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Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan


Meet Prashant Chauhan - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in India. Prashant Chauhan's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Prashant Chauhan's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Architecture and Graphic, Prashant Chauhan's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Prashant Chauhan masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Prashant Chauhan's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Rustic Zen Private Home by Prashant Chauhan
Rustic Zen Private Home
Rustic Zen Private Home
The Living area, visually an open space comprised of a family living, balcony, dining area, formal living and bar that can be enclosed with a sliding partition as and when required. The guest bedroom, powder toilet and kitchen are connected to this dining space which sorts the space movement and functioning of the home. The Family Room is the binding glue between the Bar, Balcony, Formal Living and Dining, with its large and plush seating that allows the entire family and extended family to sit together and connect.
Rustic Zen
Ungrey Private Apartment in Mumbai by Prashant Chauhan
Ungrey Private Apartment in Mumbai
Ungrey Private Apartment in Mumbai
The space is designed with color blocking as the main design feature which required working on the existing flooring and walls with micro-cement layer. The client expressed that they wanted to not live any more in a standard grey house which is the general trending design language and wanted to live in an artwork of a space.
Osia Villa Single Owner Luxury Residence by Prashant Chauhan
Osia Villa Single Owner Luxury Residence
Osia Villa Single Owner Luxury Residence
A private property overlooking paddy farms spread over 28,000 Sqft of land. The design intends to marry the inside and outside blurring the boundaries of a sheltered home. The highlights of the villa are the two terraces, the east terrace with a breakfast setup and the west terrace on second level with a more of a sundowner vibe.
Osia Villa
Molten High Multi Storey Residential Building by Prashant Chauhan
Molten High Multi Storey Residential Building
Molten High Multi Storey Residential Building
A parametric skin on the southwest staircase to bring in filtered light and ventilation as a contrasting character to the simple and refined array of window and balconies. The parametric skin is the highlight of the facade with its molten nature of clay explored with the more complex geometry and future technology of Cad Camdesigns.
Molten High
Warm White A Private Residence by Prashant Chauhan
Warm White A Private Residence
Warm White A Private Residence
The apartment has a predominant white base colour palette with splashes of colour as and when required. The living room has crisp open layout with flippable mirror fins which create an interesting visual at the same time providing the dining area its much needed privacy. The dining area is complimented with a backing counter right behind which integrates the oven within the storage unit. The seating area is complimented with a french door and georgian bars with a hint of the balcony space. The botanical painting compliments the choice of upholstery on the accent cushions and dining chairs. The Chinar leaves inlayed in the floor
Warm White
A Blue Moon A Private Residence by Prashant Chauhan
A Blue Moon A Private Residence
A Blue Moon A Private Residence
The apartment smartly opens up into a large living space with visually connected lounge / library space where the larger than life moon print is installed. The yellow couch clearly demands attention in the subtle moodboard. The rest of the apartment is kept subtle and simple with low maintainance design. A global appeal to the space was an inspiration as the clients stayed in US and were well traveled. An Indian essence in this global space was desired.
A Blue Moon
The Midas Touch Residential Apartment by Prashant Chauhan
The Midas Touch Residential Apartment
The Midas Touch Residential Apartment
A Luxury apartment with well curated lifestyle products from across the globe spell the taste of the client. With a vibrant colour palette, the apartment is bound together with streaks of gold across the rooms with the bar area as its epicentre. The marine aquarium forms the base for the 10 feet long bar made in carbon fibre. The gold mosaic in the bar area is the heart of the home. The Ostrich feather lamp is the central element of the space.
The Midas Touch
Two Parallel Walls Designers Workspace by Prashant Chauhan
Two Parallel Walls Designers Workspace
Two Parallel Walls Designers Workspace
This 150 Sq.Ft office for a design and build company is a perfect example of how tiny spaces can be designed to fit requirements and create an impression at the same time. Layout follows the concept of parallel lines with its workstations, lighting layout, brass inlay lines on the floor - all aligned to the two walls. White terrazzo flooring has inserts of brass leaves maintaining the continuity of the view of plants/ trees seen through the window.
Two Parallel Walls
Humble Hive Residential Apartment by Prashant Chauhan
Humble Hive Residential Apartment
Humble Hive Residential Apartment
A simple 2 Bedroom apartment in the hustle bustle of Mumbai Suburbs has been designed as a perfect pause moment. The Apartment Simple yet stylish manages to create warmth with its choice of art and accessories to reflect the Humble nature of the owners. The daughters bedroom with a customised wallpaper brings a fresh breath of warmth to the stained white pine wood furniture custom made. The Balcony with faux lawn creates a small pocket of haven under the sun. Binding the apartment with simplicity, the design language kept understated yet warm and stylish.
Humble Hive
Life by the Window Seat Interior Residential Home by Prashant Chauhan
Life by the Window Seat Interior Residential Home
Life by the Window Seat Interior Residential Home
This Apartment seemlessly fuses two adjoining apartments into one luxurious space. The design explores the idea of daylighting and natural ventilation with window seatings across the apartment. These window seats further become interaction spaces in each room with Indian style cushions and furnishings. The Living room maximises natural light with a beautiful string chair which provides seating as well as filters light through it. Window seat has also been utilised as dining seats in the dining area.
Life by the Window Seat
Giga Africa Corporate Identity by Prashant Chauhan
Giga Africa Corporate Identity
Giga Africa Corporate Identity
This Logo is developed for a group based across African Continent with a widely diversified portfolio. The design integrates the various businesses with one string of thought 'the dynamic open square'. The Formation of the Logo Unit also hints at Alphabet 'G' with its unique Tilted Square. The Typeface has been kept simple and contemporary for probable future global expansion. The idea is further adapted to reflect each business line.
Giga Africa
Godrej Design Lab Expo stand by Prashant Chauhan
Godrej Design Lab Expo stand
Godrej Design Lab Expo stand
The design highlights the process of experimentation at a Laboratory like setup which allows ideas to be explored. The highlight of the booth is a collage of suspended and popping iPad screens making a dynamic chandler with images scrolling of the designs, sketches and the evolution pictures of each prototype. Individual Kiosks explains each prototype in an AV format. A main LED screen constantly communicates the process of design for each prototype and educated the visitors about the journey from idea to form.
Godrej Design Lab
DIMEXON Expo Stand by Prashant Chauhan
DIMEXON Expo Stand
DIMEXON Expo Stand
A Clearly visible Glass Facade was incorporated in the design to maximise its visual impact and grand appearance. Simple and minimalist lines were in-sync with the brands design philosophy of ‘deep simplicity’. An Open and approachable entrance area. The Double Height space added an element of grandeur. The Jewellery Viewing Area open ‘by invitation only’ The Pantry room effectively held the F&B requirements during the show. The sleek staircase led to the meeting rooms above.

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