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Meet Tengyuan Design - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Tengyuan Design's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Tengyuan Design's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior and Architecture, Tengyuan Design's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Tengyuan Design masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Tengyuan Design's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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City Reception Room Conference Center by Tengyuan Design
City Reception Room Conference Center
City Reception Room Conference Center
China Railway World Expo City Conference Center as the landmark building of the whole expo city, the whole building is shaped by irregular silk streamline, which conforms to the elegant shape of silk belt and is supplemented by a large-span steel structure. Westin Hotel is a part of this project, which undertake the functions of reception and residence. Designers introduce the concept of city living room into the interior, and incorporate the characteristics of the Qingdao ocean into it. It reflects the streamline shape like the ocean wave.
City Reception Room
Guilin Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design
Guilin Exhibition Center
Guilin Exhibition Center
After completion, the exterior facade will be clean, and there will not be black structural adhesive line or metal snap cap on the semi-exposed framing glass curtain wall. Double-sided printing is adopted for the outermost glass ribs on the building elevation: The two sides of the glass ribs are printed with color-glazed strips different in height, and there are different hill shapes on either side, making the surface patterns more three-dimensional. When taking a walk outside the building, people can see different hill shades at different locations.
Rizhao Ocean Park by Tengyuan Design
Rizhao Ocean Park
Rizhao Ocean Park
Aquarium shows the tension of the waves through the intersection of the real and the virtual. In the skin treatment, gold perforated aluminum plate is selected, and the non-linear parametric design method is used to weave soft patterns. The top side is a skylight of the spherical single-layer grid structure with a span of 40 meters. Furthermore, ground assembly and one-time hoisting and installation are allowed. Within the architectural space, abundant day-lighting design is adopted to create an aquarium of sunshine theme.
We Share Public Welfare Architecture by Tengyuan Design
We Share Public Welfare Architecture
We Share Public Welfare Architecture
The placement of these two city plug-ins conveys a social spirit of sharing and respecting to the public. Designers believe that urban public facilities should present a service manner to users. Therefore, the design should weaken the limitations of the function as much as possible to make it more open and more inclusive. The space that once abandoned has been cured and activated, so that sanitation workers can have a place to shelter from the rain and wind, arouse the public's enthusiasm for reading, and convey the beauty and warmth.
We Share
Yuexiang Lake Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design
Yuexiang Lake Exhibition Center
Yuexiang Lake Exhibition Center
In the design, the courtyard with four entrances is arranged according to the north-south axis. The feeling of space is different. The sunken courtyard is adopted to increase the sense of spatial layer and form the varied landscape in the limited area. The combination of modern architectural form, architectural technology, architectural materials and traditional form. On this account, designers should adopt the architectural form of new Chinese style to create a building site in line with modern life.
Yuexiang Lake
Langting Mansion Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design
Langting Mansion Exhibition Center
Langting Mansion Exhibition Center
In this project, designers achieved the space consistency through smooth scenarios. Cloud is chosen to be the spirit of experiment area, the continuity is achieved by five scenarios, respectively are entry from the Gate, step on the Cloud Bridge, pass the cloud mansion, walk into the Cloud Sea, tread in Book Yard and travel in Green Valley. Coming near the exhibition center, a picture of mountain and water salutes the eye. The architectural roof extracts the shape of alpine ups and downs. The central part create a sense of multiple ranges of hills by antique copper drawn aluminum square.
Langting Mansion
Shenyang Hunnan Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design
Shenyang Hunnan Exhibition Center
Shenyang Hunnan Exhibition Center
The natural landscape resources around the project are rich, and the architectural form adopts streamline. The project combines with the modern simple design style, breaks the original exhibition center layout, adds the observation tower which can fully appreciate the scenery of the Hunhe River, and stands in the city with the attitude of overlooking. Through the viewing platform on the top of the tower, everything of the river view is taken in a glance to achieve the purpose of river viewing.
Shenyang Hunnan
Caishi Residential Area by Tengyuan Design
Caishi Residential Area
Caishi Residential Area
According to the landscape and orientation, the flexible design can not only meet the requirements of basic dynamic and static zoning, dry and wet zoning, open kitchen and washroom, room square application, etc., but also take the climate characteristics of Jinan into account in the design. The four constant residential technology is adopted in the house type design, which can maximize the lighting on the south and transparency from north to south, so as to adjust the indoor microclimate, achieve sustainable development target with energy saving and high efficiency.
Xinyuan City Sales Center by Tengyuan Design
Xinyuan City Sales Center
Xinyuan City Sales Center
Chengdu Xinyuan City Sales Center expresses the design concept of the Oriental aesthetics on the basis of modern style. The shape of the whole space pursues the spiritual core and diversity of design, while creating a new understanding with the consideration of humanity and nature. Designers choose light color as the main tone of space to create a warm space atmosphere. Large area of sand table, with the natural light into the skylight, reflects the momentum of space. In addition, decorative lamps with artistic sense enrich the visual effect of space.
Xinyuan City
Yanshan Wanda Sales Center by Tengyuan Design
Yanshan Wanda Sales Center
Yanshan Wanda Sales Center
The structure form of Guilin Yanshan Wanda Exhibition Center is an octagonal drum-tower. Designers follow the unique mortise and tenon structure technology of Dong drum-tower and use modern design techniques to express it. At the same time, it also draws on Guilin landscape, Guangxi bronze drum, cliff stone carvings and other local cultural and human characteristics, trying to incorporate more regional characteristics into the design, so that the project can show more local cultural charm.
Yanshan Wanda
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center by Tengyuan Design
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center
Longhu Yucheng Sales Center expresses the design concept of the city reception room on the basis of modern style. In this case, the use of natural light is maximized. The large glass curtain walls weaken the space limit, let people also can feel the color in nature change indoors. The modern geometric line sense integrates the outstanding display space, and the unique aesthetic way highlights the rhythm of the space, creating a rich visual level of beauty.
Longhu Yucheng
Fengxi Linquan  Residential Area by Tengyuan Design
Fengxi Linquan Residential Area
Fengxi Linquan Residential Area
The project aims to enhance the urban image and provide an unprecedented ecological living experience for the citizens through architectural design. Designers' understanding of the design is combining with a flexible and winding planning form to create an innovative ecological residential complex. Combining with "nano thermal blanket", "eggshell thermal insulation system", "real-time infiltration" and other technical guarantees, providing a public ecological social platform for the neighborhood.
Fengxi Linquan
Saertu Business Commercial Space by Tengyuan Design
Saertu Business Commercial Space
Saertu Business Commercial Space
The design purpose of Saertu Theme Business Street is to create a space of sports theme form by combining the positioning of the commercial form of the shopping mall. The smallpox modelling mainly consists of trigonometric section, hexagon, metal steel frame structure and other decorative modelling, which reflects the sense of space and movement of the sports theme. In addition, the decorative wall paintings in the secondary space as a wonderful ornament of the theme space, so that customers can feel the passion and strength of the sports theme in every space of the theme street.
Saertu Business

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