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José Leite

José Leite


Meet José Leite - a powerhouse of good design, creativity and innovation based in Portugal. José Leite's design journey has been nothing short of spectacular, marked by a tireless pursuit of excellence. This dedication is clearly mirrored in José Leite's impressive haul of 4 A' Design Awards that we showcase here. Spanning across categories such as Furniture, Kitchenware and Lighting, José Leite's work stands as a living testament to a steadfast commitment to design excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for designers globally. With each project, José Leite masterfully blends form and function, crafting designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and timeless. This approach underscores José Leite's celebration of creativity and an unyielding quest for innovation.

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Sliding Table Side table for a living area by José Leite
Sliding Table Side table for a living area
Sliding Table Side table for a living area
The principal aspect of the Sliding Table is the relation between the different pieces. The table has a complementary support by retractable trays and integrated seats. Users number can change, as the conditions of use. Possible aplications such as habitation or office spaces, seating areas or lounge areas. The principal purpose in this design was to create a multifunctional product that facilitates the people daily lives. This design reflects the spirit of modern life and also elegance and versatility that perfectly fits in the different spaces.
Sliding Table
Fruit Collection Containers for home use by José Leite
Fruit Collection Containers for home use
Fruit Collection Containers for home use
The Fruit Collection is a set of containers for home use. The inspiration background, taken from the fruit's shape divided in half, make it a simple and contemporary product. The product has two simple materials, wood that provides warmth, and thermoplastic, purity and innovation. The use of this two materials is explained by the contrast needed into this work, achived by the use of two opposing materials together, with different textures and colors. The central aspect of this set is the strict relation between function and form.
Fruit Collection
Hooks Coat Hanger by José Leite
Hooks Coat Hanger
Hooks Coat Hanger
Simple and practical, Hooks represents a design where form follows function. One of the main concerns of the designer was creating a product that was cost effective and easy to produce, with the advantage of using a recyclable material. This resulted in an object that has a minimalist form but is also friendly and welcoming.
Drum Table Lamp by José Leite
Drum Table Lamp
Drum Table Lamp
Created as a table lamp that could illuminate the work area of an office desk, Drum can be a lighting option for several other places as well, like living rooms or entrance halls. Although being simple by nature, Drum conveys an intense expression making it more suitable for mature and formal environments. Its design reflects a balanced relation between three elements, demonstrating a careful organization of geometrical figures.

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