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Meet Estudio Maba - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Spain. Estudio Maba's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Estudio Maba's impressive haul of 14 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Packaging, Graphic and Web, Estudio Maba's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Estudio Maba masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Estudio Maba's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Paranormal Wine Family  by Estudio Maba
Paranormal Wine Family
Paranormal Wine Family
The design of this collection of wine bottles represents a magical vision of the phenomena that surround it. Paranormal is a name full of personality, which leads to a unique ideology of strange and surprising phenomena. Engraved and detailed illustrations show a haunting and ironic visual narrative. Broken typefaces to emulate the beautifully imperfect letterpress prints, complete this graphic based on ancient alchemy books, full of myths and fables.
Codice Wine Bottle by Estudio Maba
Codice Wine Bottle
Codice Wine Bottle
This wine design is a classic piece with a renewed treatment, which captures the meaning of the name. Large embossed drop cap letters build the delicate and sensory label surface, almost sculpted on paper. The graphic universe of the codex books is very rich in elements and allowed to build the different pieces of the bottle, from the capsule to the outer packaging. For the latter, a great illustration describes the vintage and the elements of the family heraldic shield, in a classic and colorful narrative, covering the piece that is gradually discovered by the user.
Picglaze Sample Book Catalogue of materials  by Estudio Maba
Picglaze Sample Book Catalogue of materials
Picglaze Sample Book Catalogue of materials
Picglaze prints photos, but finishes them with something out of the ordinary. They print on versatile and different materials, with the rigidity of the formats as a main element. The challenge of the design for Estudio Maba was to make the most of these qualities relevant on the result. Since the materials are rigid they can be sustained and form a composition. As such a sculpture with different colors and thicknesses. A product sample book that becomes a piece itself. A decorative object, further than a catalogue, this piece is volumetric design nice to see, touch and feel.
Picglaze Sample Book
Sierra Cantabria Wine Family by Estudio Maba
Sierra Cantabria Wine Family
Sierra Cantabria Wine Family
The design of this extensive family of wines has the mission of collecting the manifesto of 150 years of history to build the language of its labels. The different variants that it has give rise to a very large family, whose brand is worked together, but also retains subtle differences between one of the bottles to give rise to a range full of elegance and expressiveness. Using the winery's own heraldic symbols in combination with a hierarchy of typographic elements, manages to create more than 50 combinations of labels, with a serene and elegant design.
Sierra Cantabria
Santaren  Rum Bottle by Estudio Maba
Santaren Rum Bottle
Santaren Rum Bottle
Santaren is the result of the silent, dark, patient maceration of plants and spices. The objective was to make the design eminently original, to endow the bottle with all the elegance, personality and refinement of the liquid it contains, serenely distilled, full of feeling and history. The graphic approach for the label was classical, employing engraving techniques to create an image on heavily textured cotton paper. Ornamental typeface, luxurious detail and biblical symbols were incorporated to narrate the martyrdom of Saint Irene for a refined, elegant design. A delightful project.
Manners Gin Bottle  by Estudio Maba
Manners Gin Bottle
Manners Gin Bottle
This bottle of gin evolves in the same way as the different situations throughout the day in which this spirit can be tasted. His appearance presents a dual personality, so that from day to night he shows us his most hidden side. The whole brand, imbued with the London origins of its recipe and inspired by the popular elements of British culture, projects an image midway between the two extremes of strict formality and rebellion against all established order. And that conflict in British society is epitomised in a label that changes to reveal its wildest face when night falls.
Adaras Organic  Wine Family  by Estudio Maba
Adaras Organic Wine Family
Adaras Organic Wine Family
A resounding design for an organic wine family Adaras. There are many ways to convey simplicity and in this design proposal, the emphasis is minimalism. The graphic symbols represent an exercise of synthesis on the natural elements of the earth on which the fruit grows and the hands of the men on them to became the liquid inside the bottle. The overall effect is a powerful, mysterious and visual that invites you to know more about the content inside.
Adaras Organic
Fondillon 50 years Wine Bottle by Estudio Maba
Fondillon 50 years Wine Bottle
Fondillon 50 years Wine Bottle
Fondillón is a vintage wine whose first references go back to several centuries in which kings and intellectuals remembered its aroma and properties. The MG Wines family composed of different vintages, is not only growing, but also becoming more mature. Its family history, which started in 1996, is preserved in a traditional but updated design with a masculine appearance and proud demeanour. The special shape of its label, which wraps around the bottle, is a tribute to the history of a centenary wine praised by kings and historians alike.
Fondillon 50 years
Plaza del Sol  Crisp Bag by Estudio Maba
Plaza del Sol Crisp Bag
Plaza del Sol Crisp Bag
This design for typical recipes and products, extols the folk graphic universe, but in a contemporary way and plenty of humor. With this proposal the consumer wants to produce a smile, taking the marked latin character to new ways of expressing it. The use of photography of the elements that make up the recipe, located in a set design full of irony, gives a unique importance to the brand.
Plaza del Sol
Ada All day art festival by Estudio Maba
Ada All day art festival
Ada All day art festival
The art festival occurs during 24 hours and its graphic identity proposes a concept which has quite an impact, using the bloodshot eyes you’ll get by attending the whole workshop to avoid missing anything. A piece representing eyedrops is the first of a large collection of coordinated items that start with temporary signage and include merchandising and a map of the exhibition.
Altaona Website by Estudio Maba
Altaona Website
Altaona Website
This website design that enables users to interact with items that flow, to create the proper ambience that the project needs ti emphasize. The ring is a sign of identity that symbolises pride in belonging to a place to live flows along the site navigation to enhance the experience. The houses are shown by 3D interactive images, as the floor plans also do. Animated illustrations and images converge while browsing to create the right atmosphere for the project, a place to be proud of belong.
Raedy Juices family by Estudio Maba
Raedy Juices family
Raedy Juices family
The Ready juices range design gives this ready-to-drink collection of juices a dynamic personality. This extensive family is always ready for different consumption moments and functionalities, making each subfamily an individual expression within the ensemble, also connected to the rest of the range bring order and meaning to the brand.
Chica Unusual Blends Fruit Infusions  by Estudio Maba
Chica Unusual Blends Fruit Infusions
Chica Unusual Blends Fruit Infusions
This design for Chica Unusual Blends, makes an approach to the cosmetic and sophisticated world for an organic fruit drink. Each bottle is decorated with small elements that represent the ingredients, building as a pattern a delicate graphic for the brand that becomes its logo. The bottles are included in a case, proposing to the user a form of unusual relationship for a drink of this type. A feminine, sophisticated design, based on the details to build a timeless object.
Chica Unusual Blends
Maquinon Wine bottle by Estudio Maba
Maquinon Wine bottle
Maquinon Wine bottle
The intention for Maquinon was to design a packaging full of light, color and rhythm, to refresh a wine of a very particular denomination of origin and full of personality. Maquinon is biodynamic wine, what means that nature and moon phases has an important goal in its production. Light in the dark was included on design, as a small bulb that brights when the dark is over. A vibrant and rhythmic design, as are the tasting notes of the wine. Impossible to go unnoticed.

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