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Gyulai Pálinka - Gyulai Firewater Spirit bottle by
Gyulai Pálinka - Gyulai Firewater Spirit bottle
Gyulai Pálinka - Gyulai Firewater
Tip Led Interior Design Light by Tapio Anttila
Tip Led Interior Design Light
The Tip pendant light designed by Tapio Anttila for Keraplast Interior combines the latest in ecological LED technology with the traditional acrylic material. Tip has a unique flat shape dispersing light optimally, reflecting it also upwards. The tip in the middle of the sheet recalls a drop hitting a surface just before it spreads out. Now available in 600 mm diameter, the series will later include a variety of sizes as well as floor and table v ⥅
Portable Living Suitcase, Lunchbox, Drawer & Container by
Portable Living Suitcase, Lunchbox, Drawer & Container
Portable Living
PowerTower Wooden Toy Set by Hakan Gürsu
PowerTower Wooden Toy Set
Power Tower is a wooden toy set for kids above the age of 5.Within a set there are 37 different pieces which consist of 7 domes, 15 facades, 4 roofs, 2 bridges, 6 columns and 3 trees. With these structural pieces, children can build their own building.The shapes used are universal construction figures making it effortless for everyone to play.The game offers limitless solutions leading to a long-lasting entertainment period.These construction blo ⥅
Aquarius Toy Kit by Hakan Gürsu
Aquarius Toy Kit
Aquarius is a 40 pieced game set for kids above the age of 5.The set consists of various body parts of fish which offer several stylized options.These parts can be classified as 7 heads, 5 eyes,7 bodies,10 fins, 5 spines and 6 tails. Aquarius stimulates the children’s imagination via giving possibilities to design creative and characterized fish. The interchangeable assembly of body parts enables the toy kit to have an extended play period by gra ⥅
Cocobruni Corporate Identity by
Cocobruni Corporate Identity
Black Haze electric guitar by Andres Luer Solorza
Black Haze electric guitar
Black Haze
Andres Luer Solorza
Lemon slice Necklace by Silva Kegulian
Lemon slice Necklace
This necklace is Organic ,it is an exact replica of a real lemon and seeds, handmade from 100% reclaimed metals obtained from a certefied recycling center in Downtown Los Angeles, with the collaboration of my Husband we managed to mold a real Lemon slice and the seeds , the goal was to preserve all it's natural look . The Fun part was to turn it into a wearable piece of Jewelry and to show that reclaimed metals can be turned into beautiful ⥅
Lemon slice
My Travel Guide MUNICH   Travel Guide for Kids by B a r b a r a Schneider
My Travel Guide MUNICH Travel Guide for Kids
My Travel Guides are inspired by our world cultures .The toys present a selection of main characteristics of one or more cultures.The main idea is a practical, comfortable and easy to handle soft cloth design for babies-toddlers.The narrative toys force creativity, memory and the ability to recognize things. Kids enjoy to play and to tell stories about their own and foreign cultures and trips they made. The project started in 2004 : My Travel Gui ⥅
My Travel Guide MUNICH
B a r b a r a Schneider
CAP : Objects to IMAGINE #02 Stand lamp by Mars HwaSung Yoo
CAP : Objects to IMAGINE #02 Stand lamp
CAP : Objects to IMAGINE #02
National Museum at Vestbanen,Oslo,Norway Museum by officetwentyfive architects
National Museum at Vestbanen,Oslo,Norway Museum
To design a “work of art” to exhibit works of art was our ambition and vision for the Norwegian Museum of Modern Art and Architecture. Our aim was to create a point of reference, for the area of the port while approaching the site from a distance. Thus, we designed a building that would stand due to its unique shape without making reference to any other building. We wished to provide a form of originality, the sense of a start (sketch of the muse ⥅
National Museum at Vestbanen,Oslo,Norway
officetwentyfive architects
L.S.P. Indoor and Outdoor Lightning Unit by Hakan Gürsu
L.S.P. Indoor and Outdoor Lightning Unit
L.S.P. is a both outdoor and indoor lightining unit which enables to attach to other unit. It is a remarkably easy to manufacture and easy to assemble bench with less material possible. It has strong extrusion aluminum body and there is specialized part of that body which provides connection between body and cables. Also L.S.P. unit can contain different color leds so this is another species which differentiates from similar market products. Also ⥅
Biomega NYC Bicycle by Jens Martin Skibsted
Biomega NYC Bicycle
Biomega NYC
Jens Martin Skibsted
get your feet off my coffee table! coffee table by James Cornetet
get your feet off my coffee table! coffee table
get your feet off my coffee table!
Artnouveau  Door Door by Mohamed Amin Sherif
Artnouveau Door Door
Very precise hand carved art nouveau door carved in beechwood , walnut or cheer wood .. the design is inspired from the art nouveau details but treated in a unique way gathering the traditional nouveau with the symmetrical concept of classic designs..I tried to fulfill both tastes ..softness and legendary Mystery of the art nouveau details distributed among a symmetrical classic framing and formal outlines .. All the carving details are precisely ⥅
Artnouveau  Door
Mohamed Amin Sherif
Kaleidoscope B2B Direct Mail 3D, lim. edit. by Diego Otero Rodríguez
Kaleidoscope B2B Direct Mail 3D, lim. edit.
A small metaphor of the lamps DRESSLIGHT Fashion Lamps (new concept that fuses light with fashion, to result in a product unique reflection of the personality owner) made with the same materials that lamps are made (covered on the outside for 50 unique designs of fabrics and stuffed with minimal parts of materials are also used in making them: chopped glass, skin, tulle, beads) Designed exclusively hand-craft in an limited edition. A gift that wi ⥅
Diego Otero Rodríguez
life style design The function for people to dream  by Toko Sano
life style design The function for people to dream
This product gives us having a extraordinary thought for life style. I focused on "AGE OF INSOMNIA" WE NEED MORE SLEEP to heal us. WE NEED MORE DREAMS to recall our sense of wonder. My sleeping space (sleeping bag) offers you an extraordinary sleeping opportunity for adults to have the imaginative type dream of their childhood. The sleeping space brings you much joy and relaxing time to your life. ⥅
life style design
Wrigley Orbit Chewing Gum Package by Scott Lucas
Wrigley Orbit Chewing Gum Package
Wrigley Orbit
Felicity 2011 Calendar by Stefano Meneghetti
Felicity 2011 Calendar
The 2011 Felicity calendar features some of the wonderful works that won the international design competition Felicity, change your city, change your life, published in 2010 by the digital design firm Co.Me, set in Treviso (Italy) and promoted by the paper manufacturer Favini and by the print shop Ditre Group. Felicity 2011 interprets the ideas and hopes of twelve graphic designers from all over the world. It has been created by the same authors ⥅
Felicity 2011
Stefano Meneghetti
insectOrama Drawing templates by Stefan De Pauw
insectOrama Drawing templates
InsectOrama is a set of 6 drawing templates containing 48 shapes. Children (and adults) can use them to draw imaginary creatures. Contrary to most drawing templates insectOrama doesn’t contain complete shapes but only parts: heads, bodies, paws… Of course insect parts but as well pieces of other animals and humans. By using a pencil one can trace an endless series of creatures onto paper and afterwards color them.
Special K The Cereal Boxes by Jiyoung Byun
Special K The Cereal Boxes
Special K
Taking advantage of the structural and formalistic qualities of the plasterboard, a white net unfolds into a grey background. The white lines are formed so as to serve the different functions of the interior (library, lighting, cd storage, shelving and desks). This concept derives from a holistic design philosophy and also there are influences from chaos theory.
Athanasia Leivaditou
prostheses and grafts home furniture by Studio Mk27
prostheses and grafts home furniture
prostheses and grafts
LIVE SCREEN Self-Sustaining Vertical Garden by Danielle Trofe
LIVE SCREEN Self-Sustaining Vertical Garden
The Live Screen is a sculptural, self-irrigating vertical planter system that is comprised of tiered, organic-shaped pods that can house many different forms of vegetation. This living piece of art not only enhances the ambiance of an interior, but promotes plant growth by using vertical hydroponic technology, thus optimizing space for urban gardening. This system simplifies the process of growing your own plants indoors so that urban dwellers ma ⥅
Women's Tough  Fashion Images by Ricky Lo Wing Kit
Women's Tough Fashion Images
The whole series of fashion images is inspired by the toughness of women. Different environments in photographs are representing different threats in life. However, women face those situations in a grand and elegant way. www.rickylo.net
Women's Tough
Ricky Lo Wing Kit
FASHION INTERACTION dress by Gholamali Balouch
it's a communicative,interactive,programmable garment based on a wearable LED matrix screen,capable to interact with user trough digital interface like:joystick,WiFi, Bluetooth,webcam or other input devices.as shown in photos a mannequin plays on the garment a low resolution video game(John Conway's Game of Life).
Gholamali Balouch
Spin Chair by Jesper Legaard Jensen
Spin Chair
Remember playing with a spinning top as a child? Watching as it slows down, leaning to the side until it falls and eventually comes to a stop. The playful nature of it. That's where the inspiration for this chair comes from. The chair has a classic yet characteristic design. It is a chair with life and personality. It can spin playfully when no one sits in it. Structural details - such as rolled edges and internal ribs - adds stability and p ⥅
Jesper Legaard Jensen
Screwtop Table Table by Joe Doucet
Screwtop Table Table
Screwtop Table
Kwik Stairs Flat Pack stair kit by Jon Hyams
Kwik Stairs Flat Pack stair kit
Kwik Stairs
The Seating Construction Furniture by Marta Bartkowiak
The Seating Construction Furniture
The Seating Construction combines a poetic design with high seating comfort and the opportunity of changing seating position. The very light wire structure carries comfortable place to sit and is composed with perfect ergonomic proportions and inviting appearance. The shape, proportions and materials of this project are inspired by architecture, as the art and the science of designing and erecting physical structures. The design of all three type ⥅
The Seating Construction
Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf by Kevin Chu
Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf
the giulia shelf was conceived to promote the ideology of "messiness". most storage systems subconsiously guide the user to "organize". the giulia shelf promotes the user to just let go and "dump stuff" into it. by combinning several different diameter steel loops into a singular system, it creates an illusion of uncontrolled geometry where there are no flat surfaces. this "forces" the user to stack his/her ⥅
Giulia Shelf
Vanilla  Lounge Chair by Sahar Madanat Design Studio
Vanilla Lounge Chair
A luxury lounge chair with a story that embodies generational gaps and ties them together into one beautiful piece of art you can relax on. Wide seating with 7 cm cushioning for utmost comfort, adjustable neck rest, 360 rotation and tilt back technology to support knees and back. Bent-wood frame has an ergonomic form that adjusts to your shape for the ultimate lounging experience. It's Luxury with a small carbon foot print! The majority of t ⥅
Sahar Madanat Design Studio
Unpredictable Teapot by zhizhong
Unpredictable Teapot
Aparthotel Housestories Apart hotel/furnished apartments  by Isabel Verstraete
Aparthotel Housestories Apart hotel/furnished apartments
Housestories rents luxuriously furnished and serviced apartments in Brussels. We are based in an Art Deco Monument surrounded by a green environment only steps away from the center. The house was renovated in 2009 in the most eco friendly way as we believe ecology matters. Our eco-friendly mindset also determined our interior design approach. We mix design icons such as Eames with vintage furniture and Ikea basics. The whole idea is to re-use and ⥅
Aparthotel Housestories
Isabel Verstraete
Sunflower Solar povered Lunchbox by Edita Barabas
Sunflower Solar povered Lunchbox
The Sunflower is a solar lunch box that combines heating and cooling technologies all in one portable appliance. It allows you to heat up or to cool down your meal while you are outdoors, giving you the convenience of the household without the attached home appliances. The Sunflower is an ecological appliance that collects the sun's energy through a series of solar panels that spread like the petals of a flower. The Sunflower represents a ne ⥅
STACK TOWER 3 in 1 Computer Accessories by Yen Lau
STACK TOWER 3 in 1 Computer Accessories
Functional Aesthetic airport control centre by Lam Wai Ming
Functional Aesthetic airport control centre
This is the Control Centre of Hong Kong International Airport. The challenge is to efficiently accommodate densely equipped technical spaces, to cut down logistic interference from unexpected events, and to ultimately streamline the control centre’s operation. The space consists of 3 functional areas: Daily Management & Operations zone, Operation Manager’s Office and Emergency Management zone. The feature ceiling and the extruded aluminium wa ⥅
Functional Aesthetic

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