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Meet 1983 ASIA - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. 1983 ASIA's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in 1983 ASIA's impressive haul of 11 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Graphic, Textile, Packaging and Accessory, 1983 ASIA's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, 1983 ASIA masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores 1983 ASIA's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Menogga Branding Design by 1983ASIA
Menogga Branding Design
Menogga Branding Design
1983Asia did this project for discovering the traditional culture from the Zhuang minority in China. The Zhuang minority culture has a legend that human are born from flowers, and today they still worship the goddess named Menogga. Even Menogga is a legend story belongs to a minority, but 1983Asia still find the beauty behind this story. This concept explains the Zhuang natural connotations of the female spirit, fraternity and tolerance.We injected this concept into the brand.
Shou product design by 1983ASIA
Shou product design
Shou product design
It is a spontaneous project researched with the subject of 1983ASIA. The auspicious animal embroidered on the rank badges are the inspiration source for 1983ASIA design this time. As an Asian designer, 1983ASIA condenses the endless stories about rank badge and exquisite vision into series products with modern design methods.Research the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, bring the culture products to daily life with modern design methods and let more and more people enjoy this fashionable culture products and then learn about their stories.
Yau Sik San Branding Design by 1983ASIA
Yau Sik San Branding Design
Yau Sik San Branding Design
This branding design project based on a great ambition which is to bring essence of Guangdong cuisines to each diner. 1983Asia developed “God of Cookery” from ancient Chinese spirit, which is packed with clothing food, luck and longevity. Also, 1983ASsia designed “Yau Sik San” by using Chinese calligraphy to express the regional feature. The most unique point in the project is the characters were based on Guangdong regional culture.
Yau Sik San
Pagoda Corporate Identity by 1983ASIA
Pagoda Corporate Identity
Pagoda Corporate Identity
Pagoda is a fruit industry enterprise, as designer of their brand and mascot. 1983Asia developed main characters based on unique Chinese culture. The characters are respectful of natural life and the gifts provided by nature. For example, monkey and peach have close natural relationship in Chinese culture. The unique color use and mascot design in this project were generated from Chinese culture.
2644 Red Rice Package design by 1983ASIA
2644 Red Rice Package design
2644 Red Rice Package design
2644 RED RICE is traditional highland grain specie, growing on basin near Lugu Lake with the altitude of 2644 m and it is necessary for Mosuo for thousands of years. This design is the package design made for promoting the ancient grain.Mosuo nationality is a rare matriarchy in the world, and its spiritual belief and totem worship are associated with the ethnic origin culture. What need to think it over in the process of design is how to deliver the ethnic origin culture of Mosuo based on the red rice and let everyone enjoy and understand the red rice through design and buy it in market.
2644 Red Rice
kuas Art Center Branding design by 1983ASIA
kuas Art Center Branding design
kuas Art Center Branding design
Art and Culture Center of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences has the mission of popularization of aesthetic education.1983ASIA explores local cultural symbol of Taiwan in view of art, extracted the traditional culture characteristics and stories from Taiwan’s local culture, transformed them into the flat visual language, and changed the art and culture center into a culture platform carrying dreams and stories.
kuas Art Center
Feng He Branding design by 1983ASIA
Feng He Branding design
Feng He Branding design
Feng He is a new chinese style home furnishing brand. Wonders of natural beauty are boundless and crane eye is the center of cloud is 1983ASIA design concept. repainted from the perspective of designer, and expressed design concept of painting in calligraphy and calligraphy in painting. The visual style characteristics of the brand are formed.
Feng He
Rank Badge Product design by 1983ASIA
Rank Badge Product design
Rank Badge Product design
In ancient days of China, the square ornament on the front and at the back of the robes of officers, showing birds and beasts images.Auspicious animal totem is a concentrated point for Chinese cultural spirit worship.1983ASIA researches the auspicious animal appearances in the past dynasties of China and Chinese decoration aesthetics, explores the spiritual world behind these animal totems, absorbs creation inspiration from them.1983ASIA hope that through this design the world can see freshness and vitality of an ancient kingdom.
Rank Badge
Rong Pattern design by 1983ASIA
Rong Pattern design
Rong Pattern design
1983ASIA consider the whole design as a container which can carry the spirit culture of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and inject the interaction information of culture of two places while the unified visual system is kept. so that more people could understand the Chinese cultural system behind Shenzhen and Hong Kong through vision,see different cultural tolerance between the two cities.
Yuk Choy Branding design by 1983ASIA
Yuk Choy Branding design
Yuk Choy Branding design
Malaysia local Chinese founded Yuk Choy High School in 1908,which focus on quality of holistic development. This branding design project is a gift for alma mater, and is a free public welfare project. School is also a brand. Brands are more likely to bring honour to the person of the story. Our story is the design idea that 1983ASIA put forward. The story is not just about the spirit of Nanyang Chinese brave defending of mother tongue in the alien land, also the emotional ties to past and future.
Yuk Choy
Haaic Branding design by 1983ASIA
Haaic Branding design
Haaic Branding design
HAAIC Hotel is the hotel that integrates the guest room, catering and business meeting. Explore the local cultural characteristics, and change the hotel into high-star chain hotel as cultural hotel with brand spirit value through the design. 1983ASIA examined the local ethnic customs, habits, and folk art and daily life architecture of Buyei people with the clients together, in order to find out the totem, valuable color and design system which representative art culture of the Buyei nationality.

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