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Yuta Takahashi

Yuta Takahashi


Meet Yuta Takahashi - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Japan. Yuta Takahashi's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Yuta Takahashi's impressive haul of 9 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Graphic, Packaging, Cosmetic Product and Print, Yuta Takahashi's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Yuta Takahashi masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Yuta Takahashi's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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To Beauty Skincare Brand by Yuta Takahashi
To Beauty Skincare Brand
To Beauty Skincare Brand
To is a skincare brand inspired by the life and mystery of the cosmos and the meditative experiences of the spirit. A mystical color palette, organic symbology that expresses the pulse of life, even the inside the cap, which receives little attention, is beautifully designed in a crescent shape. The specially structured screw nozzle of the facial cleanser ejects an ideal dense foam with a single push, which maintains elasticity for a long time and reduces skin irritation from friction. The eyelash beauty serum uses an innovative airless container that is preservative-free and hygienic.
To Beauty
Botchan Ressha Packaging by Yuta Takahashi
Botchan Ressha Packaging
Botchan Ressha Packaging
A collaborative chocolate between a locomotive with more than 130 years of history and an up-and-coming, well acclaimed chocolatier. The trains are drawn with respect for railroad fans and its history, based on photographs of the actual trains taken by the designers themselves. The chocolate has a playful design to it that expresses the route on which the train runs as a maze. The deep green symbolizes the trade color of the train and the color of matcha chocolate. By consuming it while enjoying the maze, they can visit the route and background of the areas and cultures where the train runs.
Botchan Ressha
Fiveism x Three Mens Cosmetics by Yuta Takahashi
Fiveism x Three Mens Cosmetics
Fiveism x Three Mens Cosmetics
Fiveism x Three is the first makeup-focused cosmetics brand in the industry aimed at men. Yuta Takahashi has, after studying male behaviour, designed a bar-shaped product that can be used in an extension of normal daily routines such as shaving and brushing teeth. Thought has been given to ergonomics and ease of use so that even men who are not used to makeup can use it easily and stylishly. The product's characteristics include curves drawn so as to naturally fit into the hand, and a uniform size which will allow its simple design to blend into any interior.
Fiveism x Three
Way of Knowledge Book Design by Yuta Takahashi
Way of Knowledge Book Design
Way of Knowledge Book Design
This book is called "The Way of Knowledge and the Holy Spirit" by Michael Debus. In it, the author attempts to make ancient myths understandable to a modern audience through his knowledge of philosophical thought. The author expresses his thought process on the paper by way of a distinctive design using blind embossing. By passing through the doors opened by the author's thought process, the reader is presented with the image of the essence of myths that otherwise seem wrapped in veils.
Way of Knowledge
Miltos Branding by Yuta Takahashi
Miltos Branding
Miltos Branding
Miltos proposes a Tree to Bar chocolate which goes one step further from Bean to Bar. Yuta Takahashi was inspired by the brand philosophy that maximizes the scent of cacao and formed the identity of "perfume-like chocolate". The package expresses the aroma of cacao by the texture of silk fabric. Chocolate in the form of the motif of the brand's initial letter "M" has a step, so they can enjoy a gorgeous aroma and rich mouth melting. The book shaped case make they feel the brand story. He have built a unified world view from package to the online store.
Dashi Egg Sand Packaging by Yuta Takahashi
Dashi Egg Sand Packaging
Dashi Egg Sand Packaging
A package design used for Japanese Omelette Sandwich meant for takeout. The wrapping paper has the illustration of a Sandwich's cross-section. The illustration expresses softness, the handmade feel of the Sandwich, venturing to leave an impression of roughness. The colors represent eggs, secret sauces, and ocean blue, the color of the client's store. The package has been enhanced from mere food container to a tool that enriches the eating space in order to immerse oneself in the food experience from the moment the product is first seen to the moment one is done eating.
Dashi Egg Sand
Saks Books Book Design by Yuta Takahashi
Saks Books Book Design
Saks Books Book Design
This book sheds new light on the link between the individual and society in the modern age in analogy with that of the society and university. It’s minimalistic design helps it blend with the home interior and bookshelf. The pure white appearance is suitable for a research book as it evokes a rational sensibility. The motif of two overlapping circles reflects the book’s theme of the individual-society link. A special QR code on the back cover allows easy access to e-books on digital devices.
Saks Books
Traditional festival in Japan Gift towel package by Yuta Takahashi
Traditional festival in Japan Gift towel package
Traditional festival in Japan Gift towel package
We designed gift towels for traditional festival in Japan, Ehime. We did its package with "Imabari towel" which is produced in Ehime for aiming to fuse a tradition and an innovation. The box is made of paulownia wood. It is suitable for storing towels so that it has the quality of being moistureproof. The white packaging symbolizes the color of the towel. And by the collaboration with the calligrapher Mami, the words of thanks to those who supported the festival are written on it.
Traditional festival in Japan
Polka Corporate Identity by Yuta Takahashi
Polka Corporate Identity
Polka Corporate Identity
Japanese designer and art director Yuta Takahashi created the brand identity for Polka, a company dealing in fashion items. Employing the "polka dots" from which Polka's name is derived, Takahashi expresses the curiosity and charm of young women with large and small four dot patterns. These identity give an array of fashion items a sense of unity by way of their monochromatic color palette.

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