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Alex Chiang


Meet Alex Chiang - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Alex Chiang's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Alex Chiang's impressive haul of 12 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior and Architecture, Alex Chiang's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Alex Chiang masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Alex Chiang's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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T10 Shopping Mall Shopping Center by Alex Chiang
T10 Shopping Mall Shopping Center
T10 Shopping Mall Shopping Center
This project is located in the core business district of Zhongyuan, Zhengzhou. Within a radius of 3 kilometers, it serves a population of 1.7 million people. The main focus is on family-oriented consumers of all ages, aiming to integrate fashion into the lifestyle of families and provide a warm and comfortable shopping center.
T10 Shopping Mall
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island Office by Alex Chiang
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island Office
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island Office
The project will be built into a creative office group combining game production and animation research and development. The main body, connects other sections, integrates animation, e-sports, technology and other industries upstream and downstream, combined with planning customer experience end, improve supporting space, with sharing, creativity, green, water curtain, lake view as the main axis of experience to do architectural planning.
Xinguang E-Sports Animation Island
Mas Corporate Headquarters Office by Alex Chiang
Mas Corporate Headquarters Office
Mas Corporate Headquarters Office
Spatial development perpetuates the Mas main tone of black, white, and gray, intersecting with the corporate color orange. Simple geometric lines as design language present the open dynamic place spirit. Striving for accurate control at every sense of scale, not only builds an open working environment, which is good for staff communication and inspires them more creative thinking and inspiration but also many flow freedom degrees are reserved in spatial planning.
Mas Corporate Headquarters
Xintian 360 Plaza Taikang W Mall Shopping Center by Alex Chiang
Xintian 360 Plaza Taikang W Mall Shopping Center
Xintian 360 Plaza Taikang W Mall Shopping Center
In the architectural design, the dynamic of the interstellar galaxy is the key concept, and the silver aluminum is selected as the main tonal color. The shape of the regular aluminum plate emphasizes the integrity of the building. The shape of the rhythmic waves is analogous to the galaxy ribbon across the starry sky, intertwined with a sense of trend. Perforated aluminum panels are used for the exterior materials, which look like the shining starlight in the night.
Xintian 360 Plaza Taikang W Mall
Lihpao Plaza Shopping Mall by Alex Chiang
Lihpao Plaza Shopping Mall
Lihpao Plaza Shopping Mall
Lihpao Plaza is a shopping mall with story scenes constructed by art and technology. From the four major genes of life aesthetics, community service, family growth, and innovation, and entertainment, the theme of entertainment are to create a new experiential shopping mall. With the breakthrough of the topic space design gimmick to build six characteristics, namely "The Feast of jiufen", "He Feng Ri Li", "Liu Mang Wu", "The Secret Garden", "The Future World" and "The Vivid Food Court".
Lihpao Plaza
Longhuli Shopping Mall by Alex Chiang
Longhuli Shopping Mall
Longhuli Shopping Mall
The entire project has created a series of multi-level external spaces with the design concept of "open garden" space, cultural and creative genes, high greening, multiple courtyards, multiple paths and multiple boundaries. From the perspective of each consumer, the optimization of business dynamics will guide the rational flow of customers for the business center and meet the needs of consumers as one-stop consumption of leisure, shopping and entertainment.
The 10th china Flower Expo Exhibition by Alex Chiang
The 10th china Flower Expo Exhibition
The 10th china Flower Expo Exhibition
The project is located in Chongming District, Shanghai, covering 272 square meter. The planning includes exhibition space and spatial layout of Taiwan's characteristic flowers. The special geographical and climatic environment of Taiwan has created a splendid ecological life in the form of flowers and butterflies, which has also contributed to Taiwan's reputation as the Kingdom of Butterflies.
The 10th china Flower Expo
C Banner Wondercity Mall Retail by Alex Chiang
C Banner Wondercity Mall Retail
C Banner Wondercity Mall Retail
The design is based on the concept of infinity. By delicate metal arc with the concept element, the changes of high and low levels, not only break the traditional framework, but also enrich the rhythm of the space. To meet the needs of the chain, the modular combination allows each store to have its own combination of changes, in addition to the integrity of the chain. In the rhythm of the element infinity, the display area of men's and women's shoes is cleverly divided by the grey hierarchy and the texture of the material and presents a pure and self-evident sense of space at the same.
C Banner Wondercity Mall
Xintian 360 Plaza Shopping Mall by Alex Chiang
Xintian 360 Plaza Shopping Mall
Xintian 360 Plaza Shopping Mall
Inspiration by “flowing water”,The simple lines are combined with the curved shape. Indoor space continues the sense of flow design,with three arc-shaped atrium streamlined shopping line, creating a level of smooth visual sense. Extract the fashionable and simple white from the rhythmic elements, as well as the use of artistic hollowed out shape sphere and block LED shape bridge screen and other elements, And the use of light-emitting curves and dots to enhance the sense of rhythm of flow, create a memorable shopping mall.
Xintian 360 Plaza
all-around inspired college Kindergarten by Alex Chiang
all-around inspired college Kindergarten
all-around inspired college Kindergarten
The college has designed eight characteristic experiential courses based on the concept of growing in interest. As "all-around inspired college" is a children's academy with wide range of interests, a multidimensional treasure trove of knowledge is waiting to be discovered. Eight interest courses are provided, which are considered in the interior design at the same time.
all-around inspired college
Oaks Academy Kindergarten by Alex Chiang
Oaks Academy Kindergarten
Oaks Academy Kindergarten
Inspiration from the spirit of "deconstruction and construction" as the design concept and build a lab place spirit space with both exploration and practice. Based on the different ages, under the change of the line of the same element, the combination of the ceiling and color of the cold steel plate shape leads to the sense of ritual experience in the laboratory, the combination of the tree wall made by the abstract shape and the green gradient glass brings out the characteristic of the name of " Oaks Academy".
Oaks Academy
Rongqiao Kindergarten by Alex Chiang
Rongqiao Kindergarten
Rongqiao Kindergarten
Inspired by the "rainbow, bubble", the fleeting beauty of design, Combine the theme of "FUN", Showing the beauty of nature, Add more fun to the space. Use the concept "rainbow" to form the interior space; Bright colors can provide children visual and sensory experience, open their imagination through eyes and cultivate interests of self-expliration, create a fun-learning wonderland. The various circular windows makes people feel at the bottom of the sea watching multiple bubbles float upwards,filled up with imagination and fairytale colors.

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