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Award-winning Designer from Japan

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Taiju Yamashita

Taiju Yamashita


Meet Taiju Yamashita - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Japan. Taiju Yamashita's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Taiju Yamashita's impressive haul of 3 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Interior, Taiju Yamashita's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Taiju Yamashita masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Taiju Yamashita's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Dip Corporation Office by Taiju Yamashita
Dip Corporation Office
Dip Corporation Office
The office relocation project of DIP Corporation which manages the biggest part-time job search engines Baitoru. It’s design focuses on improve communication that cultivating employee’s “dip” way of thinking: dream, idea, and passion. Various size conference rooms are arranged in the open area in order to respond flexibly to meetings with many visitors everyday. In addition, meeting booths and benches are arranged at the window to utilizing the beautiful view from the 31st floor.
Dip Corporation
Draft Tokyo Office by Taiju Yamashita
Draft Tokyo Office
Draft Tokyo Office
This office space was designed to encourage effective communication and collaboration among workers by embracing the idea of open floor plan. However, at the same time, adopting the traditional cubicle layout to provide a sense of privacy. To realize both open atmosphere and private space, cubicles were installed two stairs lowers than the hallway so that the partition does not disturb communication between workers while giving a sense of privacy.
Draft Tokyo
Wantedly Office by Taiju Yamashita
Wantedly Office
Wantedly Office
With respect to Wantedly’s philosophy “To increase people who truly enjoy their jobs”, their new office was designed to encourage employee’s better communication and collaboration. The wide-open space is frequently used for seminars and in-house event with mounted projector and sound system. The staircase is widely regarded as a means of socialize with coworkers. The working area, on the other hand, was designed to promote concentration on work. According to the designer “employee who truly enjoy their work and workspace bring this office to life.”

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