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Meet Li Zhang - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Li Zhang's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Li Zhang's impressive haul of 13 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior and Real Estate, Li Zhang's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Li Zhang masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Li Zhang's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Rhythm Eastern Sales Center by Li Zhang
Rhythm Eastern Sales Center
Rhythm Eastern Sales Center
With Hundred Schools of Thought in Chinese culture as the storyline, a series of graphic decorative paintings are used to show the classic stories of various schools, giving an elegant literary background in the east. The lighting creates a soft sensory effect, taking in the quietness and tranquility conferred by nature, and is taken from a variety of environmentally friendly materials and green buildings to integrate nature, space, and light and shadow.
Rhythm Eastern
Eternal Beauty Sales Center by Li Zhang
Eternal Beauty Sales Center
Eternal Beauty Sales Center
To experience a space, feeling is the key throughout the process. The metal shimmer effect prevents dullness and creates a low-profile and subtle vibe, thus the fun of shadows can balance with their surroundings in perfection. Lights create a gentle visual effect; it blends with the quietness and tranquility and merge with the nature, space. Under the lines and lights, the space appears dim and restrained in mystery. The imagination has no boundary, so the unintended browse and wander within can let the ambiance and different elements correspond with each other for various looks.
Eternal Beauty
Oriental Classic Sales Center by Li Zhang
Oriental Classic Sales Center
Oriental Classic Sales Center
The rhythmic lines with the virtual and real interaction extend the space and make it more transparent. Simple, elegant but do not lose the warmth, the project is perfectly combining with the local culture and history, and applied with rich colors and naturally changing lines, creating an elegant scenery in an artistic atmosphere. The dragon culture and elements of patterns in architectures in Nantong endow the space with profound culture as well as dignified and elegant atmosphere.
Oriental Classic
Delicacy of Nature Sales Center by Li Zhang
Delicacy of Nature Sales Center
Delicacy of Nature Sales Center
Zibo is a city with profound historical and cultural heritage, where presenting Confucianism on behalf of Qilu culture, and where showing the distinctive feature of folk literature and art. The residential sales center of this design project consolidates oriental philosophy and modern aesthetics of life in the same space, where the reception lobby spawning the literati and spatial ambience synchronizes the qualities of natural modesty and contemporary.
Delicacy of Nature
Bookish Atmosphere Sales Center by Li Zhang
Bookish Atmosphere Sales Center
Bookish Atmosphere Sales Center
In this design project, the building with its exterior based on the features of the ancient buildings in Jinling integrates the undertone of modern aesthetics and the functionality. Located among the historical sites, the building implying the elegant charisma of bookish atmosphere overspreading Jinling in the ancient capital has delicately shown the essence of authenticity. The gaps between bricks on the wall generate a concealing sense of order in the space.
Bookish Atmosphere
Tracing Clouds Sales Center by Li Zhang
Tracing Clouds Sales Center
Tracing Clouds Sales Center
Everything, including art, has its end. The only immortal is the comprehension of human and world elaborated by art, said Vincent van Gogh. The model of life endures the power of acquisitive minds everywhere in the society, furthermore outlasting the beauty of life between the book and the non-book world. The design features incorporating the black and ingenuity is conceptually as fascinating as the Chinese ink painting of natural landscapes. The exquisite marble floors encompassing the gray and dark brown expose the intricate visual effects of progression and elegance.
Tracing Clouds
Blooming Peonies Picturesque Sale Center by Li Zhang
Blooming Peonies Picturesque Sale Center
Blooming Peonies Picturesque Sale Center
The space offers an exhibition area at the center, and four different styles of discussion areas are also in place. The reception hall has a softly hanging artistic decorative lighting fixture in floral tassels, which echo with the pink palette of peony and complement with the natural lines of marble the beauty of humanities, culture and nature are thereby simultaneously displayed. Layers of lightings and exhibits of stone sculptures resonate with the vast sea of blooming peonies.
Blooming Peonies Picturesque
Lights and Shadows Sales Center by Li Zhang
Lights and Shadows Sales Center
Lights and Shadows Sales Center
Lights and Shadows
Exhibition Center of Shandong Green Land Interior Design by Li Zhang
Exhibition Center of Shandong Green Land Interior Design
Exhibition Center of Shandong Green Land Interior Design
This project is located in Central Business District (CBD) of Jinan City, reaching Olympics Sports Middle Road in the east, Maoling 2nd Road in the west, Olympic Sports Finance Center in the south and Wenbo 5th Road and Xinluo Avenue in the north. Jinan CBD is oriented to relying on Administrative Center, Olympic Sports Center, and Wenbo Sub-district and striving for the establishment of a new city center integrating regional financial center, headquarters accumulation center and regional innovation center.
Exhibition Center of Shandong Green Land
Shui Yue Tang Exhibition Center Exhibition Center by Li Zhang
Shui Yue Tang Exhibition Center Exhibition Center
Shui Yue Tang Exhibition Center Exhibition Center
Qingpu District, the cultural source of Shanghai and the civilization exchange in Tang and Song Dynasties, is where the architecture situated. Says the designer, “Architecture and indoor space are the pivotal carriers for culture, which represent not only the magnificent experiences, also the cultures. The mission of passing down the Qingpu cultures is irresistible. The clear-cut design style and materials, integrating the traditional elements, express the contemporary majestic atmosphere.
Shui Yue Tang Exhibition Center
A Touch of Monet Residential Apartment by Li Zhang
A Touch of Monet Residential Apartment
A Touch of Monet Residential Apartment
The colors and hues of the white volakas marble, white lacquered floor boards, brushed bronze-colored stainless steel, and leather-skinned fill the space with brightness and movement reminiscent of the curves and waves, colors and spatial depth that bring Monet’s paintings to life. The blue waves of the abstract painting on the wall add further depth and movement to reinforce the overall design concept. Just this amount of color accent ties the space together and infuses it with energy. This styling turns a usually private room into a space that tells the story of a cultural personality.
A Touch of Monet
The Dynasty show house Residential House by Li Zhang
The Dynasty show house Residential House
The Dynasty show house Residential House
Located at the Dongqian Lake Tourist Area, the villa adjacent to the hills in the southwest and to the lake in the northeast has great view to natural environment. The design idea of “the exclusive natural scenery” presents to the world “the magnificent view, the privileged villas.”The designer has been trying to spawn the contemporary emotion in the Chinese-style courtyard that connects closer space with people, who experience the unique and intimate impression.
The Dynasty show house
Where The Dream Outlasts Interior Design by Li Zhang
Where The Dream Outlasts Interior Design
Where The Dream Outlasts Interior Design
Based on the business model “office sharing,” the office design plan breaks the conventions of general layouts, and invents the business office bringing closer the relationship among people. Derived from the idea “office sharing,” the new business office focuses on the people communications. The designer believes that the space with joy, flexibility, fun and creativity will make the working atmosphere more spontaneous and energetic. The very first impression for this office is the alleviation coming from the open space and cheerful lightings.
Where The Dream Outlasts

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