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Izabela Jurczyk

Izabela Jurczyk


Meet Izabela Jurczyk - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Poland. Izabela Jurczyk's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Izabela Jurczyk's impressive haul of 12 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Print, Packaging and Graphic, Izabela Jurczyk's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Izabela Jurczyk masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Izabela Jurczyk's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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January Uprising Catalog of Documents by Izabela Jurczyk
January Uprising Catalog of Documents
January Uprising Catalog of Documents
Book is a catalog of unique documents of everyday social life from the period of the Polish national uprising against the annexation of Poland by the Russian Empire in January 1863. It was the largest and longest national uprising in Poland, as well as in Lithuania and parts of Belarus, it collapsed in the fall of 1864. The catalog was issued as an anniversary publication on the 160th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising. The ceremonial nature of the publication was emphasized by the gold color, which is also reminiscent of the shimmering January snow, hardcover and golden panels.
Ukd Catalog by Izabela Jurczyk
Ukd Catalog
Ukd Catalog
Ukd serves to catalog texts depending on the fields and disciplines of science, culture and human activity. The modern Ukd design clearly divides the fields, which is the most important element in the structure of the publication and the cataloging process, hence the colorful, large dividers on mass dyed paper. Clear labeling of domain symbols and the arrangement of these symbols within paragraphs allows you to quickly understand how these symbols are created.
Paraiso Paper Swatch Book by Izabela Jurczyk
Paraiso Paper Swatch Book
Paraiso Paper Swatch Book
The sampler presents a whole range of papers and cardboards for printing and decorating available from the distributor. All products are described in detail so that you can easily find the one that best suits your project. In addition, the presenter on 8 sheets presents the possibility of printing and decorating selected papers, which can be an additional inspiration for customers. All available documents are in one well-designed organizer, so you can make better use of the time spent on design.
Bethru Packaging by Izabela Jurczyk
Bethru Packaging
Bethru Packaging
Bethru is a start-up household brand, which offers an innovative alternative ecological cleaning essentials in a form of solid tablets and reusable premium spray bottle. The tablets are made of 93 percent of natural ingredients, ecofriendly, vegan, cruelty free. A unique spray bottle is designed to be purchased once and re-used multiple times by consumer. Each tablet dissolved in a tap water gives 300ml of cleaning product. All is packed in ecofriendly beautiful packaging inspired by nature.
Best moments photo album by Izabela Jurczyk
Best moments photo album
Best moments photo album
A unique polaroid photo album. It was commissioned by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as a showcase of Polish design in international contacts. It is characterized by a unique hand-made, a combination of paper referring to the skin with beautiful copper gilding. The album consists of two parts: a longer album with a place to insert the photo and a place for their description, and an external short case that is a form. The whole connects and protects the elastic string.
Best moments
100 Years Book by Izabela Jurczyk
100 Years Book
100 Years Book
The album is a tribute to the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic on the 100th anniversary of its existence. Rich in illustrations, archival photos, memories of outstanding figures in the world of music, the book received a modern design, and in order to emphasize the jubilee character of the publication, high-quality sophisticated paper, advanced printing and refining techniques were used. The album takes the reader into the world of the orchestra's history and presents the backstage of the philharmonic hall.
100 Years
Lyf Calendar notebook by Izabela Jurczyk
Lyf Calendar notebook
Lyf Calendar notebook
The inspiration for creation of the calendar was the energy of young, creative people taking part in the international Lodz Young Fashion Award event. The project combines a metallic cover referring to the mirror, an inseparable tool of every fashion designer, fluorescent colors that encourage and inspire action and provide a lot of free space for the creative search. It starts with the date of this year's contest and ends with the date of the next edition of the event. It has the character of a personal diary, its idea is to accompany participants and fans of the contest throughout the year.
PWPW 2016 calendar 12 pages wall calendar by Izabela Jurczyk
PWPW 2016 calendar 12 pages wall calendar
PWPW 2016 calendar 12 pages wall calendar
Designers from Studio Design were faced with the challenge of presenting on 12 calendar pages the unique production of Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW). PWPW products: security papers, postal stamps, passports, identity cards, banknotes were presented using a wide variety of different papers, including papers with a watermark and refinements: Hot foil stamping, die cutting, blind embossing, lamination, perforation, spot varnish and printing methods: offset, silk screen printing, CMYK, Pantone. The calendar is a great visiting card of PWPW and confirms the professionalism of Studio Design.
PWPW 2016 calendar
Antalis calendar by Izabela Jurczyk
Antalis calendar
Antalis calendar
The calendar Tastes of the World is an all-year form of promotion and it is to present values of various printing materials from a wide offer of their distributor Antalis Poland. The presented papers and synthetic materials is emphasised by graphics and a wide range of printing techniques: offset, silk screen, digital, and unique methods of refinement: die cuting, hot foil stamping, blind stamping, uv varnishing. The Calendar is comprised of 15 different printing grounds tastily featured by culinary attractions of some selected countries from all over the world.
Impact Mini dictionary by Izabela Jurczyk
Impact Mini dictionary
Impact Mini dictionary
A handy small book (in A6 format, 140 pages), which is a valuable educational gadget of the Impact Academyl project. The first dictionary of digital marketing terms in the Polish language on the market. Noble refined design. Aesthetic values - a product that arouses interest and desire thanks to the project. High functional values ensuring intuitive use of the dictionary, a transparent layout, high accuracy preserved in the composition of the content, PL and ENG terms are located next to each other. Post-it notes, quick access to frequently used pages. Original cover.
Magam calendar by Izabela Jurczyk
Magam calendar
Magam calendar
Calendar consists of a rack on which the spiral is suspended a cover sheet covering the entire surface of the calendar. On the right hand side there are four different graphics cards, each for one quarter of the year, made on different raw materials with respect to color printing and finishing. On the right side there are 12 cards, each for one month with the possibility of notes, made on gray decorative paper, dyed in the mass. Calendar has a box in the form of an original envelope made of red decorative cardboard, dyed in the mass printed with pantone silver
Decorative papers  Papers sampler by Izabela Jurczyk
Decorative papers Papers sampler
Decorative papers Papers sampler
The latest sampler of decorative papers is a tribute to elegant textures and unique colours. World design trends have their direct impact on the latest collections of presents papers, one can say that there is an equality sign between fabric and paper design as everything is taken into account: the fiber weave, texture felt under the fingertip, sophisticated colours, softness and thickness of the material. In order to highlight these exquisite products, the image of a modern, elegant gentleman was used. The sampler itself is dressed in a tailored suit to fit the demanding customer.
Decorative papers

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