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Shen Junwei

Shen Junwei


Meet Shen Junwei - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Shen Junwei's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Shen Junwei's impressive haul of 9 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Shen Junwei's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Shen Junwei masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Shen Junwei's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Arizon Office by Shen Junwei
Arizon Office
Arizon Office
It is the experience from workspace to multi-dimensional scene, autonomous spatial growth. Conventional working space limits human activities by rigid formality; a space of autonomy, adaptability and diversity breaks boundaries in metrical sense, extending territory of imagination: park mode, media mode, work mode, exhibition mode and more. Let the working space transform into an imaginative park, where ideas explore freely.
inzone shopping mall by Shen Junwei
inzone shopping mall
inzone shopping mall
this project is implemented with the historical gene of located dig into the Special cultural advantages belong to this project energize and signifies the spatial extract and merge the elements of river and fair,boat and ship and to apply in use of spatial arrangement as clues,creates Special visual impact and memorialize highlights.take a small walk here under the rivers.the moving boat bottoms will indulge you in a wonderful dream.
Orient Yide City Shopping Center by Shen Junwei
Orient Yide City Shopping Center
Orient Yide City Shopping Center
It's the harmonious symbiosis mechanism between human being and nature. The aim is to provide a natural and mind-peaceful nest for people who are looking for the true simplicity in urban life. It’s a home to share.Inspired from the root concept of the nest in woods,a forestry residence, designer integrates the three buildings delicately with the clue of nest space,sharing a lifestyle that can vary in infinite appearance.A long detached attention to parents,to friends,to home will be reminded and conveyed,to immerse the busy urban habitants with a satisfied joy of returning to their nests.
Orient Yide City
Yi Market Commercial Space by Shen Junwei
Yi Market Commercial Space
Yi Market Commercial Space
How to introduce customers to this hidden,narrow lane underworld was a big challenge facing the designer.the inspiration comes from the hidden forestry underworld,the fresh gourmet that gathers in the yi market,While having a nice meal and taking a rest at yi market,they will drop into a moment of solitary satisfaction.the whole space symbolizes the original status of life,encouraging people to discover the beauty and charm embedded in the poetry tranquil face of life.
Yi Market
Vita Green Block B Shopping Center by Shen Junwei
Vita Green Block B Shopping Center
Vita Green Block B Shopping Center
How to guide passenger flow with light is the challenge facing the designer. The design concept comes from illusive forest. Entering the interior, looking up, sunlight enters the interior through stained glass windows from different directions, as if it’s coming through lush canopy way above. The flickering light sways which weaves shining glow and touching warmth, as if the iridescent air is breathing life into the whole shopping mall. Treading through this fleeting dazzle of light performance, you’ve entered an immersive interactive experience of light and shade.
Vita Green Block B
Yatai New Dynamic Shopping mall by Shen Junwei
Yatai New Dynamic Shopping mall
Yatai New Dynamic Shopping mall
Yatai new dynamic shopping mall, in the name of love, the design concept of a diamond realm sets it like a diamond, five theme spaces on seven floors, diamond food, time travel, city parlor, cove castle and sky bridge. The main atrium installs 760 diamond-like light sources to simulate natural light, which brings a touch of natural appearance to the otherwise enclosed top ceiling with a sensory tease, the love castle and sky bridge in the higher floors continue with the theme of love by filling the aesthetically pleasing spaces with dreamy colors.
Yatai New Dynamic
Kid'x World Shopping Center by Shen Junwei
Kid'x World Shopping Center
Kid'x World Shopping Center
The architect is inspired by Dandelion Hill,imagining the form of hills when adopting the rhythm of'contouring lines'in an undulating geography. In this space of 4200 square meters,the retailing stores and public entertainment areas are merged into the circular moving stream of visitors.the entire space is metaphorical for the process of life from budding, growing to maturity. Like a palette being knocked over, the project brushes up to 200 colors in areas with different themes.
Kid'x World
the fortune bridge commercial space by Shen Junwei
the fortune bridge commercial space
the fortune bridge commercial space
The concept of this design roots in: the convergence of floating islands, conveying every dots and drops of happiness is the convergence of love. The architect’s hope of providing the youngsters with emotional support. The challenge in this case is how to increase as much commercial space as possible on a limited traffic line, including: daily leisure, festival gourmet street, cultural activity etc. Different time periods, different functions, bring extensive values to the project.
the fortune bridge
WOO TUNG BLOSSOM Multifunctional Space by Shen Junwei
WOO TUNG BLOSSOM Multifunctional Space
WOO TUNG BLOSSOM Multifunctional Space
It’s a collection of space which contains furniture, floriculture, coffee, casual dining, sado, salon, exhibition and aesthetic life. In addition to home and office, it is the third space with knowledge, beauty-appreciation and lifestyle combined perfectly. For another, it is an everlasting progressive form and a multiple medium, expecting an endless supply of design and originality, designers and works, ideas and products to be inspired, published and focused due to this platform.

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