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Hsu Fu Chu

Hsu Fu Chu


Meet Hsu Fu Chu - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Taiwan (China). Hsu Fu Chu's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Hsu Fu Chu's impressive haul of 18 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Urban Planning, Landscape Design and Interior, Hsu Fu Chu's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Hsu Fu Chu masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Hsu Fu Chu's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Yong Quan  Public Park by Hsu Fu Chu
Yong Quan Public Park
Yong Quan Public Park
Travelling though the river of time, and discovering the history of an old sugar factory. Walking on the shore trail left with traces of the previous sugar factory railway, people can feel the historical atmosphere where the scenery of the circular trail surrounding the lake fascinatingly resembles a ring on lake telling everyone the history of the sugar factory. From the tour to Taichyu Factory of Teikoku Seitou K.K., people see not only the charm of vitality, also the complete history.
Yong Quan
Forest of Art Landscapes by Hsu Fu Chu
Forest of Art Landscapes
Forest of Art Landscapes
The project is located at the junction of three parks, and there is a walkway to school in front of it, where is the corner space of the downtown area. An art country hidden in the city. The design core is inspired and elaborated from the fairy tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Accompanying the urban landscape, the indoor and outdoor scenes well interprets the artistic resentence with design and story.
Forest of Art
Sharing Art Office by Hsu Fu Chu
Sharing Art Office
Sharing Art Office
This project is a creative coworking spaces. Reuse the obsolete letter installations from an exhibition and make use of the linear tension of geometry and enframed scenery technique, allowing the workspace and the art to transform to a modern and minimalist artistic ambiance. The design is inspired by constant flow of people going in and out of railway stations and multicultural integration, combining with the concept of space sharing.
Sharing Art
Winnovation Landscapes by Hsu Fu Chu
Winnovation Landscapes
Winnovation Landscapes
The Winnovation design project inspired by aesthetics of eastern cultural gardens, the overall layout of the base focuses on creating an axis that balances the space. Other than bringing in lots of multilevel plantings and utilizing features of the base, the design team also introduces an aquatic ecosystem into the base by creating a belt ecological pond.
Fairy Tale Forest Amenity by Hsu Fu Chu
Fairy Tale Forest Amenity
Fairy Tale Forest Amenity
The design is based on the idea of fairy tale forest, which is elaborated into a story, blending into space perfectly with the scenery indoor and outdoor. The waterscape and greenery accompany the domestic animal sculptures which makes the space fairytale-like. With the concept of fairy tale, the designer blends the ecological education into society, forming the environment that can last for future generations.
Fairy Tale Forest
Eastern Garden Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Eastern Garden Landscape
Eastern Garden Landscape
This design project using the design skills of eastern garden encompassing the layers, enframed scenery, detour, lights and shadows highlights the traffic flow with the transitional two-section community entrance that exposes the conceptual image resembling a winding path leading to a secluded spot, securing the privacy of the residences in the community, and furthermore generating the intriguing detour traffic flow.
Eastern Garden
Love Story of City Residential Building by Hsu Fu Chu
Love Story of City Residential Building
Love Story of City Residential Building
Home is not only a carrier of life, also a core to initiate a chain reaction of city and people, such that a city has different scenes. The combination focusing on the outdoor and surrounding environments functionally converts the discrete outdoor spaces into an exquisite area for activities, while figuratively resuming the indoor space and amplifying the visual delicacy and copiousness as well. The just right decorations using the electric windows and the stylish window frames concurrently improve the air circulation in the building, save the energy of air conditioning.
Love Story of City
Symbiotic Sustainability Office by Hsu Fu Chu
Symbiotic Sustainability Office
Symbiotic Sustainability Office
Moving from the old office representing decades of hard work to the current office which is healthy, bright, greenery, and efficient. Both the indoor space full of humanity charms and the out space decorated with greenery landscapes show the care for nature. The natural elements regularly applied in the office design remind everyone in the office that people should have symbiotic and sustainable relationship with nature.
Symbiotic Sustainability
Live with Benevolence Residential Space by Hsu Fu Chu
Live with Benevolence Residential Space
Live with Benevolence Residential Space
How would you manage your rest life when you were going to retire? The project is a renovation of an old house. The designer gave the new life to the space by re-arranging the layout and function. The project is on the rooftop; thus, it is easy to be hot and muggy during summer time. There was a wall with architectural concrete in the indoor space.
Live with Benevolence
Harmonious Forest Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Harmonious Forest Landscape
Harmonious Forest Landscape
The design team applies a traditional Chinese garden design philosophy, by using the window as a frame, the view outstand becomes a painting of nature, and in different season comes a different view. The blank space lets the light and shadow have their moment and brings the greenery outside in. To live is to conformity with nature, and with a residence changes with time, the residents can live in comfort and ease.
Harmonious Forest
Next 1 Landscapes by Hsu Fu Chu
Next 1 Landscapes
Next 1 Landscapes
Next 1 project uses geometric linear frames and overlapping levels of depth of field design techniques, introduces the concept of contrast between virtual and reality, the beauty of ambiguous, outlines a unique artistic charm, creates a humanistic and artistic mixed residential, having rich exquisite abstract space aesthetics. The humanistic aesthetics is put into the community in the form of a village in traditional life, forming a humanistic living environment that can be continued for future generations.
Next 1
Teal Sea Landscapes by Hsu Fu Chu
Teal Sea Landscapes
Teal Sea Landscapes
Teal Sea is the landscape project which is facing the first row of the forest park, the volumetric configuration of the three high-rise buildings with the largest indoor area was abandoned during the building volume plan, and 60% of the land was released as open space, adjacent to the park green space, and expanded the urban ecological island-hopping benefit.
Teal Sea
River of Light Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
River of Light Landscape
River of Light Landscape
The curve strip patterns, as the theme of space design, demonstrate the delicate layers of flowing space that remodels the previous dull backyard of the residential community into the convoluted water and green experience of space. The original small after, by means of the flowing structures and lines, has become smooth and intriguing.
River of Light
Natural Flow Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Natural Flow Landscape
Natural Flow Landscape
The congregate housing is designed with the modern minimalistic geometric style, of which the horizontal and vertical lines delineate different spaces. The traffic flows progressively established in the residence distinguish the outdoor and the indoor traffic flow. The entrance of the residential community is decorated with the minimalistic geometric water landscape, walls alongside the buildings, and enframed scenery of plants, all of which maximize the space of the greenery community courtyard and create an excellent quality of living environment as well.
Natural Flow
Sky Tree Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Sky Tree Landscape
Sky Tree Landscape
The overall layout is decorated with the design skills of the axis, the empty space, the geometric enframed scenery and the overlapped depth of field, all of which create a relaxed area with independent and distinct features. Spaces are connected by the guidance of the traffic flows, the just-right empty space and the enframed scenery of the artworks, all of which ingeniously transform the indoor space into an eastern-humanity relaxed area with the symmetrical, layered, and multiple functions.
Sky Tree
Evergreen Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Evergreen Landscape
Evergreen Landscape
The design project combining the clear-cut geometric planes and delicate multi-layered lights and shadows converts the irregular outdoor space into an excellent landscaping space with multiple layers and diverse functions. Whenever the residents walking by the public artwork at the entrance, by the pools and by the walk paths can feel the expectation of the residential community and the warm welcome from home.
Urban Literature Public Park by Hsu Fu Chu
Urban Literature Public Park
Urban Literature Public Park
The design project of Taichung Literacy Museum and its surrounding landscape parks focuses on breaking boundaries of spaces-the amicable interaction between the public space and surrounding environment; integrating areas-creating the characteristics for the public space and history; combining the memories of literacy; rearranging the connection of open space between the historical sites and parks.
Urban Literature
Xanadu Landscape by Hsu Fu Chu
Xanadu Landscape
Xanadu Landscape
This design project makes use of the features of small space to create the unprecedented experience of space. The residential community has two entrance traffic flows, each of which connects the narrow city plan road on the southeast side. Considering the small road by the community entrance, the designer reserves a big green space alongside the buildings.

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