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Musa Çelik

Musa Çelik


Meet Musa Çelik - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Turkey. Musa Çelik's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Musa Çelik's impressive haul of 12 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Packaging, Musa Çelik's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Musa Çelik masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Musa Çelik's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Greyder V Package Design by Musa Çelik
Greyder V Package Design
Greyder V Package Design
This design makes it easy for consumers to carry and store their purchased shoes. A plastic bag is needed to carry the old-style shoe boxes, but this design also serves as a bag with the help of the upper rings. It also makes it easy to take the shoes out of the box thanks to the V-shaped drawers. Also, thanks to its vertical storage solution, it also allows people who have a second shoe in their office to use it as furniture.
Greyder V
Messenger Angel Packaging by Musa Çelik
Messenger Angel Packaging
Messenger Angel Packaging
This design is for a brand established decades ago and has a nostalgic impression in the eyes of the customers. The packaging involves a mythological visual world with color transitions around the angel symbol. The floral structure in the bottle design refers to the brand's scents. The waves going from the bottom up in a spiral form give the effect of scent splashes and create the feeling of fragrances overflowing out of the bottle. The design aims to create a new, modern look for a historical brand.
Messenger Angel
Eco Smile Packaging by Musa Çelik
Eco Smile Packaging
Eco Smile Packaging
The design aims to offer solutions on essential topics, including environmental footprint. The brand's name is formed by combining green and clean. The combination of leaf and lip figures in the logo on the package represents nature's smile. The white background and soft colors illustrate the product extracts. The packaging is obtained from renewable resources to prevent plastic waste. In addition, 75 percent of the bottles are made from recycled materials, and they are 100 percent recyclable.
Eco Smile
Beltur Go Packaging by Musa Çelik
Beltur Go Packaging
Beltur Go Packaging
The Beltur Go packaging is designed for Beltur, a company that provides gastronomy services in Istanbul. Since the food box can be placed on the drink cup, both food and drink can be held with one hand, the design enables to consume food and drink while on the move. Additionally, the box has small folded areas that can be opened to put sauces inside. Moreover, the package is made of paper rather than plastic in order to reduce plastic waste.
Beltur Go
Super Box Package by Musa Çelik
Super Box Package
Super Box Package
The Super Box is a food delivery package designed for Divan Restaurant in Turkey. The various shapes of the boxes help to prepare and deliver the orders efficiently. Moreover, the thermochromic ink on the package can inform about the temperature levels of the food. The package is recyclable and environmentally friendly since it is produced with biodegradable materials, such as rice.
Super Box
Potiss Paper Tissue Box by Musa Çelik
Potiss Paper Tissue Box
Potiss Paper Tissue Box
Potiss is an eco-friendly and unique paper tissue box which was designed not only to be nature-friendly but also to be a part of nature. Seeds were added to papier-mache of the cover. Thus, the box can be buried in the ground and trees can be grown. Flower scented tissues differing per variants were presented in a pot shaped box. Potiss is also a stylish table accessory with its appealing look.
Euphrat Food packaging by Musa Çelik
Euphrat Food packaging
Euphrat Food packaging
Fish visuals decorated with garnitures were located at the center. Logo was redesigned with a modern font and a fish figure was used above the “U” for “packed fish” message. A wood texture was preferred to refer marinas’ blue-white concept.Naturalness, appetite appeal and perception were the themes of this packaging design. At the transporting of boxes from cold chain to market shelves there can be some deformations on the boxes such as wetness, humidity and softening with instant heat changes. The box was designed it to be laminated with a different material to avoid that problem.
Ipek Shampoo Bottle by Musa Çelik
Ipek Shampoo Bottle
Ipek Shampoo Bottle
Ipek is the hair care brand of L’Oreal and it is market leader of shampoo category budget segment in Turkey. A feminine and curvy packaging design was prepared for Ipek based on powerful woman concept. Consumer expectations, category codes and latest trends were taken into consideration during design process of the package. The package was designed based on an intensive research and design know-how. It also got full marks from consumer tests.
Incia Liquid Soap by Musa Çelik
Incia Liquid Soap
Incia Liquid Soap
Incia products contain 100% natural ingredients. Packaging design alternatives which are inline with this claim were prepared. Performance was highlighted with asymmetric and masculine shoulder details. On the other hand, a soft body form was designed for a sense of innocence. A stylized leaf figure was applied to the bottle to emphasize naturalness in an aesthetic way. We have once again emphasized the eco friendly property of the product, designing it %100 recyclable packaging.
Incia Household Cleaners by Musa Çelik
Incia Household Cleaners
Incia Household Cleaners
Incia household cleaner series which contain herbal ingredients and are produced by completely natural methods. A bottle series which is inline with this claim and “as pure as nature” motto of the brand was designed. Packaging design alternatives inspired from water flow were prepared for Incia household cleaners. Special details were added to the designs for an easy grip with wet hand. Green caps were preferred referring to herbal essences in the products. We have once again emphasized the eco friendly property of the product, designing it %100 recyclable packaging.
MealBox Food packaging by Musa Çelik
MealBox Food packaging
MealBox Food packaging
MealBox design is prepared with a aim of increasing after sale customer satisfaction. With its smart appearance, distinctive features and functional benefits, this design innovates online sales and home delivery categories in which almost all transfers are made by ordinary cartons. The external part enhances ease of opening with its asymmetric oral form. It also enables secondary usage as a storage box. The internal part is designed as a tray and front cover can be also used as table mat. These features provide ease of use and a stylish food presentation.
Sirma Schorle Beverage Bottle by Musa Çelik
Sirma Schorle Beverage Bottle
Sirma Schorle Beverage Bottle
Sirma Schorle is a mix of sparkling water and intense fruit juice. Differentiating, ergonomics and stylish look were combined for Sirma Schorle bottle. Finger shaped holding details, which no other competitors have, were added to design. Black color was preferred to strengthen cool tone of the bottle. For graphics, screen printing was preferred instead of labels, so production costs were decreased. By using luminescent fruit illustrations, visual appeal was increased and intense fruit taste was referred.
Sirma Schorle

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