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Angela Spindler

Angela Spindler


Meet Angela Spindler - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Australia. Angela Spindler's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Angela Spindler's impressive haul of 18 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Packaging and Textile, Angela Spindler's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Angela Spindler masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Angela Spindler's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging by Angela Spindler
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging
By Beth Collagen Supplement Packaging
The agency was commissioned to create a visual identity system and packaging design, including a bespoke vessel for this luxury atelier. Where possible all materials were selected based on their environmental credentials, ranging from the use of post-consumer waste, FSC papers and soy-based inks. The packaging uses a colour palette of dark green and light pastel hues, high quality materials, structures and subtle print finishes to create a tangible sense of both luxury and prestige.
By Beth
Argan Life Skincare by Angela Spindler
Argan Life Skincare
Argan Life Skincare
The designer was commissioned to develop sustainable packaging for a mixed range of hair and skincare products. The project challenge was to use one size of packaging for three different-sized products. This required some clever internal cardboard engineering to support the products inside the single-size tube. The cardboard tubes were printed offset with black plus two spot colors, a spot UV varnish, and all over satin aqueous varnish. The lid labels were printed in two colors on a self-adhesive stock.
Argan Life
Mama's Collection Kids Clothing by Angela Spindler
Mama's Collection Kids Clothing
Mama's Collection Kids Clothing
Introducing Mama's Collection Autumn Winter 2023, where every stitch is inspired by the boundless imagination and playful spirit of our little explorers. Designed to prioritize comfort and adventure, the garments boast loose fits and are crafted from luxuriously soft, sustainable fabrics, perfect for all-day play both indoors and outdoors. The textile designs seamlessly blend fashion-forward aesthetics with timeless appeal, ensuring that each piece reflects thoughtful design and enduring style. Mama's Collection difference; where conscious craftsmanship meets limitless creativity.
Mama's Collection
Grumpy Bums Baking Kits for Kids by Angela Spindler
Grumpy Bums Baking Kits for Kids
Grumpy Bums Baking Kits for Kids
The agency developed the brand proposition of Sweet victory, summing up the brand benefits perfectly. They crafted a language of triumph. From the strategic verbal identity and narrative, they crafted a playful visual identity, illustrated Grumpy Bums brand mascots and designed product packaging and digital assets. With the brand's core values of wholesomeness, togetherness and no-stress mess the agency developed packaging to be an engaging and fun experience by bringing families together through baking.
Wildheart Organics Aromatherapy Candles by Angela Spindler
Wildheart Organics Aromatherapy Candles
Wildheart Organics Aromatherapy Candles
A premium look for an impeccably organic scented soy candle line. The idea was to break into higher-end retailers with a look that would stand up to the quality of the product, to be communicated through the product livery. Material selection and finishes are key to consumers' perceptions, from both an initial impression to a second more considered evaluation. The colours used are derived from the plants and herbs that make each of the fragrances. The illustrations have an ethereal quality, alluding to scent dissipating into the air as a candle burns.
Wildheart Organics
PickyPods Packaging for Supplements by Angela Spindler
PickyPods Packaging for Supplements
PickyPods Packaging for Supplements
The agency was commissioned to create branding and packaging for a unique supplement range. The collagen and probiotic supplement sachets are formulated to make fine adjustments to bodies according to age, gender and other important factors. Color is the lead player of this project. It needed to feel bold and energetic for its gym going target. Gender symbols were used to shout out to the gender-specific formulas, another difference for this brand.
Naked Nature Snack Bar by Angela Spindler
Naked Nature Snack Bar
Naked Nature Snack Bar
Naked Nature speaks to a world that's increasingly back in tune with the environment. The designer created a design and verbal strategy for the brand as well as all packaging designs. The brand's flavours are articulated through big, bold hand-drawn typography bulging from the pack, a nod to the fact the flavours inside that can not be contained. The brand language is playful and honest as is the packaging. The raw nature of the bar is reflected in its sustainable credentials, using a home compostable wrapper. The SRT's are printed CMYK with 1 spot colour and an all-over satin aqueous varnish.
Naked Nature
Nudus Snack Food by Angela Spindler
Nudus Snack Food
Nudus Snack Food
The packaging for start-up company shows off these healthy fruit and vegetable chips bare-naked goodness philosophy and playful humor. Their point of difference is that they are made from fruit and vegetable slices, air-dried, with nothing added whatsoever – hence the 'bare-naked' concept. Although black is a bold and unconventional choice for the healthy snack market, the agency chose this to show the product's vibrancy and give it extra shelf shout. The photography captures the product before and after air-drying illustrating the fruit is as good as nature intended.
Hightail Packaging by Angela Spindler
Hightail Packaging
Hightail Packaging
The agency was commissioned to develop the brand name, tone of voice as well as visual identity and packaging design for an innovative motorbike helmet accessory. The brief had a number of specific criteria, the packaging was to have a unisex appeal, to be reusable, enable high product visibility and be light weight for cost effective freight. The sleek and unique multi layered film pouch was designed to meet all of the client's requirements, as well as containing everything the purchaser needs to get up and running; the product, attachment clips, spacer and how-to brochure.
Jacobs Coffee Coffee Beans by Angela Spindler
Jacobs Coffee Coffee Beans
Jacobs Coffee Coffee Beans
This packaging is unique as it takes a conventional coffee bag and places a box style lid over the top to deliver a flat surface providing both functional stackability and large format space for branding and product differentiation. The lid itself employs winged engineering to hold it in place. The wings reverse fold up against the side panels and then catch in place in the fold of the bag thus ensuring the lid can not slip off. It provides the consumer with strong brand messaging and product differentiation defined by a distinctive colour and numbering system.
Jacobs Coffee
Hopapops Healthy Snack Food by Angela Spindler
Hopapops Healthy Snack Food
Hopapops Healthy Snack Food
Project tasks: Naming, brand creation and packaging design for popped water lily seeds, targeted at US consumers. The challenge was how to grab a market that hasn’t necessarily heard of the key ingredient, water lily seeds. The solution, to focus on shelf shout, simple information hierarchy and prominent ingredient visuals. The illustration, which makes up both the front and back of the packaging, drives home the product and flavor variant. The uneven nature of the Hopapops brand mark typography adds a cheeky bounce to the packs, complimenting the fun tone of voice created for the brand.
Recreation Natural Fragrances by Angela Spindler
Recreation Natural Fragrances
Recreation Natural Fragrances
Recreation Beauty is an Australian owned, all natural fragrance house based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. We were commissioned to create a brand that reflected the pure and clean ingredients, the strong and amazing women who use them and the natural outdoor culture of Bondi Beach. The simple clean packaging represents the pure, natural ingredients used in the product. The brand mark was specially designed to embody female empowerment, the stylized, letter ‘R’ being inspired by the iconic image from J.Howard Miller’s WW11 ‘We Can Do It’ campaign poster.
Baré Cosmetic by Angela Spindler
Baré Cosmetic
Baré Cosmetic
The project task was to create a range of bespoke botanical facial serums, focusing on adding emotional equity and preciousness, communicating the source of origin and delivering a premium positioning. The design solution is said to reflect natures inner workings in a very transparent and vivid way. The agency captured this through their material usage, the frosted glass bottle, the leaf shaped dropper and the very luminous radiographic images.
Sisidyll Skin Care by Angela Spindler
Sisidyll Skin Care
Sisidyll Skin Care
The team saw an opportunity to elevate the brand from basic to life-style, focusing on its high-quality core ingredient Australian blueberries. Giving it a ‘real fruit’ feel but not in an overt way, the team wanted the brand’s quality to whisper rather than shout. This meant creating a new structural form with a clear organic influence and employing clever colour accents for the packaging. The packaging design, bespoke hand-lettered brand mark and insignia are subtle, understated and sophisticated all hallmarks of premium products in the skin care category.
Beanopini Food by Angela Spindler
Beanopini Food
Beanopini Food
In branding and packaging this start-up snack food business, there was an opportunity to educate and captivate consumers about this superfood lupini bean. Historically, lupini beans have been an important part of the Mediterranean diet but they are little known by current consumers. To drive the inherent product benefits the design punched out its advantageous nutritional values both graphically and with quirky expressions. A very clear information hierarchy coupled with engaging language was created to articulate the brand’s values and personality.
Sven's Island Personal care by Angela Spindler
Sven's Island Personal care
Sven's Island Personal care
The source of this product, Great Barrier Island is a remote, unspoilt wilderness in the outer Hauraki Gulf and home to both magical Manuka and Kanuka oils. As the uniqueness of the product is its source, the island, this then became the key visual driver for the design solution. We worked with New York artist Danielle Laurenti to create these wonderfully playful images of nature at its best.
Sven's Island
Matriarch Wine by Angela Spindler
Matriarch Wine
Matriarch Wine
BRIEF: To create a limited release, premium brand in honour of the former company CEO—the Matriarch. SOLUTION: The brand mark and packaging livery needed to have an understated elegance and simplicity with an overarching strength. The design inspiration draws on the medieval art form of illuminated letters. The brand mark is woven into the M symbol and elevated off the label through the combined finishes of embossing, high-build varnish and foiling. The capsule label is a simple cross style band die-cut, embossed and foiled. The package is presented in a raw wooden box.
Margan-Field Blend Wine label by Angela Spindler
Margan-Field Blend Wine label
Margan-Field Blend Wine label
The brief for this project was to create a label that reflected this former way of grape growing, namely to grow a number of varietals together in the same vineyard and the blend is whatever nature gives that vintage, the ultimate form of terroir. The design solution uses an aged luggage tag style label, with earthy colours, 100% natural paper and classic typography to articulate the brands innovative viticulture.
Margan-Field Blend

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