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Patrick Sarran

Patrick Sarran


Meet Patrick Sarran - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in France. Patrick Sarran's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Patrick Sarran's impressive haul of 10 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Furniture, Patrick Sarran's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Patrick Sarran masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Patrick Sarran's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Kali Tiered Trolley by Patrick Sarran
Kali Tiered Trolley
Kali Tiered Trolley
This step trolley is one of the elements of the designer's K series for the QUISO brand. It is made of beautifully crafted solid wood. Its sturdy and stocky design makes it ideal for serving alcohol at the restaurant table. For the safety and elegance of the service, the glasses are suspended from a cushion, the bottles are immobilized by a non-slip coating, the industrial wheels have a smooth and silent rolling.
Guinguet Pedestal Table  Service by Patrick Sarran
Guinguet Pedestal Table Service
Guinguet Pedestal Table Service
Guinguet pedestal tables were designed for "Service au Guéridon", an expert way of working right next to the restaurant table where one cuts and sets up in front of the guests' eyes. The pedestal table height is suitable for standing work. With its bended leg the top can be placed upon the table for immediate proximity even with round tables. The design of the tabletop still shows this projection towards the guests, and the shape then takes on an animal-like appearance. Like a couple of stage valets, different in colour, they are sculptures in dialogue.
Sweet Kit Chilled desert trolley by Patrick Sarran
Sweet Kit Chilled desert trolley
Sweet Kit Chilled desert trolley
This mobile showcase for serving desserts in restaurants was created in 2016 and is the latest piece in the K range. The Sweet-Kit design meets the requirement for elegance, manoeuvrability, volume and transparency. The opening mechanism is based on a ring rotating around an acrylic glass disc. Two moulded beech rings are the rotation tracks as well as being the handles for opening the display case and for moving the trolley around the restaurant. These integrated features help set the scene for service and highlight the displayed products.
Sweet Kit
BOQ Champagne Trolley by Patrick Sarran
BOQ Champagne Trolley
BOQ Champagne Trolley
BOQ is an ice bath trolley for serving champagne at receptions. It is made of wood, metal, resin and glass. Circular symmetry organizes objects and materials as an integral part of design. Standard flutes are stowed in corolla, head down, under a white resin tray, protected from dust and shocks. The composition, almost floral, invites the guests to form a circle to taste the precious drink. But first of all, it is an effective stage accessory for the waiter.
Coq Chilled cheese trolley by Patrick Sarran
Coq Chilled cheese trolley
Coq Chilled cheese trolley
Patrick Sarran created the Coq cheese trolley in 2012. The strangeness of this rolling item excites diners' curiosity, but make no mistake, this is primarily a working tool. This is achieved by means of a stylized varnished beech structure topped by a cylindrical red lacquered cloche which can be hung at the side to reveal an assortment of matured cheeses. Using the handle to move the cart, opening the box, sliding the board out to make a space for the plate, rotating this disc to cut portions of cheese, the waiter can develop the process into a little piece of performance art.
Herbal Tea Garden Hot drink service with fresh plants by Patrick Sarran
Herbal Tea Garden Hot drink service with fresh plants
Herbal Tea Garden Hot drink service with fresh plants
Patrick Sarran created the Herbal Tea Garden as a unique item for the Landmark Mandarin Oriental of Hong Kong in 2014. The catering manager wanted a trolley on which he could perform the tea ceremony. This design re-uses the codes developed by Patrick Sarran in his K Series trolleys, including the KEZA cheese trolley and the Km31 multifunctional trolley, influenced by Chinese landscape painting.
Herbal Tea Garden
Keza Chilled cheese trolley by Patrick Sarran
Keza Chilled cheese trolley
Keza Chilled cheese trolley
Patrick Sarran created the Keza cheese trolley in 2008. Primarily a tool, this trolley must also excite diners’ curiosity. This is achieved by means of a stylized lacquered wooden structure assembled on industrial wheels. On opening the shutter and deploying its interior shelves, the cart reveals a large presentation table of matured cheeses. Using this stage prop, the waiter can adopt appropriate body language.
Km31 Multifunctional trolley by Patrick Sarran
Km31 Multifunctional trolley
Km31 Multifunctional trolley
Patrick Sarran created the Km31 for a large spectrum of restaurant uses. The main constraint was multifunctionality. This cart can be used singly for serving one table, or in a row with others for a buffet. The designer devised an articulated Krion top mounted on the same wheeled base he had designed for a range of trolleys such as the KEZA, and later the Kvin, the Herbal Tea Garden, and the Kali, together named the K series. The hardness of the Krion allowed a complete light finish to be chosen, with the sturdiness required for a luxurious establishment.
iLOK  Removable tables by Patrick Sarran
iLOK Removable tables
iLOK Removable tables
Patrick Sarran’s design echoes the famous formula coined by Louis Sullivan ”Form follows function”. In this spirit, the iLOK tables have been conceived to prioritize lightness, strength and modularity. This has been made possible thanks to the wooden composite material of the table tops, the arched geometry of the legs and the structural brackets fixed inside the honeycombed heart. Using an oblique junction for the base, useful space is gained below. Finally, from the timber emerges a warm aesthetic much appreciated by fine diners.
Ami Bridge armchair by Patrick Sarran
Ami Bridge armchair
Ami Bridge armchair
The AMI armchair has been designed for intensive use in restaurants. It has been conceived to be both very comfortable and robust, and also to significantly facilitate service within the tough conditions of a restaurant. Its well-rounded shape with its various oval lines reminiscent of the rugby ball ensures that customers feel very comfortable and happy to be in the restaurant. The elliptic holes in the arms are lined by moulded pieces of wood that people enjoy stroking. The armchair is available in a large variety of bright colours enabling the composition of a personalized polychromatic set

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