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Meet Kris Lin - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Kris Lin's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Kris Lin's impressive haul of 104 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Architecture, Trade Show, Hospitality, Lighting, Cultural Heritage, Real Estate and Furniture, Kris Lin's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Kris Lin masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Kris Lin's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Royal One   Private Club House by Kris Lin
Royal One Private Club House
Royal One Private Club House
This private club is crafted for wine enthusiasts and hosts of social gatherings, aiming to balance personal indulgence with social interaction. Circular design elements symbolize harmony, embodying the Unity of Heaven and Human principle and connecting design with emotions. A water droplet art piece adds an artistic touch, symbolizing life's vitality and merging natural elements with modern design. This initiative redefines the role of private clubs and explores spatial aesthetics and humanistic philosophy.
Royal One
Unbounded Office by Kris Lin
Unbounded Office
Unbounded Office
The project, targeting corporate spirit and real-world work requirements, amalgamates diverse functionalities such as office work, reception, meetings, tea tasting, collecting, resting, and fishkeeping. Adopting a Unbounded design concept and utilizing modern materials like mirrors and stainless steel, it aims to achieve an infinite extension and maximal continuity of space. This approach seeks to break away from the constraints of traditional closed offices, creating an open, multi functional working environment.
The Crystal Clubhouse Community Shared Space by Kris Lin
The Crystal Clubhouse Community Shared Space
The Crystal Clubhouse Community Shared Space
The project aims to establish a community-shared clubhouse to foster social interaction. Featuring amenities such as a tea room, shared library, sunlit swimming pool, gym, and yoga studio, it seeks to deepen family communication and create a healthy community. Inspired by crystal and employing integrated design, the project creates a lightweight and transparent glass building, enhancing space transparency and openness to cultivate a vibrant community atmosphere.
The Crystal Clubhouse
Jenga Community Public Building by Kris Lin
Jenga Community Public Building
Jenga Community Public Building
The project is a public building at the entrance of a residential community, occupying 1200 square meters and housing four main functions: commercial space, community lobby, property management office, and equipment room. However, space constraints arise due to setbacks from adjacent buildings and redline restrictions. Drawing inspiration from the childhood game Jenga, the design integrates each functional area like interconnected blocks, resulting in a cohesive and unified exterior façade, enhancing overall unity.
Light Patio Community Public Space by Kris Lin
Light Patio Community Public Space
Light Patio Community Public Space
As a community public space, the project provides a social and interactive place for the whole community, so as to improve the indifferent relationship between modern residential neighborhoods. The biggest problem of the project is that it is located in an underground space, with poor indoor lighting and deep indoor space. Introducing the design of the courtyard to the ground landscape forming the unique fifth facade of the interior space. Thus, natural light is introduced into the interior to solve the problem of insufficient lighting in the interior space.
Light Patio
Ruyi Exhibition Center by Kris Lin
Ruyi Exhibition Center
Ruyi Exhibition Center
The designer carries out the second creation by extracting, analyzing, and abstracting the shape of Ruyi to express the contemporary design with new materials and construction methods. In this construction, a steel structure is used to make a curved shape. The entire facade is covered by white aluminum plates with each plate processed into curves with different arcs through precise calculations. They are perfectly spliced to form a streamlined shape, forming a sense of modern technology and creating the charm of Ruyi. Every design detail is so fully displayed.
White Mountain Club House by Kris Lin
White Mountain Club House
White Mountain Club House
This is a community clubhouse that shows the future life of the community. The designer, inspired by the shape of the rolling hills, creates the surficial landscape which extends down to the visual surface of the building. In this way, the building's perception of solidity will be weakened to fully integrate into the urban space. It also reduces the interference of the building to the urban environment and maintains the continuity of the urban landscape space.
White Mountain
Dekton Cosentino Pavilion Exhibition by Kris Lin
Dekton Cosentino Pavilion Exhibition
Dekton Cosentino Pavilion Exhibition
Design Shanghai is Asia's most prestigious design event, bringing together over 600 domestic and international design brands from more than 40 countries. The event attracted nearly 200,000 visitors. The Spanish brand Dekton and Cosentino showcased their designs in a 150-square-meter booth, captivating the audience. The booth featured an open layout, offering product displays, client interactions, and coffee bar services, showcasing the characteristics of Dekton Slim stone panels, including their large size, thin profile, integration, and recyclability.
Dekton Cosentino Pavilion
Mirror Sales Center by Kris Lin
Mirror Sales Center
Mirror Sales Center
This sales office project, facing low ceilings and poor lighting, innovatively overcomes these challenges with design and material solutions. Mirror technology visually raises the ceiling above 5 meters, enhancing spatial perception. LED-lit translucent jade glass walls, made from recycled materials, and high-gloss finishes like reflective stone and lacquer, significantly improve lighting and visually expand the space, creating a bright and open area for display, sales, and reception.
Sky Spa Wellness Spaces by Kris Lin
Sky Spa Wellness Spaces
Sky Spa Wellness Spaces
The project, located on the top floor with expansive views, aims to create a rejuvenating Spa sanctuary where one can briefly escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Utilizing large floor to ceiling glass windows, it brings the sky indoors, facilitating a holistic experience of mind and body unity. Embracing the concept of Blue Sky, the design transforms the facade windows into floor to ceiling ones, recreating the sky's scenery. Additionally, through an open layout and large windows, it enhances air circulation, elevating the overall health benefits.
Sky Spa
The U World Community Center by Kris Lin
The U World Community Center
The U World Community Center
The U World is located in Guangming District, Shenzhen City. In The north, it leans on a large mountain ecological park, with a natural environment, potential regional development, and convenient transportation. The project will become a city-shared living hall that integrates reading, coffee, family fitness, social activities, sightseeing, and other composite functions. Between the home and the city, Shared Space acts as an important transitional territory, a key place to show and reshape urban living style.
The U World
Jenga Box Commercial by Kris Lin
Jenga Box Commercial
Jenga Box Commercial
The site of the project is tight and especially narrow in the north. Starting from site planning, the design integrates architecture, interior, landscape and lighting. The three-dimensional space of the building highlights the freedom of the space through the interpenetration and torsion of the block. South of the site is the main road of the city. Under the background of internal and external lights, the whole space is just like a shop window with exquisite and rich connotation in the city.
Jenga Box
Stream Office by Kris Lin
Stream Office
Stream Office
The project is located in the belly of the Greater Bay Area, which is a new business highland on the west bank of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The office occupies the whole floor of the office building, the visual field can reach 360 degrees with unique landscape vision and good lighting conditions. The designer continues to explore the limits of structure and modeling and breaks the vertical composition of space. On the basis of visual aesthetics, the designer has reopened the new interface of the city skyline with bold curve elements.
River Palace Club House by Kris Lin
River Palace Club House
River Palace Club House
The project faces the vast hinterland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the key words set sail came to designer's mind; therefore,combining with its historical background,yacht is applied as the design language in the project architecture to illustrate the understanding of urban characteristics and environmental characteristics. It has become a new gathering spot and offered a natural emotional experience field to the Pearl River coast.
River Palace
Dome Sales Center by Kris Lin
Dome Sales Center
Dome Sales Center
The original space plan of the project is a square layout. The cosmology of orbicular sky and rectangular earth in the structure is in line with the philosophical thought of the harmony between man and nature. The designer simplified the shape of the circular caisson and abstracted artistic expression. Combined with the skylight design, the designer introduced natural light into the interior through the fifth facade of the building. It aims to integrate Chinese traditional architectural philosophy with modern design techniques.
Fluid Space Sales Center by Kris Lin
Fluid Space Sales Center
Fluid Space Sales Center
Fluid Space
Poetic Pavilion Sale Center by Kris Lin
Poetic Pavilion Sale Center
Poetic Pavilion Sale Center
The project expresses the pavilion, water, moon, bridge, and pine of some Chinese gardens in a modern way. It conveys the historical and cultural details with Chinese traditional introverted silence. In the small space, the elegant artistic conception of the court gallery is displayed. The indoor water is connected to the outdoor landscaped pool, blurring the building boundary. grid, a cover, in the line of sight switch, the space is opened like a fan-shape, lingering on the waterfront. Show the advantages, style characteristics, and cultural style of the community.
Poetic Pavilion
Guohua Financial Center Public Space by Kris Lin
Guohua Financial Center Public Space
Guohua Financial Center Public Space
This is an office space design. The project is located in the North Bund of Shanghai. The building as a new gene of the North Bund, has a sculptural quality in its space, shape, and exterior, echoing the surrounding environment. The designer extracted the broken line elements of the building to create an office space with a relatively free sculptural nature. Through repeated juxtaposition and superposition commonly used in sculpture, positive space is a restricted space, while negative space is produced by hollowing out an existing entity.
Guohua Financial Center
Tianyu Wan Residence by Kris Lin
Tianyu Wan Residence
Tianyu Wan Residence
This project is the interior design of a residential. The design is inspired by nature and encourages playfulness. There is no wind lobby in the design and after opening the front door they come directly into the heart of the apartment where the family gathers - to the big table. Focus on creating plans while maintaining airiness from shared and social to the most intimate. In addition to the living room, dining room, bedroom, and other basic living spaces, also includes a variety of different leisure and entertainment functional areas to meet multi-scene space needs.
Tianyu Wan
Stars in the Valley  Sales Center by Kris Lin
Stars in the Valley Sales Center
Stars in the Valley Sales Center
The case is that a community sales center is located in Chongqing, which is a city built with the shape of a mountain. The design of the project shows the characteristics of the city. It is designed according to the original rock-like mass of the building, taking the form and artistic conception of the cave as its prototype, forming a wonderful atmosphere like a cave dwelling. The designer used natural marble to simulate the texture of mountains and rocks. The three-dimensional shape of the wall looks like traces left by manual excavation.
Stars in the Valley
Dancing Ribbon Public Space by Kris Lin
Dancing Ribbon Public Space
Dancing Ribbon Public Space
This is an urban public space in Chengdu. The project is located in public transport hubs. The designer wants to create a public space where people want to stay. To reduce the sense of apathy among people, and they can read, talk, drink coffee. The space can meet various functions for leisure and communication, or immerse in the world of reading, or the ladder square of cultural salon activities. The space is inspired by dancing ribbons. The dancing ribbon not only serves as a link between the upper and lower levels but also symbolizes the vitality of the city.
Dancing Ribbon
City Skyline Exhibition Hall by Kris Lin
City Skyline Exhibition Hall
City Skyline Exhibition Hall
This is an exhibition hall located 140 meters above the ground in Suzhou, the skyline and the light of the city are all in one's eyes. The narrow hallway and the open exhibition hall at the end form a contrast of light and dark space. The panoramic glass curtain wall blurs the boundary between the urban landscape outside the window and the indoor space, and the separation of columns and glass forms the urban landscape with different sizes and scenes. Visitors can have an interactive experience in the exhibition hall, and relax in the cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee.
City Skyline
Spiritual Bay Villa Residential by Kris Lin
Spiritual Bay Villa Residential
Spiritual Bay Villa Residential
Located in Qingdao West Coast, China's ninth largest new district, this project presents exclusive first-line sea view villas. The villas boast open-plan layouts, ocean-view bedrooms, home theaters, tea rooms, and more, emphasizing "frame scene" design to transform sea views into living art through floor-to-ceiling windows. This modern minimalist approach enhances the focus on outside ocean vistas, allowing residents to immerse in nature's beauty without leaving home.
Spiritual Bay Villa
My Dream Home  Public Welfare Renovation  by Kris Lin
My Dream Home Public Welfare Renovation
My Dream Home Public Welfare Renovation
Oriental TV's Extreme Makeover Home Edition is one of China's highest rated public welfare TV programs, attracting over 500 million viewers. The show aims to improve the cramped living spaces of low income families through space renovation, providing better living conditions for vulnerable groups in society and giving back to the community through design. Integrating architectural, landscape, interior, and soft furnishing design, the program addresses issues such as limited space and poor ventilation.
My Dream Home
Leaves Club House by Kris Lin
Leaves Club House
Leaves Club House
This is a community club, which is located halfway up a mountain. The scene of wind blowing leaves in autumn is the most beautiful here. The designer was inspired by the wind blowing through the leaves. Fully respecting Changsha's native landforms and what the city has to offer culturally, the design seeks to integrate local massifs and structures, which are a source of inspiration for this project, into indoor spaces. Beyond that, the rolling ceiling of the former building is retained as a means to mirror what a wavy mountain is like.
Skylight Sales Center by Kris Lin
Skylight Sales Center
Skylight Sales Center
This is a sales center in a community in Yiwu, China. The biggest problem the project designer faced is that the interior space is relatively deep. Also, there is no large glass curtain wall on the exterior of the building, which blocks the natural light and leads to poor indoor lighting. The design strategy is to employ skylights and introduces natural light in through the fifth facade of the building, thereby solving the problem of insufficient lighting in the interior space.
Navigator Sales Center by Kris Lin
Navigator Sales Center
Navigator Sales Center
The original building is a 100-year-old Tianjin shipyard, respecting and paying tribute to the historical significance of the original building. The designer designed the project through the concept of a large ship driving on the sea, connecting the original showroom and the sales office which two separate buildings, through a corridor to form a complete building, and using the streamlined shape of the ship to design the building's outline, and with the design of the waterscape, the shape of thea large ship driving on the sea is formed.
Boundary Office by Kris Lin
Boundary Office
Boundary Office
The project is close to Beijing Shougang Park. Emerging entrepreneurs have given this traditional industrial park a new way to the public, and there is an urgent need for an open and diverse office environment to promote team collaboration and communication. Overlooking from the project can glance the industrial and cultural charm of Shougang Park. Designer takes boundless as the design concept to form an open functional place, enhance the interaction and communication between people and space, create a dynamic office space experience.
Villa 22 Residence by Kris Lin
Villa 22 Residence
Villa 22 Residence
Villa 22 covers a total area of 2000 sqm. Chinese people are particular about Feng Shui because it will affect people's body health. The true meaning of Feng Shui is Nature, it emphasizes at combining human beings with nature and uses sunshine, air and water these three elements of nature to run through into the interior space. The designer takes water as the thought, art as the form and poetry as the environment, creating a modern light artistic conception with high quality from vision to feeling.
Villa 22
Infinite Cafe by Kris Lin
Infinite Cafe
Infinite Cafe
This case takes those multiple dimensions like space art aesthetics, cultural and creative life, new retail, and interactive experience into consideration, breaks space boundary and tries to integrate business models in different fields to shape diversified lifestyles experience in the future. the designer keenly captures the popular gene of the younger generation customers, strengthens the social attribute of the space, perfectly combines the concepts of trendy entertain block, cafe and book bar culture, and creates a Utopia that belongs to the future social activities of generation Z.
Birch Forest Restaurant by Kris Lin
Birch Forest Restaurant
Birch Forest Restaurant
The project is located in Xi'an, close to Jinghe Wetland Park in the south. With its high-quality river resources, rich surrounding green fields, and beautiful Wetland Park, the project has achieved unique ecological resources. The whole design takes "Dear drink at trackless stream" in the poem "a trip to Lushan Mountain" by Mei Yaochen as the design conception, it is a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty. Integrated forest, deer, and water are those three elements in the design. The grid system of indoor ceiling which has become the most expressive image characteristic of this case.
Birch Forest
China Overseas Center Office by Kris Lin
China Overseas Center Office
China Overseas Center Office
This is an office in Kunming new CBD. To break the traditional closed office space, form an open functional place, enhance the interaction and communication between people and space.The design continues the character of the building. Extracted the broken line elements of the building to create a free office space full of sculptural feeling.Secondly, the integration of indoor and outdoor landscape, the designer based on the original column network combined with the outdoor environment to plan the layout of indoor functions, creating a landmark space.
China Overseas Center
Art Toys Cafe by Kris Lin
Art Toys Cafe
Art Toys Cafe
This case will be a combination of coffee and art toy Internet celebrity cafe. To create a social utopia for Generation Z. Taking the ROBBi art as the subject of space, customers pretend to be spacewalkers, who are both users and explorers. The designer took the space capsule as the design idea and extracted design elements to create a trendy cafe in terms of texture, lighting, and color. The whole cafe is like a living room in the vast universe, here to rest, and chat. The new space is different from the same type of commercial space. The designer creates an immersive experience.
Art Toys
City Of Light  Community Center by Kris Lin
City Of Light Community Center
City Of Light Community Center
A river is in front of this project. The design concept from the rhythm of the water itself with the usage of the liquid-like blob architecture. The designer blends the curve with the geometric shape and forms a streamlined building with a sense of technology and future. It breaks the traditional concept of Founder architecture and integrates streamlined fashion design into architectural design so that the whole building looks like a streamlined ocean wave. The public space increase the interaction of the neighborhood. Everyone has more communities communication and people-to-people contact.
City Of Light
Opus One Sales Office by Kris Lin
Opus One Sales Office
Opus One Sales Office
Opus One
Central Park Sales Office by Kris Lin
Central Park Sales Office
Central Park Sales Office
The project is located at Xi'an, next to Xi'an's largest urban ecological park, about 113.4 hectares, and has become a natural landscape resource for the project. Every inch of land and every plant has got a very poetic expression. The designers hope to use the "Central Park" as the theme, combined with the guest line and use the "Introduction, elucidation, transition, and summary" design method to create a reception center with park experience.
Central Park
Snail Bay City Exhibition Hall by Kris Lin
Snail Bay City Exhibition Hall
Snail Bay City Exhibition Hall
The project is located in Kunming, it is also known as Flower City and Spring City. It is one of the most habitable cities in China. This case is the reconstruction and reuse of old buildings in Snail Bay. The Snail Bay Center is a government-led urban renewal project that was upgraded on the original site of Old Snail Bay. The designers’ strategy is to remove the external wall, dig its internal spatial memory and value, and endow it with proper temperament while preserving its structure and spatial pattern.
Snail Bay
Flying Exhibition Center by Kris Lin
Flying Exhibition Center
Flying Exhibition Center
The project is located at Jiangyin city on the edge of the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River is China's largest river, and it has nurtured the advanced Yangtze River Economic Belt. Designers use the advantages of geographical location to create an urban art experience center.This project is an integrated design that combines architecture, interior, landscape, and soft design.The whole design concept revolves around the flying over the water surface. Looking at the whole building, the design of the structure is like a pair of flying wings.
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse by Kris Lin
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse
Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse
This project is a part of hangzhou zhongnan project, which is a residential community. The designer adopts an abstract approach in the interior design while combining the fantastic natural beauty of Hangzhou aiming at to create an atmosphere of one flower, one scenery and one step, one story. Lighting is the key design of this case. Particular design approach is adopted to create a warm atmosphere. The designer outlines structure of the space and make the overall space full of sense of art.
Zhongnan Mansion
Twisting exhibition area by Kris Lin
Twisting exhibition area
Twisting exhibition area
This is a design work displayed in the exhibition. It is positioned as a Lounge bar and its styling is conceptual. Designers wanted to create a different “prototype” in a way other than the traditional way by exploring different possibilities of the bar with futurist feeling. The design is inspired by the winding and intertwining concept. All the inspirations emerge in the moment and twist together to form a new design idea. Therefore, it is named "twisting". The space is formed by twisting structures, making the overall styling become very artistic, blending and independent.
Light Waterfall   Sales Center by Kris Lin
Light Waterfall Sales Center
Light Waterfall Sales Center
The reception center is mainly for business purpose, so the owner hopes itsshape and stylewill be eye-catching by using the play of materials and lights in design. Water is the theme in this case. The architectural design conveys the relation of water, architecture and nature by a transparent concept.
Light Waterfall
Shine City Sales Center by Kris Lin
Shine City Sales Center
Shine City Sales Center
The project is a sales center. Inspiration comes from traditional Chinese aesthetics. The design technique applied in inherits the artistic conception of Song Dynasty aesthetics.The earliest minimalists appeared in Song Dynasty. It is the minimalism expression of the oriental realm. It is the minimalism expression of the oriental realm. The design chooses silk used in paintings in Song Dynasty as a design element, and utilizes the artistic creation techniques of purity and leaving blank space to create a poetic atmosphere from sophistication to simple.
Shine City
Lakeside City Club House by Kris Lin
Lakeside City Club House
Lakeside City Club House
This is a community club house. The project is located in Shaoxing City, next to Didang Lake and surrounded on three sides by the lake. Inspiration comes from the Lanting gathering which has been passed down in Shaoxing for thousands of years. People get together to drink wine and write poems. The space is divided into two parts: the swimming pool and fitness center are the 1 floor, while the celebrity hall on the second floor, where people can enjoy the tea and the scenery.
Lakeside City
Sequence Showroom by Kris Lin
Sequence Showroom
Sequence Showroom
A community development display and sales space in Chongqing, China. The designer were inspired by the modern expression of traditional elements such as screens. It conveys the historical and cultural details with Chinese traditional introverted silence. The design interpret the classical element in a modern way, moreover, to inherit the culture in a humanistic way. In the small space, the elegant artistic conception of court gallery is displayed.
Glass Core Lobby by Kris Lin
Glass Core Lobby
Glass Core Lobby
The project located in Jiaxing, China. It has three floors connected by an elevator space in the atrium. The first floor is the office area, the second floor is the reception area, and the third floor is the brand display area, conversation area, VIP room, etc. Entering from the first floor and taking the elevator directly to the lobby on the third floor. In the elevator, the translucent glass is inlaid with metal material, and the texture is like white jade with gold rim, and it is like a white rainbow neon falling from the sky.
Glass Core
Flow Sale Center by Kris Lin
Flow Sale Center
Flow Sale Center
This is a sales and exhibition space for the community. Cube art installation before entering the interior, the purpose is to attract people's attention, people come here to take photos and enter the interior to visit. When people enter the interior, the curved wall resembles the ripples produced by the flow of curved water, which has the energy to form a dynamic vision, creating a fluid spatial form. Shaping the image of the future city.
Tianyue One Residence by Kris Lin
Tianyue One Residence
Tianyue One Residence
The project is located on the Bank of the Jialing River in Chongqing. It's getting dark, back home after an exhausting day of working and sitting on the terrace, looking into the distance, there are dark green mountains and clouds in the view, all fatigue is cured at this moment. Entering the house from the entrance, warm brown is the main tone, the multi-materials mixed as white marble and wood texture are matched, and the neat lines create a simple modern style. Natural light and excellent river view are introduced into the room through floor glass.
Tianyue One
Treasured Mansion  Club House by Kris Lin
Treasured Mansion Club House
Treasured Mansion Club House
Design try to design a flexible space with lines of light. First, curving light lines are formed, then combines these lines into a luminous elevation. Putthe ceiling and wall together to form a complete space of light. Designer use 3D modelling to research on the size, dimension and height of light lines as well as ergonomics. Economical materials like lamp film and LEDlightare used in design of the space to create a space with flow lines.
Treasured Mansion
Light Cube Club House by Kris Lin
Light Cube Club House
Light Cube Club House
Large area of acrylics is adopted to form many small and luminous acrylic cubes which creates a wall with architecture structure quality through artistic combination. Acrylics itself is a kind of material which can luminous evenly. Together with LED light and combination of light, shadow and structure, Designer create a curtain wall of light and shadow.Then make the luminous wall a complete light cube which makes the application of light cube well used.
Light Cube
Skynet Display  space by Kris Lin
Skynet Display space
Skynet Display space
Rhythm Sales Center by Kris Lin
Rhythm Sales Center
Rhythm Sales Center
In the wave of the development of the times, the designer tried to use the modern design language to interpret the spirit of the city and create a sense of the urban neighborhood and make it become the first display of the community spirit. The facade of the building uses textured reflective glass material. The surface of the glass reflects the natural landscape of the surrounding city. The structure inside the space and the skin are intertwined like a ribbon.
Frame Sales Office by Kris Lin
Frame Sales Office
Frame Sales Office
The project is located in Tianjin. The high-speed South Railway Station Science and Technology Business District in this area will become a Beijing-Tianjin comprehensive transportation hub. The surrounding transportation is convenient. Designers hope that the shape of the art gallery in the box makes the project a visual focus and attracts people's attention, and it is hoped that the outlook of the future living status of the area will be conveyed through design.The frame structure has two functions: one is the definition of function, and the other is the aesthetics of design.
Seeking Deer Sales Office by Kris Lin
Seeking Deer Sales Office
Seeking Deer Sales Office
The project is divided into two floors, the one floor is the hall display area and the conversation area, and the second floor is the reception and office area. The designers break the second floor with a large-scale floor-to-ceiling window. And through the contrast between the fuzzy and the clear produced by the glass material, become a visual connection. A 6 meter long installation, "Deer of Life", is set up in the second-floor window area. Guests can see this "deer" through the window on the first floor.
Seeking Deer
Textile Art Center by Kris Lin
Textile Art Center
Textile Art Center
This case is an urban renewal and renovation project. Under the background of urban renewal, the designer has carried out a comprehensive study on the history and geographical features of the textile industry in Deqing County. Inspired by the Textile. The main body of the space follows the architectural structure of the old factory building and uses the architectural symbols of the broken lines to integrate the building into the interior to form an organic unity. It is like an art gallery that exists in a box.
Fantasia Luwan 68 Apartment by Kris Lin
Fantasia Luwan 68 Apartment
Fantasia Luwan 68 Apartment
The apartment is located in a residential building at Shanghai. It is located in Shanghai Luwan District, here is the birthplace of Shanghai's indigenous people; There are Shanghai Shikumen architecture, there are western Baroque architecture. In the social area the intervention involved the removal of the existing dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen, thus providing a single wider space. It was not only a connecting and attractive link of the entire space but also a functional solution.
Fantasia Luwan 68
Luminous Wall sales center by Kris Lin
Luminous Wall sales center
Luminous Wall sales center
Jingzhao Mansion is a small display space. Because of the limited volume, it is hard to satisfy the different kind of space usages and to define them individually.The Chinese-style window lattice to the wall. This achieves the aim: division of space and transparent in vision. In this project, designers use the wall of space, the wall of luminescence and Oriental elements as the concept of design.
Luminous Wall
Waving Ribbon Sales Center by Kris Lin
Waving Ribbon Sales Center
Waving Ribbon Sales Center
This project is a building sales center for a large community that is going to be built by several phases. As the center will be in the front of the park, the overall design should elevate the beautiful natural environment of the community and make the building stand out so as to attract customers and contribute to good sales. Simple and free curve lines are applied to the exterior wall design. The architecture looks like a floating light box which forms a visual focus.
Waving Ribbon
Tanyue Mansion public space  by Kris Lin
Tanyue Mansion public space
Tanyue Mansion public space
The overall design style is contemporary with Oriental flavor, so in the choice of materials, the designer adopts modern materials into the whole design, such as silver hole stone Mosaic for the folding screen, with a kind of woven fabric texture, it will presents the Chinese traditional culture. The area of Waiting leisure with sofa, we combined interior and outdoor water features into together, the combination of pursuit is a kind of cultural atmosphere, to achieve the integration of indoor and outdoor.
Tanyue Mansion
Birds Nest Sales Center by Kris Lin
Birds Nest Sales Center
Birds Nest Sales Center
The project is close to Qujiang Park in Xi an. Designer implant the concept of oriental garden into the design and apply the elements of natural landscape integrating the exterior garden into interior design. The VIP room is a fairly separate space that needs to be conform to the overall space.Designer use the concept of bird's nest to coordinate the space. Used the stainless steel is used to make different curves to form a stable structure and complete the concept of bird's nest.
Birds Nest
Penetration Sales Center by Kris Lin
Penetration Sales Center
Penetration Sales Center
There is river landscape in front of the project and a municipal road on the side. Based on special condition of the project, the designer conduct space division and set an architectural wall: on the side facing the river, large area of glass curtain wall is made to open the view to natural landscape, while on the side facing the road is divided with solid wall to avoid noise. This make it possible for people to enjoy the river view from the interior area while avoiding the noise to enter the interior space. This form a complete space in which one can calm down and enjoy the view outside.
Curved Paper Sales Center by Kris Lin
Curved Paper Sales Center
Curved Paper Sales Center
Disappeared wall, box and tunnels are used as space boundary and function division.Large area of floor glass is applied in the building elevation. Ceiling on the top is large beveled roof which makes the interior ceiling is not flat with large difference in heights. The designer attempts to make an interior architecture in the interior space and design functions areas like bar and control room with curving design elements. It is just like a small box is put into a large glass container and shows the interior design concept of box in the glass.
Curved Paper
Phili Regency Club House by Kris Lin
Phili Regency Club House
Phili Regency Club House
The designer chooses glass as the key material for façade of the basement to let the natural light go into the interior space directly through glass. This design realizes good lighting and solves the problem of lighting shortage in the basement. The design also breaks the boundary of interior and exterior space to realize blending and interaction of interior and exterior space and a transparent visual experience for residents.
Phili Regency
The Park Sales Center by Kris Lin
The Park Sales Center
The Park Sales Center
The project is close to the two landmark parks nearby, the location adjacent to two parks is rare in the downtown area. Thus, designer hope to let people feel when they stay in the project, even in the interior space, they feel like warking in the park. There were many small shops on 2nd floor originally.designer break the original space and turn it into an open interior garden. Move the exterior garden into interior space and create an oriental garden space with elements like bridge, flowing water, waterfall, etc. Construction of water pond in the interior space is one of the challenges.
The Park
Courtyard Public Space by Kris Lin
Courtyard Public Space
Courtyard Public Space
This project is a space in the lobby and foyer located in a residential area in Shenyang. It is one way for the residents of this community to go home. The designers hope to use the Chinese courtyard as the design concept to create a homeward journey. The inspiration comes from the courtyard style design method of three-entry homes in traditional Chinese architecture to create a space with a three-entry model of the outer court—inner courtyard-inner house.
Banboo Windows Sales Office by Kris Lin
Banboo Windows Sales Office
Banboo Windows Sales Office
Yuanye is the first monograph in China to comprehensively explain the principles of gardening, which is inseparable from China's long tradition of gardening, and reflects the highest state of human nature relations.The designers extracts the important landscape elements bamboo, combined with the traditional Chinese court etiquette and lyrical scenery and created a modern mansion with literary elegance and oriental courtyard order. This project has set up a variety of functional spaces such as the reception area, display area, conversation area, reading area, children's area, etc.
Banboo Windows
Origami space definition  Sales center by Kris Lin
Origami space definition Sales center
Origami space definition Sales center
Origami space definition
Mandarin palace Residence by Kris Lin
Mandarin palace Residence
Mandarin palace Residence
Mandarin palace
Times ocean club house Entertament by Kris Lin
Times ocean club house Entertament
Times ocean club house Entertament
Times ocean club house
Foothill residence Reside by Kris Lin
Foothill residence Reside
Foothill residence Reside
Foothill residence
Skywalker Architecture by Kris Lin
Skywalker Architecture
Skywalker Architecture
Tai Chi Sales Center by Kris Lin
Tai Chi Sales Center
Tai Chi Sales Center
There are two blocks in façade design; one is dark color, the other is light color; they stand for two elements that are “Yin” and “Yang” of Tai Chi respectively. These two blocks are In Opposition To Each Other but Mutual and Harmonious Existence, and they are integrated to become a complete one.In the meantime, we adopt clean and tidy lines and three dimensional cutting of sculpture technique with the esthetics concept from the works (TAI CHI) of Mr. Juming, and all of these elements are integrated into architectural design.
Tai Chi
Ocean One sale center by Kris Lin
Ocean One sale center
Ocean One sale center
The project located in Shanghai, is a renovation project. For the design of the wall division, the architecture of the design also referred to the construction techniques of Mies van der Rohe. The interior space of Ocean One is small, through the wall split design technique, and the use of glass curtain wall, will into indoor, outdoor landscape through the outspread enlarge the visual effect on the vision, at the height of the indoor and outdoor.
Ocean One
Lines Shaped Surface Home Sales Center by Kris Lin
Lines Shaped Surface Home Sales Center
Lines Shaped Surface Home Sales Center
This project is a home sales center. For this project, designer want to see another possibility other than adopt the vertical and horizontal walls to create basement rooms. Typically, the design of such space, no matter it’s architectural or interior design, is always dots constituting line, and lines constituting surface, and surfaces constituting 3-D space. Yet this time, he wanted to change and use broken lines to create a 3-D elevation and form a special surface texture.
Lines Shaped Surface
Imperial Park Sample Room by Kris Lin
Imperial Park Sample Room
Imperial Park Sample Room
The project is located in the fast-growing Shenzhen, China, and Shenzhen has become one of the fast growing cities in China with its rapidly rising GDP. To the south of the project is the sea view of Shenzhen Bay. There are not only green and pleasant parks, but also yacht clubs and cultural and art centers. It is a high-end residential area full of art and fashion atmosphere.
Imperial Park
Hive City Sales Center by Kris Lin
Hive City Sales Center
Hive City Sales Center
The project is a future new city complex with school, hospital, shopping mall, residence and many other functions in the future. It has complete structure which is just like a hive city. Thus, sticking to the characteristics of multi-function, aggregation and precision, we hope to finish this design with the concept of hive city. In obedience to the human-oriented design concept, we blend beauty of ecology, beauty of art and beauty of architecture into the design. We also apply some creation by approach of modern geometry and sense of future.
Hive City
Circle Sales Center by Kris Lin
Circle Sales Center
Circle Sales Center
The project is sales center of residence area. Designer introduced the philosophical thought in the oriental culture of Square Sky and Circle Earth. The overall exterior wall is square and facing the sky while a circle mould facing the earth is made in the interior space which forms the concept of Square Sky and Circle Earth.40 types of circles in different sizes are applied to form the overall interior space layout. The sand table in the center of the building is the big circle in the whole building.
Smooth club  house Entertainment by Kris Lin
Smooth club house Entertainment
Smooth club house Entertainment
The designer adopts a very soft curve in the space to wrap up all irregular wall structures, resolving the spatial irregularity and conflict and achieving the overall balance. Eventually, after the entire project design is completed, it is can seen the line is smooth, the style is outstanding, the design is novel, each space is comparatively separated, entrances and exits appear quite concealed due to use of curve rectification.
Smooth club  house
Jenga Windows It  is   a  complex of commercial space by Kris Lin
Jenga Windows It is a complex of commercial space
Jenga Windows It is a complex of commercial space
Jenga Windows
City Crossing Sales Office by Kris Lin
City Crossing Sales Office
City Crossing Sales Office
By practicing the concept of trinity of architecture, interior design and landscape, we have created a coherent spatial design. In our design we used "float" as the keyword and the core inspiration element and centered our architecture, interior and landscape style around this value.
City Crossing
Unlimited Boundary,Infinite Vision public space by Kris Lin
Unlimited Boundary,Infinite Vision public space
Unlimited Boundary,Infinite Vision public space
This is a building renovation project, redesigned the architecture elevation and interior. This is the public which offers interaction, waiting for, thinking, meditation, appreciation and breakthrough. The purpose is for the communication and amalgamation between people, people and architectural and people with nature, attempting to integrate interior, architectural and landscape the three elements together.
Unlimited Boundary,Infinite Vision
CURVE Residence by Kris Lin
CURVE Residence
CURVE Residence
a large U-type space is formed by the chairs and backrest in some part of the dining hall, which not only create a form, but also define the space of the dining hall.
Tangram stool by Kris Lin
Tangram stool
Tangram stool
Tangeam consists of 5 different shapes. These pieces can be put together to form triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, and irregular polygon. For individual use, the tangeam can be used as small tea table or stool. The wide variety of combination not only increases the practicality but also adds more convenience and interest to life.
Boyue Xijiao Mansion residence by Kris Lin
Boyue Xijiao Mansion residence
Boyue Xijiao Mansion residence
This project is a prototype house, and the building uses stainless steel to make the screen. The designers mainly adopt modern Oriental style, using Oriental elements and modern materials to complete the design. Using LED lights at the stairs to make the whole staircase glow.The whole design technique is based on modern clean and tidy, and the designer wishes to use Oriental elements to complete the design.
Boyue Xijiao Mansion
MIX C SALES CENTRE Real estate sales centre by Kris Lin
MIX C SALES CENTRE Real estate sales centre
MIX C SALES CENTRE Real estate sales centre
t’s a real estate sales centre. The original architectural form is a glass square box. The overall interior design can be seen from the outside of the building and the interior design is totally reflected by the elevation of the building. There are four function areas, multimedia display area, model display area, negotiating sofa area and material display area. The four function areas look scattered and isolated. So we applied a ribbon to connect the whole space to achieve two design concepts: 1. connecting the function areas 2. Forming building elevation.
Hills Sales Centre  Real estate sales centre by Kris Lin
Hills Sales Centre Real estate sales centre
Hills Sales Centre Real estate sales centre
The space on site is irregular and curve due to exterior wall of the building. Hence the designer applies the concept of flow lines in this case with the hope to create a sense of flow and finally converted into flowing lines.
Hills Sales Centre
TIMES BUND CLUBHOUSE Club House  by Kris Lin
This is a project which combines the functions of both club and sales center. The design solution is hopefully to break the traditional horizontal and vertical space vision through the approach of innovation. The whole solution utilizes geometric modeling to realize space design and 3D modeling. The solution explores brand new ideas through three-dimensional space and is trying to create a space of body and art, meanwhile focusing on quality in the process of innovation and a careful selection of materials to keep an air of nobility.
Ripple Club House by Kris Lin
Ripple Club House
Ripple Club House
The Float Real Estate Agency by Kris Lin
The Float Real Estate Agency
The Float Real Estate Agency
We design architecture ,interior and landscape in this project. The case is a “Realestate Agency”, the name of the realestate is [Sky villa], so conceive the the concept with thus case name as starting point. And the project is located in Xiamen downtown, the conditions around the base are unfavorable, there are old apartments and construction site, opposite is a school, no landscape surrounded. In the end, with the concept of [Float], pull the sales center to a height of 2F, and create own landscape, a stack- level pool, so the sales center likes floating in the water, and the visitors go across large acreage of pond, and across the ground floor of sales office, walk to the back stairs and go up to sales hall. The construction is steel structure, building design and interior design seek the integration and unity in technique.
The Float
Secret  Garden tea house by Kris Lin
Secret Garden tea house
Secret Garden tea house
For Chinese people, drinking tea has a history if more than 4000 years. Even today, many people still regard drinking tea as an essential part of their lives. The project is a high-end tea house which offers social elites a place of relaxation, gathering, communication and business negotiation. The tea house adopts a membership system which guarantees the privacy of customers, so it is named Secret Garden.
Secret  Garden
Chinese  Ink  Painting  Villa  by Kris Lin
Chinese Ink Painting Villa
Chinese Ink Painting Villa
In China, People like Fengshui because it has good effects on health. Fengshui means Natural which combined together the people and nature. Three elements of nature that is sunlight, air and water are used in the interior space. The original building is a narrow and long layout and there is an exterior atrium. First of all, glass skylight is designed above the atrium and removes the wall which allows the exterior atrium to be interior atrium. Chinese Ink Painting represents the art of Chinese painting. In this project, we want to apply painting techniques into the interior design.
Chinese  Ink  Painting
Fusion sale center by Kris Lin
Fusion sale center
Fusion sale center
Opposition: the two sides of opposition and harmonization exist in all the things in the universe. The two sides are opposite while harmonious to each other, which is the law of the material world. Harmonization: combine the two elements which are opposite to each other by intersection and plug-in to form a complete individual and achieve harmonization.
The suspended ceiling, which is made in the shapes of waves, adopts the idea of “one stone causes thousands of layers of waves”.
FLOW LINE Office Building by Kris Lin
FLOW LINE Office Building
FLOW LINE Office Building
The space on site is irregular and curve due to exterior wall of the building. Hence the designer applies the concept of flow lines in this case with the hope to create a sense of flow and finally converted into flowing lines. First, we demolished the exterior wall adjacent to the public corridor and apply three function areas, We used a flow line to circulate the three areas and the flow line is also the entrance to the outside. The company is divided into five departments, and we use five lines to represent them.
WOVEN TEXTURE Living by Kris Lin
As a designer, I always need to consider not only space design, but also how to do better in achieving theme of the design with application of different materials, especially texture of the material and how it looks like when it is applied in large area to the wall. Therefore, considering the characteristics of a material and developing new ways of application to achieve a new texture could be one of the sources of design inspiration.
Geometry Space HOUSE by Kris Lin
Geometry Space HOUSE
Geometry Space HOUSE
This project is a villa project located in [SAC Beigan Hill International Arts Centre] in Shanghai suburbs, there is an arts center in community, providing many cultural activities, villa can be office or studio or home, community scape center has a large lake surgface, this model is directly along the lake. The building's special features is the indoor space without any columns, which giving the largest variability and creativity in design to indoor space, but also because of freedom and variability of space, the interior structure, the technique of design is more variable, the expandable geometry creates interior space, also in line with the creative ideas pursued by [Art Center]. Split-level type of structure and main staircase are in the middle of interior space, while the left and right sides are split-level staircases, so a total of five different indoor staircase area connecting the space.
Geometry Space
Haneda Japanese Restaurant Restaurant by Kris Lin
Haneda Japanese Restaurant Restaurant
Haneda Japanese Restaurant Restaurant
In a perfect dining experience, the most important thing is exquisite cuisine, also can match the soul-level feeling of space.The perfect combination of visison and taste, is the best experience. Pursue a feeling of [quietness] in overall design, make use of the performance on texture of concrete, expect to create a kind of introverted and calm feeling. A piece of natural rude stone is placed at the entrance, the water is flowing quietly in the gap of the rude stone, representing the vitality of [active in slience]. Many iron crafts are designed to make room have more extensive levels.
Haneda Japanese Restaurant
The Ribbon Real Estate Agency by Kris Lin
The Ribbon Real Estate Agency
The Ribbon Real Estate Agency
Such as "Dance of the Ribbon", with open spatial scale, overall space is white, make use of the concept of furniture posting, shape a relationship connecting with the space, the most special is the relationship between the wall and the cabinet, integrate desk with ceiling and ground, break out section by irregular geometry deliberately, not only cover excessive amount of defects of the beam but also show the modern actual concept, showing an curve-style abstract idea of ribbon through the reflection of light.
The Ribbon
MINGLI METRO Real Estate Sales Centre by Kris Lin
MINGLI METRO Real Estate Sales Centre
MINGLI METRO Real Estate Sales Centre
The fashionable style on the riverside
The topic of flower is used in different ways. It can be the cool frosted glass carving or the real rice paper painting hanging in the wall showing the essence of Chinese culture.
THE LIQUID SPACE Residence by Kris Lin
Water and Liquid
FOLDER SURFACE Living by Kris Lin
Origami Real Estate Agency by Kris Lin
Origami Real Estate Agency
Origami Real Estate Agency
The project would be more appropriate to proceed both architecture and interior work simultaneously. It’s a Real Estate Agency. The old building is reused; retains the original floor slab and structure columns of shops on Floor 1 and Floor 2, knock out all external walls and windows, repack the project. So from the facade to the interior, this case is also the whole concept of design at the same time, is design concept as a whole, expand out based on the original building structure, make a cortex with the shape of origami, wrap up the old building, so the transformation is invisible.
Modern Chinese Garden real estate agency by Kris Lin
Modern Chinese Garden real estate agency
Modern Chinese Garden real estate agency
This case is a “real estate agency”. It sale the townhouse and apartments. This project is located in the flourishing urban area where is crowded with people and moving cars and very noisy. It is expected to isolate the noisy traffic outside at the beginning of the design, so as to achieve the quiet and elegant indoors atmosphere. It is hoped to melt the [Chinese garden] concept into the interior space, so that people are seemed to walk in the garden. We use a lot of elements of Chinese garden in the room, from the entrance the light shade onto the [bridge], passing the [bridge] across the [pool], the middle of the pool passes across the suspending [wall], suspending wall is designed with a [waterfall], the end of the bridge is built with copper made [lotus pond], and then a turn through the [arch], enters into the next room, the moving line of the whole process is the use of pace-moving and view-shifting methods in the design of Chinese gardens, a visual end-view will be seen after walking some paces or a turn. VIP room is designed with a [pavilion] concept, there are totally five pavilions, which are all in semi-open forms, the five pavilions are not disturbing each other, a row of [trees] is arranged near the pavilions, the colored stainless steel is used in the model to show the concept of [fence]. Although a lot of elements such as [bridge], [pool], [wall], [waterfall], [lotus pond], [arch], [pavilion], [wood], [fencing] and so on of Chinese gardens, are used in the design, it will be converted into modern technique and styling. Metal, wood, marble and other materials are adopted to show their texture and shape, which are expected to create elegant and noble [Modern Chinese Garden] space.
Modern Chinese Garden

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