slide Basketball set by Grow'n Up R&D Team Wally Sze, King Yuen, Stimson Chow, Samuel Lee
Qwikflip 6-IN-1 Activity Center Multifunctional Slide Basketball set
The most brilliant and creative design; Grow'n Up (R) Qwikflip(R) 6-in-1 Activity Center with variety play features included: Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Soccer Ball, T-ball and slide. This active play center can convert to basketball set or slide mode in a second; No Tools Required. During the playing time, kids not just enhance their gross motor skill and eye-hand coordination; they can also share fun with pals and strengthen their social ⥅
Qwikflip 6-IN-1 Activity Center
Grow'n Up R&D Team Wally Sze, King Yuen, Stimson Chow, Samuel Lee
Intelligent Care Healthcare Taps & Showers by Ian Thompson
Intelligent Care Healthcare Taps & Showers
Intelligent Care addresses infection control concerns in healthcare water supplies by taking a revolutionary approach to tap and shower design. The range directly addresses many of the challenges of water control in healthcare environments such as waterborne pathogens, cross infection, scalding risk, outlet contamination and rising water costs. Combining leading clinical aesthetics with highly precise control and digital intelligence, the product ⥅
Intelligent Care
RiutBag R15 Secure Laptop Backpack by Sarah Giblin
RiutBag R15 Secure Laptop Backpack
RiutBag is the backwards backpack for secure urban travel. RiutBag, pronounced "riot bag", revolves 180 degrees to place all openings safely against your back. Why? With a conventional backpack, the person behind you can access your belongings better than you can. That’s an unnerving design fault in today's densely packed cities, bags full of tech. Now city travellers can go anywhere with peace of mind allowing them to truly adapt ⥅
RiutBag R15
Topology Illustration by Leong Huang Zi
Topology Illustration
Topology is a series of black & white hand sketches by Huang Zi (the artist) that explores the imaginative topography of various landscapes and people's relationships with them. Because on every inch of every terrain, there is life. It is a diary of sorts to capture the stories of his various travels to faraway places. Documenting journeys through an artistic rendition is a historical way to celebrate the places that others call home. Hu ⥅
One Main Office by Raphael Crespin
One Main Office
One Main is an office refurbishment that relentlessly deploys numeric command machining of sustainable plywood to evidence the versatility and efficiency available via CAD-CAM design-build processes. The project displaces the combinatorial logic of ready-made components typical of late-industrial process for a seamless and non-standard protocol of customized fabrication. A formal aesthetic emerges from these processes, imbuing the design with a c ⥅
One Main
Spyker Trivet by Prompong Hakk
Spyker Trivet
Spyker is a practical and beautiful trivet inspired by propeller designs of vintage airplanes. The Spyker trivet combines classic lines with contemporary materials. The stainless steel ring adds a subtle touch of class to the discreet design and comfortably fits into both modern and traditional homes. The functional design features a fingertip duct which allows the user to quickly open the trivet even while wearing oven gloves. When not in use th ⥅
SCW Chocolate Packaging by Ning Li
SCW Chocolate Packaging
Salzburg Chocolate Werks is a special edition that is designed for celebrating the 100th year anniversary. The packaging design was inspired by Egon Schiele’s distorted human body figure drawing. Its precise form allows the packaging to be both displayed unlimitedly straight and nested into the hexagon box. When packing the three chocolate flavors that consumer chooses, the holes of the box give them a confident feeling to the products without un ⥅
SCW Chocolate
Architech Footwear by Alan B. Guyan
Architech Footwear
This is the first 3D Printed training shoe to be sold to the consumer market. After, two years of researching various organic shapes and structures to create a truly unique and functional 3D Printed lattice design. This training shoe provides dynamic stability, and also has a luring design appeal. These interconnecting lattice beams can only be manufactured by 3D Printing, and could never be replicated by conventional molding processes. This uppe ⥅
Oli Olive Bowl by Miguel Pinto Félix
Oli Olive Bowl
OLI, a visually minimalist object, was conceived based on its function, the idea of hiding the pits arising from a specific need. It followed observations of various situations, the ugliness of the pits and the need to enhance the beauty of the olive. As a dual-purpose packaging, Oli was created so that once opened it would emphasize the surprise factor. The designer was inspired by the shape of the olive and its simplicity. The choice of porcela ⥅
Miguel Pinto Félix
Waterfront Lilac  Club by Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang
Waterfront Lilac Club
“Composed heart & profound thoughts with far-reaching ambitions”. We could truly feel the space with traditional oriental culture and zeitgeist, not only from the concept or the performance which apply traditional essence of eastern culture but also develop and promotes eastern living philosophy and modern design spirit with natural harmony between people and living spaces which are inheritance and even more sublimation. ⥅
Waterfront Lilac
Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang
DigiLock Smart Bike Lock by Tong Jin (TJ) Kim
DigiLock Smart Bike Lock
Bike riders face some common issues with the current bike lock solutions such as; losing keys, forgetting lock combination, sharing the lock, and thieves cutting the lock and stealing the bike. Digilock is a bike-lock with a built-in fingerprint reading technology, providing simple, easy, and more secure solutions to any bike commuter. The user can setup and charge the lock by connecting to a computer using a micro USB, adding multiple accounts f ⥅
Tong Jin (TJ) Kim
The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion by Advanced Architecture Laboratory
The Future of Us Exhibition Pavilion
The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Advanced Architecture Laboratory (AAL) was commissioned to design this large-scale building envelope for The Future of Us exhibition in late 2014. The visitors of the exhibition experience a stunning play of light and shade cast by an intricate metal lattice, like a ‘walk in an imaginary forest’. It is the capstone event to round up Singapore’s Golden Jubilee (SG50) year of celebrations. ⥅
The Future of Us
Advanced Architecture Laboratory
Airland Shenzhen Hotel by Honglei Liu
Airland Shenzhen Hotel
Airland Hotel is a small-scale resort hotel. As it was a renovation project, the total budget was quite challenging. Designers made the best use of the existing space, which is shaped by the curvy architecture. The complicated design was abandoned; instead, natural landscape and sunlight are introduced into interior while keeping the openness and ventilation of the atrium and its surrounding. The design intent was to achieve a pure, natural and r ⥅
Airland Shenzhen
Calendar 2016 “Park” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura
Calendar 2016 “Park” Calendar
The Park papercraft kit is easy to assemble. No glue or scissors needed. Assemble the bicycle, bench and animals by fitting together parts with the same mark. Each piece is a two-month calendar. Quality designs have the power to modify space and transform the minds of its users. They offer comfort of seeing, holding and using. They are imbued with lightness and an element of surprise, enriching space. Our original products are designed using the ⥅
Calendar 2016 “Park”
Lotus Square Art Center Sales Center by Raynon Chiu
Lotus Square Art Center Sales Center
It's originally a sales centre for property. The designer started from a different angle instead of conservative conduction goes that make a prominent landmark in the local. The designer follows the principle that the interior is part of the architecture, and the whole design focus on the green and sustainability.
Lotus Square Art Center
Joint Jewelry set by Ting G
Joint Jewelry set
Connection is always the theme, how to transform connection into jewelry need a very special structure. Joint inspired by the shape of DNA and the structure of Bearing. This is a new and extraordinary way to connect beads, connection without any pin, glue and chain, beads can move easily between two metal parts. Silver metal element is recombinant. For making it harder and also more tenacity, easier to catch the stone without change the shape of ⥅
Spiral Stool by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Spiral Stool
Spiral Stool is a DIY stool made entirely of CNC-manufactured cardboard that can support approximately 100 kg in weight. Assembly can be finished within 15 minutes without the use of hardware or glue. The high-quality recyclable cardboard creates a beautiful, compact surface for consumers to sit on or, when multiple stools are used as modular units, configure as a low table. When not in use, Spiral Stool can be unfolded, stored, and reused at a l ⥅
Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Fangsuo Bookstore by Chih-Kang Chu
Fangsuo Bookstore
Concrete columns with large cutting surfaces, bookcases in the loft, the air bridge and catwalk across the bookcases, and the elements of vast cosmos, Fangsuo Bookstore represented the image of “Secrete Scripture Library”. It seems all the knowledge in the world are stored in the bookstore and waiting to be discovered. Within the bookstore people can always find spaces to nuzzle down and read a book, which represent the lifestyle of Sichuan peopl ⥅
K Museum 2 Watch by LIU KAI-HSUAN
K Museum 2 Watch
The design concept of “Museum” is based on the architecture. The procedure of building up a structure needs meticulousness, and the mechanical watch does, also. The designer has to plan every details of the component properly. There are layers of different-size curved inside the watch, creating extraordinary spaces. Each of them represents different unit of time. The watch contains four different size of curves, which symbolize that time exists i ⥅
K Museum 2
Banco Kitchen table by La Agencia
Banco Kitchen table
In the era of digital, in which everything is intangible, Banco aims to transform the ritual of cooking creating experiences that allows the user to regain maximum senses. Banco redefines the kitchen table, improving its performance, transforming it into a tool. A furniture system integrated with worktops designed for different purposes that each user can adapt to their needs.
Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water  by Studio h
Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water
Svalbardi is harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in the remote Polar region of the Svalbard archipelago, 1000 kilometres from the North Pole. The pristine ice, up to four thousand years old, melts into water so pure it is almost mineral free. The design had to convey the unique source and purity of the water. Keeping the graphics to the minimum allows the bottle and water to evoke the stillness and beauty of this Arctic landscape. ⥅
Valtra T4-Series Multifunctional Tractor by Kimmo Wihinen
Valtra T4-Series Multifunctional Tractor
Good design in working machines is about quality, reliability, comfort and positive experiences. The highly functional cab where the user spends long hours maintaining his performance was done by the expertise of designers, engineers and end-users. The design language of T4 remains coherent from the large parts to the smallest ones, from interior to exterior. That is how the credibility and overall quality in the product is emphasized. Dynamic ap ⥅
Valtra T4-Series
Arab Media Forum 2014 Art Direction, Interactive Design  by Dennis Schäfer
Arab Media Forum 2014 Art Direction, Interactive Design
Stunning touch screen presentation that represented the world of media of the future. It was filled with lots of media. Any user was able to sort this information depending on individual requirements. You just had to pick out news on the touch screen and send it to the front video wall “The Dashboard”. As a result there was a selection of well sorted data which could be immediately broadcasted to the world. A special feature of the installation w ⥅
Arab Media Forum 2014
Lidu Sorghum 1308 Alcoholic Beverage Packaging by Wen Liu
Lidu Sorghum 1308 Alcoholic Beverage Packaging
It carries a strong sense of history and humanistic care. The gradient gold electroplating is applied to represent the gold-like preciousness of the ancient pit and microbes, serving as an endorsement for the exceptional quality of Lidu Sorghum 1308. And such elements as the sealing wax seal and the national treasure certificate label are provided as corroborative evidence. The core creative element and auxiliary elements are combined to create a ⥅
Lidu Sorghum 1308
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub Lunchroom by Carlos Bañon
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub Lunchroom
The Large Room revolutionizes waste repurposing by employing additive manufacturing to create stunning design elements from 500 and more kg of single-use plastics. Utilizing advanced 3D printing, waste was transformed into functional, eye-catching features like a chandelier of 3D-printed tiles. This Upcycling Hub elevates circularity, inspiring businesses to adopt innovative waste management, and setting a new precedent in sustainable design exce ⥅
DB Schenker Upcycling Hub
Bay Mega Mansion  Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design
Bay Mega Mansion Exhibition Center
At the intersection of cornice and sky, Added transition elements such as beveled edges and arcs to make the connection between the building volume and the sky more smooth. The delicate structure makes the form and content maintain sufficient coordination, and the relationship between the whole and the part is properly handled. The structure under the clean and pure building facade. The pure all glass curtain wall and simple cornice bring visit ⥅
Bay Mega Mansion
Florasis Gold Peacock Face Powder by Juanjuan Hu
Florasis Gold Peacock Face Powder
The design is the Florasis brand's impression of the Dai minority culture and inheritance in China. The peacock is a symbol of auspiciousness, beauty, and happiness in the eyes of the Dai people. A gold peacock is embedded on this face powder compact’s dark green window with a decorative frame. The lid of this product adopts gold filigree, an ancient traditional Chinese handcraft. Pure gold is made into about 0.2mm filaments. The gold peacoc ⥅
Florasis Gold Peacock
Motion 1  Haptic Gaming Chair by Prompong Hakk
Motion 1 Haptic Gaming Chair
Motion 1 will change the user experience of home audio, video and game content. By combining a fully functional desk chair with D-Box’s Haptic Engine, Motion 1 revolutionizes desk chairs on both sides of the work-and-play spectrum. Inspired by the hammerhead shark, Motion 1 blends predatory natural elegance into a unique form factor, which is easily recognizable front and back. From its cocoon-inspired chaise design to the enlarged head section, ⥅
Motion 1
Mking Party K Ktv by Kuanxi Li
Mking Party K Ktv
In the space conception of mking, stylist to wider time-space reversal of the usual recreation space mode of thinking, build strength, passionate, shock and crush site atmosphere, disturb the order of all balance and reconstruction function, in the player, sometimes the universe and self small, sometimes feel grand existence and nothingness. The dream of light and color set with the magic of heartache, the dazzling color of charm knocked on the d ⥅
Mking Party K
The Future Preface Exhibition Center by Robin, Wang
The Future Preface Exhibition Center
To tell the history of a city is, in the end, to tell the story of its people. Because if there were no people, this city would have no history worth telling. Every metropolis has its history, take Zhengzhou for example from boundless farmland to densely tile-roofed houses to today's high-rise buildings, the change carries memories of generations. From life trivial to the striving goal, it is people's daily living that weaves the urban ⥅
The Future Preface
Gateway To Future Exhibition by Oval Design Limited
Gateway To Future Exhibition
Gateway To Future is an eye-catching outdoor exhibition that facilitates physical and virtual experiences to interweave for creating immersive experiences. The entire exhibition was designed in an intriguing, interactive, and easy-understanding manner for displaying the most outstanding developments of the sea, land, and air transport infrastructures, making Hong Kong a world city of Asia. The team pondered on the idea of integrating factual info ⥅
Gateway To Future
Oval Design Limited
K11 Art Mall Retail by Carrie Ho
K11 Art Mall Retail
A huge success since opening, K11 Wuhan in China proves that brick-and-mortar retail can thrive with the right amenity-driven design, an inherent sense of fun, and an eye on the future. Verticality was one of the driving ideas behind the retail planning, encouraging visitors to go upward and explore. Designers achieved this by strategically placing vertical landmarks as well as floor-specific landmarks throughout the mall and also connecting to t ⥅
K11 Art Mall
Jackery Explorer Charging System by Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Jackery Explorer Charging System
Jackery Explorer is a PV, ESS and Charging integrated system with a PV charging integrated vehicle-mounted tent and Jackery outdoor power supply. After the vehicle-mounted tent converts electricity through a PV roof system, it stores the electricity in Jackery outdoor power supply to jointly complete the sustainable utilization of sunlight as a clean energy source and provide power for outdoor activities. A PV, ESS and Charging system for outdoor ⥅
Jackery Explorer
Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Dance With The Wind Art Installation by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Dance With The Wind Art Installation
The Luo Shan Feng is not only the wind but also the driving force of life for the local people. After learning to live with the wind, they also develop a lifestyle that suits local conditions. Under the strong wind, to create a soothing atmosphere, the shape is considered to be arc-shaped. Through works of art, the wind can blow away the fatigue in life and let people dance with the wind. The work uses bamboo and steel bars as the primary materia ⥅
Dance With The Wind
Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan
Spot On Interactive Light Installation by Responsive Spaces
Spot On Interactive Light Installation
Empty shop windows are boring. Especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic empty shop windows became an even more urgent matter for the city of Linz. But in particular, in great locations throughout the city those, those spaces are also unused presentation areas that can be put to good use in the meantime. Therefore this unique shop window installation and the concept of "Spot On" behind it were developed. Interactive light installations tu ⥅
Spot On
Responsive Spaces
Jamtland Campaign Visualizations by Tom Lindén
Jamtland Campaign Visualizations
The client wanted to showcase their brand's connection to the natural surroundings of Jamtland, Sweden. The agency used 3D modeling and visualization to recreate plant species and biomes from the region. They conducted extensive research and reference collection to ensure accurate depiction of the plants and incorporated the client's brand colors as a backdrop. The resulting imagery effectively conveyed the client's focus on natura ⥅
Sim One Monitoring Tsunamis by He Li, Nankai Cheng and Li Yang
Sim One Monitoring Tsunamis
Tens of thousands of people may perish as a result of tsunamis. Because of the way that tsunamis work, humans lack the tools necessary to detect them directly. The current tsunami warning is based on erroneous and delayed modelling results of seismic data. This system is intended to directly identify tsunamis with high warning accuracy while continuously monitoring the internal dynamics of the ocean. The offshore work vessel anchors the equipment ⥅
Sim One
He Li, Nankai Cheng and Li Yang
Sunac Snow Park Ski Resort by Gao Shanxing
Sunac Snow Park Ski Resort
With its huge building volume, unique architectural shape, and professional ski track, Sunac Snow Park not only naturally integrates into the surrounding mountains of Dujiangyan, but also deeply blends into the lives of ice and snow lovers. At the same time, combined with regional characteristics, with Bashu culture as the core, cultural symbols, and architectural design are integrated to create a landmark building with unique regional characteri ⥅
Sunac Snow Park
Longking Pro Environmental Campus Industrial Public Landscape by Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM)
Longking Pro Environmental Campus Industrial Public Landscape
The splendid garden is located on former farmland in a pristine valley in the mountains, north of Longyan City in China. Natural springs and the overflow of the mountain reservoir flow through the center of the mega industrial campus. The customer Longking specializes in industrial environmental protection equipment and research. To create this romantic and colorful landscaping the team used environmental technologies developed in-house. The land ⥅
Longking Pro Environmental Campus
Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM)
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging by SHANGHAI GUIJIU CO., LTD.
Shguijiu Dian Baijiu Packaging
With the theme of Opening Up The Future, the high-end gift Baijiu of Shanghai represents the international urban style and the spirit beyond the future in both awareness and effect, after being inspired by Shanghai Tower, the building ranks the highest one in China and the third one in the world. The profile is employed as an architectural style with a cross-domain and a sense of future, which is a brave attempt and innovation in the conventional ⥅
Shguijiu Dian
Spark Sofa by Jun Wang
Spark Sofa
Spark Sofa has smooth, fluid lines and lacks hash edges, a direct result of the procedure that produced this monobloc sofa. Transparent yet sturdy, the polycarbonate material permits resistance to shock and weathering, this particular feature means the seat can comfortably be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Also under the dim light, it shows the beauty of a spark. The challenge was to create a stylish and comfortable sofa suitable fo ⥅
Shenzhen Financial Culture Center Public Building by Yao Wang
Shenzhen Financial Culture Center Public Building
As one of the 10 most influential public facilities in Shenzhen, China, the innovation of its pragmatic planning and the geometric challanges mark its distinct role among all the public buildings in Shenzhen. Together with two other Civic Centers that form the large public square, it defines the most prominent spaces in the center of the city. Additionally, when approaching from Shennan Blvd, the metallic rhombus geometries offer a sense of speed ⥅
Shenzhen Financial Culture Center
X Series Watch
The X Series mechanical watch takes restore the classics and breakthrough the future as its creative concept, and is inspired by the classic IP, Transformers. The exploration of modern mechanical aesthetics and the interpretation of the new generation's diverse and multi-layered visual communication create a stunning experience from Cybertron. The unique X design of the movement forms a stable and solid dial.
X Series

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