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Meet VISANG - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Republic of Korea. VISANG's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in VISANG's impressive haul of 17 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Education, Graphic and Print, VISANG's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, VISANG masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores VISANG's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Science is O2 School Textbooks by VISANG
Science is O2 School Textbooks
Science is O2 School Textbooks
O2 is a science textbook that has used its established brand identity to imprint a confident and consistent brand image on its consumers. With rising need for no-contact education, O2 has digitized their brand identity, beginning with an easily scannable QR code on the cover. The code is designed as a key, opening useful textbook promotions and information. In this way, digitalization leads a constant effort to change brand identity to surpass the limits presented by books.
Science is O2
Gae Plus Yu Math Workbook  by VISANG
Gae Plus Yu Math Workbook
Gae Plus Yu Math Workbook
Gae Plus Yu is a math study system that improves learning efficiency through its ease of use. Employs a structural learning system that combines a Concept book with a Drill book. The effect of the organic learning provided through the two books is symbolized by the completion of the circle created by combining the two semi-circles, each with their own unique texture. Through various color configurations for each level of difficulty, students can easily select textbooks that match their ability, thereby providing sense of academic accomplishment.
Gae Plus Yu
FullSuRok Workbook for all Subjects by VISANG
FullSuRok Workbook for all Subjects
FullSuRok Workbook for all Subjects
This system allows sample questions from previous tests to be completed in one month through a process of daily learning that conquers the vast number of existing questions. The advantages include regimented study plans and emphasis on grasping the overall progress of the learning. Additionally, efficient success is achieved not only with explanations for correct and incorrect answers given in the text, but also by maintaining a concise style that enables rapid comprehension of all content.
Joyful Visang Textbooks by VISANG
Joyful Visang Textbooks
Joyful Visang Textbooks
It has developed math, society, and science textbooks centered on play and activities that students can actively participate in, away from the existing boring textbooks. Visang Education alters this framework by conceptualizing a design that stimulates curiosity and encourages students to think for themselves. Implicit graphics symbolize the learning content, and information is displayed with balance, and vivid colors and diverse printing techniques add effectiveness to the various design elements.
Joyful Visang
PowerBox Wanja Learning Materials by VISANG
PowerBox Wanja Learning Materials
PowerBox Wanja Learning Materials
Wanja is a brand that enhances the learning skills of students. From cover designs using cube-shaped characters as graphic motifs to cube-shaped paper toy making activities, Wanja provides a consistent brand experience. The vivid colors provide a bright brand image, while paper toy making delivers an enjoyable brand experience. The four study books are designed such that a large cube shape can be shown when they are combined together. The text inside the book also makes use of square design elements to complete a consistent brand identity.
PowerBox Wanja
I Really Like Math Interactive Textbook by VISANG
I Really Like Math Interactive Textbook
I Really Like Math Interactive Textbook
This project allows students to experience math in an easy and fun manner while touching the book. Using the various educational tools contained in the book, students can learn the concept of mathematics as if playing, thereby increasing the effectiveness of learning. This can show immediate changes or reactions of images as if you were operating a tablet PC in a paper book. The cover is made in the form that students can directly manipulate the pictures, and they can also draw pictures in an empty space to produce a variety of personality.
I Really Like Math
Viskit Reading and Study Supplies by VISANG
Viskit Reading and Study Supplies
Viskit Reading and Study Supplies
Viskit is Visang's special kit designed for students' study and reading activities. The package contents consist of reading stands, pens, notebooks, reading lists, and other assorted supplies that enable students to systematically organize their reading activities. The product characters were designed as biscuits to give a real crunch to students’ learning, just like that of a biscuit. The chocolate, strawberry, green-tea, and cheeses biscuit characters engagingly represent daily life.
Science is O2 Student Workbook by VISANG
Science is O2 Student Workbook
Science is O2 Student Workbook
O2 was developed to bring the joy and mystery of science to students and uses its cover design to immediately illustrate that purpose. O2’s symbol highlights the brand’s place in Korean science education by employing consonants from the Korean alphabet. The symbol is applied to the same location on all textbook covers to present O2’s identity with both consistency and continuity. As a result, this identity is conveyed by various other promotional products carrying the symbol for O2 customers.
Science is O2
Viewing History Brand Identity by VISANG
Viewing History Brand Identity
Viewing History Brand Identity
The cover design expresses the perspective of viewing history to show that studying history can be made easier. For middle school, the two textbooks were configured with the same layout to depict the experience of feeling history in a relaxing way. The cover design of the high school textbook aims to deliver an image of the modern student being connected to different eras in the same space. The simple diamond-shaped graphic and font in the center express the subject name, keeping the history textbooks’ identity consistent.
Viewing History
HanKkeut Brand Identity by VISANG
HanKkeut Brand Identity
HanKkeut Brand Identity
Han-kkeut is a brand developed by the collaboration of students and teachers. Under the brand objective of “all-in-one connection in learning,” Han-kkeut strives to research concepts required for learning and provide guidance that connects students with their teachers. The cover graphic symbolizes Han-kkeut with a stroke emanating from the brand identity image to express a sense of ascension. This is implemented on all Han-kkeut books to generate a unique visual feature.
SuNeungDokHae Reading Solutions Brand by VISANG
SuNeungDokHae Reading Solutions Brand
SuNeungDokHae Reading Solutions Brand
SuNeungDokHae is a professionally crafted learning brand for improving reading comprehension on the CSAT by deeply analyzing the language section. Essential value of the brand is its dedication to the process of finding joy in learning. This resource of brand identity stems from its trademark series of illustrations that directly reflect the target learning content. Through a deliberate color system, this series separates the fields of study between elementary and middle school students and utilizes its infographic design to both visually and cognitively elucidate learning content.
Smile With Wanja School Exercise Book by VISANG
Smile With Wanja School Exercise Book
Smile With Wanja School Exercise Book
Wanja textbooks are designed to convey the brand message of bringing happiness to everyone. They are designed with vividly rendered graphics and Minecraft stylized characters that visually represent the Powerbox Learning System, which highlights and organizes study contents with boxes. The Wanja’s brand book includes a design guide that clarifies the Wanja identity to create synergized products. As a result, Wanja books have been created to carry a consistent design throughout the entire series.
Smile With Wanja
Visang Math Science Textbook by VISANG
Visang Math Science Textbook
Visang Math Science Textbook
The cover of math/science textbooks were an effort to increase brand value by clearly depicting the identity of each subject through design. We used motifs such as common textures and symbols to show the continuation of the series through middle school and high school. The colors and layouts are different to distinguish each grade's textbook. Various design elements including interesting illustrations to evoke students' interest in the subject and Korean typography complete the cover design appropriately for each grade.
Visang Math Science
Gae-yu Math Workbook by VISANG
Gae-yu Math Workbook
Gae-yu Math Workbook
Gae-yu is composed of two book sets designed to allow students to effectively study and drill math concepts. By featuring circles, which represent stability and completeness, the Gae-yu cover design alludes to the value of being both intuitive and impactful. The circles’ 'mysterious' color patterns express the brand identity 'synergy up'. This concept is further reflected by the cover designs of complementary semicircles and colors which can combine to form a complete circle with a unique color patterns as full set.
Visang Literature Textbook by VISANG
Visang Literature Textbook
Visang Literature Textbook
To reduce the students’ learning burden, textbooks were designed subject-specifically in the style of graphic novels. The literature book depicts reading in a starry port, the reading book shows swimming inside a book, the language and media book has an illustration of various modern people communicating, and the speech and composition book features a heart in a mailbox. The design emotions are expressed through layouts with interesting pictures and neat background colors and typography. Graphic elements are made to stand out all the more through print post-processing.
Visang Literature
DokHaeTok Reading Comprehension Brand by VISANG
DokHaeTok Reading Comprehension Brand
DokHaeTok Reading Comprehension Brand
DokHaeTok is a reading comprehension brand. It provides an exciting learning experience through book and mobile app. The book is divided into five thin theme books. Children can read stories in theme books and repeat it with the app. In the app, there is chatbot who helps children answering questions. Connection between book and mobile app can help children feel reading is fun. DokHaeTok also provides a variety of learning-related items, such as study notes and mobile phone cases to encourage children.
Deud-Gi Listening Textbook by VISANG
Deud-Gi Listening Textbook
Deud-Gi Listening Textbook
Listening Textbook was created to present standard English concepts to Korean students in order to help them develop overall language confidence. Specifically regarding learning parameters for the listening comprehension exam, the textbook utilizes repeatable associative tools such as vibrant colors and simple design elements. To incorporate the immersive aspects of listening, the workbook features graphic motifs of sound waves. Aesthetically, listening textbook applies the contrast of fluorescent colors with dark backgrounds in order to maintain a modern appearance.

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