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Meet Kelly Lin - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Kelly Lin's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Kelly Lin's impressive haul of 11 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Kelly Lin's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Kelly Lin masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Kelly Lin's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Hanhua Tianmashan Hotspring Resort Exhibition Center by Kelly Lin
Hanhua Tianmashan Hotspring Resort Exhibition Center
Hanhua Tianmashan Hotspring Resort Exhibition Center
Drawing inspirations and imaginations from nature and local customs, Romantic Bluemoon has created a space which integrates profound culture and boundless art with modern design skills in the project. The designer has skillfully chosen black, red and cyan to arrange the screens, flowers, porcelain, art sculpture and silverware, and techniques like fabric weaving, rattan weaving and wood engraving are employed to outline an elegant cultural space.
Hanhua Tianmashan Hotspring Resort
Metauthor Experience Centre by Kelly Lin
Metauthor Experience Centre
Metauthor Experience Centre
All things are properly natural. A space containing energy is created where being is born out of non-being so that the traces of being can disappear in infinity. What the viewers need is to savor each moment of self-content and fulfillment in existence itself. This design demonstrates a radical transcendence in concept expression and the creation of field emotions, which the beauty of flexibility and liveliness radiates its charm.
Cedar Art Center Aesthetics Experience Space by Kelly Lin
Cedar Art Center Aesthetics Experience Space
Cedar Art Center Aesthetics Experience Space
Cedar Art Center, surrounded by a natural lakeside landscape and being adjacent to the busy Wuhan high-speed rail station, located in the sub-center of Yangchun Lake, is a lakeside residence and natural space for an eco-friendly life featuring modernity, art, and culture built by OCT Wuhan. In line with Eclecticism, such a space has integrated both historical charm and contemporary fashion, which enables it to be on par with international standards.
Cedar Art Center
Zhuozheng Jiangnan Courtyard Villa  by Kelly Lin
Zhuozheng Jiangnan Courtyard Villa
Zhuozheng Jiangnan Courtyard Villa
Zhuozheng Jiangnan Courtyard, separated from World Cultural Heritage Zhuozheng Garden with only one wall, is the cultural heritage of Suzhou gardens and the city as well. The fifty six Chinese styled villas housed in 11 buildings have reproduced the poetic world of gardens and paid tribute to the long-standing Chinese preference for courtyards. The project also explained the artistic sentiments and respect to traditional culture of China Railway Construction Real Estate Group Co. Ltd.
Zhuozheng Jiangnan Courtyard
Pu Yue Garden Sales Center by Kelly Lin
Pu Yue Garden Sales Center
Pu Yue Garden Sales Center
The interior design of the sales center of Pu Yue Garden was delivered by Bluemoon, whose design is always based on humanity. From the perspective of exploring culture and expressing art, Bluemoon has tried to get a balance between environment, architecture, space and human. Design languages are employed to present the integration and symbiosis of nature and culture, and the space is ingeniously conceived with both antiques and modern artworks. Art and culture are well interpreted and help to shape the spirit and style of the modern space.
Pu Yue Garden
Emerald State  Guesthouse by Kelly Lin
Emerald State Guesthouse
Emerald State Guesthouse
To create a peaceful space among the hustle and bustle, the designer has combined art aesthetics with New Art Deco style, presenting a space which allows people to experience both the power of aesthetics and the spirit of art. Interior decorations were arranged in rational order to show the taste of the space, while the modern art symbols with classical elements express the power of aesthetics.
Emerald State
Yingcheng Zhongcui Exhibition Center by Kelly Lin
Yingcheng Zhongcui Exhibition Center
Yingcheng Zhongcui Exhibition Center
Based on local culture, the design has been adjusted and optimized for several times, trying to interpret the local characteristics in a new manner with carefully selected materials. The integration of local cultural elements and modern design skills has reached a balance between the Western calmness and the Chinese elegance within a limited space.
Yingcheng Zhongcui
Tianjin RK One Island Sales Center by Kelly Lin
Tianjin RK One Island Sales Center
Tianjin RK One Island Sales Center
Themed by "Urban Living Room" Bluemoon has built a social communication field featuring urban lake-villa, constructed relatively private functional areas including negotiation area, study, tea room, VIP room, cigar room and so on, created a multi-functional living room that is close to nature and return to the humanities based on deep excavation for cultures and the co-exist relationship between humanity and nature depicted by flexible techniques, and realized the space that matches with the wealth class in lifestyle and can generate aesthetic resonance and spiritual resonance for residents.
Tianjin RK One Island
Crystal Bay Villas by Kelly Lin
Crystal Bay Villas
Crystal Bay Villas
The interior and exterior landscape are continuous and changing within the space. The boundary between indoor and outdoor is broken allowing more freedom for life. The designer spares no efforts in exploring the design so that not even a small corner is ignored. In a corner of the drawing room, an art exhibition is carried out silently. There is no physical boundary for art. It is shown both inside and outside the painting, on both the upper and lower wall. The power of art pours out from them.
Crystal Bay
Begonia House  Sales Center by Kelly Lin
Begonia House Sales Center
Begonia House Sales Center
By looking into the demand of the project owner and the targeted consumers, the designer has been able to incorporate Chinese and western cultures with creativeness as the design themes, and has combined the past and modern design trends with different materials, thematic design and comfort being well considered, which has re-defined classics and has thus created a sales office space that integrates art and humanistic fashion.
Begonia House
Yinmachuan by the Great Wall Residential House by Kelly Lin
Yinmachuan by the Great Wall Residential House
Yinmachuan by the Great Wall Residential House
The application of the dialogue between old and new embodying the ancient Eastern culture shows Chinese people’s confidence on lifestyle and aesthetic appreciation, vitalizes the space and endows the space rich and deep culture. The modern design language applied in the project, the artful play of peony, blue and white porcelain, traditional embroidery, batik fabrics, bamboo weaved pendant lamp and so on, demonstrates the deeply-embedded mighty life in real sense.
Yinmachuan by the Great Wall

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