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Meet Ajax Law - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Hong Kong (China). Ajax Law's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Ajax Law's impressive haul of 30 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Ajax Law's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Ajax Law masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Ajax Law's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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The designers adopted the rotating motion of film reels as the theme of this cinema. Huge round plates with 2.8 meter diameter are arranged across the ceiling to form an enormous ceiling feature. The wood pattern and the lighting effect together create a sense of movement and suspension, resembling film reels frozen in the midst of rotation. In the auditorium, ceiling and walls are covered with small brown discs made from sound absorbing panels, as if film reels flying towards the audience.
SHENZHEN RAFFLES CITY SALES OFFICE Sales office design by Ajax Law
Bold use of different shades of green covers the entire space like a mysterious forest. The walls protrude from various extents and angles, while curvy pattern of the carpets imitates geographical contour lines, echoing with the form of walls. The hollow design of the ceiling greatly increases spatial perception, forming an illusion of looking up at the sky in a forest. Stacks of stone layers elevate the sense of luxury, resembling natural topography in forests together with artificial trees.
Mezzi Master Bookshop by Ajax Law
Mezzi Master Bookshop
Mezzi Master Bookshop
Mezzi Master is a 4-storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, “staircase”, is a metaphor for the acquisition of knowledge through reading. The iconic enormous dark red sculptural staircase serves as a product display platform and seating for readers, encouraging readers to walk to other levels. The staircase itself is an art piece, the lower end of each step goes slightly inwards to create a richer and dynamic vibe. Custom-made bookshelves are vertical version of stairs to match with the theme.
Mezzi Master
Guangzhou Jinyi Cinema by Ajax Law
Guangzhou Jinyi Cinema
Guangzhou Jinyi Cinema
Meteor is a shortlived but beautiful astronomical observation. The design reminds the audience of filmmakers’ hard work behind their enjoyment. In the lobby, long rectangular-cuboid decorations extend from the ceiling, mimicking the motion of a meteor shower streaking through the sky. The cuboids point at two directions to enhance the 3D vibrant atmosphere, and the edges are slanted to create an illusion of speed. Other features in the cinema are also linear and oblique to match with the ceiling feature. The theme of meteor shower is portrayed in a unique way in each auditorium.
Guangzhou Jinyi
Insun Feeling Cinema by Ajax Law
Insun Feeling Cinema
Insun Feeling Cinema
Inspired by the cinema’s surroundings, traditional and modern elements are combined in the design. The design highlights the importance of sound in movies. Throughout the cinema, wavy 3D red metal tubes stretch along the wall and ceiling to represent sound waves. In some parts, they turn into a horizontal straight line, representing the stillness of sound and provide seats for visitors to rest and enjoy the decoration. At different times of the day, natural light passes through the red glass door of the cinema and enter the lobby, coloring the whole space in red and create various atmosphere.
Insun Feeling
Xintangwanke Mall International  Cinema by Ajax Law
Xintangwanke Mall International Cinema
Xintangwanke Mall International Cinema
3D Chinese radicals are made from metal poles twisted and welded into many layers. These installations are in different shapes and sizes, scattering and overlapping elegantly. The floor was finished in dark brown stone terrazzo, where metal trimmings highlight the Chinese radical floor pattern. The theme extends to different areas in the cinema. Chinese radical-shaped benches and neon light signage echoes the ceiling feature, acoustic panels are piled up to create 3D Chinese radicals on auditorium walls. The audience is fully immersed in the theme throughout the cinema.
Xintangwanke Mall International
Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema by Ajax Law
Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema
Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema
The rail used for filming tracking shots is adopted as the theme of this cinema, illustrated through copper colored metal tubes that stretch throughout the entire cinema. In the lobby, some of the tubes reach down and become seats, some enlarge and act as ticketing counters. Elongated lights are installed along the tubes, adding varieties and illuminate the space. In the auditorium, the walls are decorated by segments of metal tubes with lighting at both ends to enhance the lighting effect.
Shanghai Omnijoi International
Wuhan Insun International Cineplex Cinema by Ajax Law
Wuhan Insun International Cineplex Cinema
Wuhan Insun International Cineplex Cinema
The designers adopted traditional film editing as the theme of this design. A lot of lightboxes are hung throughout the cinema. They are made of 4 different types of metal mesh, as the light penetrates the metal mesh, the interplay between light and shadow enriches the lighting effect in the lobby. Some lightboxes are painted with single Chinese character to abstractly indicate areas of the cinema and represent images on roll films. The nostalgic lighting signifies the passage of time.
Wuhan Insun International Cineplex
Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere  Cinema by Ajax Law
Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere Cinema
Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere Cinema
Reflector is an essential accessory for cinematography. The designers highlight their iconic round-shape and incorporated that into the design in various styles. In the lobby, round aluminium plates are grouped and arranged in different manners, stacked into a pile, intersecting with each other, bringing varieties to the space. The theme is presented abstractly in other areas, e.g. curvy floor pattern, floor lamps in the corridor create circular halo on the wall. In the auditorium, plates made of sound absorbing panels point towards various angles, as if reflecting light to the scene.
Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere
The cinema is morphed into an art gallery, allowing the audience to slow down and appreciate the movie poster decorations. The main color scheme of the cinema is black and white, squares in different sizes can be found on various surfaces, creating a sense of elegance and serenity. A lot of big picture frames are placed along the wall, displaying new and old movie posters like artworks in galleries. The designers arranged these frames in a casual manner, expressing a relaxing tone.
Stop Motion Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Stop Motion Cinema Cinema
Stop Motion Cinema Cinema
Every film composes of thousands of stop motions. This continuation of frames produces the illusion of a moving image, freeing our minds to see what is within and beyond. The designers freeze and extract these ‘motion fragments’, embedding the elements within the cinema perimeter. Upon stepping into the ticket office, the counter and the wall act as if they have a life of their own. The counters were supposed to be gigantic regular shape. However, they rotate slightly towards various direction.
Stop Motion Cinema
Exploded Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Exploded Cinema Cinema
Exploded Cinema Cinema
Exploded Cinema
Coastal Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Coastal Cinema Cinema
Coastal Cinema Cinema
Breaking the social norm, the design team got inspired by the coastal geography, the study of the dynamic interface between the ocean and the land, particularly wave action, hence the creation of this magnificent cinema. The oval-shaped gigantic lobby greets the guests with its curvy form, just like the coastal line between the land and the ocean. When staring at this ‘wall of waves’, one may feel like standing onshore observing ocean surface waves, achieving a level of calmness as if hearing the sound of sea waves.
Coastal Cinema
Coastal Private Club Private Club by Ajax Law
Coastal Private Club Private Club
Coastal Private Club Private Club
The high-end design private club majors colors with warm tones, contains lots of hidden waveform messages. Metal walls are being cut like ladders, illustrating the waveforms of a rough sea. Stripes on the carpet distant themselves at various intervals, acting like the ever changing waveform movements being affected by wind speed and directions. Sometimes they depict themselves as small ripples; sometimes gather themselves as huge storm waves.
Coastal Private Club
Mezzi Master Exhibition by Ajax Law
Mezzi Master Exhibition
Mezzi Master Exhibition
Mezzi Master is a 4 storey cultural centre with a book shop and exhibition space. The theme, staircase, is a metaphor for the acquisition of knowledge through reading. In the exhibition area, white prism-shaped stands are specially designed to match with the theme. They can be arranged in 4 ways for different types of exhibition. They can also be used to divide the exhibition space into sections. As they do not entirely block one exhibition area from another, the space is less confined and encourages visitors to move among exhibitions.
Mezzi Master
Hong Kong Day Restaurant by Ajax Law
Hong Kong Day Restaurant
Hong Kong Day Restaurant
Mahjong is a traditional game that Hong Kong people enjoy in gatherings, it is chosen to represent Hong Kong culture. Different shades of green subtly resemble Mahjong tiles, and circle tiles are used as a recurring motif through furniture and decorations. In Mahjong, there are many combinations in the number of tiles, reflected in the grouping of spotlights and mosaic hexagonal floor patterns.
Hong Kong Day
C C Moment Restaurant by Ajax Law
C C Moment Restaurant
C C Moment Restaurant
Candle is the theme of this design, symbolizing life, warmth, and celebration. Candle-like lights are placed randomly around the restaurant. Some are installed vertically on the ground to act as screens between tables for privacy, some are hung upside down from the ceiling, some are installed horizontally from the wall. Diners can enjoy a warm and romantic dining experience surround by candles.
C C Moment
Aix Arome Cafe Cafe by Ajax Law
Aix Arome Cafe Cafe
Aix Arome Cafe Cafe
The Café is where visitors feel the coexistence with oceans. Huge egg shaped structure placed within middle of space is simultaneously functioning as cashier and coffee supply. Iconic appearance of the booth is inspired by dark and dull looking coffee bean. Two big openings on top-front of both sides of “big bean” serve as good source of ventilation and natural light. Café provided long table like bunch of octopuses and bubbles altogether. The seemingly randomly hanging chandeliers resemble of fishes’ view to water surface, shiny ripples absorb cozy sunlight from the wide white sky.
Aix Arome Cafe
Luminary Cinema by Ajax Law
Luminary Cinema
Luminary Cinema
Designers of this cinema bestow the movie-goers with the granting of a dream comes true, a vivid simulation of an on-site shooting spot. Appoint setting foot on cinema, bright spotlights in ticketing office area welcome movie-goers by engaging their hypersensitivities. Lazy tongs of different lengths hang from ceilings like chandeliers. LCD screens and spotlights are attached to other end, displaying latest trailers and cast shadows on surrounding walls.
Stop Motion Cafe Cafe by Ajax Law
Stop Motion Cafe Cafe
Stop Motion Cafe Cafe
Stop Motion Cafe
Starz Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Starz Cinema Cinema
Starz Cinema Cinema
Starz Cinema
Darry Ring Jewelry Shop by Ajax Law
Darry Ring Jewelry Shop
Darry Ring Jewelry Shop
The designers have incorporated the theme of “forever and only one” to the design of Darry Ring. Ribbon-like white decoration runs continuous through the entire shop, forming a never-ending loop without any interruption, resembling the infinity symbol and symbolizes eternal love between couples. The ring-shaped display case surrounding the centre column echoes the theme and represents Darry Ring’s main product, wedding ring. Cylindrical display rods are specially designed, each rod displaying only one ring to represent the concept of one and only love.
Darry Ring
#OMG Restaurant by Ajax Law
#OMG Restaurant
#OMG Restaurant
#OMG is a popular hashtag on social media platforms, hashtags allow users to express feelings and connect posts with the same tag, this concept is illustrated in the design. The theme color of this Japanese restaurant, magenta, resembles Japan’s iconic sakura and flag. Custom-made lamps, floor pattern, square furniture imitate rigid and angular pixels, and the connection created by social media.
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema
Located at the tranquil and roomy Cultural District, the contemporary Tianjin Grand Theatre has filled the whole perimeter with the ambience that is provoked by the theatre’s important contents and openness. The overwhelming modernism has been entirely occupied the cinema’s surrounding, in a form that all the lines are connected at this one single point, which has also motivated the interior of the cinema.
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema
Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema Cinema
Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema Cinema
“Pixel” is the basic element of images, designer explores relationship of movement and pixel to become the theme of this design. “Pixel” is applied in different areas of the cinema. The box office grand hall houses a tremendous curved envelop formed by over 6000 pieces of stainless steel panels. The feature display wall is decorated with huge amount of square strips protruding from the wall is presenting the glamorous name of cinema. Inside this cinema, everyone would enjoy the great atmosphere of digital world generated by the cohesion of all “Pixel” elements.
Wuhan Pixel Box Cinema
Cine Times Cinema by Ajax Law
Cine Times Cinema
Cine Times Cinema
With the technology advancement, electronic appliances come with more complicated functions and utilities, yet their looks grow towards simplicity to facilitate easier human usage, like the touch screens of mobile phones and plasma TVs. Using two simple color components – black and white, the design of the cinema elaborates on the ‘minimalist’ style. Above head hangs special-designed LED spotlights of eight various lengths in black, light and shadows fulfil every corner.
Cine Times
Nanchang Insun International Cinema Cinema by Ajax Law
Nanchang Insun International Cinema Cinema
Nanchang Insun International Cinema Cinema
The cinema, located in a Book City, has inspired the designers to combine the two elements into their design. White background with black font is basically the most often used book printing format around the globe. When you come to think about it, the film’s nature is acting exactly opposite to the books. Cinematographers use black frames to capture the precious moment of different actions. Set aside the genuine difference of black and white background used between films and books, it’s an astonishing fact that how they actually correlate with each other.
Nanchang Insun International Cinema
Chongqing Flower And City Sales Office Sales Office by Ajax Law
Chongqing Flower And City Sales Office Sales Office
Chongqing Flower And City Sales Office Sales Office
There are always conflicts between different thoughts and attitudes. Urban development is usually seemed as threat against conservation of natural greenery. But what if we could source out the similarities of two substances and merge them into a new compound? We are trying to find the answer from a kaleidoscope and views of flowers through it. Polygonal, angular, artificial, are how people describe a kaleidoscope.
Chongqing Flower And City Sales Office
Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office Sales Office by Ajax Law
Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office Sales Office
Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office Sales Office
“Mountain” is the main theme of this sales office, which is inspired by the geographical background of Chongqing. The pattern of grey marbles on the floor is forming in triangular shape; and there are lots of odd and sharp angles and corners on the feature walls and the irregular shaped reception counters, to demonstrate the concept of “mountain”. In addition, the stairs connecting the floors are designed to be a passage through the cave. Meanwhile, LED lightings are hanged from the ceiling, imitating raining scene in valley and presenting natural feeling, to soften the whole impression.
Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office
One Plus Partnership Limited Office Office by Ajax Law
One Plus Partnership Limited Office Office
One Plus Partnership Limited Office Office
The sustainable theme of the design house extends from cement walls and flooring to leftover fabrics and recycled designer pieces. Chairs are redecorated with thick black elastic bands, plastic straps and greenhouse sun-screen netting. Plastic blue wrapping redecorates designer chairs and fabric samples sourced from suppliers adorn a meeting room sofa. Floors as well as the low partition walls and worktops are raw concrete to allow free space for creativity. It also extends to original concrete walls whose existing paint has been taken off.
One Plus Partnership Limited Office

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