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Meet Qiu Liwei - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in China. Qiu Liwei's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in Qiu Liwei's impressive haul of 14 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Toy, Lighting, Hardware, Building Components, Audio Products, Art Supplies, Social, Street Furniture and Packaging, Qiu Liwei's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, Qiu Liwei masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores Qiu Liwei's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Woven Timber Arch Bridge Building Block by Qiu Liwei
Woven Timber Arch Bridge Building Block
Woven Timber Arch Bridge Building Block
It is a toy suitable for all ages. Taking the opportunity of activating the intangible cultural heritage, the design team tries to productize the Woven Timber Arch Bridge. They works out nine modules to make the components more concise. The different modules can be put together into bridges of various shapes. This challenging gameplay is very appealing.
Woven Timber Arch
Simulated Life Toys by Qiu Liwei
Simulated Life Toys
Simulated Life Toys
The way of bringing history alive allows children to experience history more intuitively. So team designs a toy. Through the toy, children are able to not only read history, but also enjoy it. The game course is designed according to the archaeological process. Players can play games with the things that excavated from sands.
Simulated Life
The Combined Type LED Bamboo Lamp by Qiu Liwei
The Combined Type LED Bamboo Lamp
The Combined Type LED Bamboo Lamp
The lamp holder is made by composite bamboo board materials not only eco-environment protection but also in low costs. It is suitable for mass production and easy for transportation. It can be freely combined in several modes and in different shapes such as the triangular shape, square shape and spatial geometric modeling. Users can adjust freely according to their requirement to adapt to different types of indoor environment such as the office, study and company, etc. The LED lighting system has the characteristic of economical and high efficiency.
The Combined Type
Right Angle Screwdriver by Qiu Liwei
Right Angle Screwdriver
Right Angle Screwdriver
The handle of right angle screwdriver will take shape in a straight line or a right angle after design of the screwdriver structure to change the arm of force, thus meeting the requirements of operations and the needs in special circumstances. For example, the screw is too tight or too close to the facade. The handle appearance is considered human engineering to achieves a labor-saving effect. The screwdriver bits can be replaced according to different screws. The package is light and easy to carry.
Right Angle
Lawn Brick Recycled Rubber Powder by Qiu Liwei
Lawn Brick Recycled Rubber Powder
Lawn Brick Recycled Rubber Powder
Lawn brick is made from recycled rubber powder with friendly ecological characteristics. A flat surface can be formed by laying and overlapping two sides of the lawn brick. It is mainly applicable to outdoor parking lot floor and available to be designed in multiple shapes according to its use functions and environmental requirements. It can create various visual effects by laying each shape in different ways. The lawn brick is also convenient from manufacturing, transportation to assembly installation.
Lawn Brick
Recycled Concrete Building Wall Cladding by Qiu Liwei
Recycled Concrete Building Wall Cladding
Recycled Concrete Building Wall Cladding
The systematic research and improved design are conducted for existing exterior wall cladding. The concrete material is chosen to design “J”-type exterior wall cladding with rich combination forms. For the defects of existing installation method, the installation mode vertical to the cladding and wall and the corresponding connecting piece of cladding are designed. Such connecting piece can simplify the installation steps of concrete exterior wall cladding.
Recycled Concrete
urbeats tips breathable by Qiu Liwei
urbeats tips breathable
urbeats tips breathable
People usually use capsule urbeats. There will form enclosed space when they plugging capsule urbeats into auditory meatus. This will strong tension at the moment, and cause eardrum discomfort, also harm eardrum after long term wearing. Perforated urbeats silicone tips is designed with air pores in the inner wall which can balance the pressure inside and outside auditory meatus, avoid pressure difference. This can alleviate the tension and damage to eardrum and can also release the pressure intensity of sound stage, reduce stimulation, adjust ambient noise, and reduce hidden danger.
urbeats tips
Gyro Pencil by Qiu Liwei
Gyro Pencil
Gyro Pencil
It is a waste if discarding those shortened pencils with a certain limited length inconvenient for using. This pencil gyro can be covered on pencils that shorten after usage to become a kind of toy gyro. It can draw out different traces while rotating to improve product interestingness. Colored pencils can create richer effects. The diversity of its shape can make the product more expressive, and satisfy different users' demands.
B-Shape Concrete Public Seating by Qiu Liwei
B-Shape Concrete Public Seating
B-Shape Concrete Public Seating
recovery of architectural waste is the big problem of environment protection.Waste architectural waste generally adopts the handling method of burying and piling, which leads to great burden of the environment. This works takes the concrete waste as the aggregate of precast concrete to make concrete outdoor facilities.Public furniture of regenerative concrete expands the application scope of regenerative concrete.It adopts modular elements in model to provide the possibility of multiple display.
B-Shape Concrete
rattle drum Various voiced by Qiu Liwei
rattle drum Various voiced
rattle drum Various voiced
This design proposes new design feasibility of structure, material and modelling of rattle-drum products, gives rattle-drum more manifestation forms through design thinking. With structural improvement design of inner wall of drum with three dimensional carving technology, the product made with different textures can give out different sounds after beating. It can stimulate auditory sense and enrich user experience. It is produced conveniently by using composite bamboo board as the material, and environmentally friendly.
rattle drum
X shape Roadblock by Qiu Liwei
X shape Roadblock
X shape Roadblock
With the ordinary barrel structure, road cone is very easy to be knocked down by people and vehicles to roll on a road during use. So, design a structure principle for the road cone, including the center of gravity place and shape base edge, so that the road cone can steadily stand on the road. It can stand up rapidly by virtue of its own center of gravity and arch once it was knocked down.It is made of waste tire rubber powder. It is easy to made, integrated molding. It not only improves the safety in traffic but also is easy to be transported because of its hollow structure.
X shape
Public seat L-shape concrete seat by Qiu Liwei
Public seat L-shape concrete seat
Public seat L-shape concrete seat
The L-shape concrete public seat is suitable for displaying in university campus and public gardens and so on, which creates Interactive space for sever people to communicate with each other. And the L-shape structure allows itself to be modified and reformed to produce various types of combination, which adapts different size of fields and satisfies multiple demands of usage.The advantages are as follows: batch production, low cost of production, convenient to be transport.
Public seat
Safe Durian Net Bag by Qiu Liwei
Safe Durian Net Bag
Safe Durian Net Bag
Durian is a delicious fruit, but the outer skin of durian has a certain risk, and now,there is no safe packaging for durian. It relates to a kind of reusable durian net bag. It is made by knitting with recycled paper ball, and is light and friendly to environment. It can hold durian of different sizes. With it, you will never be afraid of being injured by its shell. By this way, it is safe to carry and place a durian. You can carry it by hands, hold it by walk, as well as put it in any location, there will be no harm.
Safe Durian
public seat concrete colorful by Qiu Liwei
public seat concrete colorful
public seat concrete colorful
On the other hand, recovery of architectural waste is the big problem of environment protection. Public furniture of regenerative concrete expands the application scope of regenerative concrete. Shatter the architecture waste of concrete and prefabricate it into aggregate. Then proportion it to raw materials. Add colorful dyeing agent of certain proportion in concrete and stir it evenly by mixer, which improves the demonstrativeness of concrete furniture.
public seat

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