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Meet Sheng Tao - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Sheng Tao's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Sheng Tao's impressive haul of 11 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Sheng Tao's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Sheng Tao masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Sheng Tao's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Donan Beauty by Sheng Tao
Donan Beauty
Donan Beauty
The artistic lacquer surface and the metal brushed screen wall are interlaced and interdependent, just like the infinite entanglement between the sea and the sky with the Kun and the Peng. There're no obvious physical boundaries in the design, which not only breaks the shackles of the uniform design of medical space but also meets the deepest emotional needs of customers. The organic combination of cultural connotation and commercial kernel sealed under the implicit expression which fully embraced the dynamic behaviors and intuitive feelings of human.
To Beauty Hospital by Sheng Tao
To Beauty Hospital
To Beauty Hospital
The Morandi colors of white, blue, pink and purple are the main elements that define the reception area. The space by the window is comfortable and can be stayed, while the consultation space is more private and inclusive. The space is small and there is no intention to make it larger. Instead, the design focuses on the furnishings, using brightly coloured furniture and artwork to carve out the best form of the space.
To Beauty
Nanjing Hexi Beauty Hospital by Sheng Tao
Nanjing Hexi Beauty Hospital
Nanjing Hexi Beauty Hospital
the design team chose to use an surprising method called the virtual space. the whole ceiling is made of stainless steel with the surface of mirror. images in mirror extend space in an endless way and break away from shackles of the building structure, letting the space drift away in a dynamic illusion, and project the rhythm of light and shadow.
Nanjing Hexi Beauty
Fight Together Office by Sheng Tao
Fight Together Office
Fight Together Office
the designer use yin and yang to enclose the property with circular arc to divide the whole space into two major areas, four components and completed the basic spatial planning. in empty box of the original structure, a cloudlike structure composed of blocks and planes is inserted, then supplement it with a series of furniture to complete spatial form.
Fight Together
Keep Moving coffee by Sheng Tao
Keep Moving coffee
Keep Moving coffee
Between the deep coffee color and light coffee color metope like ribbon winding fusion, throughout the indoor metope modelling is like running water, has been extended to the top, top of the formation of irregular modelling, make the customer an enter a door as if place oneself in the ocean of coffee, silky feeling arises spontaneously. The whole storefront is as smooth as flowing water, uniform streamline form and coffee color, bring strong form aesthetic feeling, without a bit redundant adornment, less is to get the perfect interpretation.
Keep Moving
SINO TOP  Office by Sheng Tao
Designers drew inspiration from the company's Logo, combined the company's products features, he integrated green of the logo into the design ingeniously. Doing his best to build a new and comfortable office space which could be consistent with company’s image highly. Entering into entrance door of the company, an all black designed reception desk catches your eyes firstly.
first colour office by Sheng Tao
first colour office
first colour office
Samples of cloth has the colour of profusion, designers get inspiration from the company's products, colorful cleverly integrated into the design, strive to build a new, for the owners and company image highly consistent and comfortable office space.under the elaborate of the designer and the perfect fusion of the stairs and on the first floor and second floor closely linked together, so we can get a breezy, the main body of office space.
first colour
unbounded  office by Sheng Tao
unbounded office
unbounded office
this case is composed of three sets of independent loft apartments through merging, two sets of 50 square meters, a set of 75 square meters.The biggest selling point of loft apartments is a layer of dual-use, the owner can easily get 350 square meters. Also there are structure columns and drainage pipes at the entrance space, trivial and cramped feeling is by birth. However, the corporate image is difficult to get the best show.The stairs is an important component of a loft apartment, often is the nods eyeball pen of whole space. Stairs here shows to be "V" shape.
Rhyme moving space office space by Sheng Tao
Rhyme moving space office space
Rhyme moving space office space
Entering into the entrance door of company, the whole front desk area appears in the form of an irregular shape in front of your eyes. At far corner there is a corridor mouth connecting the first floor of office area. Designer also retained the original structure of interlayer to pull up space height. Make the public office area compatibilizing effectively. So whether in the office or staff area, can easily see the beautiful scenery outside the windows.
Rhyme moving space
Office Box Office Space by Sheng Tao
Office Box Office Space
Office Box Office Space
Box, a simple element. But here, it is the largest value field. Closed two irregular box mix into the aisle, connect each functional area. Meeting room use area transparent glass partition wall, appears fully and clear. The whole space is given priority to with white attune, consistent with the company culture, also with lubricious floor the whole package "box" complement each other. Lighting, in the case of satisfy lighting, each lamp cast stones like a casual, casual instead! In short the whole design not conform, satisfy the need of office, and the users can work in cheerful.
Office Box
Attractive Arc Large Apartment by Sheng Tao
Attractive Arc Large Apartment
Attractive Arc Large Apartment
This case is a set of large flat floor apartment on the top floor. The construction area is 260 square meters. The customer group located by the developer should be the families with more populations. But the owner of this case is a family of three people. So the fine-sorted functions of the original structure appear trivial and cramped. According to this, we have made relatively large changes to the plan layout of the whole space. Having broken the conventional family layout mode. Most function areas have been fuzzed except for the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Meanwhile, as a housing, the owned
Attractive Arc

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