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Meet Evolution Design - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Switzerland. Evolution Design's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Evolution Design's impressive haul of 17 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Architecture, Interior and Web, Evolution Design's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Evolution Design masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Evolution Design's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Entry Building to Sberbank Entrance to Headquarters by Evolution Design
Entry Building to Sberbank Entrance to Headquarters
Entry Building to Sberbank Entrance to Headquarters
With the newly constructed building that encloses the exterior space between two existing high-rise towers the architects have created a representative entrance to the office towers that are part of Sberbank City, the new campus of the Russian bank. The hyperbolic paraboloid form delivers immense, daylight-flooded interiors, while minimizing sunlight obstruction to the offices in the towers. Both entrances are crowned in a series of triangulated panels, creating a strong design statement.
Entry Building to Sberbank
Sberbank Headquarters Atrium by Evolution Design
Sberbank Headquarters Atrium
Sberbank Headquarters Atrium
Swiss architecture office Evolution Design in partnership with Russian architecture studio T+T architects has designed a spacious multifunctional atrium at the new corporate headquarters of Sberbank in Moscow. The daylight flooded atrium houses diverse coworking spaces and a coffee bar, with the suspended diamond shaped meeting room being the focal point of the internal courtyard. The mirror reflections, glazed internal façade and the use of plants add the sense of spaciousness and continuity.
Sberbank Headquarters
Square Hsg Learning Center by Evolution Design
Square Hsg Learning Center
Square Hsg Learning Center
Square or the learning center of the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is an inspiring and vibrant environment for learning and teaching and gives students, lecturers and the wider society a future-oriented platform for exchange, dialogue and surprising encounters. The building was designed by Sou Fujimoto and architecture studio Evolution Design was tasked with creating a learning concept that responds to the innovative learning and teaching formats and enables maximum flexibility in the future. The interior concept is, therefore, dynamic and adaptable.
Barry Callebaut Headquarters by Evolution Design
Barry Callebaut Headquarters
Barry Callebaut Headquarters
Swiss architecture studio Evolution Design has designed the new Zurich-based headquarters of Barry Callebaut, the global manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. Along with interiors that activate senses through a myriad of textures, materials and colors, the new head office also incorporates a chocolate academy and three large employee hubs that are linked with internal staircases. The offices feature oxygen generating plants and comply with Swiss sustainability standards.
Barry Callebaut
Jed Conversion by Evolution Design
Jed Conversion
Jed Conversion
Jed is a new business and event location in Zurich. Located in the former NZZ newspaper printing plant, the project is the conversion of an industrial site into a distinctive location offering a variety of spaces for work and leisure, all based on the idea of collaboration, knowledge transfer and innovation. The new architecture references the building’s heritage by retaining the scale and structure of the former printing halls and delivering a sense of openness and industrial charm throughout.
Rtl Audio Center Berlin by Evolution Design
Rtl Audio Center Berlin
Rtl Audio Center Berlin
Derived from a desire to rethink radio production, the Rtl audio center in Berlin is a modern media hub, offering a creative and technologically advanced environment that creates synergies between the four stations located at the center. Inspired by the energy of the music industry, interiors deliver a journey into the world of music for staff and stars alike, while references to the edgy urban vibe of Berlin further enhance the unmistakable identity of the audio hub.
Evolution Design Website by Evolution Design
Evolution Design Website
Evolution Design Website
Evolution Design’s new, improved website showcases the studio’s wide range of projects and skills, conveys a human-centred design approach by shining a light on the studio’s team and clients, and delivers a clear and easily navigable structure. Colourful accents in the navigation bar, call-to-action buttons and quotes add the element of surprise and tap into the overall impression of Evolution Design being a youthful, dynamic and collaborative architecture studio whose focus is on people.
Evolution Design
Novex Coworking Hub by Evolution Design
Novex Coworking Hub
Novex Coworking Hub
Set among mountains and lakes in picturesque Central Switzerland, 6280.ch coworking hub is a response to the growing need for flexible and accessible workspaces in rural areas of Switzerland. It offers local freelancers and small businesses a contemporary workspace with interiors that draw inspiration from the sites bucolic setting and pay homage to its industrial past while firmly embracing the nature of 21st century working life.
Novex Coworking
Puls Office Design by Evolution Design
Puls Office Design
Puls Office Design
The German engineering company Puls moved to new premises and used this opportunity for visualizing and stimulating a new collaboration culture within the company. The new office design is driving a cultural change, with teams reporting a significant increase in internal communication, particularly between research and development and other departments. The company has also seen a rise in spontaneous informal meetings, known to be one of the key indicators of success in research and development innovation.
HB Reavis London Office by Evolution Design
HB Reavis London Office
HB Reavis London Office
Designed according to the IWBI‘s WELL Building Standard, the headquarters of HB Reavis UK is aimed at promoting a project-based work, which encourages the break down of departmental silos and makes working across different teams simpler and more accessible. Following the WELL Building Standard, the workplace design is also aimed to address the health issues associated with modern offices, such as lack of mobility, bad lighting, poor air quality, limited food choices, and stress.
HB Reavis London
Puls Vario Office by Evolution Design
Puls Vario Office
Puls Vario Office
Inspired by the traditional Austrian farmhouse, the research and development office of the German engineering company PULS Vario is designed around the principles of how innovation occurs. The four main office areas – retreat, dialogue, create and share – are tailored to support different tasks and different stages of the invention process, from deep thinking to idea and knowledge sharing to coming up with new products.
Puls Vario
Flexhouse Residential building by Evolution Design
Flexhouse Residential building
Flexhouse Residential building
Flexhouse is a single-family home on Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Built on a challenging triangular plot of land, squeezed between the railway line and the local access road, Flexhouse is the result of overcoming many architectural challenges: restrictive boundary distances and building volume, triangular shape of the plot, restrictions regarding local vernacular. The resulting building with its wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like white façade is so light and mobile in appearance that it resembles a futuristic vessel that has sailed in from the lake and found itself a natural place to dock.
Sberbank Office Design by Evolution Design
Sberbank Office Design
Sberbank Office Design
The complexity of this project was to design an agile workplace of enormous size within a very limited time frame and to keep the physical and emotional needs of office users always at the heart of the design. With the new office design, Sberbank has set the first steps towards modernising their workplace concept. The new office design enables staff to perform their tasks in the most suitable work environment and establishes a brand new architectural identity for the leading financial institution in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Chapel on the Hill Holiday cottage by Evolution Design
Chapel on the Hill Holiday cottage
Chapel on the Hill Holiday cottage
After standing derelict for more than 40 years, a dilapidated Methodist chapel in the north of England has been transformed into a self-catering holiday home for 7 people. The architects have retained the original characteristics – the tall Gothic windows and the main congregation hall – turning the chapel into a harmonious and comfortable space flooded with daylight. This 19th century building is located in a rural English countryside offering panoramic views to the rolling hills and the beautiful countryside.
Chapel on the Hill
Neumatt Sports Center by Evolution Design
Neumatt Sports Center
Neumatt Sports Center
Neumatt is not one of the many standard sports centers in Switzerland. Inside, it is a true color burst of green, yellow, red and blue. These rainbow-like colors not only help children to navigate around, but it’s also more playful and taps into the way children see the world. By designing a bright sports hall flooded with daylight, the architects wanted to encourage people to spend more time doing sports and truly enjoy being there. Outside, the facade has been designed to blend in, with an upper glazed level that reflects the sky and changes the color depending on the time of day.
K.I.S.S. Residential Development by Evolution Design
K.I.S.S. Residential Development
K.I.S.S. Residential Development
K.I.S.S. is a residential development in Zurich, Switzerland with 46 maisonettes that are very different from the usual white-wall single-story Swiss rental apartments. By offering tenants the choice of three different apartment typologies – funky, industrial and classic – K.I.S.S. responds to the future tenant needs for distinct apartments, which suit their individuality and lifestyle. The distinct apartment types were classified based on an intensive market research of the area and the anticipated future changes in society (Sinus-Milieu Model).
easyCredit House Workplace interior design by Evolution Design
easyCredit House Workplace interior design
easyCredit House Workplace interior design
easyCredit House or the Team Bank headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany revolutionize the workplace design in the banking sector by offering employees an activity and needs oriented work environment that increases spontaneous meeting opportunities and encourages employees from different departments to work together. Architects' main inspiration was to support the client in their strive for creating a workplace that reflects company vision and values - openness, fairness, creativity - and to offer employees a work environment in which they can achieve their best results.
easyCredit House

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